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Myrrdin Oct 2023
He loved me unconditionally
As God does
Promising me hell
Mugerwa Muzamil Sep 2023
Love of the moss
grows shyly for the rock
With the rock nothing to flaunt
Whispers and sheds misty tears

Woods shun the rock
But the moss dares it
Giving the green cushion
and the glisten it longs

Such is the extravagance of the moss
The green blanket of the Eskimo
For the moss will give the rock buds
for it to taste the mist of dawn

Shrubs and thickets will envy
but embrace their despise
Winds swipe the shrubs
The moss nestled against the rock
Hugs, sticks and vows
Till man do us apart.

September 2023
Maria Mitea Aug 2023
I don't know how it found  you, but
tonight is the full moon,
yellow moon,
I have never seen it before, it is shining like gold above the land,
the grass is submissive
and the  farmers are working hard, cutting it  for the cows,

My real  lover has come,
he returned, but
he is drunk,
and I don't know how to touch him,
I don't know how to kiss him,

His tears are falling down  like rain
in despair,

My lover returned,  -
God is one, has no equal,
but, I don't know how to love  him,
Caresse him
Deep Jul 2023
You were also
promising in the
like political parties,
But as the time passed
the reality unfolded,

Power corrupts them,
But to you, my love, my love
The Tinkerer May 2023
Calm personified,
Words resonating,
Bringing me into my own.

Empathy personified,
The joy, this belief,
We'll never walk alone.

Strength personified,
A Sequoia how mighty you've grown.

Trust personified,
Your presence within,
To have found a home

Care personified,
A hug that breeds warmth in my soul.

~You are~

Love personified,
Like no other,

I only hope you know.
Your love, your care, your soul does not go unnoticed. And sure as hell does not go unappreciated.

You are loved for you love.

Thank you.

Lorraine Colon Jan 2022
Ask, if you will, for my hand to hold
As the day withdraws its golden light;
And no, I will not think you too bold
Should you ask me to stay through the night

If it is a song you need to hear
To help put your restless mind at ease,
I shall place my lips close to your ear
And hum softly in angelic keys

When seeds of despair become full blown,
Together you and I will tame them;
My strength and loyalty are yours to own --
You need only reach out to claim them

I would let my blood course through your veins,
And my breath in your chest rise and fall;
Any strategy that yet remains
Shall be rendered at your beck and call

Love spares nothing, but must give the whole
Of its being to impart its sweet bliss;    
So my heart, my life, my very soul
Are yours . . . but I'll give no more than this!
What's left to give?
m Oct 2021
You're all I need
The whisper of the leaves in the breeze
The sun scattered along the ground
You, smiling and running gleefully
Just so happy to be alive
I try to keep up but your wonder forever exceeds me
You're all I need
To keep me from freezing over
My best friend forever
There's nothing you could ever do to hurt me except disappear
and I know one day I will have to say goodbye
But in my heart, you're eternal
Pets are really special
letters to basil Oct 2021
dear basil,

watch the sunrise
remember how lucky you are to see it
smell the morning air
keep it in your lungs because you can
water your plants
show them unconditional love

love yourself unconditionally
because you're lucky, because you can

just something about loving myself a little more. this one is for you, too. drink some water, love.

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