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Aug 2019 · 285
Feeling Blue...
Damian Murphy Aug 2019
I had a little cry today,
I shed a tear or two,
Though what about I cannot say...
I was just feeling blue.
Aug 2019 · 196
Damian Murphy Aug 2019
They are mostly elderly, frail, ghostly pale, lying there in their beds, comatose. Drugged out of their heads on painkilling meds, rarely with their mouths closed, though many with their teeth close. Tubes in their nose or oxygen masks for those for whom breathing has become too much of a task, I suppose. Totally oblivious to all those of us who have chosen to visit, just to be close. Lost in a world of their own, fighting battles unknown to most of us.
Jul 2019 · 281
Damian Murphy Jul 2019
Much harder than your own pain to bear
Is the pain of one for whom you care,
Their pain for yourself you would welcome
If it would ease their suffering some.
May 2019 · 288
Damian Murphy May 2019
Let not flattery, praise beguile
Lest you become another's foil!
Mar 2019 · 446
Damian Murphy Mar 2019
Despite all you meant to me
We were just not meant to be;
My priority was you
But I was not yours I knew...
Feb 2019 · 396
The Real Me. .
Damian Murphy Feb 2019
What they see is my public face;
What I want them to see only.
Much more lies below the surface
Known only to those dear to me.
The real me, if they look closely,
Lies hidden in my poetry.
Feb 2019 · 251
I'm Perfect!
Damian Murphy Feb 2019
Who thinks they are perfect
Have one major defect;
Assuming one can be,
Themselves especially!
Jan 2019 · 402
Damian Murphy Jan 2019
Life may knock me down yet
Keep me down it cannot!
Up I shall always get
For give up I will not!
Jan 2019 · 837
Damian Murphy Jan 2019
Life can exact a heavy toll
Unless you pay heed to your whole;
Your mind, your body and your soul!
Jan 2019 · 343
Instant Gratification...
Damian Murphy Jan 2019
Has instant gratification
Been the ruination
Of an entire generation?
Did meeting this need but foment
A strong sense of entitlement
Much to our children's detriment?
How many have not grown to learn
That what one wants, what one might yearn
One has to work for; has to earn?
When this poison seed we have sown
And nurtured becomes fully grown,
The blame is ours and ours alone!
Nov 2018 · 430
All Consumed...
Damian Murphy Nov 2018
Even a full moon
Majestic, Proud
Can be all consumed
By a dark cloud....
Sep 2018 · 357
Wrong or Right?
Damian Murphy Sep 2018
Who a deaf ear, a blind eye turn,
The chance to speak against wrong spurn,
By their inaction, their silence,
Guilty are in every sense.
Aug 2018 · 759
A Few Good Friends...
Damian Murphy Aug 2018
Though my friends may be but few
Many have not friends so true;
What counts is not the amount
But those on whom one can count.
Aug 2018 · 294
Damian Murphy Aug 2018
Until give up on yourself you do,
I shall never give up on you.

And even then...
Aug 2018 · 11.0k
Damian Murphy Aug 2018
Who fears to own up to a mistake
Much worse mistakes may go on to make;
Until such time as fears are allayed
Mistakes shall continue to be made.
If mistakes all are afraid to name
Then who is at fault, who is to blame?
Aug 2018 · 2.9k
Make or Break...
Damian Murphy Aug 2018
Even the best laid plans go wrong,
The unexpected comes along.
Before you know it, suddenly,
You are in new territory.

When that happens what do you do?
Do you give up or see it through?
'Tis a decision you must make...
To give up or a risk to take.

You may decide to take a chance,
To fly by the seat of your pants,
You might stick with it, come what may,
Just let the chips fall where they may.

Or choose to play it safe you may,
Retreat to fight another day,
Decide the risk is just too great
With too much left to chance, to fate.

Perhaps it is a hunch, your gut,
The weighing up of ifs and buts
That helps you reach a decision
That which for you is the right one.

You and you alone have to choose
And whether you win or you lose,
Your reasoning to you is known,
The decision but yours to own.
Jul 2018 · 3.3k
My Advice...
Damian Murphy Jul 2018
From others one may seek advice
In moments of doubt,
Though oft' it is ones inner voice
That one should hear out.

Perchance we only seek advice
When we know within
The answer is the hardest choice;
Not to our liking?
Jul 2018 · 392
Damian Murphy Jul 2018
Though those who can are many
Those who do are few...
The difference if any
Is the desire to?
Jul 2018 · 578
Life Is...
Damian Murphy Jul 2018
Life should be more than a journey
Between the cradle and the grave;
Life could be more an odyssey
Should one choose to live, to be brave!
Jul 2018 · 355
Damian Murphy Jul 2018
Reflect on all you take for granted,
What you do not value readily,
And think if for those things you wanted
How much different your life could be.
Jun 2018 · 296
Common Sense?
Damian Murphy Jun 2018
More should use their common sense ere
It becomes uncommonly rare!
May 2018 · 437
Damian Murphy May 2018
These are our sisters, mothers, wives,
And all of Irelands daughters lives
Being put at risk so needlessly,
Devalued oh so callously!

The truth is, there’s no denying,
Women have died with more dying
Who could have been saved possibly
If there had been more honesty?

When the problem first came to light
That some test results were not right
The first thing that should have been done
Was to inform everyone.

Alas, all those in power chose
The facts, the truth not to disclose
To women who in tests had faith  
‘Til for many it was too late

How can it have become the norm
To coldly choose not to inform
Women when smears are positive,
To give them the best chance to live?

The facts cannot be argued yet,
Though facing needless early death,
They force them down the legal route
Rather than own up to the truth.

How can there be any defence
When the truth is the difference
For many between life and death?
What justice can they hope to get?

Why add to their pain, suffering,
Why not now just do the right thing
By these women failed so badly?
Though for some ‘tis too late sadly.

The choice to cover up and lie
Knowing many women could die
While in no way done in our name
Is to Irelands eternal shame.

The politicians promise change,
The Health System to rearrange
Forgetting they have been remiss
As they presided over this.

What use to grieving families
Platitudes and apologies?
No change can justify the cost
Of mothers, sisters, daughters lost.
This poems captures my thoughts on the cervical screening scandal which has resulted in many women dying or developing terminal cancer due to receiving incorrect results, which when discovered,  women were not informed of for years; often when it was too late.
Apr 2018 · 490
Damian Murphy Apr 2018
If an afterlife there should be then...
Bury me with a notebook and pen
Apr 2018 · 657
Can Do...
Damian Murphy Apr 2018
Truly great leaders have the skills
To turn mountains into mole hills,
Can those around them motivate;
A Can Do attitude create!
Mar 2018 · 251
Just a Feeling...
Damian Murphy Mar 2018
I know not what you said,
What you did I cannot recall...
'Tis how you made me feel
That I remember most of all.
Mar 2018 · 355
To Write...
Damian Murphy Mar 2018
As in and out one must breathe
in order to survive,
One who writes must also read
to keep their work alive.
Mar 2018 · 591
It's Your Life...
Damian Murphy Mar 2018
Live not the life that others think you should ;
Live instead the life that you yourself would.
Mar 2018 · 441
Heart & Soul...
Damian Murphy Mar 2018
Home may be where the heart is tho'
'Tis in the garden where souls grow
Feb 2018 · 633
Damian Murphy Feb 2018
Don't you just love it whenever
Everything comes together?
When despite all your fears and doubts
Your hard work pays off, things work out!

The feeling is a special one,
That feeling of a job well done.
For though 'twas hard, you stuck at it;
Though you could have, you did not quit!
Feb 2018 · 420
Spell It Out...
Damian Murphy Feb 2018
More can be read into change easily,
Then change becomes a CHAlleNGE for many;

Change could spell less of a challenge maybe
If only change could be spelled out clearly?
Feb 2018 · 880
Damian Murphy Feb 2018
A broken heart
I would welcome
If truth be told

Over a heart
That would become
Unfeeling... Cold.
Feb 2018 · 488
In Your Dreams...
Damian Murphy Feb 2018
Your dreams will not come true
Though dream all day you may,
But if work hard you do
They may come true one day.
Feb 2018 · 429
Damian Murphy Feb 2018
One who reasserts power constantly
Shows strong signs of weakness, impotency!
Though they may deny it vigorously,
Perhaps protest a little too loudly?
Definition of Impotence: noun
1.the condition or quality of being impotent; weakness.
2. Obsolete. lack of self-restraint.
Feb 2018 · 453
All or Nothing
Damian Murphy Feb 2018
To be a success
Takes nothing more, nothing less
Than all you can give!
Feb 2018 · 404
Without Question?
Damian Murphy Feb 2018
Do not we all have moments of self doubt,
Not fear that one day we shall be found out?
Do not all have crises of confidence,
Times of uncertainty experience?

Are they such a bad thing, these fears and doubts
Providing one does not let them win out?
What one should fear though is that confidence
Without doubt could soon become arrogance!
Jan 2018 · 534
Damian Murphy Jan 2018
In clutching at straws,
Not giving up a lost cause...
Hope Springs Eternal.
Jan 2018 · 439
Damian Murphy Jan 2018
Look at what you did
Said the Ego to the Id,
Have you no Conscience?
Jan 2018 · 420
Damian Murphy Jan 2018
It took me many years to see the light,
To realise that I was born to write.
From the first time I put pen to paper
I knew there was nothing I loved greater.
I write for myself, to fulfil a need,
Words that I know others may never read.
Though for no greater joy could I have wished
Than that which I felt when I was published.
Dec 2017 · 496
Damian Murphy Dec 2017
Those to whom lies come easily
Should not be trusted, verily!
Though they may mean no harm, forsooth!
Why then can they not tell the truth?
Nov 2017 · 411
It's Magic...
Damian Murphy Nov 2017
In life the greatest trick
Is to see the magic;
The magic to conceive
In all that we perceive.
Nov 2017 · 3.6k
Truth Trumps Lies
Damian Murphy Nov 2017
"Alternative Facts" the truth belies,
Often in "Fake News" the real truth lies,
"Exaggeration", "Aggrandizing"
In truth are other words for lying.
The value of honesty seems lost,
Sad truth is, at a terrible cost!

To our kids now we must emphasise
That Facts; the Truth, must Always Trump Lies,
That by lying there's nothing to gain;
That Truth cannot be held in disdain.
From lies and untruths all must refrain
To make Truth, Honesty, Great Again!
Nov 2017 · 488
All the best...
Damian Murphy Nov 2017
You shall never succeed unless
To all you do you give your best;
To have any hope of success
You must give it your less!
Sep 2017 · 614
Best & Worst..
Damian Murphy Sep 2017
To make the best of any mistake
The chance to learn one must not forsake;
No learning from a mistake to take
Is the worst mistake that one can make!
Sep 2017 · 806
3 Little Words...
Damian Murphy Sep 2017
The three little words
I will never say
Are that "I Give Up"...
No! Never! No Way!
Sep 2017 · 738
No Excuses...
Damian Murphy Sep 2017
Who has time to make an excuse
Should put their time to better use!
It is the worst way time to use;
It is very hard to excuse!
Sep 2017 · 461
Damian Murphy Sep 2017
Once I had a dream
Which I made come true...
If I can do it
Well then, So can you!
Aug 2017 · 692
Rejection Letter...
Damian Murphy Aug 2017
One more letter of rejection!
Disappointment and dejection!
Though many of such I receive
I still continue to believe!

I write because I feel a need,
(As vital as the need to breathe)
Words that others may never read;
Though just by writing I succeed!
Aug 2017 · 705
Trumpets Please...
Damian Murphy Aug 2017
No ambiguity let there be;
All racists are abhorrent to me!
If those we elect can't say the same
Alas 'tis to our eternal shame!
For the views of those whom we elect
Rightly or wrongly on us reflect!
Aug 2017 · 442
Damian Murphy Aug 2017
Knowing what one wants not
Is just as important
As knowing what one wants;
Perhaps more important?
Aug 2017 · 545
Damian Murphy Aug 2017
The earth darkness grips
Behind the moon the sun slips
A solar eclipse.
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