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Strying Jan 2022
twitching ears
dripping snout
the eyes anyone could recognize
my puppy
my friend
my life
4 my dog, chai, lol
am i ee Mar 2016
she jumped out of the truck
looking, sniffing, exploring, wanting to run

future unknown
past unknown

a free little spirit
now entwined with another

hopped into the back seat
settled in for the ride

to who knows where?

she never looked back....
am i ee Sep 2015
When i first moved in
all i was to hear
Ladies don’t drink out of the toilet.
Ladies don’t drink out of the toilet!
Come on now,
ladies don’t drink out of the toilet.,
and YOU are a Lady.

The things we do,
how we acquiesce,
the concessions we make,
to keep the gravy train rolling,
moving along.

A place to bunk,
a soft pillow for your head.

So we do.

The bunkmate stays so happy,
smiling &
and finally gets
off of your back.
Strying Nov 2021
don't lie to me
and tell me you're happy
because I cry every day
and you're making it so hard
to talk to you.
gn - my dog's been having some issues w her bowel movements and it's been frustrating so I'm really tired (currently 2:46 am because she woke me up to do her business lol)
Nigdaw Aug 2021
Ronnie our biggest pup
hates car journeys
making her throw up
I hoped it was something
she would get used to
but my daughter said
perhaps its because
she associates it with
the last time she ever saw her mother
I never thought of that
Jeanmarie Apr 2021
There was a black and white dog who wore a Mickey Mouse symbol on her back
Had pointy ears and a buttoned nose
Always down to cuddle, lazy days are her favorite in fact.
She is the size of a football
But has confidence the size of a Great Dane
Whom she will try to attack, if he gets to close to our lawn.
I don’t think she realizes that she’s the perfect size for a mid-day snack.
Protecting our house is her priority
Even though she won’t win an attack.
Lanna K Dec 2020
The walls, painted with the gloss of all the secrets that you and only you know, or the stuffed animal that has caught your tears through life’s afflictions. Or, the comforter that has kept you warm through those times where you swore this was the night your blood will run cold. Theres a furry, doe eyed, four legged creature of the heart, though there isn't an utter of any sort from either entity, there is a knowing. Stripped to your raw essence, he understands without question.
Kelsey McIntyre Dec 2020
The tiniest little feet
Run to me on Christmas Day
A big red bow on her head
Ready to come and stay

We play all day
And snuggle all night
My love for you
Grows at great height

I’ve watched you grow
And you with me
I was given to
The best family

Though now I am tired
And as sad as you are
You must now know now
I won’t ever be far

I will watch you from up here
Free and out of pain
I’m looking forward to the day
We will meet again

You have shown me great love
I shall wait for you forever
And when your time has come
We will cross the Rainbow Bridge together
This poem is for my dog who is sadly passing. I got her as a Christmas present when I was a child. We grew up together and I will forever miss her.
Ashlyn Rimsky Oct 2020
What joy:

To hold
The world
In your arms -

Alive and warm
And soft
And breathing

Chest rising
And falling
Yet rising again

Always rising,
Like the golden
Dawn, consistent,

Always bright.
Always beautiful.

In my arms
Against the odds
I'm holding light.
To my golden retriever, Apollo, who somehow manages to love me unconditionally
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