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CautiousRain Jul 23
Loosened tie,
loosened dirt,
one's gonna **** you
one's gonna hurt,
what's it gonna be boy,
when everything's turned,
suffocated misery
or the underground resort?
felt like a little rhyming today
Neha Sharma Jul 14
Love turned into Hate.
And Trust into Fear.
Friendship turned into Rebel.
And Smiles into Tear.
When you hate someone whom you loved the most. Everything changed. Only pains left.
I'm not buying any ticket for any stairway to Heaven like all those people stood In
street pushing and preaching their so called religious believes you will have gathered
by now I'm not a believer
I have my own
don't lie In the curuption
of the church or so called priest who hide behide
their dog colliers and
walls of the
to abuse children If that's how one's gets a ticket to Heaven
I say forget about It I take my change with my own
believes my wife was
did every for the church and when poor Helen became sick the so called men of God turned their backs on her and mocked  
city of flips Jun 25
turned twenty one,
which means that things illegal in Texas now
are really bad ones, no innocence defense available,
all the adult sinful pleasures mine all mine

and the men look at me more carefully

oh they still card me to be sure,
but what
they want really is just
my name and address

when not wearing my cutoffs,
surprisingly lean toward flouncy dresses
pretty angelic ***** interesting,
men so dumb,
they rather imagine what’s inside using a road map
they imagine, than convent convenient signs  
of a nice tight short skirt that reveals
all and suggests nothing

you may recall that shy cowboy,^
feet shuffling, getting himself in trouble,
blushing loudly, when his pretense smooth goes awry,
it’s over a year and he’ll be picking me up,
with a peck and a hey darlin’
and calling me by my pet name,
Velvet Hammer Ale,
ale, the copper color of my hair,
velvet, my love for him,
a hammer for fools and my tough as nails, stout insides

yup turned twenty one
Johnny walker May 26
Never thought that I could
love again never would I have thought It
to want to love again for she and I we love from a distance
for we are so far apart there are so many miles and ocean between
but through technologies and the Internet we keep In contact each and every day
but I love her as my dear friend she feels same about me so we
each other as friends nothing more because neither want a relationship which we've both already
In our lives true friends that we are she helped me so much In my struggles with grief the loss
my wife but sadly I'll never get to meet her In person for my ever Increasing disability
which will prevent me from ever traveling but we'll continue to
from far away because there are no boundary that can stop true love for love does last forever but
been so lucky In the way I have loved twice In my life and Helen and Terry I love equally
I have a friend who Is helping me now I'm so lucky I've this friend from afar and neither of us want a relationship other than of being friends that suits us both so be forever friends
When I was a kid always thought whatever would
ever be abused as a child
didn't really give a
Didn't think I had much
of a future, you see not really much going for
me abuse turned me Into a recluse
Its Helen that turned my life around gave me confidence that I never had for twenty with Helen
I lived the
Had no confidence as a kid through child abuse never
had confidence or believe
In myself
Reached out one day and
she was there to answer all my prayer's untill Helen know one wanted to know me no one would even
looked my
as If I didn't exist a victim of abuse caused me to live my life reclusive hidden from the world through total lack of confidence
I'd lacked throughout my life no one there to comfort me words of encouragement
before Helen I'd never heard
till the day Helen heard
calling through my tears and all the pain but Helen turned around my life so much I common did we have struck
a chord straight never no awkward moments
If we'd been together all our lives and through love we had for each other two now became as one two hearts that once beat
Seperate worlds beat together now as one God bless this called Helen who became my wife for she turned around my
For Helen turned my World around for two heart that once bear In separate worlds now beat as one
Once upon upon time
many years ago I met
girl so sweet and loving
she was to
Once upon a time long
ago long ago I fell In love
with this pretty called girl
Once upon a time long
ago I got engaged shortly
after that I married this pretty
Once upon a time long ago
my pretty wife gifted me a wonderful son and so proud of her I
Once upon a time not so
long ago I lost my pretty wife to ill health that I'm slowly trying to come to terms
Once upon a time a very short time ago I promised
my pretty wife a
to date I've written nearly
nine hundred and fivty all
dedicated to my pretty
A poem promised to my pretty wife that turned Into nine hundred and fivty dedication poems to her memory
Johnny walker Jan 28
I'll light a candle for Helen
tonight In memory of her
and all the sacrifices she made to her children and
In world that didn't do her any favours that allowed her to suffer In pain robbed her of the ability to walk bit by bit her Independence eaten
till she hardly do anything for herself a once proud woman who guided
her children and me
through every day struggles called
Helen gave so much to the Catholic church who then turned their backs on this
the poor girl who had given her all to the
when she became unwell they became ashamed of her they would mocked  her the so-called men of God this all happened before I met her
for If I had been with her they would have had me to deal with I'm, not a great believer In what I call dog collars  
I'm proud of my wife and the strength and bravery she showed to us all when she knew she was
but she free of a world that was so cruel to her rest In peace my darling I'll see you In a little while
The Catholic Church turned It's back on my wife when she became unwell through overwork running around doing for the everything for the church the so-called men if
god ashamed of her
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