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Dec 2019 · 264
Smiling Queen Dec 2019
& today when
I sat to write down
my feelings,
I found that the
pen I carried had
no ink & the paper
was already drenched
with my tears
& so I scribbled my
thoughts with the blood
that dribble off my
fingers on these
rough walls that
caged my soul.

~your smiling queen :)
Written on 30th November 2019.
Dec 2019 · 268
Spooky Dream!
Smiling Queen Dec 2019
That was something strange
what I saw last night,
like the strips imprinted on Zebra
it was all black n white.

I banged my hand all around
just to escape from that scary place,
dreadful darkness surrounded me
as the new moon was on its lunar phase.

Neither I could sense my heartbeat,
nor I could breathe,
that frightening air suffocated me
& my feet were shivering from beneath

I found myself in a cemetery
where about thirty dead bodies surrounded me,
and among those, one I could identify
& that was unfortunately me

I ran from that haunted reality
but got stuck inside a grave
I cried with my choked voice -
"Please save me, please save! "

My dead body was lying near me
& my soul started to disappear
But then I woke up from that spooky dream
& I was sweating with fear.

~your smiling queen :)
This poetry is just an imagination of an insomniac. I really enjoyed writing this horror tale... But i really wish someday I'll get dreams too...
Oct 2019 · 728
//My Love//
Smiling Queen Oct 2019
He carries bits of stars in his veins
And they illuminate the night sky beside me.
I often tremble out of fear
But his eyes flicker in dark and guide me.

He paints a ray of sunshine through his smile
Although he endure agony but lied me.
He carries ointment of love in his heart
That heal the straches of my soul and delight me.

     ~your smiling queen :)
Dedicated to the love of my life.
Sep 2019 · 676
Love quotes #1.
Smiling Queen Sep 2019
Nothing tastes sweeter than your lips.

~your smiling queen :)
Smiling Queen Aug 2019
"I love you!" He uttered with his low voice holding my hand in his hand.

It was 28 May 2019.
My lover committed his love..
Aug 2019 · 281
Will they ever join again?
Smiling Queen Aug 2019
I gifted you my heart,
But you teared it apart.
I prayed for your happiness,
But you gifted me pain.
These broken pieces of my heart,
Will they ever join again?

Your lovely voice and cute smile attracted me,
Your face was the one I always desired to see.
You already know that my love for you was true,
And I know it was a little insane.
These broken pieces of my heart,
Will they ever join again?

The truth is I loved you and I still love you.
But you lied that you love me too.
I thought you'll come back.
But I was waiting for you in vain.
These broken pieces of my heart,
Will they ever join again?

~your smiling queen :)
Not my story
Aug 2019 · 419
Before 'YOU'!
Smiling Queen Aug 2019
Before you arrived in my life,
I rarely used to talk.
But now, I talk a lot.
And I talk only about you.

Before you arrived in my life,
I rarely used to share.
But now I share everything.
And I share it only with you.

Before you arrived in my life,
I rarely used to smile.
But now, I smile every second
And I smile just coz of you. ❤

~your smiling queen :)
I can't think of anything else except him. ❤❤
Aug 2019 · 182
Smiling Queen Aug 2019
You got your lovers and I got them too.
I said "No" to them coz I just love you.
But then too, you doubted my love and broked my heart.
You bought pains for my heart and you teared it apart.

~your smiling queen :)
Heart break story.
Aug 2019 · 221
My 16th birthday!
Smiling Queen Aug 2019
Created a lot of memories
Another year passed
Yet a lot new to discover.

~your smiling queen :)
My 16th birthday
Smiling Queen Aug 2019
Vo ek mahine phle se birthday ki excitement is saal thodi kam thi
Birthday ke din bhi birthday bali feeling thodi kam thi.
Ab mai shayad childish se thodi matured ** gayi thi.
Har saal ki tarah is saal mom dad se kisi mehenge se gift ki zid nhi ki thi.
Unke dil se diye aashirwaad ki khushi hi bahut thi.
Ab mai shayad childish se thodi matured ** gayi thi.
Bachpana jane mai vaqt thoda jyada lag gya.
Jimmedariya samjhne mai vaqt thoda jyada lag gya.
16 saal ki ** gayi thi, thodi badi ** gayi thi.
Ab mai childish se thodi matured ** gayi thi.
Ghar ki problems samjhne lagi thi.
Ab thoda hi sahi magar sahi aur galat mai pehchan ne lagi thi.
Ab mai childish se thodi matured ** gayi thi.
Jo phle papa ke paise dosto ke sath udaya karti thi.
Aaj papa ke sapne pura karna chahti hu.
Ab mai childish se thodi matured hoti ja rhi hu.
Ab mai childish se thodi matured hona chahti hu......

~your smiling queen :)
My 16th birthday!!
Aug 2019 · 753
Smiling Queen Aug 2019

    ­                B
   ­                 K
  ­                           E
                     ­                   O
  ­                                      E
                         ­               R
                                                ­      M

These are the words that define "ME".

             ~your smiling queen :)
This is ME.
Aug 2019 · 548
Better to come!
Smiling Queen Aug 2019
Better to come,
Worst has gone.
Dusk was harsh,
Welcome cheerful dawn.

~your smiling queen :)
Something better has to come.
Just wait for it.
By the way Tommorow is my birthday, what can be better than that.
Aug 2019 · 350
'YOU' are my POETRY!
Smiling Queen Aug 2019
Your smile is what I love.
Your arms is where I wish to live.
Your sweet voice is what I long to listen.
Just about you and us that's all I have always written.

~your smiling queen :)
I can't think of anything else except you my love.
Aug 2019 · 186
Smiling Queen Aug 2019
Tears come out from my eyes,
But you don't let them fall down.
Every time I feel lonely or cry for help,
You are the one who's always around.
I look at you, I wonder.
Your presence I adore.
You are my life now,
Without whom I can't live anymore.
Your friendship is my treasure,
Your voice is my song to soothe.
I love you the most,
And that's the Truth.
You are a precious gift to me.
You are my only secret keeper.
Thanks for everything you do.
Thanks for being mine forever.

~your smiling queen :)
My friend, my love, my life, my luck, my everything...
Aug 2019 · 843
Hindi Shayari #3
Smiling Queen Aug 2019
दिल तेरा दीवाना है,
इसमें मेरी क्या खता है ?
दिल दुखाते भी तुम हो,
और फिर मेरे जख्मों को सहलाते भी तुम हो ।

~your smiling queen :)
My heart is your lover,
What's my mistake?
You hurt my heart and then you are the one who heal my pain.
Aug 2019 · 204
Smiling Queen Aug 2019
From talking about studies,
To late night romantic chats.
From exchanging notebooks,
To passing the love letters.
From making eye contacts,
To those sweet kisses.
This is our journey from
Classmates to SOULMATES!!!

~your smiling queen :)
Committed since 1 May 2019.
Two classmates, now true lovers, and will be together forever.
Aug 2019 · 1.1k
Hindi poetry #1
Smiling Queen Aug 2019

Jab karte ** itni mohabbat hamse,
To phir tum chipate hi kyu **?
Jab tum mere bin ek pal bhi na reh pate **,
To phir mujhse dur jate hi kyu **?
Jab tumhara dil mujhe pana chahta hai,
To tum use satate hi kyu **?
Jab najare churani hi hai tumhe mujhse,
To phir mere samne aate hi kyu **?
Tum kehte the na ki mai tumhari nahi ** sakti,
Jab mai tumhari ** hi nhi sakti,
To phir mujhe tum itna yad aate hi kyu **?

~your smiling queen :)
If you love me so much,
Why the hell do you hide from me?
If you can't live without me,
Why the hell do you want to leave me?
Aug 2019 · 268
Smiling Queen Aug 2019
Misunderstandings happen.
Relationships are broken.
Love is ended.
Memories are left and then further Nothing is spoken.

~your smiling queen :)
You left me BROKEN!
Aug 2019 · 646
Smiling Queen Aug 2019
My smile,
My craziness,
My attitude.

Will never let you know the
Solitude of my soul,
Until you read
My eyes.

~your smiling queen :)
My fake smile won't let you know the real me.
Aug 2019 · 846
Hindi shayari #2
Smiling Queen Aug 2019

अब तक तो तुम ही इस दिल की तमन्ना थे,
पर अब जब तुम मेरे नहीं हो सकते,
तो फिर इस ज़िन्दगी से मुझे और कोई
ख्वाइश नहीं ।

~your smiling queen :)
Till now you were my desire, but if you can't be mine, then I don't have any expectations from my life.
Aug 2019 · 386
You ❤
Smiling Queen Aug 2019
I am in pain,
You are my relief.
You are amiable.
You are really sweet.
You are the reason of my Smile.
And the reason why my heart beat.
You are my life.

~your smiling queen :)
This is what you are for me, but I am Nothing for you.
You left me broken.
Aug 2019 · 947
Hindi Shayari #1
Smiling Queen Aug 2019

मेरे दिल में तुम्हारे लिए
बेशुमार इश्क है,  
पर तुम्हारे दिल के हाल से
अब तक अंजान हूँ ।

~your smiling queen :)
My first ever hindi shayari.
Aug 2019 · 450
Smiling Queen Aug 2019
People called me
Actually they mispronounced

~your smiling queen :)
Motivating myself to become an achiever.
Aug 2019 · 1.2k
Okay fine!
Smiling Queen Aug 2019
You got irritated with my boring talks,
Okay fine!
You got bored being in relationship with me,
Okay fine!
You want to live alone,
Okay fine!
You want to break up,
Okay fine!
But don't expect that I'll break up with you and live without you.
Yes I'll break up,
But I'll breakup with myself and
Die alone.

~your smiling queen :)
My journey from a lover to a loser...
Aug 2019 · 1.3k
Smiling Queen Aug 2019
Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Whatever the hell happens with me,
I won't ever stop lóvíng you.....

~your smiling queen :)
I will keep loving him forever.
Aug 2019 · 308
Perfect Choice ❤
Smiling Queen Aug 2019
Maybe for you,
I was just a MISTAKE....
But for me,
You were always my

~your smiling queen :)
Your mistake gifted me so many tears.
Jul 2019 · 839
Smiling Queen Jul 2019
"I don't love him anymore" , my mind convinces me.
But still he lies somewhere inside my heart.

~your smiling queen :)
I still love him.
Jul 2019 · 293
Love ❤
Smiling Queen Jul 2019
What is love ?
I never knew.
Until I fell for you....

~your smiling queen :)
You made me understand the meaning of love.
Jul 2019 · 224
Smiling Queen Jul 2019
Our lòve
Countless memorïes
Two BROĶEN Souls.

    ~your smiling queen :)
Broken heart
Jul 2019 · 301
One Day!
Smiling Queen Jul 2019
One day, Smiles will replace these Tears.

One day, Self Confidence will replace these Fears.

One day, Praisings will be more than Complains.

One day, Happiness will be more than Pains.

One day, Dreams will become Reality.

And on that One Day, you'll surely Remember ME...
One day things will get changed and pains will end..
Jul 2019 · 233
Smiling Queen Jul 2019
Both of us were silent,
But our eyes were still speaking.
Lovers talk through their eyes.
Jul 2019 · 197
Smiling Queen Jul 2019
When I am sleeping, you are there in my dreams.

And when I am awake, I am lost in your thoughts.

My desires are taking a new shape.

You are my desire now.
My desire---my crush ----my true love ----my shivam
Jul 2019 · 318
I love you more ❤
Smiling Queen Jul 2019
Yes your absence hurts me,
But your presence comforts me more.
Yes your smile makes me happy,
But your tears tense me more.
Yes your dreams excites me,
But having you in reality makes me blush more.
Yes I know you love me,
But you don't know that I love you more.
I really love you more my shivam..
Jul 2019 · 364
Smiling Queen Jul 2019
It still feels like a dream,
When dreams come true.
Feels like i am still dreaming.
Jul 2019 · 224
Smiling Queen Jul 2019
Love turned into Hate.
And Trust into Fear.
Friendship turned into Rebel.
And Smiles into Tear.
When you hate someone whom you loved the most. Everything changed. Only pains left.
Jul 2019 · 403
Smiling Queen Jul 2019
I don't write poetry,
I just portray my love for you through these words.
Every word dedicated to him. Him---the love of my life.
Jul 2019 · 361
Smiling Queen Jul 2019
Every morning,
I wake up with a hope,
A hope of happiness.
A hope that all my pains will end.
But at the end I am left alone with my BROKEN SOUL..
I AM BR---OK----EN
Jul 2019 · 254
Smiling Queen Jul 2019
That girl, who hides her true self behind those lies.

That girl, who is criticized everytime she tries to rise.


That girl, who calls herself smiling queen but never truly smiled.

That girl, who loves to enjoy but never enjoyed.


That girl, whose feelings are still unspoken.

That girl, who is completely broken.


That girl, who hurts herself when she gets frustrated.

That girl, who was betrayed by the one whom she trusted.


That girl, who shares her happiness but never showed that she is in pain.

That girl, who is a little stupid and insane.


That girl, who wants to shout but tries to control.

That girl, who is a 15 year old broken soul.


That girl, who always shows that she is happy.

That girl, is none other than ME....
A broken soul.
Jul 2019 · 489
Smiling Queen Jul 2019
I know this loneliness
Will forever be around.
Giving me pains,
And hurting my wounds.
I know this loneliness
Will never leave me.
It will torture my soul
And will break me.
Broken soul.
Lonely girl.

— The End —