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How inconsiderate of that plane,
Surely in the air for much longer than I’ve been sat here,
To interrupt the dusk of musical mirth and majesty,
Though I am just one of what has to be thousands,
To come listen to Yoyo Ma,
Or Bach,
Depending on your view,
And just one of hundred to picnic on the open air amphitheater lawn,
It does not feel as if it is just I,
For the phone, child, cough, crinkle, always remind me that it is not,
It seems we are simply here to chance a view into the earth’s song of love to the sky,
And the sky paints in ample gradient blue peach white,
The infinite intricate care and joy it feels,
To chance a glance upon the ground
OpenWorldView Sep 2018
Gift me a little of your time
for a meal under blue and green.
Gift me hours of your happiness
for a meal where flowers blossom.
Andrew Nov 2017
Am I attractive, hot, or ****?
Or just a forlorn idiot flexing
In order to join the *** scene?

I put a towel down
And set up a picnic
My head spins round
From the dirt they kick
On my meal
To make me feel
Scared and alone
With nowhere to roam
So I stay here laying in the sun
On the other side of a Gatling gun
I searched for a savior
Who's willing to say words
To me
For free
My search was fruitless
My eyes turned youthless

I grazed in the grass
As time quickly passed
After I finished my food
And was left there to brood
I became a floating satellite
That was accustomed to night
Because of my frights
That reflected all light

Now I see ants trying to feed on my crumbs
They must think I'm pretty desperately dumb
To not know they enforced my segregation
When I had naively sought validation
I waited there silently salivating
They responded by not validating
It's for that bitter reason
During my new season
I reflect my light on the approaching ants
So I may thwart their encroaching dance
My humble heart yearns
As I watch bugs burn

They wouldn't partake in my feast
So I morphed into a brutish beast
Now they're here to eat what's left
If they can survive my dragon's breath
They put out the fire in my heart
But ignited my mind
My useless humanity parts
As I focus on time
A time that keeps passing
While signs keep flashing
As burning bugs dying
Or sad satellites flying

My life was no peaceful picnic
After they noticed my sickness
And left me alone
For that is my home

When I don't need validation anymore
I search for love
Unfortunately I know what's in store
A picnic in the mud
Happy labor day
family, friends and picnics.
childhood memories
Laura Aug 2018
Minnehaha Park is hot in the summer
Even by the water
Who knew it would be so hot
Even down by the water?
But all of it is hot

And there are acorns everywhere
Scattered on the ground
Below our butts as we try to sit
And have a little picnic
On a brightly checkered blanket
Between two tall trees
That tower above us
And grant us shade
While pelting acorns down
Into our cheese and crackers

And fancy rosé wine
Whatever that means
I thought wine was wine
But I guess they have personalities
Like people
Like couples
Some things pair well together
Like my crisp pineapple and cheap ******' pizza
Or your stinky blue cheese and weird cookie-like *******
Like us

And the cheese sits on a green marble slab
Elegant as ****
Because that's just who you are
But that marble slab sits on top of a pizza box
Simple as ****
Because that's just who I am
And we pair well
On this hot *** summer day
While we drink rosé
And "I love you" is all we say
Because sometimes we don't have to say anything
We're okay without words
In the middle of a park
On a hot *** summer day
Natalie Apr 2018
like a picnic on pebbles
you held me close
and told me to remember this moment forever

like a picnic on pebbles,
the rocks left red marks on hands and legs
but i didn't care
because picnics on pebbles meant you and me

like the last picnic on pebbles,
i planned everything out
and waited
for you to appear
on our palace of stones
and you never did
and stone by stone
our palace fell apart

like last week
i saw our kingdom
except there was a new queen
i had no power over the picnics on pebbles

like picnics on pebbles
i brushed off the redmarks
and built a new palace
where i was queen
Terry Collett Mar 2018
Your gran was making sandwiches
for our small picnic in the park.

It had been your idea,
although we wanted to
to go swimming,
but your gran said she didn't like
you going to the swimming pool
with those women
wearing those skimpy
swimming costumes.

Once she'd done
the sandwiches
we set off for the park.

Gran said it is always best
to tell truth, Benny,
you said,
lies are complicated things
needing a good memory
and poor soul.

I always try to tell the truth,
I said,
but now and then
a lie creeps out
and before you know it
it has grown
like a big snake.

We went down
the subway talking,
our voices echoing
along the walls.

You were wearing
that red beret on top
of your long fair hair.

We walked along
to the park.

Why do people lie?
you said.

I guess it seems
to get them
out of trouble
or get them things,
I said.

But to lie is bad,
you said.

We entered the park
and found an area of grass
in the sun and sat down.

I had two bottles of pop
and you had the sandwiches.

We began to eat
and sip the pop.

You talked about school
and what Mr Finn had said
about the Norman kings.

I watched two dogs
over way
doing kind of
weird things.
Vexren4000 Feb 2018
A notched piece of wood,
Part of a picnic table,
Sitting in the local park,
Names of forgotten loves,
Scrawled into the wood,
Graffiti from forlorn souls,
And immature children scrawled,
Insults and garbage,
A world of drawings and memories,
Sitting in the field,
Of a simple and sometimes forgotten park.

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