Your heart causes the teardrops to fall,
Your heart turns the pain into nothing at all.
Don't care about the mistakes, the flaws.
Just wish I had tried harder and called.

All disappeared and faded away,
When you’d open up and begin to say,
Of your hopes, dreams and fears.
I’d tell you mine but you’re always near.

You draw me closer with every heartbeat,
Following my small voice along when you sing.
I love who I love, that’s just how it is,
But I can’t move on if you’re who I miss.

Never felt the same about anyone else,
They were attractive but couldn’t be held.
I wish you the best regardless of spouse,
Just wish they’d find the same treasure I found.

I’ll never forget the smile on your face,
Ever since I met you life wasn’t the same.
I’d mean the world to me if I could make you smile,
Even if your adored face will be shown just for a while.

Wishing dreams were realities...
Ezzah Saleem Jan 12

She was still breathing,
Her eyes had fear,
Her vision was blurred,
Her head was heavy,
She was afraid of herself,
And tired of her life,
She was suffocating.
She had little hopes,
She was drunk from hate,
Her thoughts were killing her,
And she was falling apart,
Anxiety was her thing, only she knew it,
She couldn't help herself up
for her burden weighted more than her body,
People used her, they took her for granted
She fell over and over into the sea of betrayal because of her eyes,
She got lost over and over in the land of madness because of her mind,
For her heart had nothing but  innocence that killed her.
She loved too much, trusted too much
That one day her own fate stabbed her.
That was her story, her identity.

A Jan 12

I used to look up at the sky
With hopes and dreams and lullabies
But I don't anymore,
And I don't know why.


Pallestine beauty
Nuna Jan 6

I am more than what you see
I am more than what you read
More than just a memory or moment
I am human flesh and bones with a heart deeper than the ocean, yet no
I will not let you in
My heart is not a garden,
for you to take a walk in
I have died so many times
while you were gone
The world has ended every night
you didn't come back

But I am more than that
I am standing on my feet again
Holding my dreams and hopes
in each hand
Because not even the world ending will stop me
Trust me
I am more than that
I am enough

Lyn-Purcell Jan 1

This poem marks my wishes that
I want in this New Year.
2017 is now a closed chapter,
and I hope to leave all the misfortune behind.
So I pray

That this year, I will be blessed with happiness
and stability for everyone; my three families.
My friends, my blood, and HelloPoetry...

This year, I will be able to hone my craft
and have to confidence to go
after my dreams.

And finally,
I pray that my mother remains in good health.
Let me not worry about her all the time.

2017 has been a year of heavy burdens.
Where I felt like I couldn't handle anything.
I know there is no end to our burdens, so
I ask for you to broaden my shoulders
So I can bear the burdens
and grasp my blessings.

2017 was messed up. I swear alot of things happened where I felt so overwhelmed that there were times where I cried so hard and I wanted to fade away.
I hope that 2018 will be a better year, for me and for everyone else.
Happy New Year, HelloPoetry!
Obscrea Dec 2017

An imperfect mix of
Hopes and dreams
Served in a platter
Deliciously tempting
And so hard to resist
The taste of passion
And ultimate regret

Darling how I wish,
We never met.

I need to say
to rose petals
and soft rain.
     Ain’t never done
me no good
my time out
   looking for ro-man-tic
love like that—
no, it just sucks
        me dry
blood-letting tick,
that fat belly man

aush grewal Dec 2017

his head dipped in- so close that i could feel his hot breath against my lips.
skin so close that if i touched it everything would fall to pieces.
should i touch his lips and end this tension or let this space between us push us to edge?
every imperfection is crystal clear.
once we step back from where we are nothing can change the things we have already seen.
the thoughts, dreams, hopes, and wishes.
so as we sit here with this tension building,
should i give a piece of me and touch those lips that are so close to my skin.

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