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Aa Harvey Aug 27
New Year’s night

There is a fire burning and people are drinking;
People are dancing and people are singing.
Auld Lang Syne; it’s another year gone.
So cherish this night, because it will soon be done.

The snow is falling all around us and many friends are merry;
So give everyone a hug and kiss those cheeks!
Come on now, feast upon the many cherries and berries;
Swig from the tankard and have yourselves some meat,
Because this is a celebration, so enjoy the feast!

Hold the one you love and greet your neighbour’s as family,
Because soon enough you will be back at each other’s throats.
So give them your blessings and wish upon a star;
Offer everyone a piece of peace
And see this New Year as a chance to end the feud
And as a chance for new relationships to grow.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Anne Jul 13
legs tangled
our noses
almost touching.

We smile at each other
one last time

before every little
detail of us gets
by someone else

the quilt beneath us
our heads touching,

we silently make our
last goodbyes,

another year
makes us away
from each other.

legs tangled
making magic,
the last time
Johan Nel Jun 30
I moved with you into yet another year
A new family, a new dog, a new career
Motherless for the first time ever
But still bound, not exactly severed
Godless, free of bonds that matter
But still silenced by conservative flatter
I cried more than I should
I lived more than you would
I made plans, again and again
And rewrote without ink and without pen
The same old people and gloom
But THIS is reverie and death
This is revolution and breath
Into me and the future self
Into character, into life and its wealth
© Johan Nel 2018.06.30
Gowtham Ganni Mar 13
The bitter neem reminds of those days -  
the day your heart broke
the day you have to leave your family
the day your beloved pet passed away
the day you felt your life purposeless
all those days filled with sadness

The sweet jaggery reminds of those days -
the day of your first kiss
the day you achieved a dream
the day your kid first walked
the day you received the first paycheck
all those days filled with happiness

The spicy chilies reminds of those days -
the day you were criticized
the day you couldn’t find a solution
the day you waited long in queue
the day you were rejected after many attempts
all those days filled with anger

The sour tamarind reminds of those days –
the day you are completely lost
the day your dearest friend betrayed
the day you failed in everything
the day the problems seemed unsolvable
all those days filled with disgust

The pinch of salt reminds of those days –
the day you are left alone
the day you failed an exam
the day you have to speak facing the crowd
the day you felt crisis in life
all those days filled with fear

The tangy mango reminds of those days -
the day when a stranger  helped you
the day you received an thank you note
the day you met a very old friend
the day when a wish suddenly becomes the reality
all those days filled with surprise

Combine all -
the experiences of life in a single dish
Accept the limelight,
When the time feel content
Knowing you all are just like me
Reached the edge of 2017.

On the way,
So far, treasuring hope
Fortunate to land on 2018
Yes, We will gain insight
Holding memories, a constant companion
Gravity of 2017,
Imbedded within heart and mind
We will never be apart,
Singing a new melody
All we were, All we will be…..

All we were, All we will be……
The same,
Joining a human race,
Trying for a comfortable breathe
Warm embrace of happy new year.
Let’s wish,
A beautiful sunshine in await.
Happy New Year 2018.
everything is so sweet
like sugar sold in the night market
just as vanilla ice cream that melted on the tongue
tonight the sky was bombarded with fireworks
rainbow colors are scattered everywhere
stars have friends
they celebrate
Where is my language
and why can't I speak it?
It's being replaced
with a haze of Spanish eyes
and olive skin
casting shadows across itself
in the mid-morning sun.
I would be one
to remember the days
of what I could say,
words integrate,
binding my tongue to the roof of my mouth.
Colder, colder, migrating south,
hold my hand and tell me
it will be alright.
I wanted to know how the bird in flight
felt to have its feathers washed from its body,
how the decaying leaf
felt to be buried in snow.
And now all I want to know
is how it would feel
to be the world's smallest organism.
How it would feel to divide, divide,
roots so shallow I can't find my feet,
swept away by the smallest rush
of pins pushing against my body.  
How it would feel to be torn apart
in the name of science -
would I still be beautiful
if my ribs were inside out?
Would I still be beautiful
if my heart bloomed like the winter flower?
Would you love me if I could be anything,
a wasteland with a clear surface,
water being poured down the drain?
If I was a sequence,
the number of steps before the next system over,
would my DNA align just enough
to make me reflect you?
I'm hapless,
entirely theoretical,
and I'm counting the number
of substitutions I can make
before I no longer exist.
What will it take to wipe me away?
How many cells do you have to remove from my spine
before it is no longer my own?
I used to want to feel
the air breathing with me,
to know what it is
that makes the water love the earth so dearly.
Now all I want to feel
is soft skin on my hands,
the curve of my waist as I sleep,
the skin pale under the sheets,
beauty sighing from between my blue lips.
~~ Still going strong. ~~
Hadiy Syakir Jan 8
We are just running away
or after something
if it never turns dark
from right to left
the beast is still
tough and wide awake
the latitude means the world
is not in a linear desperation
to feed the temptation
of failure and destruction.
maggie W Jan 7
I painted my nails ultraviolet, color of the year
Sitting at my desk

Thinking about you, I read some books
Mark went by and asked how was my New Year?

"I went to watch fireworks", which wasn't true
he said, "I don't think you'll come to my neighborhood"

Staring at the monitor, thinking about you.
It is only 20 degree, I shouldn't go out to get lunch.
But I could paint my nails ultraviolet.

Got off work early, I carry the basket that I use to put my lunchbox in.
You're still in salt lake city,so I went for a mani,
and paint my nails ultraviolet
Not a very bright was to start the new year, but it will get better.
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