s May 22
The jokes get silly
the sex follows routine
the dishes pile up,
waiting to be cleaned.
There's six fresh eggs
waiting to be framed,
the washing machine sings
its finishing melody unnamed.
The tea comes to a boil,
toasts drizzled with honey,
the geyser's warming up
the yolks are runny.
Breakfast at midday
and dinner's a supper
who's keeping time
when Sunday comes over.
Oh dearest friend
Why must you depart so fast?
I wish our shared time
Could forever last.

But if it did -
Would I so cherish you?
Perhaps I shan't
So it's time you flew.

Still for now I'll keep
These doldrums at bay -
And eagerly await
When you come next - Friday!
This is literally about the weekend going too fast but I tried to leave it open for interpretation. :)
Getting off the train
they walked down
to the cheap hotel.

She gave her name
as was his
a Mr & Mrs Coles.

The woman behind the desk
gave a look of suspicion
but handed them the key.

They climbed the stairs
to the room. A pokey hole
with an adjoining bathroom.

They unpacked their bags
then sat on the double bed.

She bounced up and down.
Should be o.k. she said.
He nodded and smiled.

She got up and drew
the curtains closed
shutting out
afternoon light.

Don't want those people
in the office opposite
gazing in she said.

He began to undress
and so did she.

It seemed odd doing it
in the afternoon.

He could hear the traffic
passing by.

Someone called
from the street.
A dog barked.

They climbed into bed
and snuggled down.

She was a decade or so
older than he and more
of the sexual game.

He wondered why
the dame downstairs
gazed at him
and the scribbled name.
Megan Mar 25
I like late night drinks
in late night yards
with late night fires
that can keep me warm

I like late night rides
in late night parks
with late night stars
that can brighten the dark

I like late night love
in late night times
with late night you
that can power my heart

I like late nights
in this small town
with close friends
all around

I like the blur
from the bud
and the buzz
from the booze

I like my hair--
the sky--
the world--
and why lie?

I love you
It's pretty fn gey if i do say so myself but what can i say... Im bored in love <3
Cana Feb 26
There’s a place we should not go
Where white snow falls and foxes dive in, head first.
The trains that go there do not stop.
Their brakes are cracked useless things.
Their fuel is limitless. The lever is set to full speed.
It’s not an easy train to disembark from.
Not for want or for not wanting.
I’m of the latter currently. Though I knew boarding this train would send me there. I got on anyways.
Now I’ll just enjoy the ride. Have a little ski, perhaps even become a fox.
Let’s just say the weekend was rough, raucous and completely unforgettable.
You've made it.
It's Friday

You've been stressed,
you've been burdened,
but it's Friday

So relax,
and take this day
because its Friday
Kaumudi Feb 5
Monday mornings
Full of chaos and rush
Went to sleep late
Too tired for using my toothbrush.
Post week-end problems and my hatred for Mondays.
© 2018, Monday Morning by Kaumudi.
Kai Feb 1
Your skin still smells like,
The first time I touched you:
Like late Sunday afternoons,
On long weekends,
Sweeter than expected,
With all the time in the world.
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Chin-Hooi Ng Dec 2017
Weekend afternoon

a bottle of water

a book

a bicycle


enjoying the warm breeze

greenish riverbank

blue water flowing

light fragrance of forsythia


a wonderful weekend

a wonderful afternoon

wonderful scenery

wonderful fragrance

wonderful nature.
Debanjana Saha Nov 2017
In one side when depressed
Pressing the blankets
Holding tight to oneself
And crying harder than ever
As if the sky has fallen
And no escape anywhere to be seen.
Days and nights passes by
Sometimes, months and years too.

But then, there are days
When I just got used to it
Waking up in the morning
and getting out of bed
is still as difficult as earlier.
But still,
I wake up
In the hope to see some light.
I go out, see the whole world busy,
running around on a Saturday morning
Each of them being a sportsperson
And playing every other sports outside
Basketball, football, cricket and so on. I suppose every one is alone in this world,
Just like me!
But they chose differently to be,
They keep themselves busy under the blanket of their passion
Time is fleeting by anyways,
No wonder we can hold on to it.
So why not chose a passion
And throw the blanket away
And move on with life
With each of our incomplete passion
To fill our emptiness from within!
Weekend lesson. Passion is what drives us to live the life and love it to it's every but.
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