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No barbs held,

bards hushed,

bars holding,

holds barred.

Freedom ringing

in a New-Year,

new relationship,

with a kiss.
Thanx for all you All do.  "To walk in seasons Is to question, A flower is opening.", Basho.  Have a good eve'   :)   reality
Blackenedfigs Apr 27
A new beginning;
A do over.

                                    Time does not stand still
                                    But instead moves rather slowly
                                    and sneaks right up on you.

                                                                    I blink and everything is changing;
                                                                    In a hundred, wonderful different
                                                                    shades of blue.
Zack Ripley Jan 4
Another new year
Another new chance to start clean
Another day
Another new chance to say
Gonna stand up for myself and my community
Wake up this doesn't have to be world war 3
Not gonna tell you what you want
Im gonna tell you what you need to hear
So listen up, I'm gonna say it loud and clear
In a world where people profit from exploiting what we fear,
We need to find the courage to say "no more. The buck stops here."
Do not pass go
Do not collect 200 dollars.
It's time to pay for your abuse of power
And I'm not even talking about trump
The whole system's wack
Time for us to take a breath,  take a step back
rhionna Feb 11
I feel like something has to change
with him I feel good and without is just the same
but i couldn’t think of him not apart of my life
no matter as a friend or something more
I would never cut ties
For so many reasons I could tell you why
I’ve gotten my closure and i’ve evolved
but with him I am always involved

going back to him is a constant theme
a game played between just you and me
I know of the reality of what is happening
as I’ve been told it so much
something has to give
a change
an evolution
I know nobody quite gets the situation
between you and I we barely even know
I know what i got myself into
content with kisses and cuddles
but in my mind and heart of hearts I know
something has to give

In the new year
I’ll not search but be open to something new
I believe somebody can love me just as much as you
I tried this once before and was burned
turning me back to you, my love who I couldn’t shake
but deep inside I know what's right
time to try again
not think of you in that way as much as I did
only the new year will tell
be gentle and be fair
oh new year
may all be well
the first poem I ever wrote in the new year, one of the most personal, and by far the longest
Robin Lemmen Jan 15
Happy New Year. I thought of you as the clock struck twelve. I looked back once more, at the year we shared. I stood with my phone in hand. Should I acknowledge the past that we shared?  Now mere familiar strangers. Happy New Year. Perhaps this time I will feel a little less broken. Happy New Year. Did my name run through your mind as you composed a list of whom to write? Happy New Year. I hope a new year means a new chance to forget. I think we both deserve. Happy New Year. I wanted to write. But I lost your number in the fire I set to myself a while back. Happy New Year. I did think it. I hope you are alright. Happy New Year. My love, still ever glowing embers. Happy New Year.
Audacity is when your ****** texts you
To wish you a Happy New Year
Because his therapist advised him to make amends.
The price of breaking my soul
Is more than a ******* text.
CK Baker Jan 1
...but my knees are aching
and molar is cracked
I woke up this morning
with a hurricane back!
I’ll get to it later dear
Alex Smith Jan 11
I'm addicted to
The drug called happiness.
A simple addict
Of fantastic phantasm fantasy,
In ecstacy.

I always heard that things peak.
What goes up, must come down.
Am I at my come down?

Why can I not forever feel
This happiness?
Will I wade in the shallow
Ocean soon?

Can things just only keep getting better?
These days I glow
In a radiant beauty
And I have never seen myself
Glow before.

Is this feeling just the now?
As I become a ***** to the
Good feelings that my life
Is suddenly bringing me.

I like to think that my life
Is paying me back with good luck
For all the times I missed a four leaf clover
Growing in a meadow
Or didn't glance at a shooting star long enough to wish.
And this time I don't need a good luck charm,
Or a wish.

But now I come to.
Is this my peak?
Is this as good as things will ever be?
What we built upon could fall,
And I grow afraid of tomorrow.

2018 brought me growth,
2019 brought me happiness and stability.
Oh, curse this new year bringing me fear
Because chasing after a stillborn dream
Is beyond my ability.

This dream, I never want to wake up.
There is a person I love.
A family I built.
An internal balance I perfected.

Would life be cruel to rip that away?
But worst of all,
I could never prepare for that
Because that's how life is.

I became happy gradually,
Without noticing the changes
Because becoming stable and feeling loved
Became my normal.
So, will I never notice what I will lose?
Can that hurt me more than noticing at all
And trying to stop it
At a demise?
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