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Moonboy May 10
The possibility's in life
are endless places

                                             It's an never ending land
                                         were sometimes only you can
                                                       ­                   I always wonder if it
                                                              ­         could be possible if I found
                                                           ­           love and true peace

Where I am me, free to
see and say things everyday
without a care

                                                          ­            But is that possible to have
                                                            ­          a decent life without                                                                  ­   stabbed in the back

I feel that's what I want but
the demands I will have  to confront
is worse than trying to be blunt

                                                          ­   But if I can have that kind of life
                                                        I will strive and set somethings
                                                            asid­e, and not just for my pride

Although that could be it that's
not my true reality

                                                            Bu­t it could be my reality but only                          
                                  ­                            if I possibly can dream
There are so many thing I want to know and have in life but they can only come up if I want and try to get them. And it does take awhile but it can happen
Daivik Apr 15
আমার হৃদয়
নব বর্ষের প্রথম সূর্যোদয়

ঠাকুরের গানে নাচে পাখি
এই দিনকে এত ভালো বাসী
সাদা লাল অম্বরের নীচে
খেলে বাংলার সবাই বাসী

নুতুন বছর আনে উন্নতি
এতই আমার প্রার্থনা
শুভ নববর্ষ
পয়লা বৈশাখের শুভকামনা
Shubho noboborsho
Sanidhya Rai Apr 5
Mysterious freckles of icy snow, brings in the fest of joyous rites.

Gust of winds as they pass you by, sheds away the frosty life.

Warmth of heart is all one need, to welcome the spring by thawing that ice.
Lanna K Feb 16
Saturday nights.
Early 20s  
In the limbo of wanting to savor my youth, but growing tired of my lack of responsibility.
Dom T Jan 28
The world is changing quickly now,
much faster than before.
It asks a lot of humankind,
and then it asks some more.
BLM and Covid,
more dis-ease and doubt.
We’re under so much pressure,
all anxious and burnt out.
A weight has just been lifted,
feeling lighter than before.
A time to rest, a time to heal,
that’s what this time’s for.
The struggle of the old year
and the promise of the New.
I’ll look back and think ’21,
that’s the year I grew.
on january 1st midnight sharp
i thought i heard the voice of new year's harp
fireworks banging
champagne bottles clanking
a new story, a new life, a new chapter to begin
a new year, a new me is ready to come in
or so we all thought...

it came out of nowhere
it started in the east
all cities were flooded with peace
the west still living in utopia
not afraid of the soon to come phobia
fast forward to march - the last big gathering
all forced to stay home and work online
the green spiky ball slathering
the numbers are climbing, what do we do?
wear a mask, keep 1.5 meters distance, don't meet people
otherwise you'll get the new flu
wait, stop, don't drink bleach!
don't trust that blonde, orange-skinned peach!
listen to your doctor and nurses at the front
like a war without guns or tanks
ia Jan 4
12 new chapters, 365 new chances
From the previous year, I learn a thing
Every chances you give means you're giving yourself an opportunity to be hurt and to be happy
Is not that you're not choosing happy for yourself but the probability is there
Happy new year peps!! Keep writing, keep reading and spread the good vibes. Be more wise then ever. 2021, we got this!
I-sun Jan 3
The new year means nothing
Except loving you in new ways
JK Cabresos Jan 2
As fireworks
kissed the stars,
may it bring
peace and love
to every
aching heart.
Happy New Year!
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