I think of you in the running showers.
I think of you in the scent of flowers.
I think of you when I am asleep.
I think of you in the memories I keep.

I think of you when I am low and high.
I think of you when I fail and try.
I think of you in summer and snow
I think of you in dark and glow.

I think of you in wrong and right.
I think of you in black and white.
I think of you in scars and screams.
I think of you in hopes and dreams.

—Poetry by Paras.
If I told the stars what I know of you
They’d shine even brighter through the blue
And if I told the sea what you used to be
Then the tides would start dancing underneath the moon
So take me to the sunsets that never seemed to leave
The ones that would glitter on the surface of your view
If I told the wind what I remember of you
It would whistle in its glory and carry me back to you
I love the way you underestimate me and all that I can do.

That in itself is the greatest power over you that you could ever give me.
i hate when people underestimate me. it ****** me off so much. like, you don't know me so don't assume the things i can do. just because i don't fulfill my potential doesn't mean i'm powerless.
Rafał 3d
I'm too wasted to have a  conversation
And you all seem way too happy!
I should wait for our altercation
Before you get too snappy

Driving up in my sunset high
When the sky is clear and open
When I steer, my thoughts can fly
Like wings that have been broken

Well, I've wrecked my hopes,
Washed away by time
That's the destination "nowhere"
Gonna drive until it rains
Doesn't life seem over?

As I burn the bridges,
I hit the gas and speed up
Like a heart on *******
When they burned the witches
No one begged to differ
Well, I do now and that's okay!

I may be different, I may be worse
But I'm better in my own skin
Get off your throne or I'll wreck your horse
And the empire of all kings
Haven’t you noticed Time isn’t always our friend
Like when Time slips away in the night
Flying to the moon
And doesn’t give us Time to make things right
And even when Time doesn’t wait for us
Just like someone who doesn’t care
Time doesn’t have Time for us
Nevermind our hopes
And dreams
Esin 7d
I will do it
I will definitely do it.
I will **** myself.
I can feel
the ending.
Eric Jan 8
We love
We get lost
We gain content
We die.
Katie Miller Jan 1

I’m walking through the halls
Trapped in by suffocating walls
I’m walking through the doors
Over the decaying floors
Who has walked through them?
And where were they walking from?
A broken desk
Or a secluded bathroom stall?
Memories and laughter or
Tears and sobs evermore?
Have these hallways heard confessions?
Or witnessed just depression?
Have they made memories of laughter ?
Have these windows shown truth of all of the lies?
Or only a glimpse of an aggravated sunrise?
Are the walls shrines of the past?
Holders of all questions asked?
If the curtains wave in the gentle autumn breeze
Is there still an ill wanted disease?
The dilapidated ceiling watched over inhabitants
Still built perfectly built but falling apart
And visitors that were seen as contaminants
The unwanted one
The one no one would notice if they were gone
The same one that screamed for help here
For anyone to be near
Or the one who was popular
A class A top gossiper
The one with a sharp tongue
But no one knows that it’s wrong
The hallways whisper the secrets
Of their strongest weakness
The halls tell the stories they may
Of friends on their departing highway
And the friends who are just meeting
Smiles, laughter and a warm greeting
I’m walking through the halls
Trapped in by suffocating walls
I’m walking through the doors
Over the decaying floors
Waiting for a voice to hear
For anyone to show they're near
Waiting here forever
I won't leave this place, never
I wrote this poem after someone in our school committed suicide. I didn't know him too well, but it was still upsetting and shocking. As I was walking down the halls, I realized all these different things: he walked through that door, that was his locker, he laughed in this hallway, he ate at one of these lunch tables. I'm hoping that this poem describes all of this with just words.
Lainey Dec 2018
Happy New Year?
Well for now, I can’t say.
I have my own hopes
but there could be delay.
I’ve ordered World Peace
there could be a speed bump.
I’ve also requested the demise of Trump.
And the continued success of all bee colonies
and protection from racists and their bigotries.
And more empathy amongst all of mankind
And for those who are seeking? I hope they shall find!
At the end of the year I shall rinse and repeat and hope to find some on my wishlist complete.
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Whilst laid on my bed at the end of the day when all had been said that needed to be said
It's there then I fall asleep Carried away on my dreams of the
Only hope when its my turn to die I do so with all
those memories of Helen
flashing before my
Then be happy to go
wherever one goes when It's my turn to die and taking with me all of my dreams and memories I'll
sail away on the dreams
of the
I hope when It's my turn to die that I take all my memories of Helen with me with me
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