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Nitika Sharma Oct 13
Take my Hand
while crossing  path
Leave the shadow
When it needs to part
Take my Breath
To rhythm your Beats
Leave my Heart
When it burns in Heat
Take my Love
to heal your scars
Cut the strings
when my soul departs

Nitika Sharma
How could I bury something
that never

Pull me apart and
use me.
We cannot be whole

Map the network
of my veins;
within me

We cannot escape
this orbit
but we could
crash together

There would be beauty in that
They preach forgiveness
I have some kind of animus and derisiveness
Forgiveness is a bad tool
Often used by the fools
History is replete with evidence
Forgiven came back with a vengeance
Destroying the forgiver
Punish if you could
Do justice if you could
Within the framework of law
Forgiveness is rarely a good Karma
Fairly leading to Adharma from Dharma
Forgiveness encourages the offenders
Giving impetus to innocence pretenders
Forgiveness is often used by the meek and weak
As they have no courage so as to tweak
It's a sign of surrender to  one who plunders
Forgiveness is often mistaken for reconciliation
Reconciliation is the keyword
Forgiveness is often associated with hypocrisy
Forgiver is often resentful, revengeful and deceitful from inside
When there is a valid Law of Karma
Where's the need for forgiveness drama
Punishment you can't escape indeed
Even if forgiveness is bestowed with ease
Unforgiven remain in control
As if they are on parole
They say forgiveness is necessary
To heal your soul
To me the belief in the Law of Karma
Sufficient to console and heal
the soul
When it comes to unconditional love
Forgiveness is an appropriate word
You forgive them
Whatever whatever
They do to you!
Austin Reed Aug 31
Give me undying love
My selfishness wants your time
Listen to my words;
They’re more important than what you’re doing

Fill my void
Be something I can’t conflict
Welcome me like I do my self-indulgent thoughts
Dear body,
I feel at home inside you.
Thank you.
I  liked her the first time I met her. Her name was Patricia, but everyone
  called her Pat. I would sit in the big, stuffed chair, she in her office chair.
    We would always close our eyes and keep them shut, and waited. "Force
    nothing," she would say. We were doing imagery. I remember telling her
     we were lying on a bed, but the bedroom was in outer-space. I had just been born. Pat was my mother. I lay on her chest. She nursed me. (I
asked my biological mother once, "Mom, did you nurse me?" She an-
swered, "Yes." I asked her for how many years. She said "I nursed you
  once, just once.")  Pat and I had many sessions over the following years.
In the imagery work we did, I, of course, got older. As I got bigger, Pat
put me in a stroller and pushed me around. When I got old enough, we
created a bedroom for me where I slept. During one session when I was
  still in the stroller, we passed the door of the room. I told Pat I would like
to open the door, so we did. When I look outside, I was stunned. I said
to Pat, "This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!" I exclaimed.
  I tried to describe to Pat what I saw. It was a garden, the most beautiful garden I had ever seen. All kinds of different, beautiful flowers! They
   were iridescent, glowing. Pat asked me what I thought they meant. With-
  out hesitation, I *******,"It's the rest of my life, Pat! It's the rest of my
life!" When you work with imagery as a therapy modality, most people
use the phrase "guided imagery." I didn't like that phrase, because it did
not describe correctly what Pat and I were doing. I liked the phrase "un-guided imagery," which I coined. That's exactly whar we were doing.
"Force nothing," she had said. Once Pat put me on her shoulders and we
     went outside for a walk into the village nearby. (We had returned to Earth.
    This is what can happen in unguided imagery.) Pat walked through a grove
   of trees and eventually wound up on the sidewalk next to Main Street. We
   passed a homeless man standing near the entrance of a pastry shop, which we decided to enter. Pat bought some cookies. When we went back
   outside,Isaid to Pat I'd like to give a cookie to that man who was still
    standing where he been standing. We went over to the man and I gave him
    a cookie. He said, "Thank you." When I got a bit older, Pat and I were in
   the living room that had become part of our imagery. She sat on the floor with her back against the wall. I was standing at the other end on the living room. Suddenly, I took off running toward Pat and jumped into her opem
   arms. I was thrilled. The next time I did a flip in mid-air, then landed into her opem arms. Then next time I bounced off the wall and landed into her open arms. Then I did multiple flips in the air before I landed in her open arms. I was having the
time of my young life. I had never felt so happy. For the first time in my life,
I was being loved. Even though all of this was happening in unguided imagery, emotionally I was feeling, and receiving, the real thing, love--in
fact, unconditional  love, the greatest gift a parent can give her/his child.
Pat and I had many, many more wonderful experiences in doing unguided imagery. I could feel Pat's love for me. Because I finally experienced unconditional love, I finally was able to love myself. A blessed man was, and am, I.

Copyright 2020 Tod Howard Hawks
A graduate od Andover and Columbia College, Columbia University, Tod Howard Hawks has been a port and a human-rights advocate his entir adult life.
The heart is flying again, bound to crash and break,
"I'm here" she sent me a message, I've lost control of the breaths I take,
A gentle breeze rubbed the crimson cheeks of the evening sky ending the warm day,
The weather, harbinger of her arrival, tells me she's in my city, to stay.
I love her, always have, always will. I wish she sees through my ugly shell and claims all my warmth for her.
Her Songs May 24
I want to experience love
The kind of love that is unconditional
Where the feelings are always mutual
The kind of love that makes you feel hopeless
Constantly craving all of the closeness
The kind of love that you don't have to question
With no insecurities that we have to mention
The kind of love where I don't have to say a word
Without my feelings ever being deferred.

I am not one people typically love
But for once, I want to experience true love.
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