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Anais Vionet Sep 25
Fall changes erase
the cheap substance of summer
with holiday joys.

Multicolor leaves,
multicolor lights with turkey
delights and kinship.
It's fall! My favorite time of the year  =]
UA Slam Sep 7
Everything is laid out in a cold, soft sheet of bliss. Childlike expressions for all. Children are staying up late playing games and drinking hot chocolate.
They will wake up late into the day, and will go play with the grass's winter bedspread.
Men are sprung out of the ground, they all have a weird orange nose.
With charcoal buttons linking up to make a suit.
They have a top hat that matches their buttons but with a flair of a singular phoenix feather.
Parental units power down, and from them emerges a different specimen.
This species of parent does not care for school or homework, but only for a smile on their family's face, and the warmth of the fire with the scent of chocolate in the air.
They look out the window to watch the lights brighten up their usually bleak neighborhood. They find the piled sheets of winter's rain to be a glorious sight with their family sheltered and together.
~ Gabriel G
Anton Snert May 24
A B&B in Brighton
It’s only 30 quid
We turn up at reception,
We wonder why we did

The place is dark and dismal
The lobby stinks of death
The owner nearly knocks us out
With her stinking breath

We have to share a bathroom
With Deirdre & Stan
**** stains on the toilet seat
Skid marks in the pan

The room is small & pokey
There is a smell of damp
The TV is about the size
Of a 1st class postage stamp

The landlord smells of cigarettes
His wife smells of B.O.
The whole place smells of fry-ups
We just can’t wait to go
Anton Snert May 24
Queuing at the airport the flights non-stop
Off to Benidorm  in a football top
Pants three quarter, tattooed arms
Overweight Wife with ample charms

Check-in complete & straight to the bar
It’s only 6am but they don’t care
Their duty free stuffed in to Lidl bags
*****, whisky & 400 ****

They’re now half cut & the kids start to cry
They board the plane & they sit nearby
A 2hr flight with the family from hell
Hoping they’re not staying at your hotel

You’re all on the coach now & on your way
They smell of cigarettes & body spray
He turns around in a right old state
And slurs at you ‘Where ya staying mate’?

Through gritted teeth and raw contempt
You tell him the El President
‘Same as us’ he says with pride
Stretching his pants to squeeze his gut inside

The El President has lost its charm
My wife looks forlorn as she grabs my arm
As in the lobby with kids aloft
Are 100 more slobs in their football tops..
Michelle Apr 22
Knows nothing of time.
When I see you again, it
Shall be a whole eternity-
But yet, no more than a
Moment past our last
I have something to tell you.
What is it?
You will remember me forever.
Zack Ripley Dec 2019
Christmas, hanukkah, kwanzaa, new year's eve.
All the holidays that make you believe.
Belief in family, community, hope, love, and joy
That magical time
you can feel happiness
when a child receives a new toy.
Whatever you celebrate,
Whether you light a candle, menorah, or tree,
I wish for happy holidays for you and your family.
I know you guys are all over the world. What do you guys celebrate?
Amanda Jan 22
Last day of 2019

To fill-up on pre-twenties thrills and dump old regrets before the etch-a-sketch of your life is shaken clear once more

What might be last chances to indulge the whims of the former version of yourself

And what might be impossible this year will become an accomplishable goal with the flipping of the calender

Have been counting down this moment for the last 24 hours and finally midnight is here
Obviously wrote this on New Year's Eve
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