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Raj Agrawal Feb 2
watch the water crash,
the wave slowly crawling up to the tips of your toes,
begging for it just stop,
slow down,

wanting to turn around,
run away from the drips of crystal
but you're froze.

Muscles fight your thoughts,
a civil war within your shaking body,
grasped by the deep tremors.

The pain is just temporary,
but there's nothing more scary.

Water rises higher and higher,
your desperate thoughts turn to

why even try,
nothing can stop the persistent tide.

you just have to watch,
as it consumes you whole,
poisoning you from the bottom
slowing rising all the way to the shadows in your head.

You did all you could,
besides run.

which you've refused to do.
Raj Agrawal Jan 16
Get the **** up.

You lay on the ground, self pitying, wondering why you are so helpless and weak.

Get The **** up.

You want to be worth something. You want to feel strong. You want for someone to truly believe you’re good enough.

Get The **** up.

But you’re not. You cannot be. You wish you could be different. In a different body, a different soul, a different life. But you’re you.

Get The **** Up.

Why the **** can’t I just be good enough. Why the **** do I always feel like I’m too weak, there’s someone better, I’m not deserving. Why won’t I stop self pitying.

GET THE **** UP.

I want someone to beat me. I want someone to give me a black eye, kick me while I’m down. Maybe then I’ll feel strong.
sondering Jan 15

sometimes i feel like falling down
but only. cause standing up is boring
why am i storming though a season where leaves fall
cause that's norming
bonds break but tears freeze and that's how crystals keep forming

i should test myself
see what i can find
in the life of my time
or at least what i've been prescribed

to put it honestly to wish is to dream
and that is to put it modestly
but to live is to rip your skin from your body
because comfort is a sad commodity
a place holder for
what you're meant to be
but that's placing your bets on destiny
and that's still a dangerous place to me

reach for the stars or
at least set your eyes on a planet that's not ours
maybe mars
that was predictable but it rhymed so
sorry if i'm presenting my ideas as cliche
or despicable
at least i can decipher what i know is unforgivable
a prison is a person who's microsoft-able

but that's just my angst creating a villain
vaporizing vixens are vain to the core
but the haze of pain is still in
only cause that's what they tell me when i want more
more than a ******* juul i'm
too cool to care about my health
cause the moment is now right, until i have to worry about wealth
for my family or my chemical dependence it makes me wince i mean i just want health insurance sorry i'm not used to the governments idea of
but jesus christ
one nation under god
kids get shot for
mowing the ******* lawn
what kind of world are we living in
**** is fueling the patriarchy for the worser
if a fertilized egg is a candidate for “******”
every single guy walks a around wearing ******* or kappa
donald trump doesn’t drink
pops percocets and ******

i'm swimming and drowning and i need assistance
but it begs the question of thoughts that fester in an enemy
i'm sorry, i know that's not fitting my opinion of the human existence
but why am i creating an enemy when all my life has promised me is the empty shell of persistence
Marissa Jan 7
you feel it happening again
the shaky legs
driving you insane
the sweaty hands
ruining your plans
the racing heart
making you want to dart
are they watching me?
what do they see?
I feel their eyes all over me
is this a nervous breakdown?
i really need to come down
get it together
you say in your head
but the voices don’t let you forget
you’re better off dead
stop it, stop it, go away
do not come back another day
it’s just chemicals in my brain
but all I can feel is pain
anxiety is not beautiful
it certainly does not make me strong
I just want to be normal and feel like I belong
panic attacks are not cute
and I cannot “just calm down”
it is a disorder and debilitating
it makes it really hard to breathe
average tasks become mountains
it’s not simply all in my head
it feels like I’m about to drown
but with patience and persistence
i will never back down
Annie Dec 2018
My first year I learned to do my work
The second one I learned to love it too
The third year I learned to talk to people
Finally, I fell in love with you
This was not written from my perspective :)
Colten Sorrells Dec 2018
A comment and a couple likes
is something, but it won’t suffice
there’s fruit down here, it’s free to take
but it’s too ripe to suit my tastes

this ain’t the place that I wanna be
at the bottom of this poet tree
as they all ripen, heavy fruits
come down and knock me for a loop

but still I sit, knots on my skull
can’t find a branch to get a hold
the bark’s too smooth to get a grip
so every time I try, I slip

a couple scrapes, some minor cuts
they sting, but I don’t give a ****
because the place I wanna be
is further up this poet tree
James LR Nov 2018
Dedicate heart and hope
And then abandon both
No dark without light
No hope gives no grief
No owner means no thief

And with your back against this wall
Don't be afraid to fight
Swim all you can
With strength that you lack
Save nothing for the way back
Isaac Nov 2018
How many days will you let pass by,
Without looking your own life in the eye?
Look it in the eye and see its mortality.
Its end is death. This is the reality.
If people will not care if you pass away,
Why should you let them guide your life today?
Quit allowing their life to dictate yours.
A far less wonderful life is what that ensures.
Why do you let your heart's dream be distant,
When it is yours for the taking if you be persistent?
See your dream and name it square.
Put in daily action. Don't just sit and stare.
Why spend so much time talking about things,
When you could take action and enjoy what that brings?
It's when your talking is mapped by your doing
That your future is one actually worth pursuing.
Written 4 November 2018
Gods1son Sep 2018
Yea, I did make a mistake
Does it have to halt me like a brake?
Do I have to let it feed on me like steak?
Will I dwell on it till my life is at risk?

You said I failed
Well, that doesn't mean I'm frail
You can't get me off this rail
My goal is to accomplish this holy grail

I didn't get it right the first time
I'll do it one more time
Not right? One more time
I won't stop until I say,
"I got it right this time!"
When you really want something, not getting it right won't stop you, not what people say would stop you. You have to do it the Thomas Edison way!
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