Dhaara T 1d

I woke up to peace
Our planet was filled with love
But then, I woke up

I look for myself around,
and there I am, deep in the ground
I look up to see
the things above me
those I wish for
those I dream about
feel too superior to hold out

My desires up there
while my tears come falling down
so intense that they make me drown
Afloat, I kept looking up to see
Everything that's above me.

It's about the things that you want but they are so out of your reach. These wishes make you feel so inferior to the world. Your weariness is all you have, but you can't stop hoping for them.
Mane Omsy Apr 12

It has elevated
The beat can beat
a sewing machine
I'm scared of wolves
This empty road too
The houses on both sides
Populated but, are closed

I tried to knock on each doors
None opened, they're watching
Behind curtains
through the windows
Unwilling to give a hand

Redemption - X

When people realise your pain and neglect you just because they can celebrate watching you. Or they are afraid to help you just because they don't want to involve in anything that serious.
shåi Apr 10

burgundy velvet
a mixture of fabrics' fine--
dreams of our realm

its trail of red wine
like blood trickling on fine lace
chaos at its helm

a love not of haste
but with intentions in mind
beauty overwhelms


i have been experimenting with haiku structure as it is one of my weaknesses

forever seeking
an isolated star, hovering unattached
effortlessly moving at times
yearns, desires, wants and needs
vulnerable, hesitant to resist
weak at times if not all times
feelings scattered, emotions deserted
passive actions
still seeking can't find it no more
praying to father god as though my prayers unheard
loud cries to the outer world blocked by the walls surrounding me
effortless attempts
still believing
never stopped hoping
yet bound by disappointments

Diary of a Lonely Teenager
Light House Apr 5

Stop staring at those stars, glittering beyond the tip of my pointing finger; they hold less importance than yourself.

Yes, they twinkle ..& wink, sometimes tease...
as they burn.. as they linger; however, to them...
it is YOU,  whom shines higher & brighter,
as fire in their skies.  It is you... who is cherished.
It is onto you.. all those stars do hold.

Your magic resides down here,  below the clouds,  in everything you think & do.  You may not burn in the same way as the stars you see in space, but: you do light paths, warn ships, save lives, as a star-of-Earth, star-child.

Just as you gaze at  & envy the stars above,  they gaze back,
& envy you; so simmer down star-child ..relax, recognize your worth.

Hold your composure & simply grow,
&, notice now ..how you glow.

Do not wish for another life,
or a different set of eyes.
What you possess is so unique,
pure & white, beyond that of Dove.
More so, even, than any star up there..

Now stop your tears,
dry your eyes,
& please do breathe
..even when life...
is airtight,
& you feel trapped
within a tightly capped jar,
or encapsulated, like a ship,
too big, to escape or break out past the bottleneck....

Remember these words when you are down,

“Dear...  You... are grander & brighter than any star.
Those up there burn.. for you, as a sign of respect ..for you.
For it is you... who is a 'who' ..a human, living ...alive.
For it is You.. who reminds them.. of what they ...no longer are.”

To hell with you... should you throw your coins to those poor stars.
They are not wells...  They have no mouths.  They have no hunger.  They can do nothing with your wishes, for they...
have already  starved.  They hear your cries, but they cry, too,
as they envy you... everything... you....  are.

ALC Mar 24

The cliff rises in front of me,
Red iron minerals soaked into the rocks.
My hands ache from the climbing
And my body begs me to not stop.
My soul feels enlightened from all I have already seen.
The rushing river that now courses far bellow me.
This is the adventure I have craved for so long,
I can’t wait to reach the top
And see how far I have gone.

I reach up to put my hand on the stone,
Suddenly the sound of the alarm screeches into my bones
My dream is all gone
And all has been undone.
My tired hand puts a stop to the noise,
And my tired mind tries to regain some poise.
My dream is fading,
What was once bright is now gone.
But now I know what I want
And how I will go on.
-ALC March 23, 2017

mitch green Mar 21

I think about you,
more than i would like to admit.
but you don't like me,
and I know that.

you tell me about the other girls you’re talking to,
and i offer what advice i have.
then we kiss for a while,
and cuddle a little afterwards.

later i go home and try to forget.
but i cant forget.
because i have fallen head over heels
for a guy that cant see me as anything more than casual.
and there's nothing I can do about it.  
i need to accept that and move on.

alone in my room,
i try to remember what its like to be held by you.
i wrap my arms around myself,
and think about things that you once said to me,
and things you once did to me,
and things we once did.

because to be loved by you
i don’t think anything could feel as wonderful.

Rianna Mar 19

So there I was,
running and running
trying to catch up with the sun,
with all my hopes and dreams.
I was right at an arms length,
until then I woke up

Ben Jr Mar 16

This is to the man of her dreams,
I know you've never had a chance to know me,
She is a beacon of happiness in my life,
A reason behind my smile,
So before you take her hand..
I need a moment of your time,

She is a little rough around the edges,
Its just how she's always been through out her age,
Be patient when she is hype and off her ground,
With a kind word touch her hand and calm her down,
She is fragile, you see,
Sometimes when she needs attention not only when sick,
Try to understand and be there,
'Cause you are the only one in trust with her care,

She isn't built for this hush world,
And I'm sure she'd want me to take back these words,
So when you see she's down with sadness around her eyes,
Be the one to step in and make her smile,

She is sweet and loving,
I've known for all the time she's been with me,
I know not much of her heart and the turmoil of her soul,
But let you my boy,
Be the heart she'd call home,

I've taught her pride,
Am the one to blame for that,
I've taught her to talk,
And say what she wants,
I hope you understand her power of free speech,
And don't mistake it for an attitude or habit from peers,
Its just her heart trying to speak,
So please my boy, lend her your kind and loving ear,

My boy, she is my most treasured gift,
From the day she opened her eyes,
I have a reason to tell you this,
So you can be a man to her,

This is to a man of her dreams,
Be part of what she believes,
Never see any less of what she hopes,
This is to a man,
She wants the most

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