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Running in place is all I seem to be doing.

Wanting growth is hard when you don't have the means,
but the will is so strong.

So strong is all these people ever say
wanting to brake you down with expression
coupled with envy.

My walls cave in
the pressure seems to crush me completely imploding my body into matter.

What's the matter now?
What's next
Im waiting.

Waiting for the light to shrine through
to carry me up
to somewhere new.
i wrote this while struggling to find a job shortly after i found my dream job
unwelcome resident

   methodical thief
        stealing health

            leaving victims

                 silently suffering

    ­                       V
                               ­ S
                          ­          B

                  ­                        F
                                       ­   F
                ­                          I
                                     ­     C
              ­                            I
                                   ­      O

                  struggling to shoulder

                     optimism's burden

                       while future taps

                       an impatient foot
I wrote this in my fourth year of living with MS.
Flowers ever rise
Come the dawning of the day.
Skyward though they strive
They are plucked and thrown away.

The festival of life
Welcomes chaos to the fray;
Yet flowers ever rise
Come the dawning of the day.
OC Jun 21
The first step is the hardest
the second, harder still
    a steeper step, I follow through
    my world, it seems, is built askew
     my goal, to clime that hill

     Yet not all treads are equal
        some forward
    some reverse
    a trail is nowhere to be found
  its easier to turn around
the valley ground, a curse

But patience is a virtue
  persistence is a key
   surmounting mountains is a must
   when voices urge within each gust
   escape, and you go free

     Those winds, they carry forward
         and inching steps amass
      a lifetime spent inside a ditch
            and suddenly the trough is breached
                     I reach the top at last

                     But legs, they know just walking
                     not how to stand and cheer
                    inertia pull, and I comply
                    across, and to the other side
                 it’s all downhill from here
Sixth installment of the series of poems inspired by physics (see first poem in the series for explanation).
For further reading: (Section 8.2, you can get the feel without delving into the math)

Thoughts and comments are welcome
That word is the first to surface when I think of you
If anyone asked me
'Who is the strongest person
I ever knew?'
I would tell them it was you

A neighbor told me this today - true.

To hit home, it's funny how I had to hear it from someone
I barely knew.
I feel things.

I feel things a lot.

I feel things the eyes cannot see.

I feel the significance in other people's moments.
I feel the transformation of strangers created by their life journeys.
I feel the lingering vibrations from words left unspoken.

I feel the urge to produce comfort to people incapable of acknowledging my accommodations.
I feel my mother's abandonment in every distant object I use to avoid the fleeting intimacy of passerby's eyes.

I feel the historical heaviness of silent protest demonstrated in my children's stillness and bowed heads in all the times I chose academic responsibilities over their activities.

I felt the depth of God's sorrow for humanity flood over me when I opened my divorce decree.

I just felt generations of constraints intact before me, break free from my children's legacy.
"How does it feel to finally have your degree?" he asked.
Marla Apr 5
You think the world hates you.
The current always pushing,
The worms always digging,
And the fisherman taking your friends.

But the world thinks nothing of you.
Because you're an oyster
In a sea of oysters
And nobody can see what's inside.
It could be a pile of dirt
Or the sea's prettiest pearl.

So you can wait your whole life
Expecting someone to come
And crack you open
Or you can find your own light
Make your way to shore
And bide your time outside the ocean.
Miss Luna May 6
I thought I met the one.
That one you want to love
for the rest of your life,
that one
you would never change
with anyone else.
I thought I met the one.
That one who is able to love you
despite everything.

I know I met the one
I'll never be able
to forget.
Miss Luna May 6
In a long distance relationship
all you need to have
is faith,
the strength to say goodbye
even when you don't want to,
even if the other one
has never meant to say
You need to be able to say
goodbye -
even if
you want to spend
the rest of your life together,
you must
say Goodbye.
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