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Out the box, precious little thing as we knew!
Very moment we laid our eyes, our hearts swayed away.

Still remember the moment I washed you,
In a little sink, as you quivered hard to stay.

Three years of our life ain't much to adieu!
But a big piece in yours, as you spent like a holiday.

Never played fetch and it's not your cue,
For you once been a normal canine? no per se!

Welcome you with our hearts to a year- brand new,
You're the best son ever and that's all I can say!
Emmanuella Aug 5
Smoothly, she slinks onto the window sill,
silky body settling before tall pane of glass;
Outside, the city’s down and out
Outside, the city’s golden light
and darkest dark.
She curls,
long tail around slick body
and stares out
for the one who stares back.

It’s an empty window opposite,
A single frame of
oh, what her life could be.
She’s never seen more
doesn’t yearn to,
Just for her amore
her golden tabby love.

Ah, there he is,
a pounce atop window sill;
he stares at her
who stares back
his joli chat noir (pretty black cat).

But it’s all too soon
when she’s wrapped in arms too smooth
and a voice,
lacking feline’s purr
“Ah, puppy love, Rosette.
It’s all  just puppy love.”
"A Cat's Romance is but puppy love..."
"Will you love me for fifty years?" The young girl asked beside the tombstone.

"Of course! I've loved you a whole week already, haven't I?"

And suddenly his hand was placed on-top of mine, and I looked towards him like glitter.

Under the arches, the school children watched the couplet conjoin as they face each other in bliss. The newlyweds and likely lads throw their flowers as they walk on the mud; puppy love if you ask me.

"Do you kiss boys, Muriel?"

"Sometimes, if he's charming."

"Well, aren't you frightened?"

"Oh, why should I be frightened? It's quite nice when you get used to it I would say!."
Based on the classic 1971 film, Melody.
The cloud turned dark again,
It has been years since it was sane.
The wind took it away,
But it still hasn't found its way.
Asked the moon, asked the sun,
Couldn't figure out why its the only sad one.
Day by day it's heart felt so weight,
Found no happiness, it couldn't even blame it's fate...
Mark Wanless Jun 20
wolf puppy eats bones
pauses for a moment
sharp teeth
wolf was added at the last minute ?
Empire Jun 10
When all hope is lost
When I’m alone and breaking
My puppy still cares
I love my little snuggly girl :)
The bag contained something that was dangerous
What was in the bag?
Was it a time bomb?
Was it a cocked pistol?
Was it a spiked baseball bat?
Was it an unstable mortar shell?
Was it a leaking bottle of acid?
Was it a nerve gas dispenser?
Was it a small stabbing sword?
Was it a brass knuckle duster?
Was it a karate instruction book?
Was it a piece of Plutonium?
No it was a small puppy with sharp teeth!
My love ran away
Maybe ..
Maybe it was a faze..
His love all staged
All played
Did I truly love him anyways?
Sometimes when I say I love you without feeling it, were those words a lie?
(Might delete this poem)
Andres Apr 5
Cortez, theyre just running through my mind
Like track and field junior year
You want to cyph before class, but i don’t think that’s for the best
Look in your ****** eyes, but you had to change into sweats
I remember that afternoon, it’s in my mind all the time
You gave me your hoodie and went home like routine
Snuck out the back door and forgot to take me

White Cortez, but they’re ***** on the sides
Dirt on your pants, but never did you mind
You’re so versatile,
how you build up your walls and know when to break them down ?
At 16, i never would’ve  guessed youd actually ditch town
A city on lights, like do you know what you’re leaving?
Persuasion and ideas, you know I’m still here waiting
Connection is rare, and with you, it was waning

Black Cortez, cleaned it up on the sides
Fade into dark Caesar, never did i mind
You smelled like axe and gelato, you probably taste so sweet
In my head, there’s a sword fight where two ends never meet
I hope you’re passing your tests, or training your chest
I still have your hoodie and i wear it here and there
I washed it so many times, but i didn’t think you’d care

SEP, where they prayed for me,
I remember you spoke to me about your goals
You told me you wanted to have a relationship with God
I told you i wanted love, i was a fraud
Spending every day of the year, you were mine
you were a physical manifestation of everything that was bound to be
A physical manifestation of everything attracted to she

Classic Cortez, lit up and you ran into class
Never expected you to fall so fast
You could roam the earth and be who you are
I just don’t want you to ever run too far
You don’t want me the same way i want you.
Empire Mar 25
I don’t feel it much
But when I place my hand
On my bed
And my puppy
Sleepy, fluffy, innocent
Curls up around it
She passes on to me
A bit of her tranquility
I think I need a cup of tea
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