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brian odongo Jul 21
The love that you've been praying for,
will not be always a love in bloom,
it is a love you need to take care of,
to grow more fruits and flowers soon.

The love that you've been praying for,
is like figuring out how to open a locked room.
It will be as complicated like our minds,
and undergo some phases, like the moon.

The love that you've been praying for,
will not always feel like comfort zone.
Sometimes it will be like a battlefield,
and you'll just wish to be alone.

The love that you've been praying for,
is not perfect like you thought it was.
Your prayer is granted but you have to work;
to make the love that you prayed for, last.
Left To Rot May 9
I'll seek inspiration today
In the end of a bottle
or on the depth of a lake.
I hit rock bottom before
and the certainty remains
that I've suvived this place before
and I can do it all again.

Even though we're
so much
quarrelsome, but
nevertheless we
us and yet
always loves us
dearly so much.
She's far
away from my arm
to touch, but she's
right therein my
heart to reach. She's
he's highly sensitive.
By her humility is
is required of
him. She loves me,
I loved her more.
You're the one standing last
When the world is so doomed
Time is flowing too fast
Filled with hatred
and gloom
You don't hope to survive
But you watch all the same
Don't you give up on life,
Lonely man with no name
apocalyptic something
I taste the salt in my mouth
It tastes like not good enough.
I guzzle down water, cold in my chest.

I'm breathing air that's not meant for me
And they're angry about it.
Their pitchforks look like just die already.

Swimming in the ocean of my madness
Nothing there to buoy me
And the seagulls sound like what's the point

If there is a light, I can't see it.
The darkness envelops me.
This is where you belong.

They pushed me aside
Better to pretend I don't exist
And the alone smells like give it up

But in the stillness there's a voice
If I'm quiet I can hear it
It feels like keep fighting

So I do.
Zack Ripley Jan 7
Pro isn't just short for professional.
Each letter represents a skill needed
To be considered a professional.
P is for persistence.
For every one time someone says yes,
Many no's will come before.
Especially early in your career.
But if you have the patience,
The passion,
the heart to follow through,
You can make your dreams come true.
R is for respect.
If you don't respect people
And their criticisms,
Nothing will happen.
If your coworker or investor doesn't
Respect you, however,
Don't be afraid to walk away.
O is for out of the box thinking.
If you can't find a solution
for a problem in a creative way,
It will be much harder to stand out.
It's good to take risks as long as you
Understand the potential consequences and accept them.
Good luck in 2021
LannaEvolved Dec 2020
Maintain your peace as if it were an unmasked blessing shaking you alive

Live in the protection of your
worth duly noted

Promote the promise of your vigour
The power of your vision

To provoke and shift your insides
Caged in unfamiliar plastic

Unravel the savage
Excel with the newness
Find the goodness in what you love  
Do not rest until it seamlessly
sends you
to your destiny

Greatness grows through the changes we make from within the stars we call ourselves

Change is upon you for the better and
for all
LannaEvolved Dec 2020

Surrounded in silence

Earth’s luxuries

Knowing that everything was created
to show

The signs of becoming

when prism lights run the deepest

Sitting with the pit of a fruit in my stomach

Looking to the space between

Someday I will find my person under the same sky

To imagine the day when a soul finds itself  
In another

Merging into the embrace of Silk Silhouettes

Hands held tightly around their bodies

We just know.

Nothing ever comes to us without accepting the space exactly as it is

Loving it and all the beauty it allows

For Eternity is an everything

Grateful for the moments

Infinite patience

Is knowing a higher Power
And believing it has you
Support finds us in many different rays;
A butterfly’s wings are always filled in color no matter how blind we may feel. When things go wrong or a way we may not anticipate or accept for ourselves internally, we must become our own savior and rise above them to find a solution without giving up. This means continuing to do what’s best for us while staying with your assumption at the same time. :)
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