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Kimberly Lore Apr 2017
    love the way
    flowers speak
           to us

    they all           don't ask us
have their own    for much

But most of all, flowers
   Are never afraid of
    honesty and that's
    what makes them
    B E A U T I F U L
Inspired by the way E.E Cummings poems reflect the contents
Cné Apr 2017
He soars high, floating in her wake
Inhaling every detail of her flowing grace
Her brushes of touch, causing him to shake
Delicate weaving hearts of leather and lace

Inspiration sails high, with her drifting in his mind
Ripples from deep emotions, she elegantly paints
Closing his eyes, entrusting her, flying blind
Together, one with the other, interlinking chains

Flickering fates of fireflies under stars aligned
Precious moments in time, worlds collide
A rendezvous in the Milky Way, by design
Consummating souls kiss passionately, ignite
to be ...
da Vinci's "Mona Lisa"
Vermeer's "Girl with the Pearl Earring"
or "The Girl from Ipanema"
only in my dreams ...
Austin Barker Apr 2017
she says she is weak
but what she does shows how strong she is  
and how wrong those words are
she inspires me
she always has a roaring fire in her eyes
she struggles
but she always is cheered up by cuddles
she blushes every time i wink
but somehow she is weak
nah she is just unique
everyone seems to only see has as meek
but I've seen her in a truer light
she showed me how to see that way
because she saw the monster i am
and she stayed just the same
she didn't run away like others
she became a lover
she is unique and like no other
t Apr 2017
my mother
is always visible
speaking what she thinks is right
mostly I listen
she does not look like me
she is more talkative
she is always unambiguous
but we are alike
we have the same habits
we share books, clothes
and affinity for the same television characters
my art reflects my mother's art
and sometimes her, herself
Right from the Time of birth
The sounds of people around
The beauty in the nature
All sorts of things around
Inspire Us .
Shaping Us into Who we become.

One person who truly inspires Me

My 91 year old Grand Mother -in- Law
Ex - Principal of Junior Girls College

A Lady of Grit and Grace
Disciplined Organised and Prompt
She Never misses a Birthday Anniversary or any  Special Day
of anyone in the Family
Reminders , none on the  phone
Her Memory , 'As fit as a fiddle '

Still wants to partake of the daily household chores..

One person in the family , whom everyone wants to Emulate and Embrace.

*An Inspiration to one and all in the Family !!
These daily prompts on hello poetry have been inspiring me to write something on a daily basis .
Am not completely satisfied with my write up today . However wanted to keep up with the prompt so posting it anyway .

My Grandmother-in -Law is much more and has more depth to her character and her being than what I have been able to capture in words here .
dSteine Apr 2017
naked is her fire,  
from deep heart and with chaste eyes  
she gathers moonlight  
into spoken words reside  
to soothe sad souls such as mine.
for dzeli
sunprincess Apr 2017
Come lay beside me;
Let's dream of stars together,
And kiss sweetheart love
Scarlet Niamh Apr 2017
Somehow, he took away my mind
and now I'm drowning in my heart
because there is nowhere else
for me to hide.
~~ This happiness hurts but the hurt is inspiring. ~~
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