ConnectHook Nov 2017

Career politicians, who cluck
as they strut with an impotent pluck
make me sick with the season
befouling all reason:
they're less of a cock than a cuck.

That gobbler and turkey-neck Mitch
makes me furious—so mad that I twitch.
He obstructs every battle
while jiggling his wattle;
unpardoned, unworthy (but rich).

The patrician political class
is a party that speaks through its ass.
They are lacking in guts
with no ifs, ands, or buts
but I swear: they produce enough gas.


And best wishes to all the Revisionists.
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ConnectHook Oct 2017

Of the myriad films about mummies
that send chills to the pit of our tummies,
the original’s best.
You can keep all the rest;
their appeal is to modern-day dummies.

Boris Karloff in 1932 original ROCKS !
TSPoetry Oct 2017

I've seen rabbits that do it, in France
I've seen birds that do it, in dance
But nohow and nowhere
Have I seen it there
Her party that happens, sans pants

I've seen dogs attempting on legs
Seen chickens hatching some eggs
But will it be true
When she uncovers you
Sans pants with a smile that begs

I can only wish and contemplate
and hope that such, will be my fate
her demeanor, may well melt
removing first, my belt
I really, really think, not only swell, but great

To you sir I truly confess
In my mind she's already undressed
A shot and a beer
Then a simple affair
I sure hope she's mighty impressed

I prefer, using subtle finesse
helping her, out of her dress
a greater reveal
the opening seal
creating an orgasmic, mess

ConnectHook Aug 2017

Sextuplets and Couplets

The new ruse: presidential psychosis
an impartial and swift diagnosis
as you trump-up the charge
but the sign is writ large:
twenty-twenty TRUMP/PENCE the prognosis.

Corrupt psychiatric inspection
serves to further a facile detection:
presidential unfitness.
(But God is our witness;
you're mad 'cause you lost the election.)

As you slander the president's sanity
you exhibit your own inhumanity.
I would urge all you losers
and lying accusers
to listen to Savage and Hannity.

In your desperate drive to impeach
you would grasp what is out of your reach.
The infernal machine
steered by crazy Maxine
makes a nasty mechanical screech.

The Democrat narrative flounders
while our nation's own hateful confounders
promote red revolution
mob-rule as solution
insulting the faith of the Founders.

Though the state-sponsored media lie,
our beleaguered republic must try
to transcend inhumanity;
quell the insanity.
(Both wings are needed to fly.)

Light-hearted limericks for happy campers in the United Nazi States of Amerikkka ☺
ConnectHook Jul 2017

Of RINOS, I'm not such a fan, sir...
and I offer no delicate answer.
The rhinoceros-brain
of that war-hawk McCain
tries to coo like a dove—but it can't, sir

Time to retire the "glue-horse".
To hell with RINOS and traitors
Knit Personality Jun 2017

There once was a beehive of bees
That hung in a haven of trees:
   Busy with ease,
   They'd buzz up a breeze,
And life was, for them, the bee's knees.


Damian Murphy Mar 2017

There once was a presumptuous poet
Who thought his poems were the best ever wrote,
He was quite prolific,
Thought he was terrific,
But he never wrote anything of note!

ConnectHook Jan 2017

Those radical change-agents Femen
set the men-folk to hawin' and hemin'.
When the girls bared their best
all the boys were impressed.
(Keep abreast of the movement, you womyn).

inspired by the radical Euro-feminist group
ConnectHook Jan 2017


STOP the PRESSES while we pop the strésses !
EXtry, EXtry, read all about it:
Fake news pays dues to sing rural blues in red-state hues.
Nanny-state networks choose to accuse & civil fury ensues!
See special edition on CIA sedition :

          The rural red states stand accused
           By the quingdom whose queen they refused
            it's so hillbilly-larious
             all of them various
              voters now left unamused.

FAKE NEWS: it's the virus du jour
of the affluent liberals. The poor
are more prone to believe
it's a plot to deceive
and no government offers a cure.

ConnectHook Nov 2016

An oppressive and bearded dictator
has expired, and we sing "see ya later".
The intransigent pride
on the Communist side
makes Miami Cubanos' joy greater.

♥ ⛧ ☭  ⚧ ♥ ✿ ⚢⛧★ ⚥ ♥
good riddance to bad Marxism
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