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Where we should Go?
We have absolutely no idea
Please show us the path
Show us our fate or destiny

Wherever we visit, wherever we Go
They ask Money, They Demand Money
Somewhere they ask for tickets
Unfortunately Tickets are sold for money

Please provide us Jobs
Then we will also have some money
Then we will also pay
But until then don’t ask money from us
What is there in the world if one has no money?
A B Faniki May 10
A for Austerity, P for Poverty,
R for Recession, and U for Unemployment.
Recession is in town with her three

UN-amusing friends, whose hands are always
on their lips and wherever the gang goes
they take away the fun out of that place;

tinny Tanana biko biko whose car is
unemployment going to take away, to
make him use his leg-dis benze;

Minnie mane mo whose house is poverty
going to crash in, an undo a
life time work in a matter of weeks;

tinny Tanana, Minnie mane what will austerity
sell to the state? Is it a string? For
the ministers to tighten the state pose;

hear! hear! Recession is in town, bad
policies invited her with her three friends
to party and paint the town gray;

shame on the leaders whose watch the
doors of the state where open to recession
and her three friends, their ears will

be fill with wailing and insult of the
populace, like the cry of a widow whose
only son has pass away fills a house.
this poem is about what recession does to a nation, it leaders and it people
A Secretary-Receptionist Faces the Future - “I Know Where the Door Is, You Little Police Academy Dropout.”

The name on the building changed again today
I must apply for my own job, they say
A smarmer wants more work for much less pay
It’s time to reconstruct my resume’

I once was great with videotape and film
And could type fifty-five words a minute
On an IBM Selectric; my skills are dim
The boy-boss taps on a plastic box - what’s in it?

For forty years I ruled the company’s ground floor -
Security, with a sneer, shows me the door
Your ‘umble scrivener’s site is:
It’s not at all reactionary, tho’ it might be drivel.

Lawrence Hall’s vanity publications are available on as Kindle and on bits of dead tree:  The Road to Magdalena, Paleo-Hippies at Work and Play, Lady with a Dead Turtle, Don’t Forget Your Shoes and Grapes, Coffee and a Dead Alligator to Go, and Dispatches from the Colonial Office.
Ticket, Ticket Everywhere
Money, Money Everywhere
Everything is Reserved
For the Money makers and Rich

Want to ride in a Bus, Car or Taxi
Or Travel in Ship, Train or Aeroplane
Use your brain, my dear
Please shell out some money

Oh Sorry, You dropped that **** idea
Then what you are going to go?
Going to Circus or to watch a film
Want to go to a Book fair or a fete

Still have to Shell out some Money
It's not that funny, O' Honey
It's Business, Serious Business
Oh No, You can't even go to Public Park

Or the River bank either
Oh want to use Public Toilets
Do you think it's free?
No my dear, just Pay and Use

You need some Food, Nice Cold drink
Or want to sip just a glass of plain water
Pay Some Money, Money and Money
Money is the religion and the faith

Need a Pen to write your pain
Again I have to ask for Money
We Money monger are the rules
You Un-employed are the problem

Either pay or perish, that’s a simple rule
That’s a golden Rule, Follow it
Don't try to break it. If you do
I bet, you will fail and fall in jail
Money is Everything. Long Live Capitalism
Brenda Mukisa Apr 2018
Am I blind for believing you
for thinking the ordinary man
flaws and is exempted
its easier to blame, the weakest link
the one who will not get backed up by society
its easier to move on
if one is not affected directly
the system didnt fail us 100%
we fail the system at 50% and it meets us almost half way
its just easier for it to be wrong
because you are another smiling little ordinary man
because you dropped out of school, produced more children than you can handle, trash or *** where ever you feel like, give and collect bribes, cheat in exams or simply fail because you didnt work harder.
Join the others when they say the system failed them
but how many of you gave your best and the system didnot come through?

better starts with me and you.
cry to Ugandans to do better.
hanaz Apr 2018
I apply I apply, Yet, No reply No reply,
I apply I apply, Yet, No Interview No Interview,
I believe, I believe, I will get hired,
I believe, I believe, I will shine,
No matter how many times you reject, I apply I apply,

I linkedin, I linkedin many recruiters,
I throw many applications in Dice,
People say a friend in need is Friend Indeed,
A friend indeed found a job in past,

I wonder i wonder, all these job sites really work,
I wonder i wonder, all these job sites really work,
If you want to prove it right, find me a job where i sit tight,
If you want to prove it right, find me a job where i sit tight,

Job seeker, Job seeker, where have you been,
I have been to all these websites, but in vain,
Is there a train, which can find a job for my brain,
Time will reveal when will be sun shine!

I believe, I believe, I will get hired,
I believe, I believe, I will shine!
This poem is dedicated to all the job seekers!
I’ve given up everything,
apparently for the express purpose of  
finding myself here with exactly nothing
and no place to put it.

Tomorow may well turn out to be catastrophic.  We'll see.
You wake up the next
morning and remember the demons
You fought so hard in the night.
And that takes courage.
You realise That you had more guts
Than you thought.
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