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Zywa Jul 24
She sweeps up the shards

and she doesn't recognise them:

the shards of a man.

"Pieces of a Man" (1971, Gil Scott-Heron)

Collection "Low gear"
IP Aug 2021
should i sob?
my attempts are not working
i tried to find jobs
and should i keep searching?
what i do on this earth
never seem to be working
as day after week,  my depression, it worsens.
there are things that i dream
that I long to be free of
i try as
the blade
reaches deeper and deep in
Doy A Nov 2020
There she stood
despite the chaos
despite the buzz
despite noon time rush.

Placid alongside
the humdrum
the mundane
the same thing
over and again
over and again.

Day in, out
she seeks for reason
some meaning
some place
something or other
to faze her
to move her
to take her
back to living
and not just

She asks herself:
What good is surviving
the the struggle and pain
if she spends her days
for nothing
but ceaselessly hoping
for anything to happen
or at least,
to once again feel?

This is what I told her:
Sometimes the way out to depression
feels like becoming a whole new person
but this phase will come
and go
and so
embrace the process of healing
take your time and believe in
yourself and the waiting
will soon be over
and you will start over
another day
another chance
so wade in this circumstance
this inevitable consequence
of losing yourself
and then finding it
Safana Jul 2020
If, I were Indian
I would be A. P. J.
descendant son
          And, to  be
          Gandhi's legatee

To marry a young
Nigerian senorita, to
give birth a pretty
And beautiful baby

To copy all I imitated
From my fore fathers
To lead Nigeria and, to
revolutionize the nation

To grow more than
Russia and to be
Like Saudi Arabia
Avidace Theophil May 2020
I asked for opportunities,
They said i should search.

I searched in all available channels,
They said i should apply.

I applied for everything,
They said i should be qualified.

Then i told them, I am hungry!
They promised a viand.

I reminded them,
Wait, They gave me hope.

Everything that had remained,
Started overflowing.

For the stubbing,
Was all over my body.
Karijinbba May 2020
A lifetime suffered a lost love be found wearing no mask
but lovers wore many
each time we crossed roads again.
Now a mandatory sinester splinter
requiring mask as chip to buy food,
is implemented overnight.

I was hunted down trashed for years
and wished I wore masks for safety. prayed long my enemies be isolated from staining my treasures with distrust.

dreamt to be loved regardless of race creed nationality or social status;
we all seem faceless prompting
equality but, are we just one race?
Are we really faceless underneath macabre fear stained masks?

Now everyone good and evil tastes a bit of their own enforced medicine
on locked down mode eat sleep
isolating themselves just like they did me
this offeres no justice no relief
This pandemic universal malady
seeing no class no status
our abodes or manssions are prisons prisons for our mind!
clipping our last freedom wings
we are so tired of wars after wars.
Louis Amstrong song
"What a Wonderful World"
just keeps popping in mind at
6:49 AM George Noory radio show
Have we surrendered our freedoms
for safety to live life free-less?
Do we then deserve any?

Isolated years endured has saved me from untimely death where enemies
ploted profiting from my demise.

I remain aware awake enough to understand there's a cat inside this
Pandora's box lid closed up quickly.
Governments hording many a secret
unreleased but what is the mystery?

The value of liberating truth
is the price placed on a lie
sold to us all for mare peanuts
to keep us asleep sheeply
masked obeying or else
face illness untimely death,
distrusting all even ourselves,
is the new way of life the big change.

Can the world ever trust anything
anyone entity government
friend family stranger?
We aren't cowards nor lack courage
we are exausted enough to give up
surely temporarily though
for the human spirit relentless is
resilient outwordly born free
like you, like me, like us.

ditch the masks accept no chips
Let's grab this weird dictatirial change
by it's ugly covert horns.
30 million unemployed Americans out of 360 million throughout North America Usa..
Dora Semsott Apr 2020
Emptiness, loneliness, anxiety.

When will it all end?

Unemployment, boredom and despair.

When will it all end?

It seems it will never end.
A silent look lingers,
Blurred to your angel face.
You tell me you can’t
Handle the stress anymore,
(Don’t you know how hard I’m trying?)
That it’s taking a toll.
(You think I don’t already know?)

A flood of tears held back
By dams behind my eyelids.
The anchor in my throat
Has me screeching to a halt.

You tell me that
Everything I once had, I can
Get it right back,
(Don’t you remember how unhappy I was?)
Because you can’t bear the weight.
(I see how unhappy you are.)

White flags high up;
Toasts from empty cups.
I’d give my life to
Ease your strain.
(Don’t you know how much I’ve prayed?)
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