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Madison 3d
If someone put in as much effort in
to a relationship with me,
As I do for them,
How different would I be?
There! Can you feel it?

It's as if the whole of the earth's sighs,
the nudging of the painted skies,
the tremblings of valleys and peaks,
the singing of oceans and creeks,
the gentle tug of the moon,
the torrent of the monsoon,
the impact of a tear-stained face,
the heat of a lover's embrace,

and the fierce shouts of the stars
came together in a harmonious uproar.

All to proclaim Your majesty
and a single thought that soars,
Manan sheel Feb 2
The water of love
was unbearably hot
for my soul.

Time and again,
I had tried to get
into the water,
But just the touch
of it, and I would fled,
but it had the attraction,
its touch would haunt
me afterwards,
It would *******
my dreams.

Each time, I went a little
further into it,
but fled away,
Each effort took me closer,
And today, finally,
the spider made its web.
Today, finally, I settled into

© Manan sheel.
Sudeshna D Feb 2
Too much effort,
I’m giving in my all.
I’m helping me out,
To get up from the fall.
Such a disgrace,
I can’t stand even tall.
Walking away, a task,
I can’t even crawl.
You look at me,
Rolling your eyeball.
I feel like a mess,
Need alcohol.
Being happy, a norm
But **** protocol!
I can’t fake a smile,
I’m not a doll.
Any well wishers?
The number’s sure small.
Will they stand by me?
Help me build my wall?
soulpledgee Jan 30

It was fun when we laughed together
but it hurts,to wipe my tears alone

The stage doesn't scare me
being alone at backstage does hurt me

It doesn't  when you chide me
it hurts when you show no confidence in me

It didn't hurt when you pushed me on bed
I was hurt when you closed the door,on my face

I gave you my all
IT hurts when you left me following my fall

It's hard when I fail
it hurts when you glare

It's tough to meet every month's need
but it hurts when I can't fulfill your wish
tried touch every aspect of life with good times and bad times
William Troup Jan 27

When I hoped, I feared; the rising spear
   would pierce my heart, the grounded start
   would collect my thoughts
      and all I was taught;
         did dance with mirth ...
         is this all I’m worth?


   What monuments stand for the lowly hand
      that fall in sands
         where the bricks did land!

When I stood, I peered; the rising spear
   would ripple my soul, the opening hole
   would acquire my dreams
      and all I was screened;
         did dance with glee ...
         is there more for me?


   What accolades land in the closing hand
      that leaves the plan
         where the chance did stand!


Now I stand, I’ve cleared; the rising spear
   now captures my dreams; the flowing stream
   now follows my goals
      and all I was told;
         did dance in peace ...
         what more could release?
Brittany Hall Jan 24
Slander me, expose me; tell them who I really am.
No one can handle me, or control me; I know who I really am.
Disregard all of my endless efforts,
To keep our bond from being severed.
Fighting off the wild dogs,
While you were sleeping in the fog.
Struggling to keep our sails afloat,
You sat pretty and watched me choke.
When I decided it was time to let go,
You didn't take the ropes, you just let the wind blow.
Held on so tight for so long; my hands are bleeding.
The saltwater stings but it's also healing.
Still, I'll take another sip; it keeps me alive,
Even though it slowly kills me at the same time.
Slowly but surely; my favourite way to die.
I savour the taste of every single tear that I cry.
Can't you see these reactions, or hear the words that I've said?
Due to your actions and the words I've been fed.
I loved you so much, I would die for you.
You loved it so much, you'd let me die for you too.
Some people give, and some people take,
And when it's love, it's both hearts that break.
kiran goswami Jan 17
He loved the way she laughed,
With all his heart
No effort.
Zywa Jan 10
Bruises on my hips
from a growth spurt, long days
of practising my brains
and always cycling against the wind
in the winter over polder ice

A doctor's prescription
with jealous eyes of my sisters
who also want to eat sweet
cream every day, but then
they'd have to grow faster

make long days of practising their brains
and always cycle against the wind
in the winter over polder ice
(for their future, for themselves –
..the party will be later)
Collection “Bruises”
Wynn H Jan 8
I honestly
do not know
what i am
doing anymore...

[feeling lost
  within myself]

Is it worth it?
Will the effort
         be appreciated?

[why am i here?]

Everything seems,
seems to be slipping,
slipping thru my fingers
like the desert sands
which just becomes
dust in the wind,
burning my eyes
& skewing my view

[it really *****
being on the wrong side
of this wall...]
Sitting at work and it just dawned on me...what am i doing and why am i doing it, even at all...i got a wiff of happiness and just as that wiff faded away like most things in life that were never meant to last...too good to be true...not that i want to actually buy into that...why do good thinsg NEVER last?
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