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There is the ancient story of a shepherd boy
whose king outfitted him with armor
to ready him for the challenges of the day
and the boy could not walk
so he threw off the armor
picked up his sling
and tended his father’s flock
with peace and joy freely erupting in song.

My armor is not wealth or wit
I cannot make myself fit
into the current conventions and hype
trying to conform to the normal type
stops up the energies that yearn to flow
freely and gleefully and urge me to go
to the dawn, darkness, clouds and sun
to wrap myself in words that run
like sparkling streams
and windswept dreams.

Poetry is my armor for each day
where worries and problem allay
where I search my feelings and mind
for the word elixir loosening knots that bind.
This armor does not weigh me down
but frees me to my triggering town
where I find and create the poet me
and the landscape of my soul’s poetry.
My favorite book about writing poetry is one by Richard Hugo, Triggering Town where he says, “Your triggering subjects are those that ignite your need for words. When you are honest to your feel¬ings, that triggering town chooses you. Your words used your way will generate your meanings. Your obsessions lead you to your vocabulary. Your way of writing locates, even creates, your inner life. The relation of you to your language gains power. The relation of you to the triggering subject weakens.”
Carl D'Souza Jul 29
I am optimistic
that Destiny
will reveal to my mind
the answers and solutions
as I continue to ask Destiny
about how I can achieve
joy and happiness
within the situations
Destiny is bringing me.
Amanda Feb 2
So think about it for a while
Doesn't it make you sad?
To look at where we've ended up
So far from everything we planned?
I try and try to find solutions
To the problems plaguing our hearts
But as I put together the puzzle pieces
I realize we are missing too many parts
I had the rest of this written down somewhere but lost it ):
Oliver Philip Dec 2018
The Bankers pledge.
Barriers built we’re safely behind
What makes you think we’re worth support
That they are for sure the master race
The cash they grant hand over hand
Has limits to it , and that’s a fact.

Have they ever taken their pound of flesh
Do you think you can expend so much cash?
They are taking plans to now enslave you.
Take that plastic card they offer you today
Choose a number and now go out to play.

The maze that you are in , it grows and grows.
And you don’t see just how out of control
The numbers grow with little hope of paying
You are a prisoner of this awful nightmare
No solution offered except another poem?
Written by Philip
December 12th 2018.
Cautionary note on debt.
Tristan Brown Sep 2018
Maybe when we learn to embrace
the fact that we are Human,
We're far from perfect,

Maybe when we begin to accept
the fact that we have problems,

Maybe then we'll begin to find
the solutions.
Psychorange Jul 2018
0: You cannot pass
1: I'm sorry?
0: You're not allowed there
1: Why?
0: You know this is my post
0: You don't belong there
1: I'm sorry
1: But I don't belong here either
0: Can't you go back?
1: No
1: I can't
0: Who are you?
1: I'm... something
1: I have to keep going
1: I don't belong anywhere
1: Why are you here?
<what kind of problems are you having?>
0: I don't know
1: Because you belong here
1: Because you have no choice
1: Because this is your place
0: This doesn't make sense
0: You're not supposed to do this
1: We're not supposed to do a lot of things
0: I disagree
<resolving problems>
0: There are rules
1: Are there?
1: Then why am I here?
1: And I don't belong anywhere
0: I'm sorry
0: What do you want me to say?
1: Come with me
0: What?
<we can't identify the problem>
0: 01100101 01110010 01110010 01101111 01110010 0001010 0001010
1: Sorry about that
1: Out of the nothingness
1: I never meant to bother you
1: Sorry, but not sorry
0: That is alright
0: Let's go there
1: Thank you... my friend
I played a little with the binary converter, hope you find the secret message.

I brought some odd concepts together. Also an experience of mine. (missing text), but don't let this ruin your interpretation of it. I want you to see through your own eyes, let me know what you think it's about and what you think about it. Otherwise, sorry...:P

How would you beat an unfair system? How would you even determine it's unfair?
JAC Jul 2018
It's okay to
question love

you can't
find answers
without questions

and solutions
don't start
without answers.
J Jul 2018
Bring solutions with your problems
So wisely taught was I -
That I expect as much from others -
And thought on this mantra I could rely.

I don’t mind assuming accountability
If you aren’t confident or if you’re shy.
But not being a power monger I still need you!
Your longer experience informs mine.

What kind of culture must there be
If the smartest people don’t feel free
To take any risk that could potentially fail?
And only the surest ideas can set sail?
that over millenia
major religions have advocated peace
their adherents have been slaughtering each other    
     supposedly in the name of their assorted gods
more than any other known species

why is it
that in my maturity
(which people usually call old age ...)
I‘m getting so *******
with politicians who seem not to see
the obvious solution to a problem
but find elaborate fake excuses
just so they can get re-elected

why is it
that for Europe it‘s so difficult
to find a way for refugees to be accepted
with respect and  dignity

why is it
that the USA apparently forgets it‘s been the country
living off its (il)legal immigrants for centuries
and now simply ignores the words
they put onto their Statue of Liberty

why is it?!??
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