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Kahou Eru Jan 24
It been awhile
I took some hits
Had some falls
A blunder really
I come to Terms I might be a failure
  Or it might be a rut
No I'm not sad can't say I'm happy either
For now I will take this first step
For I know myself  
And with all the money you have you can't save you from yourself  
That to me is my Wake up call  
That I live with myself  
As long as I
earthling Jan 16
I appear to not have matched pace
with the rest of the world.
Feet thumping like heavy rainfall,
bodies rushing around me
towards something - an end goal,
a vivid, visible finish line up ahead.

I'm shoved towards it
despite my heavy feet
chained down by a weight in my stomach
that lets out a muffled yell,
as if from underwater:
"Stay where you are!"

"I know," I tell the voice, "I know I'm supposed to,"
but it's drowned by the rain.
So I continue to be shoved around,
as my stomach grows heavier
as the finish line dawns right before me.

I struggle with what little might I have to not cross the line
just yet.
I'm not ready.

My strength gives out and my left foot pushed forward,
followed by the rest of me.

It doesn't feel as bad as I thought it would,
to be where everyone else is:
past the finish line, into another new track
that would last another few hundred days
to finish.

The swarm of bodies are way ahead of me,
I notice,
and I sigh as I drag my feet
and the chains
and the weight.

Forward, forward,
knowing it was the only direction life granted us.
happy 2022 :)

a note to self that it’s ok to take time
to reflect,
to plan.
solEmn oaSis Jan 5
It's not the Amount nor The Cost Because
As long as we cherish what is so precious
We are about to measure and Treasure The True Value
of those things we had from the most recent to Long ago
The beginning of something special from what is left here up to the write not intend to be ended
If I state I’m going to do something
then don’t, as often happens,
then I’ve planted a ***** seed
that’ll grow into a choking vine,
not free, or wise

So dark January resolutions
might help Calvinists,
or masochists, or both,
but for the rest of us
comfort in our skins is better

I have no preach for you
to do this: just listen

Your own heart cries and sings
all day, every day
and you will beat yourself
far harder, over cheese and *****,
than anyone who loves you would

So go inward a while and think,
and even if your conclusions
don’t match the zeitgeist,
love you, as we do
This is New Year's Day.
The new year has arrived today.
I hope things will be great during this new year.
I hope there will be no misery, suffering or tears.
2021 came to an end at twelve o'clock last night.
During this new year, I hope things will shine bright.
I hope life will be very pleasant in this year that is new.
We said goodbye to 2021 and we're saying hello to 2022.
Lawrence Hall

                            We’ll Write a New Idyll This Year

                The old order changeth, yielding place to new,
                And God fulfils himself in many ways

             -Idylls of the King, “The Passing of Arthur,” 8-9

Janus faces both ways, and so do we
A last, lingering look at the year that was
And then a turn to the year we must meet
Marching to it through Janus Pater’s doors

We will most remember about the past
Our friends whose pilgrimages came to their ends
We joy in the remembrance of their happiness
Their stories and songs, their unfailing kindness

Janus faces both ways, and so do we;    
But now our friends, our happy friends, they see

                 And the new sun rose bringing the new year

                       -Idylls, “The Passing of Arthur,” 469
Zywa Jan 1
New Year, once again

things remain the same as I --

experienced them.
Collection "New Ago"
kevin wright Jan 1
Each clock struck 2022
An outflowing of colour hit the skies
Lights echo off the cloudy ceiling
Roman candles lit the ceremonial jubilation
A feasting cacophony of thunder

Remembrance for those who were curtailed of life
Celebrating human resistance
Revival of the human trait
Gods speed
Fireworks exploding into the heavens over Manchester UK and all over the world. The fight continues.
Dave Robertson Dec 2021
First footing towards
what could be bridge or precipice,
hard to tell in the usual mists
of another spin round the sun

The groundhog sting
has left us wary of what’s to come:
with an alphabet begun
how many masks need to be worn
before omega calls?

But the sun is shining
and it’s abnormally warm,
so that’s good,
isn’t it?
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