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Smiling Queen Aug 2019
Vo ek mahine phle se birthday ki excitement is saal thodi kam thi
Birthday ke din bhi birthday bali feeling thodi kam thi.
Ab mai shayad childish se thodi matured ** gayi thi.
Har saal ki tarah is saal mom dad se kisi mehenge se gift ki zid nhi ki thi.
Unke dil se diye aashirwaad ki khushi hi bahut thi.
Ab mai shayad childish se thodi matured ** gayi thi.
Bachpana jane mai vaqt thoda jyada lag gya.
Jimmedariya samjhne mai vaqt thoda jyada lag gya.
16 saal ki ** gayi thi, thodi badi ** gayi thi.
Ab mai childish se thodi matured ** gayi thi.
Ghar ki problems samjhne lagi thi.
Ab thoda hi sahi magar sahi aur galat mai pehchan ne lagi thi.
Ab mai childish se thodi matured ** gayi thi.
Jo phle papa ke paise dosto ke sath udaya karti thi.
Aaj papa ke sapne pura karna chahti hu.
Ab mai childish se thodi matured hoti ja rhi hu.
Ab mai childish se thodi matured hona chahti hu......

~your smiling queen :)
My 16th birthday!!
Isaac Sep 2018
This life can cause pain
But with it is gain.

You may as well push through
To where it leads to.

For it's where your heart longs to be:
Matured, grown, and more free.
Written 27 September 2018
Salmabanu Hatim Jun 2018
After years of marriage,
We are now gnarled ,symbolic old trees,
It's fruits ripened and matured,
In fine tune with each other.
While I nap he watches his sports channel,
Then he  dozes and I watch my favourite programmes.
We share the same bowl of soup,
I don't mind if he slurps,
He does not mind if I spill some.
We have fun in the kitchen,
He helps me to cut the veggies and do the dishes,
If I admonish him for not doing them properly,
He gives me a toothless smile.
People would think we are fighting,
But its natural for us to speak loudly,
We are hard at hearing.
He loves cake,
He is my best cake mixer,
They come out soft and fluffy.
He drives,
I am his guide,
Stop, go slow, turn right ,so on.
Sometimes my friends and I meet to have coffee,
He goes out to meet his cronies in the park.
He enjoys to tease me or put me down,
I just shrug him off,
"Away with you old man"
I tend to nag a bit,
He does not mind.
At end of the day after a toothless kiss,
He holds my hands tightly,
Looks at me lovingly and says,
"We have made it so far love."
After years of marriage we had become as one.
Àŧùl Dec 2016
She will be even more beautiful,
Heavier will be her eyelids,
Eager will be men for her body.

Would she even miss me,
I** am not aware about it,
Longer this time spent,
Lot she will try to forget.

Ringing bells of her heart,
Every time she will bathe,
Pouring water from the shower,
Early tears will get veiled,
No memories get subsided,
Time spent she will recall.
My HP Poem #1349
©Atul Kaushal
Àŧùl Nov 2016
Neither a person is ever born an author,
Nor a person is ever matured into one,
An author is an author is an author...
I became an author when my story's author,
That destiny-writer who controls everything,
Became lazy & stopped my story any further..
As now I am the author of my autobiography!
HP Poem #1249
©Atul Kaushal

— The End —