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I breathe
Still, the fear lingers
As my blood runs cold
Was it from above
Or beneath the very floor where I plant my foot

Will they peak beside me
The moment I catch my eye
Is my family still there
Will they be able to hear me cry

This is the fear I live
The sheer horror
Or discrete you may dismay
My mind unravels
And elsewhere takes away

And I wait
And wait
In utter loneliness
Perhaps I am not alone
They’re there

I feel them watching me
They know I fear
They feed off it
And I wait for them to show
Because I know they are near
When you become a ghost,
Feel free to haunt me.
I’d be lonely otherwise.
You’re the only thing I have
Keeping my feet planted on well known soil.
I wonder if when you decide to leave,
If the same should happen to myself?
We both know we are running out of time.
Of air;
Of patience.
It’s all I can do to stay here for you, Darling.
I’m very unhappy.
Like an old creaky door
Unlocked, unhinged

From the old haunted house
High on Haggards Hill

Poetic phrases disengage
unwritten, unread

Metaphors and similes
Lay completely still
gabrielle Jan 8
attracted to you
stunned by your heart
addicted to your smile
hooked by your voice
attached to your soul

haunted by the most
exquisite dream of you
you are you,
please be you
and i will love you.
obsessed to you
Buddy T Jan 8
There was a ghost in my house
It walked through my hallways at night
And swirled green around my ceiling fan
I could feel it in my home
I could feel it next to my bed

There was a ghost in my house
It haunted me for 13 years
I thought I’d always feel
That not-alone dreadful fear
For another few years

There was a ghost in my house
That made me sweat
Who whispered in my ear
And shook me from my bed
And only the bathroom was where i could escape

There was a ghost in my house
Maybe more than one
Maybe more than two
It made my friends cry
It made me scream for so long

There is not a ghost in my house
Is it no longer there?
Did it pass on to heaven?
Did I scare it away?
Did I grow too old to feel it here?

There is not a ghost in my house
Where did it go
I miss it quite a lot
For the ghost in my house
Made me feel thing I usually did not

I wish the ghost in my house did not go away
I wish I still felt what I did on those past days
These days I feel like
I’m the ghost in my house
Drifting away, thought after thought
There is no longer a ghost in my house
This armor finally solidifies in its place
To protect me from the demons that come to play

I was told monsters only come out at night
But here they are, ridding my world of any light

They surround me, push me into a chasm so dark, it hurts my eyes,
and tie me So there’s no escape

Help me
Help me please

No armor or weapon can stop these beasts
Myrrdin Jan 5
I have dreamt of this many times
The warm hand resting on my ribcage
Rolling over to find love sleeping soundly
Gentle calls of frustration about running out of cream
Rushing out the door, late due to too long kisses goodbye
Simple little dreams of simple little pleasures
Yet when I find them I feel like a ghost
Hollow and never quite present
Seeing it all unfold but it passes right through me
I have never belonged in my dreams
Because I dream of being someone else.
Closed windows;
Shutted door.
Covered in sheets,
On my bedroom floor...

A new year night,
Yet a pitiful sight.
Knew it wasnt right,
But i wasn't putting up a fight.

Isolated mind;
With suicidal thoughts.
Pain; imaginary,
So i didnt fought...

A story of a past,
Still haunting the present.
A messed up "me",
The sight wasn't pleasant...

Already knew
I was losing control,
And a promise was all
That was saving this soul...
Written on (1/1/19)
Sindi Kay Jan 4
Those taken for granted
Will fly away home
Those who took them for granted
will be haunted
by their deaths
In spaces
they called home.
Dear Sunshine,
Thank you for waking me up today,
But the rainclouds won't go away.
It seems a little brighter today.
When you're here,
They seem to fade away.
Sometimes I feel afraid,
Sometimes I feel done,
But when I hold you tight,
You push the rainy day away.
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