JAC 7d

It was suddenly twenty-eight minutes
                 after three in the morning,
and I found myself in your bedroom.
     Your sheets were cheap and creased,
                     your quilt was older than you,
                   and your pillow cases didn't match.
There were three pillows, and you had all of them.
                                                                ­       I didn't mind.

Your breathing was the steadiest thing in your life right now,
              and your back rose and fell
                          as regularly as your hopes did in the daytime.

                    There was nothing on your back -
           whatever was there
an indefinite number of hours previously
     had joined the convention of disorganized stress on the floor
              that slept a mere seven and a half inches from us.

                      The mattress was as warm as we were,
           and the whole of it held tightly to the scratched hardwood floor
that was probably still owned by those that lived here before you.

                                                           There was an appalling lack
                                            of glow-in-the-dark stars
                              on your dull, cracked ceiling.

A cut-up excerpt from what will soon be a long story
about growth, uncertainty and lives we never expect to be a part of.
Aldo Muhes Jul 12

If only you loved me
If only you'd fall for this man
I would give you all my milk and honey
I would cater to everything you demand

But you do not share what I feel
and maybe you'd never will
Maybe we are just that different
and maybe my love for you isn't real

Love, and other feelings alike, will pass
That is what time does to the heart
But each and every time we caress
I never wished for us to be apart

Maybe I was right all along
All my doubts and second thoughts from the start

If only love would last long
If only it could last longer than this
Then I wouldn't have to admit that I was wrong
and we'd separate with more than just a kiss

Our hopes and dreams may
Go up in smoke.
But, if we look back on our lives
Our hopes and dreams
Might have actually been
Letting go of them
Provides space
For more REALISTIC Aspirations!

Arcassin B Jun 27

By Arcassin Burnham

All life I've been an outcast forced to be in a world I didnt understand
which put me right where I didn't want to be,
learning all of the worlds ways in hopes that I could get rid of my bad thoughts of the past and freeze my memory,
All of the sorrows and all of the heartache, all the self pity and all the shame, I managed to pull through with all of my sanity,
Finding the little things in life and the little pieces to my good memories will only in the end leave me happy,
The people,
The lies,
The anxiety,
The past,
The family,
The friends,
Would have played out in a different setting if i were just...

AD Fox Spirit Jun 23

They play with paints,
They play with the new skins,
The naughty children didn't listen.

Their now cutting away at the skin,
Hoping to take away something,
And replace it with something fresher and new;
Something better.

The want to be "Prettier",
More "Interesting and funny,"
They don't wish to be made fun of, they want to be loved.

They hum out dark tunes that sing out the pleas for help,
No one knows that everything is painted one.

The children are lost, scared and confused.
They don't know, "Who are we," They wonder silently,
Hoping they could ask but they know better then to speak to loud.

They can't see the damage,
So they keep putting innocent child's paint on their raw skin,
And washing it away and re-painting for something better:
A good, polite child that everyone wants.

Each time one washes away another is put on.

They children are addicted,
But this addiction is as dangerous as the drugs.

Its a crime, but their is no law against hurting your self-esteem.

Painted masks that cover the low self-esteem.
That doesn't show all the scars that won't heal,
But simply manifest into something bigger.

The young children that learn to put on masks,
Have now forgotten themselves.

aryanalynae Jun 8

I had high hopes for this
And now I'm sighing heavily
And I'm feeling reckless.

I had plans for this
And now I'm back pedaling,
Theres no way to confess this.

Sanny Jun 7

I thought the first night was gonna be the last.

Now I wish it was.

We could have left our hopes and dreams there and then.

Instead we had to see them shatter in front of our eyes.

People tell me
To just let it go
Move on without
Looking back to
A time so long ago

But I can't just do that
How am I to get
Over a time
That only happened
In my mind

There's so many things
We had planned to do
Dreams unfinished
I wanted to
Fly down to Rio with you

Now it all vanished
Into the dark
Life has torn us apart
You are going places
I'm stuck in my heart

I wonder if we
Ever get to be
Together again
To finish what we
Once began


A chance not taken
I waited too long
All hopes are forsaken
Now you are gone

You said I didn't
Show you enough
How much I liked you
Now you called my bluff

Spinning in circles
Questioning fate
One word too much
Now it's too late

On top of the world
I thought you were mine
Now down in the dumps
No I'm not fine

A chance not taken
It's all my fault
Can we awaken
A love from the vault?

Desperation one year ago...
Poetic T May 27

They cling on false hopes
as they hear the illusion
of happier times coming.

The carousel slowing down
             horses like waves
up and down around unending.

But they are disorientated by the
thought that the finish line is on
the next turn, there reality now frail.

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