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Camryn 18h
“Momma what are stars?” asked the young girl,
“The stars are your dreams little one,
The closer you look the more you see,
focus on one alone and it fades away.”

“Your life is written in the stars,
the brightest are your fondest memories
and the ones you can barely see
have yet to happen.”

“Your dreams appear in the stars
for safekeeping,
so your wishes can one day come true
and the lights that dance
in colorful streaks across the sky,
show your fate and your destiny
flashing before your eyes.”

“The North Star represents you,
as your dreams change,
your world spins,
but you will remain standing,
grounded to the earth.”

“Because the stars are yours to create,
fill the sky with your hopes and dreams,
fill it with love,
because love will shine brightest of all.”

“So make the sky beautiful child
Because you only get one chance
To make it yours.”
How do I convince you, Rose?
Even with that broken soul of yours, sleepless nights you had on thousands nightfall, heart that had been shorn into pieces, tears that had been dried out on your cheeks, hopes that had been shattered on your nous, you still glisten, far too dazzle. -evenoer-
Life can give you lemons
Life can give you berries
Will you enjoy the bitter sweet taste?
Will you focus on the bitterness of the lemon ?
Or will you get lost in the sweetness of the berries ?
Well, it's a choice we make everyday
learning to enjoy the tasteful blend of sorrows and joys
Laughter and cries
Happiness and sadness
Whatever is served
We learn to make the best out of it and quench the thirst
I didn’t come from much
I didn’t grow up with material things
But I was given unconditional love
And unwavering support of my dreams
And that heart fueled belief in me
Lifted my self esteem
And kept my hopes forever hovering
And that’s all the motivation needed
To spread my wings
And chase those dreams
With a full head of steam
I am forever grateful
For my loved ones existing
Because  you can’t put a price
On those types of offerings
May I go in grace at my time,
slipping into that dark black void,
never knowing fear or panic
May visions of sweet memories
bring me peace for my hour of death
May I soar with what angels come
to guide me to that place waiting
where eternity will carry me
Let there be good I can do then
more thoughts of death
I wish for you the peace
Of a baby Bird Sleeping on a rose
That the stars recognise your face
When you make that hopeful wish
Every day I fall into your eyes
Never questioning your eternity
Nor doubting why we came to be
Just open to the chance a promise made
Might be kept, come morning

I wish for you the dreams
Of rainbows hidden amongst lilies
The scent of forever flourishing in
Tender kisses, blooming on your brow
Every night I hear your honey voice
And miracles dance in my mind’s eye
Unrehearsed, from simple hearts
Dressed in complex consciousnesses
Just two dreamers, still believing

I wish for myself only this:
To love well, and perchance to be loved
In your echo I am finding new life
Endlessly l emerge into becoming
Every moment your eyes are on me
Benevolent, softly guarding
I am frightened to trust happiness
But the emotion engulfs me, regardless
And l am fated to deny bitterness

I wish for you the hope
Of a world washed clean of disillusion
A carousel of possibilities
A new moon listening for your song
Years of sorrow melt under desire
I wish for you the second chance
When vows are one promise too many
May you find the strength of butterflies
Refusing earthbound fates

There are days your own shadow lies to you
Nights when emptiness speaks the truth
For you I wish this revelation:
rchrpoet Oct 29
I'm  dealing my angels among with my demons
once again I'm facing myself in the mirror

Darling save me from this torture tonight
i can't fight this no more come and make me alright

Dark souls are watching me from above
they ask me what is pure love

Butterflies in the stomach, paradise in the eyes
anxiety and passion are fighting with lies

Misunderstanding words tragedy and loss
who knew that i may be false
I give my bones. The foundation. Lasting life to find what few do. It burns so bright, painful to the touch. You'll make it with nothing more than a helpful ******.
Maryam Hanif Oct 27
time is racing with my pen when I ink the pages, creating oceans of woe we had for the little memories of you.
When you are apart, my heart prays for the hugs you always gives me..
missed you dad..
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