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The incumbent village idiot would be alarmed by my efforts, as he'd most likely perceive them as ones attempting to dethrone him.
Came up with this a while back. Still don't know what to do with it.
Sometimes you are called too big for people.
Because the heart is too big
The dreams are too big
The expectations are too big

But I’ve learned what that means
Is that other people are too small for you
Maybe you burn too bright.

Maybe you DO feel too much

But in a dark world what people need is light
Shining hopes and glowing dreams
The glory of a valiant character

Maybe they will be brittle and broken and old
But at least you will have had them
Those pulsating memories of adrenaline and beauty
Effort is no foolish thing

You may put it into only certain things,
But the reason people like me burn out so quickly is because
We put so much into everything
That eventually we can’t put anything into everything but the thought of death

See, we glowing, shining, beautiful, people
We are the ones who see the glory in effort
The intelligence, the courage

We know that failing is only a small possibility
If you are already in motion

We shiny people are also the darkest people
But effort is beautiful and strong
And effort isn’t you
You don't get to be effort
Effort is me.
Just like
The sensitive heart
Well protected
All around
With the strong ribs cage
Do the same

Do the same
Build the line
Armour with walls
Silence the soul
Stay afar
Stay virtuous

Gypsy impulses
Will collide, most often
The right one
Holds the key
Access naturally

Welcome that
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Remember who you are | Examined Life
Author's Note: Whom to keep distance whom to get close, your kind knows all.
Are you willing to get drained ?
Not in this lifetime.
John Glenn Aug 2
Too late in our efforts
to give love so adequately,
hoping to be loved back
do we realize
what was given back sufficiently
were mere lies
for they were more efficient
and the truth was,
we were never loved
Carl D'Souza Jul 24
that experience is continuously changing
brings peace of mind.

that I must make continuous effort
to respond to continuously changing experience
brings peace of mind.
bk Jul 24
She is a beautiful successful model.
I am just a struggling artist.
She is a work of art.
I make works of art.
How come all she has to do is stand there an look pretty?
How come I have to give all of my effort to make something pretty?

Carl D'Souza Jul 22
Destiny seems
most of the time
to progress
not in quantum-leaps
but in effort-won increments.
Don't worry
When nothing matters
A time will come
We have to tame
Our thoughts

Or for better
We need to be stones
No matter how long
Cold stones
Too cold
No one dares to touch

Cold stone
In warmth of the light
Cold stone
In the dark night

Silent and solitude
And it makes sense
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Examined Life
Love Craving
Red Flags Waving
Together we are Changing
Lacking correct Training
Experience Gaining
  My life he is Saving
The struggle is real.  Sealing my poetry is not worth your life.
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