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Anais Vionet Jul 13
In hot August I’ll make my departure,
the trembling freshman imposter,
to dance with unknown partners,
in our quests to join the rosters
of future scholars and doctors.

Like Columbus I’ll journey not knowing
exactly where I am going -
and like our brave-foolish captain I’m hoping
that the planned years of furious rowing,
will deliver me to where (I think) I am going.
just future freshman pre-orientation thoughts (as I begin packing)
Best places aren't those
That visited the most,
But those that keep you close
To loved ones, dreams and hopes
Nina May 17
I fantasise
About you and i

Because that's the only way
I can dream happy
The only way
I wont get hurt
Life is not easy, my love
Life is too short
But we yet listened to them
instead of holding our hands

We didn't trust ourselves
our trembling, doubting heart.
I think I got scared
and made us move apart

A stranger you were
but I fell in love
so, I tried to sense myself
avoiding have me hurt

Now dearly I do  pay
as many poems as I wrote
my heart is still in pain

All these feelings, my love...
Will you fight for me
or should I throw them away?

I feel your reluctance once again
but you've shown me boldness back then
What is now? I  don't understand

A clouded veil all over you
I feel it always there..
Are you in pain, my love?
Did I  hurt you someway?
Or just your pessimism prevails?

Many things remained unsaid
It's time the play came to an end
Don't you think too, my love?
that truth is the only way
to push the pain away

I understand that words may come out wrong sometimes
but your eyes...
they never lie, my love

Big, sparkling eyes
charming like you
but a long, sad story
I see behind the blue

Just remember
I  care about you

Now, heal my wounds
Give my hopes a stay
or make clear to me
I  won't be yours anyway
Mr E Writer Mar 25
am I a misfit?
the ticking clock detonates
only time will tell
Life is strange,  hoomans are weird.
Theanm Ankh Mar 24
I'm going to
Throw our whole book
Into the river
And drown it with my screams

I am going to
It floats away
With nothing more than ****** streams

I am going to
Jump into the water myself then,
I am going to plummet and pray
That the waves are struck by lightning,
Setting fire to my body, our book,
Both of our dreams.
I liked the imagery this painted in my head so here you are
EA Mar 21
I can't sleep

I want to dream

At least during those times

There is still "us"
I really can't sleep
Tried to do something else
But no, im tired but ...
ps. Currently listening to When I dream about you
Keara Marie Mar 14
Everyone gets tired, even your hopes...
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