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You were born on August 2, 1948, you were a Leo just like me.
If you hadn't died, today you would've turned seventy-three.
You were unique and I truly hate that you're dead.
I wanted you to get better but sadly, you died instead.
You were a special person and that's something I'm grateful for.
But I'm not grateful for the fact that you're not alive anymore.
Many people were better off simply because they knew you.
You were a terrific and caring lady and that is certainly true.
One great thing about you was that you loved to help others.
Happy Birthday, Mom, you were truly a wonderful mother.
I learned to play the piano, by ear,
Like love, it can fill your heart, full of cheer,
Work hard, share the music, in everyway,
The love will stay with you, for all of your days.
First you must be dedicated, right from the start,
Then you must forget the rules, play from your heart,
If you love the music, want it in your life, everyday,
You must practice, all of the time, then the music of love, will stay.

Tom Maxwell copyright 03/13/03 AD
Many days we celebrate, from history to elf
But did we dedicate a day for ourself?

A day to calibrate, summarize our life slate
A day to embark, the guided light in dark
A day of atonement, to reconcile with opponent
A day to cherish, the unnoticed that perish

Its obvious and vague at the same time  
But prioritize your peace, rest can be reassigned
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2020
And if you want to
Touch the soul

Touch like a painter
Caressing the colors
That is one way to
Touch it
But not
The only way

Touch like a poet
Luring the words
Touch like a musician
Connecting the pulses
Touch like a nature
Living in a moment
And likes......
All the best

Find a way
And touch with
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Devotion
ju Dec 2020
wanna be her cutman?

you’ll trace every wound, grease
all her vulnerabilities
and the taste of forged metal
will flavour your dreams

she’ll dance with you watching,
a storm over canvas
and she’ll swing for those *******
like a silk-wrapped machine  

wanna be her cutman?

you’ll watch as each cut’s inflicted
then wait your turn to touch
to your hand she’ll ever-be Vaseline slick
or sticky with blood

she’ll hide vibrant colours behind
gunmetal hues but beneath careful fingers
her scars will tell truths- and
they’ll burn fire tattoos into your heart

wanna be her cutman?
you sure?

(you’ll wish dead every guy
has her over ropes or on canvas, but  
she’ll be eyeing those guys while
you’re fixing her up)
Well this turned out super cheesy. Never mind.

she tells it to the cutman
Zack Ripley Dec 2020
Here's to the women who stay strong.
Here's to the women who got men
To admit they were wrong.
Here's to the women
Who became mothers.
Here's to the women
Who don't take crap from others.
Here's to the women
who are struggling.
You got this. This one's for you.
Thank you for everything you do.
JJ Inda Nov 2020
I had some things to say
-and as the age wages on
and hope starves
as love lures the moon and the sun,
I find once more
I'm full of words for you.
Simple minded hearts suffer the most;
caring deeply has its cost.
Jack Radbourne Nov 2020
There are words that do not need saying,
Words that are wrong or cruel,
Words that lead others to fail or cry,
Words that are sweet words of betraying,
Words that flatter or fool,
Words that weave a maze in the head,
Words that tell a talent not to try,
Many of these there are, although
There are also words that need to be said:
You are the best word that I know.
The Dybbuk Nov 2020
Genius is obsessive;
it pulls the self away and directs will into creation.
When I dissolve into the mission,
there is no time for heartbreak.
Only the cold truth of reality,
and the voice within screaming:
"Keep pushing forward."
Then, the voice grows wings,
and it lifts me from pain into pain,
and I smile. I am one with the world,
and suffering is my weapon of mass destruction,
ready to destroy every comfort
until I am born again in fire.
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