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ky Jul 2023
I hated it.
Every single time
you called me beautiful,
I hated it.

I get it;
I have blue eyes,
long hair,
a thin body.
Everything you wanted.

But there's so much more to me than that.

I bet you wouldn't have liked me
if I had shorter hair
and a little extra weight.
That's why I realized I don't want a guy
who constantly calls me beautiful.

I want to be called

Those words say much more about the real me
than "beautiful" ever will.
el Aug 2021
i scroll through the contacts on my phone
and realise there is no one i can call
nobody i can text
people ive had for 7 years
maybe more
their care for me has gone void
and i can sense it
can't you see?
it's all superficial  
every conversation
every look
it is all superficial
and i can blame anyone and anything for it
but none of that will change the truth and none of it
will gift me a new outcome

so now i sit alone
in a void room and i wonder
who will notice
who will care
when i am all but gone

for they will notice when i take my last breath
but nobody notices the moments before
not from afar
it hurts to look around and realise youve lost everyone you still love
Payton Hayes Feb 2021
Darling, do not tell me that you are more beautiful with those drawings on your skin.
You've convinced yourself that they mean so much to you, and no one can even begin to understand, but I want you to know that the real beauty of an individual is more than simply skin deep.
That is why the ink on your skin does not impress me.
Everyone has stories and scars —I just choose not to wear mine on the outside.
This poem was written in 2016.
Disclaimer: I love tattoos and scars. I have some of my own. :)
there are good souls in this world
shrouded in weathered skin
dry and cracked
with scowls hung upon their face
balancing on the scars of their brow
just as there are bad souls in this world
hiding under plush skin
their faces adorned with kind eyes and
cherry red lips made for kissing
or spitting with rage

picture a gorgeous brunette
with fair skin, bold eyebrows
and her hair in a subtle
yet nineteen-thirties style updo
wearing a red chiffon summer dress
the sun beats down on her
as she glistens with light perspiration
espresso in-hand cigarette in the other
her pale soft skin no match for
the thirty degree heat outside
of this café she nonchalantly finds herself
she is the epitome of carefree beauty

she kicked her lovers dog outside this morning
exiling him to a six hour long toilet break
after she "forgot" she had let him out
before leaving to go shopping
whilst her feller finished his shift
because the dog is old and smelly
and gets almost as much attention as her
she even saw his pensioner neighbour
struggling to take the bins out
as she walked to her car
and laughed rather than help
because she always
thought Mary was a no good Jew
she even called her Mrs. Goldstein
"Have a nice day Mrs. Goldstein."
but Mary's surname is Cohen

picture this beautiful girl a siren
leading good men astray
she can get any man she wants
and plucks only the finest
most succulent
I mean successful
and well put together men
from gardens of bachelors
maturing in the hardships of city life
she has plenty choice but she's fickle
you see, her man has to be almost perfect
for it to be as enjoyable as possible
to watch his life unravel and unfold
into everything he wanted it not to be

achievable only through toxic beauty
her joy is venom soaked insides
of lovers caught in a sultry web
of lies, ambition and ***
she loves a scandal
or a text sent to the wrong person
and she has everything to hide
but does nothing to do so
she gets by just fine
being beautiful and sickening  
and sickeningly beautiful
you know the sort
she is a bad, bad girl
William Robbins Oct 2020
Queen Antonym of Superficial,
I wish the pseudonym of your official
name was just your name.
Your anonymity is so much more to pity,
as your antonyms
are only pretty,
and their anonymity is in their substance.
Katie Katie May 2020
One day your looks will dissipate
Like the steam from boiling water
Gradually but inevitably
Your physicality will falter

Is joyous to an extent
When you're young and exploring life
But you can't always depend
On materials and shallow links
To bring you what a connection can
When you're on your death bed
Whether wealthy or simply meeting ends

Superficiality fades
When all you crave is to hold a hand
gabby May 2020
i met him at a masquerade, a silly place
where people do not need names.

wearing the mystery of the night,
dancing under the raw spotlight,
his honey lips, his indecisive eyes
were feeding innocent souls with lies.

but then i saw him, at midnight,
alone and hidden with his one light
-the lonely moon, the queen of dead
in front of whom his cheeks turned red.

he was just a tragic moonlover
when the masquarade was over.
oh, that poor disguised angel
made falling in love seem so fatal...
<3 tired of writing short lines
Jenifer S May 2020
What happened to all the beautiful girls?

Ones with fire in their eyes and gold in their chest

What happened to the precious pearls?

Who flowed like the wind and shone like the stars.

Did the ocean take away their sweet treasures?

And leave behind these empty shells

Whose shallow exterior can never measure

To the gem that lay within.

Did they ascend from the Earth?

And leave behind their shed skin

Whose plasticity cannot worth

The firmness that they held within.

Did the fire burn out their light?

And in their place plant seeds dud

Whose bitter fruits cannot incite

The fiery passion they fuelled.

Did the Earth swallow them whole?

And replace them with thorns

Which cannot fill the empty holes

That they left behind.

Or maybe it was the work of man

Who took those girls for granted

Moulded them to suit their wants

And bred them to the expectations they implanted.
When we we younger, we had no prejudice or judgement against one another but as we grew older, we began to separate and segregate and build a heirarchy based on stereotypes and social expectations, where once best friends were embarrassed to be seen talking to each other. What happened during those years of growth for us to turn out this way?
a cornerstone
of brown
was the
station here
as a
hemisphere was
the quest
that starts
with pastry
in a
morning of
wake up
the roses
are bleeding
yet there's
nobody to
cultivate blood
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