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Abi Mar 30
And I felt as though I was burning from the inside out,
Choking on thick, black smoke while my mind began to fill with the ashes of what I once was.

Then he showed up and soothed my scorching soul all the while igniting something else. Something much deeper, that would hurt much more had be chose to blow it out.

Thankfully, mercifully, I thought, he decided to let me burn, but for too long. I began to sizzle out. For when the same spark finally caught  fire in him, the bonfire that was once ablaze in me was reduced to nothing more than a charred pile of memories..
This piece is over three years old and I hope to be posting a revised version, hence the title.
My thoughts
Are haywire
Lying to me in

So hard to
Stay positive
When all are
Screaming so

Every step turned
Hard work a
Crumbling crass,

No pieces remain
To react
Fallen hope
Choking to cope,

With shaky breathe
You stood
What left of you?

Before vultures attack
Fragmenting pride
Altering into self crimes,

Thoughts are powerful
Can pull through
Abhorrent verve
Lying only one side
Of turf
CautiousRain Jul 2019
Loosened tie,
loosened dirt,
one's gonna **** you
one's gonna hurt,
what's it gonna be boy,
when everything's turned,
suffocated misery
or the underground resort?
felt like a little rhyming today
Smiling Queen Jul 2019
Love turned into Hate.
And Trust into Fear.
Friendship turned into Rebel.
And Smiles into Tear.
When you hate someone whom you loved the most. Everything changed. Only pains left.
city of flips Jun 2019
turned twenty one,
which means that things illegal in Texas now
are really bad ones, no innocence defense available,
all the adult sinful pleasures mine all mine

and the men look at me more carefully

oh they still card me to be sure,
but what
they want really is just
my name and address

when not wearing my cutoffs,
surprisingly lean toward flouncy dresses
pretty angelic ***** interesting,
men so dumb,
they rather imagine what’s inside using a road map
they imagine, than convent convenient signs  
of a nice tight short skirt that reveals
all and suggests nothing

you may recall that shy cowboy,^
feet shuffling, getting himself in trouble,
blushing loudly, when his pretense smooth goes awry,
it’s over a year and he’ll be picking me up,
with a peck and a hey darlin’
and calling me by my pet name,
Velvet Hammer Ale,
ale, the copper color of my hair,
velvet, my love for him,
a hammer for fools and my tough as nails, stout insides

yup turned twenty one
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