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the protea magnifica
or queen protea
as it is also known
is a south african flower
of which until recently
i was shamefully unaware
a sprawling shrub
of varying height
dependent upon
influences of its growth
but a hardy plant
able to survive
and to thrive
under the starkest
of conditions and habitats
its flower is not delicate
like many others
but a symbol of survival
of resilience and growth
its boldest of blooms
an array of brightest hues
sending a message
of strength and power
courage and hope
yet the tightly held
closed cup of its petals
suggests a reluctance
to be noticed
an uncertainty
of it's own true beauty
perhaps in comparison
to its kingly namesake
Escape Nov 2022
Iced, flakes
Lavender - this sky
Up, over, beyond, around
And inside

Dawns a deep desire

Such is the whisper
Such is the sight
Of a beautiful, beautiful
Substance pleochroic, darling mine with care
Alexis D Cruz Aug 2022
before finding solace in the meadow that lies in your eyes,
I found peace in the way silken lavender would melt into an orange & pink sorbet;
but as I lie here now, cradled in the comfort of your arms, I find that I dread sunrise  

most find the dark unsettling — shutting themselves off when midnight strikes;
but in the moonlight, is when we shine the brightest — when we thrive, when we are the most alive
Together we prosper
Alone we survive
Together we triumph
Together we thrive

So let’s work together
Each day we’re alive
And follow the adage
Together we thrive

Rejoice in the bounty
That seems to arrive
When we stand united
Together we thrive

Our planet we’ll care for
Our soil we’ll revive
Let’s focus our purpose
Together we’ll thrive
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This poem was inspired by President Nelson's talk about what we have learned from the pandemic.

At about 7 minutes is when he talks about how we need each other!

We can accomplish SO much more together than we can alone.  This is true - let's work together.

Mark Wanless Oct 2021
i wander wonder thrive and plunder
steal **** expel in thunder
the i i am am manifest god
Jay M Aug 2021
It's strange
How the myths
Tell of reality in such parallel
Speaking, preaching of a greater force
When in fact that force is found within
When we truly realize the simple
Yet utterly complex truths

Nothing is set in stone, but in mind
We are in control of our own actions
Our choices domino, and affect others
Even in ways we could not possibly imagine

Life is the ultimate gift;
The fact of not knowing what comes
After we have passed on and our soul departs
Makes our lives all the more meaningful

The meaning of life
Is as simple and complex as that;
To breathe, to move, to learn,
To listen, to grow, and to know

Face the hardships,
Endure the pain,
Learn from failure
Learn from the pain
To become stronger
To become better
Than those before you

To create a better world
Or perhaps see what lies before you
Heal the damage that has been done
Heal the broken bones of the world
To regrow, to be stronger than before
For life to once again thrive
Just the way it should

- Jay M
August 27th, 2021
That is the truth of life that I have realized over time. Though I am young, I have learned much more about life than I realized.
Zack Ripley Aug 2021
I don't know if I can change anything.
But I have to try. I've seen too many people
let their dreams fall by the wayside.
And for what? A chance to survive
long enough to see their children thrive?
No. We deserve better. For ourselves.
For our loved ones. For everyone.
Like I said.
I don't know if I can change anything.  
But I have to try. I've seen too many people
let their dreams fall by the wayside.
Alicia Moore May 2021
I miss the friend that kept me safe,
it kept me warm in my fragile state.
I now walk proudly and without hesitation,
knowing the friend that became my saviour
is thriving surrounded by its fellow nature.
Do you wonder, like me, if fawns miss the warmth of the grass that protected them before their legs could carry their weight?
Melody Mann Apr 2021
Gloriously unbound you grow ravenously,
Spreading your roots as far as the earth can bare you reach limits unseen,
A survivor despite the climate your radiance is saluted,
Such beauty in the unrecognized you thrive,
Sparkle in silence young wildflower because your time is near,
To be adorned in April showers and masked in summer's sun,
Magnificent is your journey and true is your existence.
Sarah Flynn Jan 2021
I'm reading over the notes
that my therapist jotted down
during one of our first sessions.

there is so much trauma
and so many diagnoses.

my therapist says that
I'm not alone, and that
so many people know
a similar type of pain.

she's right. I'm not alone,
because I'm not the only
person to have a therapist

and because I'm not the first
person to be diagnosed
with these conditions

and because right now,
at this very second,

there is someone who
is reading this poem and
relating to these words.

sometimes this thought
is upsetting to me.

it depresses me to think
that other children were
raised by parents who
were like my parents,

and that they've faced
the same type of pain.

other times, this thought
is oddly comforting.

it hurts to think about
the children who grew up
the same way that I did

but it also calms me
to know that there
are other people
who are just like me,

because that means
there are people who
have survived this.

that means that
this is survivable,

and that even if I
sometimes doubt it,

it is possible to thrive.
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