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Cynthia May 23
Remember when you once thought you had lost it all?
Remember when you thought you would never see the sunrise or the rainbow?
Remember when you ran so fast,
Running away from fear,
Running away from love and
Running away from everyone who hurt you?
While running, you forgot that you were strong.

When you feel like running away remember that
You have been here before,
You have relived those thoughts before, and you have survived,
Do not quit when Life gets rough
Keep running,
Keep showing up where you are needed, where you are loved and appreciated.

Running can be tiring, and one day, you will realize that as you arrive at the finish line, you will need to slow down.

The finish line is just ahead, be filled with joy.
Keep your eyes fixed on the Pioneer and Perfecter of your Faith.
How long is one second?
I move with the flow of time.
Being dragged along like the tail of a sad dog.
The clock continues its steady dance.
One minute is supposed to be sixty seconds but I swear it feels more like one-twenty.
Don’t look at the time...
Such a pathetic victory to see that more time has passed then I’d imagined.
On certain occasions, time will Mock me:
“You can’t make me move any faster.”
It says.
“I will slow down when you don’t want me to and speed up when you do.”
Two old adversaries.
Me and time.
We are well acquainted and I am just as stubborn.
Perhaps I’m not as stubborn as I am stupid because I know who wins in the end.
But I don’t intend to beat time.
I intend to put it in its place.
Before it takes me.
Time will be mine.
It owes me...
It owes me for the days it taunted me as a child, as I stood at the window, wondering if or when my mom would come home.
It owes me for the years I’ve spent. Slaving away at dead-end jobs. Trying to climb out of the impoverished conditions, I’d inherited.
Time owes me... a lot.
You may say time doesn’t owe me ****.
But I intend to collect.
Because I may not matter to time, but I do matter.
My suffering will not be in vain.
You see, I’ve learned one of time’s oldest tricks.
I will write my way in to my dreams.
The same way seconds turn to years.
O... N... E...
L... E... T... T... E... R...
A... T...
nance Apr 30
she begged to shine
as a diamond does;  
but she begged for death
when the pressure comes;
as the volcanic eruption
lets her go;
she got through it
and brightly shone.

don't ask to be a diamond
and not expect pressure.
Dez Apr 24
It is the dark moods I like
Ones of depression that spike
My inspiration
For it is desperation
That I actually strive for betterment
For who cares if all is as sweet as peppermint

When all is good who cares about the bad
But when all are mad
They see that they are not well
And there is a need to better where they dwell
So the saying is true
Necessity is the mother of invention due
To the fact that dark times came
Now things can’t be the same

I hope you understand what I say
I don’t necessarily like it this way
But it is where I thrive
And pain reminds us we are alive
It may not be in the deepest soil
Where light and water abound
Yet each tiny seed will strive and toil
To grow in their given ground

Some seeds are sown by loving hands
All buried quite snug and sound
While others fall in rock strewn lands
To claim as their given ground

We hear no cries of pain or delight
As each seed’s place is found
For each one feels their spot is right
To thrive in their given ground

Express your life with joy and might
And may your efforts be crowned
Whether your soil be deep or slight
Grow well in your given ground
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What spot of ground were you given in this life? Was it deep nourishing soil, with lots of love from a gardener? Or do you feel you were tossed into scant rocky soil and somehow expected to thrive there? This poem expands on that idea, and is a personal poem for my wife and me.

It stems from a scriptural story about olive trees and a Lord of the Vineyard who transplants different shoots and branches into various spots of the vineyard. Some are planted in good spots, and others in poor spots, but the Lord of the Vineyard has a plan.
Sinakluban man ng langit at lupa
Tinapangan ko pa ring tumindig.
Aakuin ko ang aking ipinangakong
'Yaring buhay ko ay 'di pasusupil sa dilim

Hindi ngayon, kamatayan.
karizma Mar 31
You're not far from yourself
can't you see?
you've always lived in you
you're the only one who kept putting yourself in places
places where you thought you could be better off
places where you thought were the only place where you could be yourself
but you're not a plant that thrives only in one place,
you're a wildflower that finds happiness everywhere you go.
Its time to stop looking for a version that is long gone
its time that you grow taller and taller than you ever imagined
break your own expectations
and become a wildflower
It's better to be be alive and thriving, rather than being consumed, sick and dying.
Daily thoughts by me

When I am deprived of your smile,
I lose mine too.

When I don't see your eyes,
I lose my sight.

When I don't hear your laugh,
I lose my hearing.

When I don't feel your touch,
my blood stops flowing.

Don't you understand,
without you,
I simply can't?

My life becomes a
lifeless place,

there is no difference between
minutes or days.

I cannot function
when I am deprived

of the only thing
that made me

Very lovesick
I am magnetic, and I am alive
I attract what I need in order to thrive
My mind is a magnet - an incredible power
And creates my desires hour by hour

My focus is sharp, strong as fine steel
I know my emotions, what I want to feel
My end result I can clearly see
Which is drawn magnetically right to me
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