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If I state I’m going to do something
then don’t, as often happens,
then I’ve planted a ***** seed
that’ll grow into a choking vine,
not free, or wise

So dark January resolutions
might help Calvinists,
or masochists, or both,
but for the rest of us
comfort in our skins is better

I have no preach for you
to do this: just listen

Your own heart cries and sings
all day, every day
and you will beat yourself
far harder, over cheese and *****,
than anyone who loves you would

So go inward a while and think,
and even if your conclusions
don’t match the zeitgeist,
love you, as we do
Ylzm Jan 2021
a soothing constant rush
of rain falling undiminished
without break from before
the new year dawned

comforting yet unease lurks
uncommon for years and then
unexpectedly markedly today
thoughts compelled to wonder

you cannot learn from history
habits persist even in futility
mindless virus greater than
resolutions and national budgets

man plan and vow to change
enslaved to happiness and fear
his hope in his little money
adorned in cheap empty wishes

I shall be still and imbibe the peace
cloaked in the gloom's cool assurance
all the world may flood or be scorched
I'm unmoved for my flight constant
Amanda Kay Burke Jun 2020
Christmas is over
New year has begun
Not sure I'm ready for another one
Done all the things I resolved not to do
The lights blazing down
Time just flew

The world looks newer than before
Burning bright with colors galore
Feel it turn as I go through my day
Long years behind
Short ones on the way

Lighting life with the glow from ahead
Steps have went the wrong way instead
Branch is just too high to reach
Consumed in never-ending breach

The flame marks the proper route
Spells cast make it hard to get out
When my foot bravely goes to tread
Suddenly cells are made of lead

My fire drags me the opposite direction
Everglow remains in the darkest section
Memories of long ago linger in my head
Love I lost
Can't let go of
Remains in words unsaid

When asked my resolution I always respond
"Stop saying yes to things I am of rather not fond"
Of course I never commit and fail within a week
I try nonetheless though my attempt is too weak
Written 1-1-20
Christian Bixler May 2020
leaf and tale
in brief
monique ezeh Jan 2020

1. Sometimes your heart rate rivals that of a racehorse— remember that you’re not in a race. Breathe slower; think slower. The world moves fast enough.
2. You were not born to carry the world on your shoulders.
3. Everything happens for a reason— there is a divine plan in place. If you look closely, you can see the borders of the puzzle. You can see each piece settling into its place. Know that you are also settling into your place, even if the whole picture hasn’t yet been revealed.
4. Others’ perception of you has very little to actually do with you. It is not your job to be palatable, to be dainty, to be condensable into something bite-size and picturesque. If they cannot fathom your magnitude, it is not for them to fathom.
5. Distance really does make the heart grow fonder.
6. “Do small things with great love.”
7. Words lacking purpose seldom make their way into our collective consciousness; cliches are cliches for a reason. Listen to them.
8. Every word in a sentence has a purpose. Every sentence in a phrase has a purpose. Everything has a purpose. Pay attention to it all.
9. “There is no fear in love.”
10. Infinities are made up of individual moments. Moments are made up of individual infinities. Cherish it all, the big and the small.
11. Don’t let fear destroy relationships. Speak with intention. It shows that you listen. It shows that you care.
12. Be the shoulder your thirteen-year-old self needed to cry on. She is gone, but there are so many just like her. Care for them, as you would yourself. Care more.
13. Good company makes bad food taste a little better. Good people make the life you live a little sweeter.
14. Sometimes you need to look people in the eyes and tell them you love them. It matters more than you know.
15. Others will not always afford you the same compassion you afford them. You are not responsible for how others treat you. You are responsible for how you treat them.
16. Everyone deserves kindness.
17. Anger can be productive, but don’t sit in it too long. Take a small weekend trip into the fury, but once the time is up, give it a kiss on the cheek and a quick wave and make your exit. You do not want to live in the rage; pay a visit and learn a thing or two, then pack your bags and say goodbye. You have better places to be.
18. Vulnerability is power.
19. Every moment is infinitely important. Don’t wake up one day and wonder if your best days are behind you; they are always ahead. Time waits for no one, and you shouldn’t want it to.
2019 was such a big year for me.
Here it is, condensed into something small-- 19 bite sized lessons-- in attempt to both qualify and quantify its magnitude.
ohellobeautiful Jan 2020
share your space
only with the souls
that lend you
more room

hold onto the people
who shine more light
through your cracks
and remind you
of the masterpiece
your storms have
formed you into

dance along to those
who don’t have to dim your song
just to feel like they are heard

forgive those who forgot to
water the love in you—
they didn’t have the strength
and that’s exactly why you grew

you’ve only gotten stronger
the heavier your heart
has wandered

so listen to the songs
that all of your scars
now can sing

close your eyes & feel
all of the L I G H T
your dark did bring
All I want is to grow.
My heart aches for it,
My bones scream.
In the dark silence
That sits inside and listens,
A lilac endlessly grows,

Its petals float to sea
And carried away by the wind.
They’re brought back to me
In forms of seashells,
Cracked and crooked.
I piece them together like
A riddle on my tongue.
All I want is to create,
And destroy,
And rebuild.
Caitlin Feb 2019
Is there a goal plan for how many miles to run
Before I don't hate seeing myself naked?
Do the months I pay for a gym membership
Get cashed in for a few more nights of feeling worthy
than I normally have?
Is there a sports bra to hold in the cravings?
Or even just to do what its designed to.
I never really understood sports bras.
What diet do I need to go on
so that I can love myself again?
A promise I make
Believe in resolutions
Maybe, maybe not
To make or break...
Maybe yes
A rebel at heart right from the start

A promise I make
To my thoughts
They shall be worded
Maybe...  maybe not

I shall keep
The promise I make
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