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Carlo C Gomez Feb 13
Once upon a timid willow

The sweetest songs of

A hyacinth girl

Floated on waterlilies

Had a sleepwalking lyric

The moorings of her heart

Overlooking undercurrent

As she dared all things

Gently down the stream

Bea Rae Feb 8
With false hopes and dreams

I stand here waiting for you

To fulfill your vows
Carlo C Gomez Jan 27
Then I was a coronagraph

Assuredly shielding the moon

Remembering the solar prominence

Putting those days to bed

Before airing grievances asterisk the universe

Rayleigh scattering overpowers me

Beaches sleep here

Mists inhabit this place

Today my mind has no light, is not part of the saros

I've called off the search, I know exactly where I am

I thought that I was caught by hope and dreams

Then realized I was only passing between them

Tom Lefort Jan 5
I walk within the shadows you left behind.
Those twilight places - still and silent -
A lost lover's noman's land.

Scattered there the broken hopes we had.
Our sacred dreams - spent and failed -
My longed for lover's battleground.

Tom Lefort January 2024
Nigel Finn Dec 2023
I find myself, sometimes, drifting off
Into vast seas of imagination,
Until somebody lets out a cough,
And destroys all of my creation.

I wonder if the same thing applies,
In terms of our reality;
If we're just the dreams, and hopes, and lies,
Of some cosmic entity.

And if we found out that that's true,
Would it really change a thing?
If what's true for me is not for you,
Is there nothing I can bring

To your fake life, and also mine,
That serves a higher purpose?
Perhaps our meaning's still divine,
Although it may seem worthless.

Imagine you are in a play,
Whose audience numbers one,
And you helped brighten up their day,
And shaped what they'd become.

Would it really seem like nothing?
Is that really not enough?
To know the joy that you could bring,
In a life that's often tough?

So I don't care if they're true or not;
All the memories we share.
I'm happy now with what I've got;
The capacity to care.
unknown Nov 2023
Surrounded but alone.
Learned to grew stronger.
Heart of stone.
Became a fighter.

Always wanted to have someone,
No doubts, no judgement.
Couldn’t find one,
All wasn’t just clear with their intent.

Thought you were different,
Filled my heart with excitement,
Same vibe, same tastes,
I fear, might go to waste.

Took the risk, unsure.
Bet on it ‘til my heart sore.
Blinded by what you’ve shown,
Oh I forgot, I’m surrounded but all alone.
Joshua Phelps Sep 2023
Can’t control
What you can’t

Outside forces,
Coming after

Inside, chaos
Multiplied by

It is what it is,
Another breakdown
in order.

Wake up and
Everything’s the

Still wanting

But the only
Change I see,

Are the scenarios
In my dreams.

It is what it is,
Another day,
Another dream.

Can’t control
What I can’t

It is what it is,
I guess I’ll wait,
the brightest star
of that well-known
oft mistaken
disfigured and disguised
by the shifting
of Rorschach’s clouds
the temporary flair
of an unremarkable
astral body
burning through
the upper atmosphere
forgotten immediately
as it fades
along with
any accompanying wish
the strobing beacon
of wingtip
or undercarriage
marking the distance
needed for safety
moving through turbulence
restlessness and discomfort
watched with
ill-considered envy
in this overcast
night sky
those twinkling lights
will often go
unnoticed or
simply ignored
Raghu Menon Oct 2022
The sky all dark
humidity high
Leaves still

The birds are silent
Even the ocean so anxious
that the waves are hesitant

The streets are lull
The mood is dull
The air is heavy

A late afternoon
It's already late
Too much of waiting

For that rain to start
Expectations soar
A chill descends from above

And then it starts
Slowly but steadily
The momentum picks up.

The leaves are dancing
The waves are singing
The air is cool and fresh

A hot cup of tea
Is all that matters
Hopes high and up.
The anxious waiting for the rain to descend..
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