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Geant Feb 5
The perpetual flecked flit, flit.
The constant playful grey dance
Fills your view
For as far as your desire
Recalling beaches stretching farther than your small eyes can see.
Sunshine pressing deliciously on your back.
Timeless days so vivid
So fun
So carefree
So simple.
Dashing into waves that crash
And envelope you completely
With squeals
And tingling
And blinking back the boiling, frothing, dazzling sea,
As you are obliviously plunged again
Into its playful depths.
Bounding up
In pure joy
That will tug and tear at your heart.
Can you envision a city built on a lagoon?
That's Venice, a name that always makes one swoon,
It has a reputation for canals rather than roads,
And a prime reason why one will never get bored

The famed gondola ride through the labyrinth of canals,
Is a must-have experience that is far from banal,
Gliding through serene waters with hardly a tilt,
While being serenaded by the cheerful gondolier's lilt

The epicenter of Venice is the popular St Mark's Square,
Teeming with tourists with a perennial effervescent flair,
Historic buildings and stately arcades form the periphery,
With an array of cafes and accompanying music for people to make merry

Witness the serpentine line of visitors entering St Mark's Basilica church,
Gazing at seemingly endless luminous gilded mosaics inside makes one almost lurch,
The Pala d'Oro altar of gold studded with hundreds of gems is a marvel to behold,
As are the mammoth innumerable columns that are so mind-boggling, if truth be told

The majestic Doge's Palace bears the stamp of masterpiece Gothic architecture,
Resting on a double arcade of marble columns lends solidity to the structure,
Spectacular halls and staircases adorn the interior, replete with exquisite paintings,
While ornate works of art complemented by more paintings are featured in the ceilings

The Bridge of Sighs is touted as one of the finest bridge architecture in the world,
The stylish Italian Renaissance connects the interrogation room to the prisoners' abode,
The sculptured sad or angry faces while crossing under the bridge can easily be seen,
Depicting sighs of prisoners awaiting their fate, as they mulled "what could have been"

The bustling Grand Canal is the central transport hub in picturesque Venice,
Gondolas, vaporettos and water taxis cruise up and down the canal without amiss,
Flanked by colorful buildings, iconic structures, buzzing markets and cobbled streets,
Time flies in hopping to various locations while savoring the glorious visual treat

The world famous Venetian glass has a history of its own,
Murano's glass museum visit facilitates all there is to be known,
For intricate shapes, it is a treat to watch the glass blower's skill,
Colorful designed vases and sculptures are effortlessly made at will

The lengthy arched Rialto Bridge is as old as the hills,
A crossover between San Polo and San Marco districts with hardly any frill,
It's breathtaking sunrise view receives considerable emcomium,
As a popular tourist spot, it needs no second opinion

As the bell-tower of the basilica, the Campanile is the tallest building in Venice,
The ring of each of the five bells is replete with history that one cannot miss,
The panoramic breathtaking view of Venice from the tower top,
Is one of the reasons why it is a must-experience visitors' stop

The mere mention of Venice always makes the lagoon city so exciting,
Little wonder that the annual Film Festival is a much-awaited outing,
The aura of glamor, glitz and entertainment never wanes any given year,
As folks continue to throng the city from far and near, with their near and dear
The blessed undress.
I let your American way
Sway me,
Light like a
Instagram follower,
Who speaks of beauty
Despite anonimity.
It's lovely isn't it?
The blue is unclouded,
Sea mist shrouded,
The planets called Holiday.
This world is celebrating a new found existence while I'm just calculating the distance of my head falling to the floor.
Its a new year, a new hope for the hopless
Theres a casual affair with the maiden next door
And when that doesnt work i know where the dope is.
Its Underneath the floorboards, next to my crushed heart and broken dreams,
Washed up fantasies and unstitched seams.
Because Ill be incapacitated this new year
Kept away from the pain and the fear
Of being sober enough to face my own reflection
Hidden from the complexion of my stone cold eyes, the consistent mellow stench that looms around my scars, and the blatant mistakes in the shadows.
The heart breaks and callous hands
That are both held together by shackles and brands.
I will not remember anything,
Plunging down into a new year.
Depression strijes again this year
Erika Jan 2
I sat there in my overalls
In a lavished living room
With the lights off
I was doing too much
I had to give them a break
I’m always doing something I should’nt be
I wish I knew more
You walked in
I think you asked me why I was alone
Or maybe you said I shouldn’t be alone
All I know is you put your hand on my leg
Up my overalls
Told me I should be wearing underwear
Can’t remember much after that
I don’t think you went any farther
But who knows
I must’ve been maybe 5 or so
And everything before middle school is pretty foggy
It made me wish I would of stayed quiet
when they told me to
I would’nt of been alone
But then again who expects a kid to be quiet
Especially at a holiday party

Oh well
I welcome 2019, I'm glad it's here.
I hope it will be an excellent year.
Many years ago on every New Year's Day, Mom cooked hog jowls and black eyed peas.
But I didn't like those meals very much, I wasn't pleased.
Sadly, I now spend New Year days alone because Mom is deceased.
I certainly hope that the year 2019 will be a year of prosperity and peace.
God has given me another year to live and for that, he deserves my praise.
I will love, praise and worship The Lord for the remainder of my days.
I hope that 2019 will be a good year for others and myself.
And I wish everybody a year of happiness and good health.
In this moment i feel fine.
Not trapped like falls foliage under neath winters white blanket.
Neither do i feel free
Like the fowl that flew south.
I feel somewhere in the awkward middle ground between
Flight and containment.
But what a beautiful feeling.
I may not be airbourne,
Honking with the lively flock of beasts
Seeking asylum from winters
Chillful howls.
But at least im above ground.
And thats encouraging.
Just jotting a little poem. Alot of people go through **** this time of year. Some have the best times of their lives. Just happy to be riding the in between. Merry xmas every body.
Temporal Fugue Dec 2018
A day for the books
a Christmas gone by
one more dead turkey
one more pumpkin pie

Family and friends
comrades in arms
all the way to the end
no anger no harm

A day to remember
after everything's done
presents all opened
for each, every one

Blood's thicker than water
and forgiveness assured
for all of the trespass'
of what was endured

So once more we'll partake
of the wine and repast
for everyone's sake
silently lashed
to the mast
Ever notice some walk the plank, more than others? ;D
Colten Sorrells Dec 2018
all these
for today
after I took
a few tokes
of that
Christmas Tree
I can’t do ****,
except lay here
and feel the vibrations
from all the traffic
on Old 60
Was gonna quit, but I just so happened to get hooked up with a nice, fragrant little nugget that was shaped a bit like a Pine Tree!

Merry Christmas
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