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Glenn Currier Mar 25
When I stop
I notice your unwavering presence
your persistence surprises me
because I neglect you.
Lovers don’t do that.

In my dreams you are there
passing through my imagination
like a genie yearning to gift me.
Your stories teach me about your desire
to interrupt my ordinary.
I even remember a few of your tales
and try to figure out what they mean
for my dull self.

I know. You don’t like me discounting my self
because when I do so
I discount you my precious one
and the awesome power of your love.

Inspire me today
a day of needed and neglected work.

You are here my love
in every fiber of my body
every impulse of my mind.

I will dive into the river of your compassion
and be refreshed by it.
"horrible bird"
she called it
telling of how
she had watched
a crow pluck
and pry at
its weakened prey
while perched upon
the bird bath
outside her window
at the garden's edge
despite this sternest
of lessons
nature at its most fickle
she still sits
in her comfy chair
looking out
over a bank of flowers
buoyant in bloom
enjoying the sight
of wagtail
bunting and finch
alighting on the stone plinth
pompous and preening
refreshing themselves
admiring the plumage
of their reflection
before returning once more
to wing and wind
Man Jun 2023
I know when to be persistent,
I know when to stop trying.
I'll quit my "*******,"
Stop my "crying."
Ken Pepiton Dec 2022
Its possible to imagine reading this on you tube live,

it can happen, it aint Wutang wu wei woo woo dangle

bait, bait, betcha
betcha did, betcha won and didn't know it,

down to the dimple in the chin, a Haps

pers happenstance of time and chance, all we know

it gets thrown in the mix and out comes

that's what's happening. Roll the bones.

The lot is cast into the lap, but the whole dis
of... the lot, the die, the rolled filipped coing coing cong

{stop} re en state

What was the last co-gent, co-gentle, thought?

Religrelegreligreleg etaoinshrdlu to you. FS.

AH, fightin' words, kettle drums, Tibetan gongs,

Hopi Kokapelli flute,
sweet, a turkey gobbled outside my window

and I laughed, and that did good,
like a medicine.
From an old 502 error refused
M Dec 2022
i hate being uncertain about certain things
especially so when it's 'em hurtin things
but as a writing frenchman once penned

"Of course I'll hurt you
Of course you'll hurt me
Of course we will hurt each other
But this is the very condition of existence
To become spring means accepting the risk of winter..."

and with all winters
warm rosy summers lie ahead.
not that im uncertain about our love
i just don't know where this will go
Vi Aug 2022
You have loved me Doggedly for 12 years

He said

Tears in his eyes

It didn't matter if I knew

He said

It didn't matter that I didn't know how to feel it

Tears rolling down his cheeks

It didn't matter if I I couldn't love you back

You just sat there, loving me anyway

Eyes closed.

And I (me)

I just sat there

Holding his hand

Loving him

Katie Jan 2022
A day upon a day, with a thousand days more;
Stretching out afore me, too far to be sure,
Can I even make it? The end seems too far,
But I will take that first step.

A step upon a step, with a thousand steps more;
Passing each moment, more confident than before.
I have decided to make it, I don't care how far.
I'll keep on walking.
I'm gonna do a daily poem challenge this year. Lord help me
Girl I wanna see you smile
I'll drive the rat rod several miles
Just pick up the phone and dial
Haven't seen you in a while

The Rat Rod is a metaphor
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