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mes Jan 31
how to explain this feeling in me?
I sense an earthquake
It has destroyed and shaken
All the pain away
It is an ocean
In renewed devotion
The woman with the hair on fire
This revealing ghost
Mere haunting creature
And no bad is left behind her
Only longing
Only hope
So delicate
it explodes
In thin air
So I close my eyes
And we weep together.
poem tribute to Florence Welch
the rabbit,
out of you hat.
Wow! I think;
how'd you do that?
But then
I think,
it's not that hard.
After all,
you smiled once and
won my heart.
Love is magical
In the night is when I know he loves me
Because without being asked he rolls over and hugs me
And with his gentle hands he tugs at me
And although his body is flaming
I find his presence quite taming
I think the feeling I’m having trouble explaining is the one above all else
It’s love for others above thyself
The more time I spend with him the more I see his flaws
But the more I fall in love with him the more I must take pause
I know he is not perfect
But a happy life, he deserves it
I love my boy most of all
He is the only one to catch me when I fall
Julie Smith Jan 8
In all the dark times
You taught me how to survive
In between broken dreams and bonfire smoke
Because when there's life, there's also hope

Now your Magic has extended
To another fearless place
My cloud and stars descended
And you're in outer space

I know I have to leave this town
'cause since we started I have grown
But you sent me a new far away thing
And I know how much Magic it will bring

The Universe was on my side
When it made our hearts collide
And I just know that it is right
Because our smiles are shining bright
Written for Stephen Hawking ♥
Georgia Jan 7
Wet falls on the striking lines of cobble
On the swerving paths of trouble
My socks are damp and my feet are cold
Light climbs on the dusky evening
Sharp as faerie wings
Hot like golden spring
My eyes are closed and
My hands are bound

There are rats at the dip of the grass before
The ***** to the water begins
Before the moulding wind sings
On the spine of a duck’s back
There are trees and trees and trees
That live in solace without wings
That rise with a curved branch
Towards the sky

Green air tinged durky damp
Leave spots on fading paths
Where my scared footsteps leave no visible mark
Is there a curse among the leaves?
A misgiving in the trees?
I open my door to a bumbling kettle
Go home breathing empty grey
To dream of the lake.
ah there's a lake near my house and it's so magical there I never stop thinking about it! it's not quite as dark as the lake in this poem, but you get the gist.

the title of the poem comes from the origins of the word 'lake' - it could mean 'pit of ****' in Old English, apparently :) dramatic, right? also I made up the word durky which was extremely fun.

horray for my first poem of 2019 :D
Night’s magical hour.
The moon kisses silver cloud;
Darkness goosebumps!
Samreena Lodhi Dec 2018
I wish there was a magical ground
   where centaurs would heal
   and to protect the land
   some giants to surround
   Thestrals as a traveling mean
   Golems to follow my command
   sphinxes to fulfill my demand
   some sylphs gatherings
   and mermaids to fill the air
   with their melodious voice
   unicorns with their freedoms
   to bring the brightness to this world
Euphie Dec 2018
A lizard's tail,
dew in the night.
Ambrosia from the gods.
A drop of a
mermaid's tear.

This is Floccus Magni.

Shadows of the dead,
harrows of the living.
Joys of the darkness,
terrors of the light.

Let's entangle ourselves in lace.
While you leave trails of swelling bliss.
When all seems lost, it can be found.
I'm crazy because of the dead silence.
Nicky Dec 2018
You came to me late, one night in a dream
A magical memory with a whimsical theme
I heard your voice, a distinguished sound
Your energy and protection, I could feel all around

Your strength and knowledge will forever shine through
But on this plane, I'll no longer see you
You're part of me and in my mind you'll love on
So hard for me to accept that you're gone

I try to keep you with me in a pendant on a chain
It allows me comfort like the sunshine through the rain
And when I get scared I hold it in my palm
You tell me 'keep going, I'm proud of you, stay calm'

Your heart, it was so big, it gave so much
So many broken people softened by it's touch
I hope I see you again, one night in a dream
A magical memory with a whimsical theme....
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