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kate cc Apr 2022
Take me with you to your Atlantis
Where hues of blue glisten in noons
For eternity we embrace in its promise

Are days of sober in crystallic bliss
Are nights of glacial comfort under mystic lunes
Take me with you to your Atlantis

Wash me into a tender kiss
Too soft to be witnessed but the full moons
For eternity we embrace in its promise

Beyond boundaries of mortality at this
ocean, through the skies and dunes
Take me with you to your Atlantis

Volumes and arks fill up the abyss
with painted tales of Atlantic ruins
For eternity we embrace in its promise

When love dreamily left only to reminisce
as the ink of Plato seeped in tunes
Take me with you to your Atlantis
For eternity we embrace in its promise
First shot at a villanelle:) (This was hard)
Ave Maria Jan 2022
As poets, we silently scream within the poems that we write, the fervent words permanently soaking into the universe
The universe absorbing the reality of their meaning, even if we ourselves may not fully understand yet
In every piece of art, the inner soul is revealing a part of itself
Big or small, it is there, making its presence known
I find this to be very beautiful
Thewallflowerguy Nov 2021
Standing on the balcony, that seems like it was made for you and me
A litte bit drunk, a litte tipsy
None of us knew how magical it would be

Underneath the umbrella that's too small for the both of us
Getting soaked in the rain
A little bit of a fun, a little bit of pain
This girl is driving me insane

Without talking to her, the day seems incomplete
A little bit of ****, a little bit of sweet
This girl makes my heart skip a beat

She is immensely special, if only she could see
A little bit of distance, A little intimacy
These are the moments between me and she
The moments between me and someone special
JR Oct 2021
Oh mirror
I believe you were made to taunt me
Few see beauty and peace
Most see something they can never be
Wanting is a burden
Having is a crime
What do I say to that?
Just give me some time
Paralyzed I stare
Oh mirrored me
Talk to me sweetly
Tell me
"wear and tear is normal
just confide in those who cry deeply"
I sigh alone fractured by despair
I walk outside
and I see mirrors everywhere

I still love it here! Treat yourself like you treat others. Unless you're mean. If so, work on that! :)
Chelsea Rae Aug 2021
They let themselves feed off my light
So that they could remain sustainable in their void.

Choke on the darkness.
Get your own magic bruh
She spread her arms and embraced me
that familiar scent made me smile
I noticed the wrinkles on her arms
and my heart ached

she spent half of her life
preparing what's best for me and still..
she is here
comforting me at my worst

My eyes welled up as i held back my tears
thinking of all the things i couldn't do for her
My heart pounding in a rhythm
thinking of all the best things for her

As she got up to bring me my favorite snack
tears finally escaped my eyes
wiping them away quickly
i promised to myself

I'll never leave you maa
That one perfect woman in our life
Open the magic fridge
and you'll see a magic bridge.
After you walk pass the magic bridge
You'll see a magic blue skybridge in front of you

Look at the magic blue skybridge
There's a woman making porridge in a magic ***
After, you ate the porridge
It will take you to a sweet berry tree
Say a magic word to the sweet berry tree

Berry tree, Berry tree
What a sweet berry tree you are
Please take me to a castle with a

You are now walking into a magically enchanted castle with drawbridge.
A sweet berry tree that leads you to a drawbridge castle
Hammad Dec 2020
We often seek love
with mind and logic
not knowing
that in its world
It lets us walk
on water,
It lets us see
the rainbows
in pitch-black darkness,
It takes us
to the moon and back
It fills the void
In our souls,
It lets us plant
the seeds of hope
In barren lands
Don't you see?
Nothing in this is rational
My Dear!
Everything in Love,
and its world is Magical...
Samual Hidden Nov 2020
A pixie a nixie,
a fae all day,
To these I must say
oh me oh my, oh what am I
to do on this fine day,
this fine day in early may
with pixies in the air and nixies in the sea
the fae of the day, all around me.
=)   (*-_-*)   (=

why are names so hard
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