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Tony Luxton Jul 9
We drove the kids North East to
our adopted hinterland
of moreish moorland, the Brontes
heath and heather hiding-place,
near peacock splendid Castle Howard.

Town kids need more stimulation,
animal animation.
A newly opened zoo park
offered flamingos in the pink,
fapping, fluttering, squarking
round a stinking muddy pool.

We splashed about, rain soaked,
licking mud spiced ice creams,
shivering, slipping, thinking
it's what you try to do for kids.
Maxim Keyfman Jun 28
Today yesterday tomorrow  Blasts my head
That friend that girl   blast my head
Today yesterday tomorrow  blast my head
That the holidays that school Blasts my head

Blasts my head
Blasts my head
Blasts my head

Let me be the one you blast me
I'm so tired
I'm so tired

Today yesterday tomorrow  Blasts my head
That friend that girl  blast my head
Today yesterday tomorrow  blast my head
That the holidays that school Blasts my head

Blasts my head
Blasts my head
Blasts my head

Blast my head

Blast my head

Ahh ahh

All over.

Fun ☀ sun laughter
We are all going on a summer
Justin May 23
If home were where the heart is, am I to be considered careless?
Still young with four parents, why do I feel so alone?
This hostel that calls me a student, do they care for me?
How am I supposed to adult on my own...

I have biological and sudo-step family and they seem happy
As they are, they are content with their nuclear families
And I am content with solitude. Something to call my own.
But solitude ends with the term.

I sleep in living rooms and, after emotional diffusers, at friend's houses.
My little half-brother hasn't yet learned that he can ignore me while I wallow in my pity
A lesson that he will learn with my termly absences
A lesson my parents surely have

I don't think that it's being sent away that makes me feel alone
Nor the sleeping on couches, many people seem to be fine and they were also raised like this.
No, it's the happiness. Their happiness...
Yes, I am the bad guy of this story, the antagonist you boo
I arrogantly assume that if they loved me they would be sadder when I went away.
And, maybe, at first they were, but that was before the wedding bells rang, again.
Before they promised to death for the second time

I know there are more lessons to be learnt now that I'm growing older.
Lessons that have served me well, but that childish rage in me will always glow.
So I'll finish my education, get a job and a house
And hopefully emotionally I'll grow.
And maybe, just maybe, my heart will grow softer, or bolder.
Read and relate, otherwise ignore.
I just want to drop pretences for a second and immortalize my immaturity.
Gaurav May 7
Hopping flights, three in a row
Packed bags with grin on the bow
Boarding passes, aisle seats
Grinning faces, tapping feets
A new house, meeting relatives
Late night talks, buzzing narratives

Visitors lined up,
Food so delicious
Workouts shunned
Guild ridden slumber
Friends old and new
Sharing secrets in between a few
Late night gossips
Mom's kisses
Shunning the humdrum
Of work and boredom
Month long holidays
Are pompous babe
Enjoy it till it lasts
The clock is ticking!!!!!
Thanksgiving day.
One we truly can not forget.
With the thin air of winter coming through,
The mist cold and wet.
The candles burn bright,
As we dig into this neat feast.
Our faces stuffed up,
Until we can not eat.
We are thankful for everything that would take too long,
Just to say.
Oh we are thankful for it all,
On Thanksgiving day.
Quick write poem I did in creative writing class about Thanksgiving (5 minute write). Let me know if you have any helpful poetry suggestions. I would love to hear some!
Tom Conley Feb 21
The snow has let go of the leaves
it held mached with ice beside
the western stairs of my back porch
like-half forgotten valentines

it tried to mail before the sun
cooked the corpse of our Christmas tree,
releasing all those mint-sapped scents
like the presents I forgot you gave me.
Sarah Scott Feb 16
My grandma is a woman I never
paid much thought to until
Grandpa passed away and she
was left alone with his dog.

Their marriage always seemed
so unloving and empty, and
she only saw him but once a
day when he was in hospital.

But now that Grandpa passed away,
I wonder if she only saw him once
because she didn’t want to see him
as a skeleton and unremembering.

Now that Grandpa has been buried,
she is lonely and talks on the phone
with me longer than she did before,
and I hate to hang up on her.  

Now that it’s been a year since
Grandpa died, January 25th,
I bought her flowers after
she visited his grave and was sad.

Now Valentine’s Day has struck,
and I did not to call her and
remind her of her solitude, but
now I refuse to leave her alone.

On President’s Day, a day with
absolutely no meaning to us,
I will take her out to lunch and
refuse to leave her alone again.
I really would like to get critical feedback on this.   You can tear it apart, haha!
Paul Butters Feb 9
My “Daffies” and Bluebells are budding now.
Maybe my Crocuses too.
Roll on Summer is what I say,
Clichéd though that may be.

No more dark dreary “days”,
With biting icy winds.
No more freezing fog
Or fretful snow.

Let’s have glorious sunshine
Bathing all our land.
Ice cream and holidays,
Leisure and luxurious slumbers.

Those Daffodils will be history by “Flaming June”
And with that “roll” will come the “rock”
Of sugar seaside sticks
With dancing music.

Oh to bring back Rock and Roll,
So we can do it again
Down on the beach
Where children ride on donkeys
While dogs frolic on the sands.
To play football again,
Jumpers for goal posts
On lush green grass.

Sunny summer.
Bring it on.

Paul Butters

© PB 9\2\2018.
Yes, Roll on Summer!!!!!!
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