sarah 7d

to break boundaries
redefine limits
exceed expectations
sculpt the future
to not only survive
but to thrive
in a world that wants
to hold us back

all while bleeding.

- to be a woman
Isrella Uong Dec 2017

you’ve got the most delicate hands
i’ve ever felt on my inner chest.
i’m breaking apart,
completely shattering to pieces;
it might be a release, it might bring me peace,
bits & pieces, put them back together.
my legs are shaking from the cold;
you passed me your jacket.
but, this is no ordinary jacket,
it’s like a band-aid wrapped around my soul.
and maybe for a moment or a glimpse,
i let go of the past and thought,
“maybe it won’t hurt this time.”
but, i’m still shattered
and breaking to bits & pieces;
i’m breaking apart,
maybe so that i can be put back together…
properly, so that i can birth out nations & stories.
no matter how much this hurts,
no matter how much my heart is aching,
the sound is echoing,
“i want to know you more.”
i freaking want to know you more!
should i surrender?
is it even possible for me to surrender?
you can see through my skin,
you know that it’s like a storm within.
but all it takes is a hurricane –
you’re that hurricane –
to overthrow me.
is that too much to ask for?
can you shake me?
can you slap me out of this?
slap me out of my skin!
but you said, “no, i’ll do this gently.”
are you gonna tell me that it takes time?
i know you say i’ll be fine,
as long as i’m wearing the soul jacket.
ugh! surrender. surrender. surrender.
you said, “healing takes time.”
sometimes the truth hurts more than the lie,
but do i want to be lied to?
the truth doesn’t hurt!
because change is necessary.
and what i’ve dug myself into,
i know you’ll drag me out of my pity hole.
“stop hiding your heartburns and
the holes screwed in your heart.”
soul jacket, this is one heck of a special jacket!
feels like protection.
it feels better than muscular arms around my waist
from a guy who’s three-four years older;
feels better than beer chugged down
trying to pass for stronger liquor;
feels better than trying to numb myself
with “don’t make me sad / don’t make me cry.”
don’t get me wrong, i still love the song born to die.
but maybe this time,
i’ll have to cross out that line;
and instead i’ll write:
“born to thrive.”
because that’s how your jacket makes me feel.

December 9, 2017. Yeah, jackets are great.
James smith Nov 2017

With all of the power with the Consuming Fire,
With all of the power with the death Defeater
With all of the power with the Spirit of Wisdom,
It’s all on me to decide  
Am I bonded by the chains of sin?
Am I a slave with no chains for the death Defeater?
Will The grace of the Consuming Fire be my master?.
As slavement lives and takes, slavement will never die, till the day that sins dies. Till that day Bond servant, I will thrive to be, bond to thrive, to thrive is for the Consuming Fire, from darkness I once came, now from the fire I'm reborn to long live as a bong servant.

01—1 in the morning and can’t sleep
02— this poem is about are we slave to sin or are we slaves for Christ , as bond servants . I thrive to be the man that God wants me to be but sin gets the best of me some times .
Lyn-Purcell Sep 2017

Though all days aren't good,
you have to live on.

Easy come, easy go.
Elise Jackson Aug 2017

I thrive through other likewise people.

Day 31/31 of my "Six Words A Day" Challenge for the whole month of July, the whole collection can be found on my page on the first of August.
Caleb Luke Jul 2017

Love gouged me blind - still a part of me knew,
That you were high on life whilst I was high on you.
And now i've awoken with a mentality shift,
I'm not afraid to die but afraid of the lift.
Because when you left I had died the last I looked in your eyes,
As you stole all hope - eliminating my highs.
Yet as my world may turn black,
Without you,
Without drive.
At least yours without me,
You are free,
You will thrive.

26th July, 2017
Cynthia Ulloa May 2017

It was nothing but a blur
Amidst the insecurities of life
Hasty decisions
Jumping into conclusions
Hiding blemishes
Closing gaps
In between
Broken roads
Perfectioning one another's flaws
Letting go
Only one thing held it all together
The rope

No longer holding by a ~~thread
Falling down
Way down
A bottomless pit
Down the road
Into the deepest signs of betryal
In confusion and despair
Strength to be cleanse once again
In a land
Drastically dry
From lack of conviction and repentance
Dying to the world instead of the word.

Cynthia Ulloa Jun 2017

Unexpectedly, like a thief in the night
Despair will introduce itself
and threaten your existence,
or perhaps test your faith,
or assault you from your most precious possessions
Leaving behind only bitterness
in the darkest nights.

Think you've lost it all?
Don't fret, never forget that your most valuable possessions are hidden inside your heart.

What's hiding inside your heart, will never be taken from you.

No one, not even the devil
can't steal it from you
even in the darkest nights.

There's is a hidden treasure inside of us (faith, love, hope, purpose, life etc). The heart is a valuable treasure, it is what flows out of it, that determines your character. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.
Psalms 119:11 Matthew 6:21
HappyHappyHappy Mar 2017

I thrive for more love
I thrive for more attention
I thrive for you

Trinity Jones Jan 2017

two rather large glasses down,
one heart crumbled the other thriving.
Leave the shattered pieces on the ground
find the light
find the happiness and the warmth
that linger within
after layer after layer of singed love.
a fire that was lit and never put out
burned me to my core
leaving no light
no happiness within
no warmth for me to bathe and bask in.

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