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Fiat money loses value over time
     People know this and this influences
          Their thinking towards the short term.
               Short term thinking bleeds into many
                    Areas of life leading to inferiority in so
                         Many areas of our life and our world
                         We need a money that increases in
                    Value leading to long term planning
               And greater VISION in goals, family,
          Business, architecture, and nutrition.
     Imagine nations and people planning
For generations. Bitcoin gives vision
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Fiat money, printed freely and wildly
     Contributes directly to big government
          Because they don’t need the will of the
               People (paying taxes) for large programs.
                    Instead the government can just use new
                         Money created by the big central banks
                          When money is not created easily but
                    Instead is only created by honest work
               And energy expenditure, this naturally
          Limits the resources the government
     Can use for their projects and ideas.
Bitcoin is the money based on work
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The fractional reserve banking system
   Is built on an unstable foundation where
      Not all depositors can access money freely.
         Since banks can lend more than they have
            This regularly leads to credit & asset bubbles
               And then business failures during downturns
               Let’s move to a more stable system where
            There is no central authority which people
         Need to trust with their deposits, an open
      And accurate ledger where everyone can
   Simply verify that their money is secure
With Bitcoin this technology is available
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clmathew Feb 2021
Weft and warp
started January 22nd, 2021

The cloth is woven
weft and warp
twigs and twine
bits and pieces
gaps and flaws
make the fabric
of my life.

I try to worry out
the threads that I know
aren't right
the flaws that threaten collapse
yet have become
integral parts
of the weft and warp
that is me.

I smooth this cloth
with my worn hands
then fold it up
and put it away
to work on
another day.
We are all looking for answers, to some question or problem. If I knew, I would tell you. Since I don't know, I will stay here with you as we work on us.
rose hopkins Sep 2020
when you blot out the problem
you can also
blot out the solution.
Orakhal Jun 2020
only way
out of a problem energy

to activate the solution energy

to be digging
into more of the problem energy
Kairosclere May 2020
I know you’ll just be okay
When you work
Till your whole being shivers
With exhaustion
And your eyes cloud
With salty perspiration
And you push yourself
Into that one last lap
And keep pushing for another-
And yet another.
I know you won’t fall;
That much faith is essential.
And, wherever you trip,
You don’t tread on again.
With all those lessons
You’ve learned on your way,
You know you’ll just be okay.
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Vera City May 2020
When digging for answers
I found a new level
Kept shovelling deeper
Ran in to the devil

He offered protection
He baited with vice
Through his ringmaster's grin
Promised Paradise

Politely, I declined
In peace, took my leave
He tracked me and traced me
Devoid of reprieve

His net cast so broadly
An erroneous shove
What he didn't see coming
Incalculable love
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