Luiz 2d
Homeless, I roamed streets

     got a place, my kids aren't here

          homeless, I roam rooms
Saint Audrey Aug 4
Another sunbeam, lost along the way
Remembering, long gone summer days
When the world was calmer
Everything sounded clear
But now your words keep falling
Ever further from my ears

Another sunbeam, lost along the way
lost to the elements, that pull like tidal waves
eroding further
Now the chaos reigns
Lost amid its shadow
Til its slowly pulled away

Do you think you'll look back at this moment in the same way
Since its not so disimilar
Since it sparked that particular memory

Ashari Ty Jul 29
My sweet, sweet Sunday, you made me write
Unending grope of November breeze
Your afternoon is filled with delight
Incandescence of an orange bliss

Saturday's past and will be forgotten
Sunday's solitary is very bright
Monday's mediocre; five out of ten
Today's sunset is forever in sight

A weekend that should last eternally
But why do the nights just fall so quickly?
TGISunday :>
I know what exactly I need
But can't go beyond
To reach.

Few times it seems
Out of hand
Trying to grab it

But what an oasis
kind of a feeling
There! it seems..

when trying to get reach closer
There is nothing!
Weekend feeling. Trying to be whole
But pieces keeps of falling apart.
Trying to be productive in lot of other ways.
Well maybe it’s a shame in the weekend
To toil aimlessly about dreams in bed
Counting sheep only lasts for so long
And maybe it’s a shame to waste the day

Someday we’ll be alive
More than we are right now
Someday we’ll start a fight
Let’s end our show with a bow

And we’ll close it out with a round of applause
They’ll look to us
Because we’ll be their stars
Right now we’re young and we’ll never grow old
But even if we do
We stand with the bold
The Millennials' Anthem
s May 22
The jokes get silly
the sex follows routine
the dishes pile up,
waiting to be cleaned.
There's six fresh eggs
waiting to be framed,
the washing machine sings
its closing melody, unnamed.
The tea comes to a boil,
toasts drizzled with honey,
the geyser's warming up
the yolks are runny.
Breakfast at midday
and dinner's a supper
who's keeping time
when Sunday comes over.
Oh dearest friend
Why must you depart so fast?
I wish our shared time
Could forever last.

But if it did -
Would I so cherish you?
Perhaps I shan't
So it's time you flew.

Still for now I'll keep
These doldrums at bay -
And eagerly await
When you come next - Friday!
This is literally about the weekend going too fast but I tried to leave it open for interpretation. :)
Getting off the train
they walked down
to the cheap hotel.

She gave her name
as was his
a Mr & Mrs Coles.

The woman behind the desk
gave a look of suspicion
but handed them the key.

They climbed the stairs
to the room. A pokey hole
with an adjoining bathroom.

They unpacked their bags
then sat on the double bed.

She bounced up and down.
Should be o.k. she said.
He nodded and smiled.

She got up and drew
the curtains closed
shutting out
afternoon light.

Don't want those people
in the office opposite
gazing in she said.

He began to undress
and so did she.

It seemed odd doing it
in the afternoon.

He could hear the traffic
passing by.

Someone called
from the street.
A dog barked.

They climbed into bed
and snuggled down.

She was a decade or so
older than he and more
of the sexual game.

He wondered why
the dame downstairs
gazed at him
and the scribbled name.
Cana Feb 26
There’s a place we should not go
Where white snow falls and foxes dive in, head first.
The trains that go there do not stop.
Their brakes are cracked useless things.
Their fuel is limitless. The lever is set to full speed.
It’s not an easy train to disembark from.
Not for want or for not wanting.
I’m of the latter currently. Though I knew boarding this train would send me there. I got on anyways.
Now I’ll just enjoy the ride. Have a little ski, perhaps even become a fox.
Let’s just say the weekend was rough, raucous and completely unforgettable.
You've made it.
It's Friday

You've been stressed,
you've been burdened,
but it's Friday

So relax,
and take this day
because its Friday
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