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Chabbysuke May 8
I turned around and saw your face.
Right then and there, I fell in love.
You smiled and my world just melted,
Little butterflies fluttered in my stomach.
Sweet letters I wrote and still keep under my bed,
Short glimpses that make my day,
Daily doses and episodes of you.
Watching you from far away,
I can't help from falling everyday.
Your smile brightens up my day;
Your sweet words when you speak
Moves my heart, I fell again.
Closer and closer, I can sense you.
Closer and closer, you are so near me.

And then you knelt, and I froze
I don't know what to do
I was lost for words and had my hand to my chest
Tears began to suddenly pour.
Oh, how much I love you so!
I wanted to reach and embrace you
But, your previously melting smile,
Froze me on the spot.
I wanted to look into your eyes
To see the love inside.
Sadly, my feet won't let me move.
The echoes of people in the background,
Resounded and almost broke me.
When she said YES,
I know, It's too late
She's yours and you're hers
How I wish it was me!
Oh, how I wish it was me.
Redaviel May 4
Trying to forget isn't easy as a car accident
Resisting temptation isn't easy as wishful thinking
In worst times, she is there to assure; never felt so sure
Another day is a new spark for a feeling childishly pure
May I know if this feeling is something that is fleeting?
At the darkest times, you're the warm light shining
Even in happy days, you make me blind and smiling
May I know if it's because I'm just looking for inspiration?
A handful of those were swept away in the sea of sadness
No one expects us to be together; a fool's imagination
Only in a different time, we can be lovers and happiness
So I hope this will pass and continue as good friends
Esme Apr 17
So I ain't quite in the box,
If you have children,
If you have a puppy,
If you, if you, if you.
I have my own stuff,
Maybe I need to find my voice,
Maybe I need to not read others,
I'm sick of it.
Sick of not finding where I fit in.
Not finding the so called box.
Sweet Centerless Sixteen
by Michael R. Burch

Inconsolable as “love” had left your heart,
you woke this morning eager to pursue
warm lips again, or something “really cool”
on which to press your lips and leave their mark.

As breath upon a windowpane at dawn
soon glows, a spreading halo full of sun,
your thought of love blinks wildly—on and on ...
then fizzles at the center, and is gone.

Keywords/Tags: humor, light verse, sweet, sixteen, never, kissed, lips, lipstick, puppy, love, infatuation, flirt, flirting, short attention span
My life's work is the wiggling leap
Of a soft little kitten, who lands in a heap.

My life's work is the hyper, swift lick
Of a rambunctious puppy who moves lightning quick.

My life's work is the smile of a friend,
Who I know will be with me till the bitter end.

My life's work is a high GPA;
Perseverance is how I got here today.

My life's work are these words that I write,
And the heartfelt confession, "you saved my life".

My life's work is nowhere near done.
I fell down, I got up, now I'm ready to run.
I volunteer at a place that helps people with mental issues (like National Suicide Hotline) and somebody told me that I saved their life. It really helped me pull myself back to a stabilized condition. Even though I still feel like **** and quarantine has been really hard, I'm pushing through it and appreciating the good that I do have
Redaviel Feb 14
How do I get her attention?
If a nervous greeting is a paper airplane
And a stranger's smile the nervous breeze
Then maybe I'll start with aerodynamics
But she isn't a pilot, she's maybe a mechanic
She might notice that my airplane has faulty wings
And the breeze carried little weight or feel
But I know that my engine's well-maintained
And the screws and bolts in my head are fine
If my hopes dance around thin ropes
And flying is but a hopeless romantic's dream
Then I wish that the wind bring us together
And we'll maintain what will let us fly in love
Personal poem - to Joyce
Out the box, precious little thing as we knew!
Very moment we laid our eyes, our hearts swayed away.

Still remember the moment I washed you,
In a little sink, as you quivered hard to stay.

Three years of our life ain't much to adieu!
But a big piece in yours, as you spent like a holiday.

Never played fetch and it's not your cue,
For you once been a normal canine? no per se!

Welcome you with our hearts to a year- brand new,
You're the best son ever and that's all I can say!
Emmanuella Aug 2019
Smoothly, she slinks onto the window sill,
silky body settling before tall pane of glass;
Outside, the city’s down and out
Outside, the city’s golden light
and darkest dark.
She curls,
long tail around slick body
and stares out
for the one who stares back.

It’s an empty window opposite,
A single frame of
oh, what her life could be.
She’s never seen more
doesn’t yearn to,
Just for her amore
her golden tabby love.

Ah, there he is,
a pounce atop window sill;
he stares at her
who stares back
his joli chat noir (pretty black cat).

But it’s all too soon
when she’s wrapped in arms too smooth
and a voice,
lacking feline’s purr
“Ah, puppy love, Rosette.
It’s all  just puppy love.”
"A Cat's Romance is but puppy love..."
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