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No sound, at a corner of a giant sea rock
With a fisherman’s eyes search, he sits alone,
searches above, around, and down
mindful of predators

Sea winds pass dangers lurking everywhere,
though it can’t see the hawk a half mile away 
that is watching its every move
towards fallen acorn seeds, where

A hawk flying down and confused for his life.
A sea wonder sits alone and refused to look into sky,
death by hawks within due to strife,
She, departing the nest from the past.

Of swans, of salmon leaping where
the silver water plummets,
and even when caution
is in the wind, dangers remain

Of glaciers swelling broad and bare
A toast to a fallen hawk, the Lord
pours out his largess there
as long as planets continues.
My great Dedication to Shinzo Abe who inspiring his people. His life may have been cut short tragically, but his legacy will endure forever.
Deep Feb 8
In the midst of this fleeting crowd, I

Lived like a hermit in seclusion, in search
of truth and purpose, saving the
vestiges of the bygone era, but one day you
entered in that hermitage like a deer, onwards

You became to me what stars are to the sailors,
Or gravity to earth, or library to an aspirant,
Under the shade of your love, I want to grow.
to find more, read the first letter of each line
Deep Jan 26
Recapitulate in your mind a love story
I'm about to tell,
The two mortals madly in love, went
Up above after a curse,

Joined the other stars, one appears
in the evening and the other vanishes,

Curse was that they'd meet only for
A second after
Long wait of 24 hours,
Love was still intact between them,

Moments loaded with
Emotions still come, tears trickle and fall,

           It is that falling tear we see
           when we see a shooting star ⭐
Deep Oct 2021
When worries surround
me like a pack of wolves,
O Poetry!
I turn to you like
a smoker turn to a cigar,
Like a drunkard sips
the last bottle savoring slowly
escaping the misery of day-to-day life,
I come to you dressed as a
to travel far away evading
my present life.
Deep Sep 2021
Poetry, you are
my Mistress,
who nurse and
refill the fuel in me
to proceed on with
this tedious life,
When my beloved
Life jilts and dumps me.

So less time we spent together
yet, it resonates
in me, till the next day,
I visit you.
Deep Sep 2021
A secret I want to tell you,
that is
are among those people
who make
this world a lovely place
by reading only,
Like stars to the universe,
You function the same to poets.
Gabriel Aug 2021
I'd appear on your house
  drenched in what the weather pours
  knocking on a door that I'm not sure that I'll feel the embrace of welcome
alas, for my presence is far greater
     than the weather man's forecast.

Then they'll see me
    holding my heart on my hands
hoping it'll spare me from their wrath
as I present on what's left of me
  and ask for the hand
of the other half of me.
I'll try I'll try I'll try
Randy Johnson Aug 2021
You were born on August 2, 1948, you were a Leo just like me.
If you hadn't died, today you would've turned seventy-three.
You were unique and I truly hate that you're dead.
I wanted you to get better but sadly, you died instead.
You were a special person and that's something I'm grateful for.
But I'm not grateful for the fact that you're not alive anymore.
Many people were better off simply because they knew you.
You were a terrific and caring lady and that is certainly true.
One great thing about you was that you loved to help others.
Happy Birthday, Mom, you were truly a wonderful mother.
I learned to play the piano, by ear,
Like love, it can fill your heart, full of cheer,
Work hard, share the music, in everyway,
The love will stay with you, for all of your days.
First you must be dedicated, right from the start,
Then you must forget the rules, play from your heart,
If you love the music, want it in your life, everyday,
You must practice, all of the time, then the music of love, will stay.

Tom Maxwell copyright 03/13/03 AD
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