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Cherish 6d
It's been a year, saw you a little back while ago.

Lighting up my cigarettes,
Saw you. I turned around
Hoping you will notice me
You did and my heart felt like it was everything but knowing its already over.

You shouted my name from far and waved.
I waved back and said hello
We both were smiling happily and waving to each other.

But i wonder, behind ur smile do you still miss me like how i did?

Do you still miss us?
Do you still love me?

Still wondering till now

If you do, please come back
My doors are always open like how your doors was open in the past.
Behund ur smile
Love that floats on the river grand
Ferry me away to a peaceful land

Trickles of hope happiness dares
Freedom currents carry my prayers

Perhaps happiness lies around the bend
Till then I’ll dream of days of when

Pavement blues
   infuse the few
   with aimless renews
      of fruitless views!

Pavement blues
   refuse the new
   with endless crews
      of wasted clues!

Pavement blues? true?
Carmen Jane Oct 3
You shoved with your own bare hand
You shoved your hopes in the mouth of the lion
The grin of clouds above your head
You were rough, unchiseled diamond

You planted your own bare feet
You planted them fearlessly in the mud
Twas where the good and evil meet
Where some shed tears and others blood

You raise your hands towards the skies
You want a change that lights your mind
You pray too loud to shed the lies
And felt the rain 'twas warm and kind
Carmen Jane Oct 3
In times like this ,when the moon hangs low
And repeats itself in all the puddles you know
Your arms are stretched like you carry two spheres
With marble hands implanted on hips.
You realize as you're smiling with a smirk
That you carry the moon and the sun
You carry them both.

In times like this,when your own eyelids close
To reveal a show on their inner walls
A show of secrets and hopes and dares
As you feel the back of your head caressed
You realized your loved after all
You are never alone
You were never alone.

Skipping in pudless,you splash your thoughts
You utter your fears as you escape from  your droughts
You smile at the skies, you smile at the trees
You let your ears hear,you let your eyes see
In times like this, you carry the sun and the moon
You carry them both...
Lucid dreams echoing through endless nights relentlessly reminding the fact that the day that the tireless heart stops,
is not so far.
Amulya Aug 31
I spent hours picking a dress,
Because it is a big deal to look good for pictures with friends,
I got up early just to do my hair really curly,
For the only fest that comes once a year,
You all made memories,
You all took pictures,
You didn't ask me to join,
Uh oh,I thought you were my friend,
You probably didn't notice me holding other's bags,
I didn't feel like asking,
I didn't want my friendship forced on you,
If you really want something, you'll go all the way to get it,
Sorry I got my hopes up.
This really doesn't sound poetic but I had to get it out x
Allesha Eman Aug 29
In the hours of the night
I'm thinking about you.
I'm restless, feeling vulnerable.
the stars are too far,
as they fade in the day.
The sun is awake,
and you're floating away.
I watch as you depart
but I lay here,
wondering when the night
will once again reappear,
but I keep dreaming
with my eyes wide open,
I dream of the future
and I hope you're listening,
to every wish I senselessly make,
because when I dream of you,
i'm finally awake.
Number 4 out of 26 letters to time.
Joshua Aug 25
You're my star.
Brilliant, beautiful, shines above all.
Here I am,
Just looking at you,
'cause I couldn't reach you.
The hope is pleased.
The hope is cherished.
The hope inspired reliance.
Awaiting, long awaiting.
In room without windows.
In room without doors.
Pipe dreams and disappointments.
Illusions, masks, imaginations.
Spectacle without actors.
Full hall of ovations.
Where is no souls.
The hall is filling with blank colour.
Illusions like a clown is juggling with a *****.
Trying hard to light a passion fire in the public.
In the public which not exist in life.
It's empty hall is filled with applause.
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