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Damian Murphy Jan 2018
It took me many years to see the light,
To realise that I was born to write.
From the first time I put pen to paper
I knew there was nothing I loved greater.
I write for myself, to fulfil a need,
Words that I know others may never read.
Though for no greater joy could I have wished
Than that which I felt when I was published.
Damian Murphy Jan 2016
They gave their lives for an Irish nation,
Paid the ultimate price for our freedom.
Each of them signing the Proclamation
Which would guide Ireland in the years to come.
Thomas Clarke was the first signatory
With Patrick Pearse and Seán Mac Diarmada,
Also Joseph Plunkett, James Connolly,
Éamon Ceannt, Thomas Mary Mac Donagh.
Alas these were seven of many more
Who died as we fought for independence.
Whose names should be honoured for evermore
By us, our children and our descendants.
Never should we forget their legacy;
We owe them our freedom, our liberty
A Century Ago Lest we forget
Damian Murphy Sep 2017
The three little words
I will never say
Are that "I Give Up"...
No! Never! No Way!
Damian Murphy Jun 2015
When men tell women they have the flu
That they have never felt so bad
The universal response, alas it’s true
Is for women to go stark raving mad!

Men with the flu are not taken seriously
By members of the opposite ***
Their illness the subject of great levity
Despite the debilitating effects!

Men are often told to simply stop whining,
(Like women never complain themselves)
Though it’s obvious their health is declining
They are just told to “get over your selves”

They tell us to grow up, be a man
suggest we need to grow a pair
“I work when I’m sick and so you can”
We are informed with a deathly stare.

We are told to man up, to stop snivelling,
They question whether we are men or mice
“Try giving birth if you want to know about suffering”
A phrase thrown at us more than once or twice.

They are always convinced it is just a cold
Though our temperature may be sky high
They are often adamant and will not be told
Though we feel like we’re going to die

Though sneezing and coughing like never before
Though our whole bodies are obviously aching
Sweating and shivering, every muscle sore
Yet they seem convinced that we are faking  

We are accused of being overly demanding!
They tell us not to be such a Mummys boy!
And though we might expect a little understanding
Most times they cannot even bother to try!

You would not think it was too much to ask
But it most certainly seems to be
though we are incapable of the simplest task
we can not get one ounce of sympathy

They accuse us of expecting a full time nurse
Though all we need is some loving care
But all the arguing just makes us worse
They never see they are being quite unfair

It seems that they really could not care less
they could not be bothered even trying
we feel bad enough but all this added stress
only makes us feel we’d be better off dying!

They accuse us of making a song and dance
Of making a mountain out of a mole hill
And really us men do not stand a chance
Unless we can prove beyond doubt we are ill.

Thank God for researchers at Stanford University
all men will forever be in their debt
They took the issue of men’s health very seriously
And studied the subject in depth.

They published their findings in 2013
Confirming the existence of the “Man Flu”
The research and conclusions are there to be seen
Facts with which no woman can argue.

It outlines facts you might not have known
Which may make you feel much better at once
It seems it’s men’s high levels of testosterone
That seriously weaken the immune response.

It is only because you are a real man,
because you actually have a pair
that you feel sicker than any woman ever can
it’s a scientific fact, so there!

So next time we get sick hopefully
Women might just believe that it’s true
Perhaps we may be taken more seriously
just in case we have the dreaded “Man Flu”!

The bad news alas, is that there is no cure
Though they are doing the best they can
So if your man gets the flu, ladies be sure
To be more patient,take great care of your man!
Damian Murphy Aug 2018
Though my friends may be but few
Many have not friends so true;
What counts is not the amount
But those on whom one can count.
Damian Murphy Jan 2016
Much poetry
May fade quickly
From memory.
Though there are such
That move us much,
Our souls do touch.

Catch us off guard
Or strike a chord,
Our hearts reward.
Some witty, wry
Some make us cry
Or wonder why.

Others inspire
Dreams and desire,
Ignite a fire.
Many appeal
for they are real,
They make us feel.

The truly great
They resonate.
"Poetry is to me
As leaves are to the tree"
Damian Murphy Sep 2015
I had a friend in Psychiatry
Who was always trying to analyse me.
All attempts to put me on a scale
Depite all my oddities did fail,
And ended up driving him crazy!
Damian Murphy Aug 2016
Please God never let the day come
When I need to seek asylum,
That my home I should have to flee,
That I become a refugee.

For there are many, not just some
Places I would not be welcome.
The number of which seems to grow,
Soon there will be nowhere to go.

Should you make me a refugee
Pray God not in vain let it be.
Let it teach all humanity,
Compassion, mercy, empathy.
Damian Murphy Mar 2017
There once was a presumptuous poet
Who thought his poems were the best ever wrote,
He was quite prolific,
Thought he was terrific,
But he never wrote anything of note!
Damian Murphy Mar 2015
Gliding gracefully across the night sky
Inevitably earth bound
A solitary star succumbs and dies
Devoid of any discernible sound.

Slipping silently from way on high
Falling freely toward a fatal tryst
Burning brightly for the blink of an eye
Soon sadly ceasing to exist.
Damian Murphy Nov 2015
Nothing we do can ever change the past
It is now history, over and gone.
Until we can accept that fact at last
Can we ever hope to truly move on?
And who can know what tomorrow will bring,
Or if tomorrow we will even see?
Why waste precious time waiting and hoping
For something that may never come to be?
So forget tomorrow and yesterday,
Live in neither the past or the future.
Resolve to make the most of each new day,
Every moment promise to treasure.
A new day is a gift we are granted
Which not one of us should take for granted.
Damian Murphy Jun 2015
It happens on buses, in restaurants, or on trains,
On my work break, in waiting rooms, or on aeroplanes
It even happens on holidays and on nights out too
It drives me absolutely mental but what can I do?

I always get stuck with the one person, (I never seem to fail)
Who feels the need to tell their life story, (in all its gory detail)
Is it something about me, or is it just downright bad luck?
What makes people like these think I could give one f..k?

I try my best not to engage, but I do not like to be rude
Though I want to say Shut Up! I’m just not in the mood!
They start to talk, I disengage, it’s a real battle of wills
But they carry on regardless, have they no social skills?  

I try to make it obvious I’m not the type who gives a sh.t”,
that I am not someone who cares, even just a little bit
But they miss all the signals, that much is obvious
As they carry on regardless, completely oblivious!  
Now we all have our problems but we do not feel the need to share
So what makes these people think a complete stranger will care
Is offloading to strangers for them some kind of great panacea?
Or do these people just suffer from acute verbal diarrhoea?

As they prattle on I nod, make all the appropriate noises
If there was a competition for talkers these people would win prizes
While amazed by the fact these people never seem to draw breath
I fight an ever growing desire to simply beat them to death

Some things you don’t discuss with strangers, should it require explanation?
But nothing seems sacred, no such thing as “too much information”
These people tell me intimate details about themselves and their lives
Stuff you and I would hesitate to tell parents, siblings or wives

They seem to think I am their counsellor, some kind of therapist
When God was giving out social skills, they were obviously missed
They have absolutely no boundaries, have never heard of discretion
I pity the poor priest who has to listen to their confession!

And women are the worst, lest there be any doubt
You would not believe the personal stuff they tell me about
They get very inappropriate, though I do the best I can
To remind them of the fact they are talking to a man!

Some of these people have meltdowns, lose the plot altogether
And a little part of me just wants to say “Whatever!”
But I look in their eyes, where I often see tears glistening
And despite all my best efforts, I always end up listening

Those I meet just once on trips, well they are bad enough
But those in my social circle think I am their new BFF
Even though when I bump into them I could not be much colder
It is never long before they start crying on my shoulder

And soon they’re sending friend requests to me on Facebook
And following me on Twitter, God they’re everywhere I look
No matter how I try I cannot seem to shake them loose
So now I am seriously considering becoming a recluse

While these people are annoying, I have to say I’m worse
Because I really start to care, what an awful ****** curse
When I should just tell these people to please leave me alone
I start to listen to their issues, so I cannot really moan!

We should have more time for those in need; that is my belief
and my listening to these people seemed to give them some relief
but while these people seemed much better, having got things off their chest
I am bothered by all their issues and find I am constantly stressed

So if you meet me now I might seem very unsociable altogether
But my experiences with these people have pushed me to the end of my tether
And so I have taken my mothers advice, (she obviously knew the dangers)
For she always warned me as a child; “Never talk to strangers!”
Damian Murphy Apr 2018
If an afterlife there should be then...
Bury me with a notebook and pen
Damian Murphy Jun 2017
Alas, what is of importance,
What is of most significance,
We oft' know not by its presence,
We learn only by its absence;
Oft' we fail to appreciate
What we have before it's too late.
Damian Murphy Mar 2016
I am one very lucky Son of a Gun,
one of the worlds privileged few,
For I happen to be an Irish Mammies son;
An absolute blessing it is true!
She treats me like I am the “Chosen One”,
my Da thinks the whole thing is a farce!
She is absolutely convinced that the sun
shines out of her darling sons ****!
She tells everyone I am her pride and joy,
about all the happiness I bring,
Tells me I will always be her baby boy;
She treats me just like a king

For in her eyes I can do no wrong,
It has been that way from the start,
I have no choice but to play along,
I would not like to break her heart!
She will not hear a bad word said about me,
She always leaps to my defence!
When she looks at me all she can see
Is a true picture of innocence!
Should I ever get into any difficulty
(Obviously through no fault of my own),
My Ma is quick to sort it out for me
taking my problems on as her own.

I never have to do one thing
because she does everything for me'
Cooking and laundry and ironing
Almost anything really!
Though sometimes she loses her patience
(It happens, but very rarely),
it’s never long ‘til she sees some sense;
gets it done after apologising to me.
She is always picking up after me,
(how does my stuff end up on the ground)
but she always does it so quietly,
never wakes me, I don’t hear a sound.

I would help if she would let me,
That would be really immense!
But she takes her role of mother so seriously,
I would not like to cause her any offence!
Now I am not one to put on a poor mouth,
but can’t always afford the latest gadgetry.
But my Ma really hates to see me go without
and always ends up buying it for me.
She is forever handing me money,
tells me to go out and have some craic.
Gets me to swear an oath of secrecy
and will hear no talk of me paying her back!

My breakfast ready each morning,
a packed lunch and everything!
My dinner on the table every evening;
she will not see me want for a single thing!
Every single day she makes my bed,
Leaves my room absolutely spotless!
“You need somewhere nice to lay your head”
she says, “I will not have you sleep in that mess”.
She always tells me to have the lads over,
she likes to see me have a good party
The following day should I have a hangover
she is always especially good to me!

She vets every one of my girlfriends
which I think is really quite nice,
Any of those whom she thinks offends
get dumped by me in a thrice!
She tells me I should not worry;
That I really am quite a catch!
Tells me I need not be in any hurry,
How important it is to find the right match!
No one so far has been good enough for me,
she has not approved of a single one yet!
She says any woman should be glad to have me
but those so far she says, seemed so desperate!

Now some accuse me of taking advantage;
I do not know what all the fuss is about!
As far as I know there is no definite age
when a son should have to move out!
It is getting to the point where I know I should,
but for my Ma it will be a terrible blow,
and honestly if you had it half as good;
Would you be in any hurry to go?
I know it cannot stay like this forever,
one day I will have to move out and marry!
But it’s impossible to see how I will ever...
find a woman half as good as my Mammy!
All hail Irish Mammies!!
Damian Murphy Nov 2018
Even a full moon
Majestic, Proud
Can be all consumed
By a dark cloud....
Damian Murphy Feb 2018
To be a success
Takes nothing more, nothing less
Than all you can give!
Damian Murphy Nov 2017
You shall never succeed unless
To all you do you give your best;
To have any hope of success
You must give it your less!
Damian Murphy Oct 2015
Dreams do indeed come true
But not often by chance,
Mostly it comes down to
Hard work, perseverance.
Who counts on destiny,
Who never really tries,
Alas may never see
Any dreams realised.

For life owes us nothing
No matter how we yearn.
If we want anything
Then it has to be earned.
Life is what we make it,
Our dreams are like that too,
Without working for it
Dreams will never come true.

So if you have a dream
You would like to come true
The outcome it would seem
Depends largely on you.
Damian Murphy Aug 2015
Who is confident
Will be cognisant
Others may be right.
Who is arrogant
Will be adamant
They alone are right.
Therefore arrogance
Is just confidence
That's asserted; Right?
Or it may just be
This need to be right.
To make others small
So one can feel tall
Is never alright!
Who gains this insight
Will have seen the light
And will do all right.
Damian Murphy Jan 2016
To resolve any
Difficult issue
All one needs simply
Is the resolve to.
Damian Murphy Jan 2017
With each new day I am born anew
Into a world of opportunity.
There is no limit to what I can do
Nor to the potential within me!
Damian Murphy Mar 2015
A full moon suspended
In a slate grey sky
Wisps of clouds illuminated
As they drift casually by.

Stars sparkle brightly
Un-obscured by any cloud
The Milky Way packed tightly
Where thousands seem to crowd.

Aeroplanes criss- cross the skies
For far off cities bound
Cats and dogs night time cries
The only other sounds

Moths and many other creatures
Flutter furiously in the light
Spiders crawl from cracks and fissures
In their element at night

A serene and soothing silence
Steadily descends
Night in all of its magnificence
As yet another day ends.
Damian Murphy Jul 2018
Reflect on all you take for granted,
What you do not value readily,
And think if for those things you wanted
How much different your life could be.
Damian Murphy Mar 2015
Are we nearly there Dad?
Is it very far?
Oh he is going to drive me mad
We had just got in the car

Are we nearly there Dad?
Have we far to go?
Oh God this is bad
We had only gone a mile or so

Are we nearly there Dad?
Is it far away?
Why don’t you take out your i-pad
There must be games you can play

Are we nearly there Dad?
I really have to ***
I know this is sad
I think he’s doing this deliberately

Are we nearly there Dad?
Is it much further?
I’m losing what patience I had
I will be done for ******.

Are we nearly there Dad?
This is taking a long time
Please, please stop asking lad
Before I commit an awful crime

Are we nearly there Dad?
This is not much fun
You are getting on my nerves a tad
Please give it over Son

Are we nearly there Dad?
I am feeling very sick
Just one more problem to add
I am at the end of my wick

Are we nearly there Dad?
I am really bored
I hope this is just a fad
He might stop if he’s ignored

Are we nearly there Dad?
He asked rather sleepily
If he sleeps I will be glad
I thought, rather guiltily

Are we nearly there Dadeeee?
He started to whine
Why must he keep on and on at me
I really feel like crying

Are we nearly there Dad?
I said yes, five minutes more
It was a white lie, what a cad
But at last, I heard him snore.

Are we nearly there Dad?
I said "yes son, eventually"
“I just want to go home Dad!!”
he began screaming incessantly

Are we nearly there Dad?
Louder and louder he screams
It’s been years since those trips we had
But I still hear him in my dreams!

Are we nearly there Grandad?
my grandchildren ask me now
these days I don't find it too bad
I've gotten used to it somehow!
Damian Murphy May 2016
Those who on negativity do dwell;
Who fail to recognise the positive,
Are those whom without we could all do well,
To whom our precious time we should not give.
For 'tis rare they have any good to say
About anyone, indeed anything.
Just ask yourself at the end of the day
What exactly to your life do they bring?
Have we not got enough with which to cope
Without their constant negativity?
To leave them behind is our only hope
Before like them we all turn out to be.
How much happier lives we all could live
If we focused more on the positive.
Damian Murphy Apr 2016
Let not others get under your skin,
Do not react but instead respond.
For if you react then they will win,
You are giving them just what they want.
To react is all power to lose,
To respond gives them nothing to use.
If you can be the bigger person
And not react, then you will have won.
Damian Murphy Jul 2016
As stars the night sky illuminate,
Poetry does the darkness abate.
Damian Murphy Aug 2015
What are obstacles to some,
hurdles to be overcome,
For others spring boards will be,
Stepping stones to destiny.

From this could it be construed
That with the right attitude
Anything is possible
No matter the obstacle?

Is it Attitude no less
that is the key to success?
Letting nothing get in the way
Of you reaching your goals one day.
Damian Murphy Nov 2016
What I admire most of all
Is the leaf that is last to fall;
That so resolutely lives on
When many thought it would be gone.

A symbol of strength and courage
As life enters its final stage,
Facing a foretold destiny
With so much grace and dignity.

Each day struggling to survive
Against all odds, to stay alive.
Somehow finding the will to fight,
To remain proud despite her plight.

There is no doubt the day will come
When finally she will succumb,
Though I shall always love, admire
Her will to live, her sheer desire....

For all in life she gave to me
I shall cherish her memory,
Though her love of life I believe
Is the true legacy she leaves.
August meaning "inspiring reverance or admiration" or "of supreme dignity or grandeur" and "grand or noble" For my mum who, throughout her battle inspires us all with her strength
Damian Murphy Apr 2015
Standing here on Earth
Both Sun and Moon in the sky
Who, what, where, when, why?
Damian Murphy Jul 2015
Fear not those monsters that in the dark hide
Fear those instead that lurk deep down inside
For those in the dark little harm will do,
but those deep down inside can consume you.
Damian Murphy Nov 2016
What or whom you believe in matters not
If believe in yourself first you cannot.
Damian Murphy Sep 2017
To make the best of any mistake
The chance to learn one must not forsake;
No learning from a mistake to take
Is the worst mistake that one can make!
Damian Murphy May 2019
Let not flattery, praise beguile
Lest you become another's foil!
Damian Murphy May 2016
Books left on bookshelves
Might as well be dead....
To bring them to life
They have to be read!
Damian Murphy Jan 2016
Ne’er will there be any other
Who can compare to a brother.
Younger or older matters nay
They are there for you, come what may.
Though a bond which is quite unique
‘Tis a love not oft of we speak.
Though they may know we hold them dear
Perchance it would be good to hear?
Damian Murphy Dec 2015
Biting cold, rain, sleet and snow,
Temperatures very low,
Crunchy grass, freezing mornings,
Roads like glass; weather warnings!
Traffic jams, travel chaos,
Accidents to delay us.
Buses, trains stuck at stations,
Many flight cancellations.

Time for wearing winter gear
When coats and hats reappear,
When gloves and scarves are the norm
Anything to keep us warm!
When crying eyes, runny nose,
Frozen fingers, tingling toes
Are the order of the day;
Hard to keep the cold at bay.

Schools are shut to kids delight,
Can’t make work though try you might.
Home is where most folk are at
Turning up their thermostats
Heating on all night and day,
Kids indoors, not out to play.
Most folk staying in no doubt
Happy they need not go out.

But all do not have such luck
Perhaps a good time to look
In on neighbours the odd day
To make sure they are ok.
Maybe help the homeless too,
Do anything we can do
To ensure we all weather
These Winter storms together.
Damian Murphy Apr 2018
Truly great leaders have the skills
To turn mountains into mole hills,
Can those around them motivate;
A Can Do attitude create!
Damian Murphy Jun 2017
Life events will have an impact
Both negative and positive.
It all depends on how we react,
Cope with such changes as we live.

Some bring great joy, sorrow or pain;
They change us fundamentally.
Life cannot be the same again
As we view it differently.

Life will go on nevertheless,
No doubt more changes we shall see.
And how we react, nothing less,
Shall decide how our lives will be.
Damian Murphy Jan 2017
Ne'er can any mountain be climbed
Unless at first one is inclined!
Damian Murphy Aug 2016
Committing to change is the key,
Having a plan, a strategy.
Aims and goals that are within reach,
Not stopping 'til you achieve each.
Guarding against ambivalence,
Embracing the experience.
Damian Murphy Jun 2016
How others react when all goes to hell
So much about their character does tell.
How they act when things are going well though
Much more of their true character does show.
How one interacts daily with others
Of their character is a true measure.
Damian Murphy Dec 2016
Any man can drink 'til he drops,
Never know the right time to stop;
Can get out of his mind on drink,
So drunk he can no longer think!

It takes a real man to say No,
I've had enough, I have to go;
To be able to have a drink,
To enjoy the craic ... but still think!
Damian Murphy Nov 2015
Oh dear God! Is that the date? Please tell me it’s not true
I did not know it was that late, I’ve got so much to do.
I might be ready at a push, if I do not panic
But it will be an awful rush, possibly quite manic.

So much Christmas fare to make, I do not know where to start,
Three puddings and at least one cake, oh I must not fall apart.
Then there are the letters for Santa, cards for the relations,
And of course the Christmas tree, plus all the decorations.

And I must order the turkey, and not forget the ham
why do I bring this on me, I’m stupid so I am
and do not forget the stuffing, the veg and the gravy
brandy sauce for the pudding, oh this will be the death of me

I have to buy so many presents, but there will be no shocks
Last year I saw sense, after I received so many socks
I must not forget anyone, just in case they visit
I know I will forget someone, oh it’s not worth it, is it?

I am so busy I cannot think, and time is getting near
Oh I must not forget the drink, like I did last year
I need to get the kids new clothes and probably new shoes
Why I do it only God knows, because they hate everything I choose

Which parties will I attend, it is really hard to know
Because it drives people round the bend, when I accept and then don’t show
There is a list of people I must see, or should I disappear
I think they are still mad at me, for not visiting last year

Oh there is so much to organize for this Christmas Day
But after being up to my eyes I might just sleep the day away
But ‘tis the season of good cheer, a time to show goodwill
But as the day draws ever near I am sometimes fit to ****

I will do my best to get it done, I have my mind set
To make sure that everyone has their best Christmas yet
So I must get my finger out, that much I do know
Because there are only about…..fifty weeks to go!!
Damian Murphy Dec 2015
A lovely peaceful atmosphere
now that Santa has been and gone.
Surrounded by those we hold dear;
Merry Christmas everyone!

Families gather everywhere
for a Christmas celebration,
and all those who could not be there
are thought of on this occasion.

Sitting down to eat together
full of laughter, fun and good cheer
Times to be cherished forever;
A wonderful time of the year.

Roast turkey and ham with stuffing
with brussel sprouts, veg and gravy.
Then Christmas Cake and plum pudding,
Sherry trifle, mince pies maybe.

Christmas crackers ensure laughter,
funny hats and jokes in each one.
When dinner's done, shortly after
there are presents for everyone.

Then party games for all to play,
time for all to do as they please.
Such is the beauty of the day
when everyone is quite at ease.

I love Christmas I have to say,
time spent with friends and family.
In particular Christmas Day,
Of which I have fond memories.
Damian Murphy Dec 2015
Children find it hard to believe
That at last it is Christmas Eve.
Letters to Santa have long gone,
They have been waiting for so long.
Many go early to their beds
Thoughts of Santa filling their heads.
For the reindeers they have left treats;
For Santa lots to drink and eat.

They find it hard to close their eyes,
Awake again with each new noise.
All hoping for sleigh bells to hear
Now that Santa is getting near.
They worry were they good enough?
That Santa won't have enough stuff,
That their names are on the bad list,
That somehow their house might be missed.

So much goes through their little minds
Making it hard for sleep to find.
Though finally they do nod off
With lots of nice things to dream of.
Then when next morning they awake,
(For many well before day break)
They find that Santa has come through
And made all of their dreams come true.

They get a wonderful surprise,
Awe and wonder in their young eyes,
Reminding every one of us
Of the magic that is Christmas.
Merry Christmas to all #poets and #dreamers everywhere. Sincere thanks for all the likes, shares, comments and follows throughout the year, they are very much appreciated. All the very best to each one of you for the New Year.
Damian Murphy Dec 2015
Suddenly and without any warning
At some ungodly hour of the morning
Parents who are already sleep deprived
Are woken because Santa has arrived.

Christmas Eve they had been up half the night
Making sure that for Santa all was right
Now before they even open their eyes
Kids are shouting and screaming, full of noise.

Their beds covered now with so many toys
With hyperactive kids full of surprise
Laughing and smiling out of sheer delight
Not caring it's the middle of the night

Presents ripped open without a care
Wrapping paper, boxes, strewn everywhere
Each new gift a cause for celebration
Kids faces lit up in pure elation

Though to see kids happy, so excited
Parents are absolutely delighted
For no better present could they receive
Than to see kids dreams come true, I believe.
Damian Murphy Mar 2017
Those who can clearly see and clearly hear
Who choose to turn a blind eye, a deaf ear
To all they do not wish to see or hear,
Are clearly shallow; clearly insincere.
Their own happiness is all they hold dear;
That they care not for others is quite clear.
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