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Life is difficult to measure.
Although an inch is too far for us,
right now, this land and that ocean
are infinity for me.

Oh, it’s not too great a distance for our love.
There is no distance too great for our love.
That much is certain.
Our love, which I feel is everywhere,

love that I believe transcends this life,
no, it’s not a love-distance-ache I’m feeling.
It is not measured in miles
or meters or microseconds.

I measure this in longings.

Like when we have coffee on the back porch.
Or listen to the wind in the trees.
Like when we hold hands on our walks.
Or when soft and fluffy puppy warms our feet.

These, I can measure, and countless more.

The morning peaks through your pristine blinds
                                         already up, dressed and ready
The morning trespasses on my dusty mind
                              snooze, turn away and rest unsteady

Lunch break, out with your friends (and him)
                                      stories you tell, is he listening? (he is)
lunch break, alone still and again

Night has blanketed you with Argus' eyes
                            cuddled close, watching and kissing
night has blacked out with my stammering cries
                            in bed, alone, shivering and missing
Amanda Sep 12
You have been my closest friend from the day you were born
Back when you were just a tiny puppy
I promise to always protect and provide
As much love as you have given me
For my dog Mocha
Dev Aug 31
Wet nose, four paws, and a wagging tail
follow right beside on an uncharted trail.
We're exploring, but just what for?
National treasure or maybe folklore?
He doesn't know and neither do I.
On a day like this we don't need to ask why.
I stop for a break and he looks right at me.
"C'mon Dev. Let's make it snappy."
I can't disappoint those big brown eyes.
He never complains, frowns, or tells lies.
His only intention is to insure I'm happy.
So I stand back up and give him a patting.
We march on in search of who knows.
Through the highest highs and the lowest lows,
There is always an adventure just around the bend.
He's not only a puppy - he's my hairy best friend.
Are you a fan of fur friend liberation,
Across our great lucky nation?
If only we had intercommunication,
Between every species on Earth,
We'd understand each other's worth,
Do you believe in what we're taught,
That animals have no abstract thought?
Indeed, how do we know this?
Is it all a load of blip?
Do dogs pass into Puppy Heaven? I ask,
Believing it's for 'good boys', their task,
Their certain and sure hope of resurrection,
Somewhere with snacks and toys in Heaven,
Loving their owners just the same,
Abstract thoughts, is that the game?
True interspecies communication,
Dreaming on, in this lucky nation!
Questions I do ask, what do animals believe?
Dan Beyer Jan 30
Why are you so tense my boy?
I can tell by the way you point your nose
Perhaps it brings you a sense of joy
To bark at every leaf that blows
Look at the way that tail does wag.
Seeing you romp, play, and go
How you make my heart so glad
I love you boy; such a good doggo.
Going home, the dog lied down,
On the carpet floor,
Unable to stand, looking,
Seeing you standing.
You see it in his brown eyes
Barely any light
You smile at that big puppy
Petting his forehead
The IV set in him
His breath was shaking.

Will you be there?

A cry from mom startles,
"He's gone"

Now you wonder what you could have done,
To make that puppy even happier than he was before.
This was a poem about what just happened moments ago. My big white german shepherd died in my home, just an hour ago. He was an amazing puppy. Still the best puppy I have ever had and ever will have. 9 years old, he acted just like a little lap dog full of energy.
trf Apr 25
Seventeen years, our lives were spent,
cleaning *** stains to pay your rent,
hiking miles as humid summer sweats,
held you in my arms, till last breath.

The soil grows doggy bones,
heaven knows what earth has sewn,
eleven A.M. I had to let you go,
now pushing daisies, you're not alone.

Hush puppy, for now  
I'll join you someday, somehow
In the morning, I'll have a grin
 Tonight these tears trace down my chin

As a canine Abby, your years were long,
one-one-nine, till we rang the gong,
enduring length is now a sad sad song,
but you're strength helps me carry on.

Puppy grub, dark walks in the rain,
lucky love doesn't die in vane,
as I pulled up to scratched window panes,
my bad day turned alone to fame.

Hush puppy, for now
I'll join you someday, somehow
 In the morning, I'll have a grin
 Tonight these tears trace down my chin
I wore a black suit and tie to an appointment with the veterinary clinic today. After feeding my dog her favorite meal, Chik-Fil-et, I told my mama to leave the room to myself, Abby, the doctor and a shot of pentobarbital. I cried in the parking lot afterwords until a security guard knocked on my car's window. I told him I just left the funeral of my best friend. He said I'm sorry, but you are parked in a resident's spot. I told him to *******.
Lily Apr 21
Loads of knowledge, literally at our fingertips,
Yet no one knows what to do with it.
We don’t want the billions of videos,
Facts, and pictures that are available to us.
As a human race,
We are craving something more.
We crave sunny days,
Gentle fingers through our hair,
Adorable newborn puppies running for the first time.
We crave a cozy family movie night,
Tucking obedient children into bed,
Sending them off to school the next morning with no worries.
We crave the fulfillment that our favorite meal brings,
The joy of spending a day with friends,
The comfort of a good night’s sleep.
Because the simple and everyday things
Are the ones we can never have.
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