Spark seeker sitting anxiously in the dark
Counting every second to the sunrise
Blood, sweat and tears flowing down a stream of skin grinded by an infinite hour glass
Grasping for air to rise and mine once more for an everlasting bliss
Shattered by critics, cussed by ignorance and spat on by arrogance
A spark seeker rises like a phoenix above heights no eye can ever see
Persistence is key. Persistence shines light into the essence of mortality
While a spark seeker seeks light in the dark
Captivated by the fruit of blissful infinity.

Spark Seeker (n) One who never gives up. A hopeful person
Clive Blake Jul 1

You must fall like a feather
And bounce like a ball,
If people cut you short
You must stand really tall.

If kicked while you’re down
Make sure that you get up,
Show you’re a dog with teeth
If they whip you like a pup.

If they dampen your spirit
Show your hope is still dry,
If clouds cover your parade
Make your fly-pass extra high.

If hit hard below the belt
Smile and shake their hand,
If your life goes off course
Just imagine it was planned.

Flex and bend like a willow
But retain a heart of oak,
If someone upsets you
Try and treat it as a joke.

You must fall like a feather
And bounce like a ball,
And - always come out fighting
When your back’s against the wall.

Cannot a man at his will
Hear the win, hear the feel
Above distraught agonies, the
Mellow success in practice
Perished may have some efforts, for
Instantly nothing's ever been reaped
Occasionally it may include luck, but
Never a tough practice never wins

Knives know no failures if sharp
Neither does and will skills, hence
On the way to a glorious triumph
What better cameo than persistence!

No man becomes a champion if he quits
Or no quitters can ever be one.

Quits who, the lazy bones attitude
Uncuffs the 'destined' hypothesis
If ever a man catches his success
That's all for his persistence.

Spectre Jun 11

You scale the mountain,
weighed down with reluctant chains.
Though you gain confidence,
each rock, each failure, a reminder of pain.
You could end it, leave the trail and go home,
the thoughts of base camp haunt your brain.
Others on that journey assist,
give emotional shift,
and you'll know it was never worth staying.

Fear of failure is as natural as the wild trail itself, no?

I made a deal
with the stars
to keep going
to shine bright
to help others
find their way home

when I die
I hope to be remembered
as the one
who never gave up
who saw the light in people
when they couldn’t see it
within themselves

Shivendra Om May 22

Endings and changing
–the obsolescence
of persistence

by Luca Shivendra On
(C) Luca Shivendra Om

Young and intuitive
But hard headed and ill sensed
Loving and affectionate
But volcanic and disruptiveness
Kind and witty
But also too shy and silly
What do you call her?
A lost soul in her own body
Watching the world go by
Magnifying others highs, to begin feeling low
Low to the dead bottom
Where the skeletons lay, is where she always goes
While the sun still shines down on her
Giving her a guidance to a way out
But her will is so broken and her heart is so shivery
All she knows is misery
So she slips and falls back right to where she feels she belongs
Deep in the ground
No flesh, all bone
Where she imagines she would not know
Anything that would continue to pierce her poor soul
And some of the ache
She brought upon herself
Putting her heart on the shelf because she sees too much good in others that she forgets about who matters, and that is all of herself
Her health, her heart, her whole entire brain
This girl is just insane, and she still does not know who to blame
But thinks again and remembers she is intuitive
And the answer screams the devil is playing ring around the rosey,
Dancing all around me
Wanting her to get burned
Although she never does, the heat strikes very high
And by that time she's already climbing back to sanity, leaving that spiritual immorality
So if the fire cannot touch her
why does she just sit
Oh yeah, its the fear that she will hit to miss
Its the fear of not knowing if she will have this monster conquered held by his throat, helpless and cold in less than a year or so
Cause time is ticking and shes not getting any younger
Time is ticking, its no time for getting dumber
Its not time to get numb,
Its time she finds herself
And shows the devil who really won
Who knows how to win, how to fight, how to swim
Because i am a mermaid, and i rule the sea
I am the air that knows how you breathe
I am the sun that knows your body temperature
I am the winds that can send you all sorts of pressure
I am the mountains that will not collapse
And i am with god who would never let that monster get a pass
So who wins? Is it me?
Cause at the end of the day, i am the one who got back up and is moving forward, humble and free

Jorge Palileo Apr 16

Use pain as fuel
Burn all the sorrows away
Dance 'round the bonfire

Jorge Palileo Apr 10

Squall borne aloft, wildly brewing;
Erudite words or malarkey
Bustling and rustling and howling;
This poor mooncalf's soliloquy

Snow came to lay on rolling hills
Extinguished surviving embers
Absent warmth to counter the chills
This lone, tortured soul remembers

Spring arrived, flowers grow in bloom
Butterflies morphed to razor blades
Star! Save me from impending doom!
As this replete ice thaws and fades

Summer warms trees and birds above
Kiss from the breeze of gentle sea
My lady's heart billowed with love;
Much love to give, but naught for me

Hope, a sweet promise and a sham
Such a cruel drug, a poison
Sure to put a man in bedlam
I stand, steady as a bison

It never seems the right time.
Watching night pursue the day.
That one light spread across a blanket.
That one rebellious soul that sees all but never says a word.
You shy away, but still I chase.
Wandering about until it gets dark enough to truly see you.
There I wait, knowing only persistence

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