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I would kiss a million girls
just so I could taste your lip gloss,
knowing it would never
taste as sweet on another’s lips.
the clash of steel from
darkened plain quiets—as the
shogun flouts his lord
a haiku
Chicken Mar 9
A shiny sparkle
Cascades past my skull
In all of it's reflective glory

Just for a moment
I see a glimpse
Of the end of another story.

We have the cheek
All four of them to say
'We are but beautiful flowers'

And though blooms replicate
It is fair to say, we mankind
get far many more hours

So I dedicate this to the
Party Cannon
The DJ, and his Set

For all the accurate track ID's
and MP3's given
That I couldn't get.

For the outfits
and the stupidity
And that final surviving cassette.

To the doormen who did not
let me in, because
To reject was to protect.

To the friends who
Did not make it
Who chose too soon to change through death

Don’t think I’ll ever
Forget you
You’re also beating in my chest,


We are those shiny sparkles
That float past skulls
In all our glory

We are the moment
And we are the glimpse
Yet, we are never our story.
We never end :)
The doctors did everything they could to save you but it wasn't a success.
I knew you were dead when I saw you lying on the hospital bed motionless.
When the nurse examined you, she confirmed that you were gone.
I knew life would never be the same and it would be hard to go on.

You were buried with a stuffed Easter Bunny and a card that I bought for you.
When they lowered you into the ground, saying goodbye was hard to do.
You died on a Wednesday which was your least favorite day.
It has been six years since the date when you passed away.

This year, the anniversary of your death has landed on Wednesday.
You despised that day of the week and your death made my life gray.
When you were in the hospital, you were also visited by your niece.
You were the greatest mother on the planet, may you Rest in Peace.
Once upon upon time
many years ago I met
girl so sweet and loving
she was to
Once upon a time long
ago long ago I fell In love
with this pretty called girl
Once upon a time long
ago I got engaged shortly
after that I married this pretty
Once upon a time long ago
my pretty wife gifted me a wonderful son and so proud of her I
Once upon a time not so
long ago I lost my pretty wife to ill health that I'm slowly trying to come to terms
Once upon a time a very short time ago I promised
my pretty wife a
to date I've written nearly
nine hundred and fivty all
dedicated to my pretty
A poem promised to my pretty wife that turned Into nine hundred and fivty dedication poems to her memory
Johnny walker Feb 28
There were times I felt almost down and out beaten Into submission by world that  was determined not to let me
Bought me to my knees to the point of praying, something I'd never done before or even thought of
Someone heard my prayer for I was sent Angel who
then became my wife to
For I had married an Angel
who answered my prayer
when my pride and self esteem had almost
For twenty this Angel who had saved never left my
side till one day Heaven called
She had to leave for her time here on earth was over and she had to go there will not be another
But she came back one In a dream to say her good bye she  stood and smiled so
sweetly said she was
Then turned toward a light
shinning so bright turning one last time before disappearing into the
My Angel had returned back
to Heaven from where she had answered my prayer
Her time on Earth was over my Angel had flown back to
This poem a dedication to my wife Helen part truth part dreams
and part fantasies but all seemed
real to me
Johnny walker Feb 24
I'm smiling Inside I've spent all day writing poems of Helen every minute enjoyed but reached a time to where I'm becoming

Ready to sleep oh so difficult to put my phone down In order to sleep so Is my addiction to poetry writing

I'm am truly addicted to writing, I write for hours time passes by without me even noticing but wouldn't have It any other
Obsession with poetry writing
I love writing my poems of Helen not bad for a guy who only a few months ago had never written a poem
Johnny walker Feb 18
Through my dreams, I've looked at life In many different ways of late and
come to the conclusion I can't live without

And can't move on because there Is nothing to move on too so I'll keep her In my dreams memory and fantasise that way she's forever with me and I'm  happy

I can't be or pretend to be anything other totally dedicated to Helen we were like twins Siamese  one couldn't do without the other I have to stay with her It where I belong
she Is still my world even now

Love never dies but
gets stronger and my love for Helen as made her a mark In life through my poetry writing

One day long after I'm gone someone will find my poems and hopefully, through reading them they will love her too then perhaps I will make my mark on life and
someone will
Through my dreams Ive learned to look at life In a totally different way
Brian Ong Feb 12
An abundance of
people. And yet I found
you. A laugh so free and
sincere. A smile that lights up my
world. Life with you has been filled with
joy. Problems and stress disappear when I am with
you. Oh, how the world would have been so so
different. Without you in it, my life would surely be worse
off. Because you, you make the world glow with your
light. You radiate an energy that always seems to
ignite. You brighten up my day, every day,
love. Thank you, for always being with
me. For making the bad days
better. For being who you
are. For everything, thank
words per sentence:
4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4
Johnny walker Jan 31
Helen a Johnny lived life to the full, did everything
the best that they
could always did the best for each
Shared every moment together with no matter what or how difficult because of the love for each other
Although now she gone her memories live on
through the poems, I write  and nothing can ever break the spirit of Helen And Johnny
Although gone her memory lives on through the poems
of my darling I wright
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