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Untold secrets and untold lies,
They thrive and live and die.
Withered and forgotten,
Waiting to get rotten.
With thousands underneath,
Truth is just as incomplete.

Layers of dust and dirt,
Simply to cover up the hurt.
Is there anything we know,
Other than the ones we're told?
How do we truly breathe,
When this world is full of deceit?
Justyn Huang Jan 19
While waiting for a good day,
You waste the one before.
Sumaira Asghar Dec 2018
My heart is full
of you.
Shall i keep you there-
closer, warmer?
Shall i let you fly
to the farthest star?
I intend not to suffocate you,
Neither would i limit your world.
We are meant to thrive
together, forever.
Isaac Dec 2018
You and I
Are gonna be alive
For the rest of eternity.

Even when we "die"
We will all the more thrive
Now free from all perversity.
Written 24 December 2018
Emily Nov 2018
I just want you to understand where I'm coming from.
I tell you time and time again that you have to change.
I'm willing to be your motivation,
but first you have to weigh in,
work on yourself,
be the best that you can be.
Your immaturity is hindering.
Please stop the life your leading.
Don't be another statistic.
A young black man,
so much potential left unkept.
I just want to see you thrive.
One day you'll look back and understand,
but right now you lack the capacity to comprehend.
He approaches, from a completely different background.
He sees an odd, irregular image
Minding its own business.

He approaches and the image moves.
The irregular image faces him as he admires it.
It is smothered in beauty,
So much, but he doesn't understand it.

She, the image, sees him too.
She falls in love with his body's outline,
But when he steps into the light,
She doesn't understand her love anymore.

Mutual love was clouded by race.

Eventually, they learned to love their differences.
They created art through their differences;
Contrasting colours thrived in their newly ordained similarities - obtained through love.

Multi-racial relationships are the artwork of humankind.
Multi-racial relationships excite me. They remind me that even the most different people can still thrive together despite their differences. But, I'm not one to partake because I feel that it's too much for me. There's a huge amount of responsibility needed in respect and consideration.
Wellspring Oct 2018
The feeling of relief when the pain finally ends.
The sounds of rain pattering on the metal roof.
The smell of dry earth mixing and mingling with the water.
The soft touch of petals against your fingers.
The taste of warm chocolate cake the melts on your salivating tongue.

Stimulation from other people.

These are the things that live thrives on.
eh. I'm in a mood.
Paylei Rose Oct 2018
Have you ever wondered what its like to be in love?
It feels like a gift from above.
Here's how to know you're heads over heels.
It's kinda ideal
Sparkles in their eyes
Feeling like you won a prize
A dream come true
Your sights are finally in view
A beauty from within
Where you begin
The future awaits
A feeling no one can replace
Wait until you find the one
That lights up your world like the sun
You'll be the happiest person alive
The relationship will thrive
I hope you get as lucky as I
Now all I can do is thank the sky
Dominique Jul 2018
Let your words crash
Like the evergreen river you are
Against slabs of dull rock
That mark your opposition

Let your mind blossom
Aggressive like a shock of roses
Complete with stunning thorns
To guard your secret park

Let your smile blaze
Like lava from a cold place-
Be generous with it, light up often
And save some joy just for you

Let yourself exist-
God knows, you deserve it
With your space-carved soul
And your vibrant actions

Let everything fall down,
Because sometimes it needs to,
But remember you will always rise
Like a phoenix, perfect, from the ash.

Let it be,
Because energy is wasted
When you struggle.
Your core is made of thunder, and your thoughts are one of a kind.
Burn on.
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