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Out of touch with the ground
I walk a thin line

I am in lonely equilibrium
A broken umbrella

Swinging to-and-fro
On this trapeze

Coming untethered
From these elapsing heart strings

New love's dividing line
Depends upon its precise timing

Port de bras
The illusion of imponderable lightness

Take a leap of faith
Reach out for me
I'm done with
Growing the roots

Witness my rise
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Preparation
Michael Ryan Sep 15
You can't do anything without the right thought.

Buddy, ole boy, or girl.

Doesn't that make too much sense,
you'll be unable to do a thing -
unless - unless you get hit by a train
a ******* void needs to land right inside of you.

A mystical being is coming for your mind,
and they are cracking skulls.
All in the prayer, that you'll figure out
that nothing from nothing is NOTHING.
Think something - think.

Beg, gravel, google
(The word is grovel, Google told me that.)

Drugs aren't words,
Netflix is inspiration,
Twitter can be a placebo,
and these can be your infinity.

Jokes pre 2000.
Memes post colonization.
Capture. Hold. Choke. Make a house pet.
Loved, but no companionship.
A corner, house plant, no sunshine necessary.

Agree with me.
or not,
I'd rather You struggle.

At least that way.
You'll fight to have your own thoughts.
No one can do anything unless the thought comes to them.  Even if they do, they'll have to use it, or one day it's going to be gone. The moment passed, and once again they are alone.
if only you knew
the things i'd do for you
the things i've done for you

if only you knew
the pain i've felt on my feet
all those days spent
cleaning, cooking and entertaining

if only you knew
that i didn't have any pancake mix
but found a way to satisfy your cravings
because i wanted you to be happy

if only you knew
how tired i was
my body was shutting down
but my mind was racing with
thoughts of you

if only you knew
the time, energy and effort spent
all to just impress you and give
you a good time

if only you knew
the insane extra charge to deliver
a box of cupcakes for your mom
on mother's day but you didn't show up

if only you knew
how much i wanted to spend
time with you even if it was just
for ten minutes but it never happened

if only you knew
how much i wanted to hug you
or be near you to show you how much
you mean to me but you seemed distant

if only you knew
how willing i am,
how i'd go the ends of the earth for you,
how i'd write poems about you,
show you how you should be loved,
how much i care for you,
and how i'd give you more than the world
i'd give you the universe.

if you only just knew.
should i have told you?
Michael Ryan Jul 27

being a child is something always
painted to be one of flesh wounds;
one bouncing between hyper activity,
and being bewildered by a snail
after the sprinklers have gone off in the morning.

Maybe the precious life
that fills their lungs -
refreshes a child's waking moments
is rewritten to be poetry; folks panhandling for distance memories always better than ones they hold today.

We find their outlandish thoughts
to be ones of tomfoolery.
Looking at children with eyes that do not see them as people.
Instead we milk our own absurdity for rewritten nostalgia.  


Stop. Remember. There is nothing to lose, which has not already been lost before.  If it can be gained once. So may it be done again.

Children are not children
because of age or inexperience
they are everything we aspire to be,
and that is to be free.
I stood in the mirror yesterday night, and wondered when was the last time I looked into my own eyes and enjoyed how colourful they are.  I've always thought fondly of how my eyes were different than most.  One being blue and the other being green.

It's simple joy, like enjoying the color of your own eyes, that let's you know that we can all find joy if we remember that happiness doesn't come societal values
Vanessa Goyal Jul 18
How many tries does it take?
One too many creates a boulder,
That takes a mountain to climb.
The path is reborn at dawn but unfinished at dusk.
Moments filled with bricks,
Stolen from the ones that gave you breath
Slowly scraping the surface,
To unveil the colors inside
Only to find they were uprooted.
Seconds before your time
Ay Jul 18
Maybe the trauma of my past plays a part
Of the feelings in my heart that dont match my head.

Maybe my hurt tore us apart at the start
But your unfailing effort was never misred.
A lasting kiss
spoils the poison apple

A smile of obligation
and it's off to the chapel

A tale of sexes and sevens
around the campfire

Years of bitter indifference
collapse in on the walls
of desire

Happily ever after
Is a magical kingdom crime

Abiding commitment
On the other hand
Is an attainable climb
JCabanilla Jun 29
Wolves stay with their packs.
Penguins travel together.
Humans give their love.
Day 12! June 29, 2020
Animals is just like humans 😊 I love him, I want to travel beside him and I want to stay with him.
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