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My heart is so haunted
By your lasting memory
A ghost that's undaunted
Seems to always follow me

Perhaps this is a curse
Chasing when I try to flee
Is this what I deserve?
Is this how it's meant to be?

Spirits always emerge
When I try to move forward
Visions of you preserved
Keeping up the torture

Whispering forgotten words
Echoing throughout my ears
When I think I'm over you
That's when you reappear

Haunting my heart for years
I can't seem to find a cure
As I fumble through the tears
You're a siren that endures

Copyright ©️2021 Michael Messinger
(All rights reserved)
JR Apr 19
I feel like the shattered glass in my hair
A million little pieces wondering nowhere
Before just a fracture
Waiting in complete despair
Is now a mess
Once no one dared to care
Now they surround with fear
Trying not to step on the glass that is everywhere
Do my haunted eyes tell them?
How it is I feel?
Or do they compare me to before?
Before the mess
Before the haunted eyes
Do they see me through shattered glass?
I was in a car accident. A drunk driver hit my car and all I could feel was the shattered glass in my hair. It amazed me how people started seeing me differently. I'm still haunted by the memories of it all. But I know I'm going to be okay. I'm grateful to God that I did not suffer any severe injuries :)
M Apr 16
These foul bones you have will make you rot from the inside.
My hands cannot stop digging this dirt you've lived underneath for years
Spirit, spirit come here
You're my haunted lover
LC Apr 5
it presses my shoulder blades,
ties my neck muscles into knots,
then settles deep within my chest.
the pain is the first sign
that my body is haunted.
it then puts my thoughts
on a hamster wheel.
they run in circles
without an escape.
this is the second sign.
but my heart takes control.
it voices my thoughts
so they can be seen and heard.
it stops spinning the wheel,
slowly comes out of my chest,
unties the knots in my neck
and lets go of my shoulder blades,
and my body does not feel its weight.
#escapril day 4!
Rebecca Mar 31
I once heard that the brain can be like a bad neighborhood when you're depressed
How do I tell you that mine isn't a bad neighborhood but yet an
abandoned one
A constant fog overcast
Almost haunted
My brain is left in the wallows
i must gather myself
it has been far too long
the darkness awaits
the calling is strong
the fear has subsided
i sense their confusion
am i the ghost
are they an illusion?
they remain close to me
i can feel them about
come see us Thomas
they silently shout
i enter the dark
in the shadows i revel
to walk with the angels
or dance with the devil
when it's time to return to what I love
Delyla Nunez Feb 21
If ever I was in trouble,
I could call you.
I was that day years ago,
In trouble waiting for you to rescue.

You never drove so fast in your life.
Even missed a couple classes with me.
We were mortified and I was devastated.

You held me while I cried.
You cleaned up the mess on the bathroom floor.
You put me to bed, literally.
You climb in my bed and held me more.

We never told a soul what happened that day.
Not even your cousin, my best friend.
We got caught by my dad,
Told him a complete lie.

We got lucky no one knew,
Yet I feel as it’s coming to haunt me.
My dreams are getting crazier and I’m hoping.
Hoping that who I’m seeing isn’t who I think it is.
Everywhere I go I see your face
I love you but sometimes I just wish you'd go away
You haunt me when I'm wide awake and when I am asleep
I'm trying to move on but you keep following me

Everywhere I go I feel your presence lingering
I thought that death would take you but I can still feel you breathing
I want you to move on so maybe I can too
How can I be happy if I'm haunted by the ghost of you?
haunted by the ghost of you
JKirin Dec 2020
You are real.

My reflection is foreign, it’s haunted –

You are out there (I see you, I want you).

Lover’s caress spills traces of colour,

Making pain in my heart even duller.

Wishing idly (to touch you, to feel you),

I’m stuck here—this moment, my torment.

Help me heal.
Man Dec 2020
reading words, of hues emery
darkening shades of the fastly falling frenzy
awash with the world
haunted by the memories
of those things here and gone,
still the jabs come,
by no tangible entity

iridescent burning out
wellspring of love
running dry to match the mouth
of one mighty
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