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My aim in life
Is to transfer myself
Into an Art

Or may be
Close to

She said
Theme: Reflection
A M Ryder Jul 25
Finishings can be
The hardest part
In these final steps
All the craftsmanship
Has already occured
The finishings are
Mere inevitabilities

You must
Come to terms
With the idea that  
Perfection is a
Necessary goal
Precisely because
It is unattainable

You must reconcile
Yourself to failure

It's not perfect
You have to make
Your peace with that

You lay out
Your tools
And you
start again
Michael Ryan Jun 27
I think what makes me the most sad is the world doesn't care how good of a person you are.

You can shake hands with all the people who are homeless named Mic, who fondly remember Mel Brooks movies, and you'll still find yourself left behind just like them.

Complimenting women's nails for their sense of style or telling the cashier at the dvd store that his up-sell is really good and it nearly got you with their sense of flow.

You never take their offer of coupons as what's the point on collecting relics of a time we've all already left.

Strong, sturdy, and silent is what the past is made out of, as there is nothing left to break the illusion of today.

Sturdy for no one has found a way to bring all their passion home.

Time can only stand still, and all we can do is move on.

A kindness forgotten: soft words and thoughtful intentions are what make me the most sad.
Mark Wanless Jun 22
this time of compassion
my effort so small
ha   one tiny step
Zywa Jun 20
In the whirlpools, people puff
and scream for help
The spectators whisper

the last gossip
until the poets hand
shoves them away, looking

for the right tone
He's just messing about
because the Way is the Truth

of all votes against
Everyone gags for meaning
in a livable rhythm

Groaning, I hold on
They are talking about me
I hear it in the breaks

This is how it will go on
with an occasional blow
hoping it is a hit

It is fiddling and tinkering
keep breathing calmly
and not short-circuiting
December 11th, 2021
"kéménymadár" ("bird from the chimney"), 2021, Hansko Visser [1966], in collaboration with Lucio Tasca [1993], Reinier van Houdt [1964] and Jasna Veličković [1974]; inspired by Ernö Király

Collection "org anp ark" #187
even if
   i could
go back
in time
make changes
to the things
that didn't quite
work out
the way i wanted
have a second
at putting
something right
even if
there was
an opportunity
to make
the entirety
   of everything
i can honestly say
i'm not certain
i would

i've seen
far too many
and tv shows
about time-travel
to make me think
it's probably
a lot more effort
it's worth
Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2021
If one can't understand
The world
With two legs

Stand on one

One will
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Mantra
dailythoughts Aug 2021
love you the right to feel everything
love you the right to be wrong
love you some mercy
Just because you dont see any effort,
Doesnt mean its not there.
Im trying, I really am. And they always seem to ignore that part, but never the mistakes.
Sillo Anderson Jul 2021
I want to write to you
In every language there may be
I want you to know the depth of my words
I want you to know that your effort did more than it should
I want you to know even in dark days, these words will reminisce and bring light your way
I want you to know it’s great when you fail
I want you to know it all
And be okay with what you know
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