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Michael Hole Aug 23
Another year passes,
Not sat on our arses,
But living and loving, us all.

Good times and bad,
The happy, the sad,
Victories won, big and small.

So wherever you are,
Estranged or afar,
Party tonight ‘til you fall.

And to all of his friends,
Michael Danger Hole sends,
A Happy New Year to you all!
Nigdaw Jul 4
This year clothes me like an old coat
Worn at the elbows, with saggy shoulders
A smell that suggests more wears than washes,
***** tissues and receipts filling pockets
A tear in the lining from a drunken fall,
A tear of pain from an emotional fool
Wiped on a sleeve to preserve my masculinity.

I need to shed this year like a skin
As a spider, a lobster, a snake in the sun
To outgrow and move on from restrictive tissue,
Embrace the world as new again,
Fool myself on New Year’s Eve
I emerge like the butterfly from its cocoon
Reveal my flamboyant new wings,
To kid myself I am reborn.
Lonerblues Jun 18
There is this sense of home,
Where it feels like a doormat was
Placed under my feet & I’m able to walk bare
            & Feel free.
         This is when the ongoing noise that rushes
in like currents drowns out in the background, and no static is left into the land of peace.

   All I hear is the sighs, the morsel of a hum, and your clock spinning & echoing like a drum.

I feel at ease & nothing no longer consumes me.
New Year’s Eve.
JaxDillon Jun 16
Dashing through the halls
With teachers up my a$$
I have to take a test
I rlly hope you pass
This school is actually hell
I can't even spell
You get to class right now, you wanna make the bell
This is about school
shanika yrs Apr 14
**** they all talk about love without knowing a dime of it
love for me is the love, which made you feel loved
irresistible - steamy  and dreamy
oh Jesus teach em love not the definition of love
this is the month April, the month of Sun, to whoever near the equator -
and this man who writes all these
lavish  with the exuberance of love which may only the lonely writers
may understand
bring me the love - the love that I understands
Sun- that would be my only new year wish
happy new year !!!
©  shanikayrs
You didn't want to greet me yet,
You said it's not yet 12.
I laughed and thought,
That's so much like you.

I was alone outside our house,
Seeing those kids waiting for new year.
While, I didn't feel anything but sadness.
It was just a normal day for me not like that past where everything was so great.

I stared at my phone, it's 12 already.
I suddenly heard noises.
When I looked at those kids outside,
I suddenly got a notification.

It was you,
I smiled and thought,
You really greeted me.
You were the first one to do it that day.
It's too late but I just wanna post it. I just wanna share a memory. My bunyyy.
H E L E N A Feb 16
It's certainly not a fond habit of mine,
But there comes an inevitable time
To redefine the value of every borderline.

Pick apart the pretty pieces
And unfold all their concealing creases;

Can the paling be restored with mere polish?

Our decorous veneer has run dry,
So I'll bid you one final frivolous goodbye.

Albeit I must sincerely confess:
They were never the best,
Ergo it hurt less.
Sarah Feb 7
when the year bled into new,
and the cold seeped into our fingers,
and he did not wish me well,
or tell me of his going days,
that is when i knew that we were no more.

when sparks lit up the sky, singing glory,
and i received nothing from him,
no words of resolution or hopeful prayers he had wished, that is when i knew there was no us.

when i lay in my bed, sleeping through the days,
and i found no purpose in my life,
and all i did was weep, calling out for comfort,
that is when i knew it was done.

when he did not speak to me for a month straight,
when he decided it fit to leave me,
to abandon me when he said he'd never,
that is when i knew that there was
nothing there anymore.

when he spent his days conversing with
what he deemed better company,
and left those he loved to their own suffering,
that is when i knew that i did not want him anymore.

when i refused to even think of him,
when i hid my aching under bitterness, anger, hatred,
when i cried at night about what he had done,
that is when i knew i needed to move on.

after all, the year has bled into new,
and new years are all about new things,
why not rid myself of all things pointing back
to the misery he's caused me, including him?
happy new year, darling, you won't be apart of it.

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