Izzi Apr 20

those paisley soft eyes meet mine
in the midmorning mist of the
clawing cityscape on the horizon:
        and i think how
my blessing on Earth
        in the form of
                        too-wide smiles,
                awkwardly placed hands
            at your sides, and interlocked with mine:

       that blessing deep in the presence of a boy
    who shines brighter than the neurons in my nerve cells
when he touches me, electrifies me, turns
me yellow in
        and out,
shakes and rumbles my darkened
    corneas, ridding me of a fever i never truly
let go of.

my head is scratching with
the fruitful desire of the
growing seeds
of the trees we'll plant in our backyard -- then our front yard --
     then our everything will
                be some inked out deep rooted love of sorts,
green sprawled as stains on our
wooden plank floorboards
and i love this little sapling
from the roots up:
        in the palms of my hands
            from the
        in the caverns of my lungs
        and the
                       of my unbound seams of
                        my heart

you're so fucking organic and lovable.
EM MacKenzie Apr 20

How many people have to die for your "personal growth?"
For your "well being," or your "revelation?"
You accepted the burdens when you swore your oath;
the pledge, the vow, of your own creation.
A beautiful tornado that wipes the ground clean,
destroys all stable structures in it's path.
A breathtaking painting depicting a deadly scene,
this is unrequited dedication's true wrath.

Back and forth, side to side,
this is a gorgeous question mark.
South and North, turning tide,
this is the light that leads to the dark.

How many people have to die for your "personal growth?"
For your "Eureka!" For your "I got it!"
A question and an answer; you are missing both,
the obvious is present, but you've always fought it.
A gentle hurricane that cracks the Earth,
that shakes wildly and tears the skin.
A stock that's crashing with impeccable worth,
this is unrequited dedication's identical twin.

Back and forth, up and down,
this is a gorgeous question mark.
South and North, sky and ground,
this is the light that leads to the dark.

So this is what it's all about,
"ego," and "control?"
Constant rain, but daily drought,
falling while on a roll.
Pockets are closely holding your hands,
but the strangling does succeed.
Lungs of water, body buried in sand,
it absorbs all my heart does bleed.
I'm one more body to the pile that's left,
no one shakes their head or ever looks behind.
Thoughtlessly giving and innocent theft,
this is unrequited dedication's version of kind.

Here we all fly separate, under a sky of blue,
I would say goodbye but I'll cave to "toodle-fucking-oo."

If you're a fan of the TV Show "The Sopranos" you might find a quote or two from it. I wrote this piece years ago while binging on Sopranos Season Two.  The ending line comes from Dr. Melfi's confession that when running into her patient, Tony Soprano, she turned into a "nervous, giggling school girl" and ended it with "toodle-fucking-oo"
SøułSurvivør Apr 18

An Inca Dove flies to and fro
Landing graceful in my yard
Grist for any poet, bard
Her cooing soft and low.

Warm gray body, flash of wing
Whatever does she do?
I see her as her task ensues
She does a constant thing.

Back and forth the small bird flies
Of this I can attest
She pulls grass for her small nest
Right before my eyes!

I've been sitting here for hours
Thinking on my dreams
Lazily, or so it seems
For that bird builds her tower!

She goes by instinct, like the ant
Who burrows in the soil
Ever constant with her toil
'Til she would sit and pant!

While I do nothing in my seat
She flies away, and then
She comes for grasses yet again
Until her nest's complete!

Would that all the warring nations
Sit down to agree
To make the people warring-free
With such dedication!

Emulate the gentle dove
She slaves to rear her young
She works away and softly sung

Her song of purest LOVE.

(C) 4/18/2017


To whom i love i dedicate these words...
To whom i adore i give you all my feelings...
To whom i love and never to love one over her...
My pen start through my heart and will never stop write about her...

love you since people knows the love...
you are the love which through you i knew the love...
how could i be without your love which i knew through you...

miss you...
miss your whispers...
miss your eyes to speech to mine...
and miss the warm hug which you always gave...

don't know how to spend the time without you...
the time has no meaning without you...
even the world has no taste without you...

you are the one whom defined the love...
through your feelings, all knew what is a love...
i learnt the love through your being...
learnt how the love is ...
and how could it be...

you taught me the alphabet of love...
and taught me every thing about it...
and never to forget any letters from your love...
which i learnt on your hands...
and became so loving to this love...

adore you my sweetheart...
adore your whispers...
adore your words...
and adore your loving heart...

to you only...
i give and dedicate all my love for you...
to you my teacher...
to you my sweetheart...

love you...
and wish to read these feelings which i wrote...
wrote it through the heart which learnt a love from you...

hazem al jaber ...

Brent Kincaid Mar 29

I couldn’t tell my mother
That I had kissed a sailor.
She wouldn’t understand;
I’d feel the force of her hand.
My father would concur
He’d stand beside her
They’d both call me names
And give me all the blame
Because surely I knew
That’s not what I should do.

And though I still feel today
They knew no other way
I told myself they never knew
That what I was feeling was true.
It was an emotion stronger
And powerful and lasting longer
Than a whim or a fleeting crush.
A moment that made the world hush.
They saw it as a cause to grieve
And I saw it as something to believe.

That love was real and had power
To stretch a moment into an hour
Then the hour into a lovely week
That shows you what you seek
And teaches you what you deserve
If you simply act and have the nerve
To be who you are and be proud.
Look them in the eye and be proud.
Tell them you are sorry they’re upset;
You will love who you will with no regret.

JΛΧδΡ⑧Z Mar 28

Do not fear the work it takes to get a laugh, Unless your just kidding around

Randy Johnson Mar 28

Last month my neighbor lost his wife of thirty-three years.
Her friends and family are grieving and shedding tears.
She was sixty-three years old and Delilah Jane Webb was her name.
As her loved ones mourn, they realize that life will never be the same.
I feel sad and so do many others because she died.
I feel bad for my neighbor because he lost his bride.
When a person dies, it's always something that is hard to face.
It's giving her loved ones comfort because she's in a better place.
When she was diagnosed with cancer, it was certainly scary.
People had to say goodbye when she died on the 20th of February.

Dedicated to D. Jane Webb who died on February 20, 2017.
Pamela Rae Mar 23

Wondering if it's selfish of me to hope for relief?
I keep thinking today is the day
I'll end this grief--
yet each new day brings something new
and now we have more fears to look into
a suspicious spot taking root on my love's right lung
and this after having chemo and the bell had been rung!
We were supposed to be getting the words, "you're all free and clear!"
Instead we're looking at scans in disbelief as we hear,
"It might be a new cancer, but most likely it's not--
it's that same damn colon cancer" -- trying to rob and rot
and steal the healthy tissues inside of my true love
and I want to shout and rant and rage to all above
and wonder why, oh why must we now face this????
Am I not allowed even a few moments of bliss???
We've been talking of marriage, but waiting to hear
that my true love was finally free and clear--
but now we're back into yet another fight
and don't misunderstand, I'll go after this cancer
with all of my might
and he will too---I promise you that right now
and let me say this, (my solemn vow):
We're going to win, damn you cancer all to hell
and once again, we're going to ring that huge chemo bell!

We'll walk away intact and rejoicing in our love
and you angels and gods up above?
Just get ready to see what determination, love and dedication can do
and know that my true love and I will most assuredly make it through!!!
©Pamela Rae 03.23.2017

we are gobsmacked, the news was not good, but our resolve and determination to beat this damn cancer into submission is as strong as ever. Cancer took my little brother--I will NOT let it take my true love!
Please send positive vibes for Round 2 of this fight...
(thank you from my heart) ♥
Randy Johnson Mar 6

When I think about the past, I think about what a wonderful mother I had.
She died four years ago today and it broke my heart because it was so sad.
My mom has been dead for 1,461 days and 208 weeks.
Before she died, she didn't recognize people and she couldn't even speak.
Time flies, it doesn't seem like it's been four years.
My life would be better if my mother was still here
When a person loses a family member, it's rotten.
My mom is dead but she will never be forgotten.

Dedicated to Agnes Johnson (1948-2013) who passed away on March 6, 2013.
Moushmi Mehta Feb 6

If I sleep, breathe, feed
One thing & one thing only
Is that called dedication
Or just a bad possessed need

Either way isn't it a sheer blessing  
To serve a purpose, a deed
Finally you get a seat at the table
But the hunger is now just greed

Greed is pure, greed makes you win
Don't be fooled otherwise by the sheep
Frolicking away is the real true sin
Anyhow, galaxy will drown you deep

That's when you must hold onto the deed
Jaw deep into the gutter, now you see
Even when you spend your life in pure greed
It won't be enough until you learn to let it be

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