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They preach forgiveness
I have some kind of animus and derisiveness
Forgiveness is a bad tool
Often used by the fools
History is replete with evidence
Forgiven came back with a vengeance
Destroying the forgiver
Punish if you could
Do justice if you could
Within the framework of law
Forgiveness is rarely a good Karma
Fairly leading to Adharma from Dharma
Forgiveness encourages the offenders
Giving impetus to innocence pretenders
Forgiveness is often used by the meek and weak
As they have no courage so as to tweak
It's a sign of surrender to  one who plunders
Forgiveness is often mistaken for reconciliation
Reconciliation is the keyword
Forgiveness is often associated with hypocrisy
Forgiver is often resentful, revengeful and deceitful from inside
When there is a valid Law of Karma
Where's the need for forgiveness drama
Punishment you can't escape indeed
Even if forgiveness is bestowed with ease
Unforgiven remain in control
As if they are on parole
They say forgiveness is necessary
To heal your soul
To me the belief in the Law of Karma
Sufficient to console and heal
the soul
When it comes to unconditional love
Forgiveness is an appropriate word
You forgive them
Whatever whatever
They do to you!
They say forgiveness doesn't mean condonation or excusing of the wrong done. If your anger and resentment against the wrong doer die, will you punish or cause to be punished the wrong doer? Punishment is inflicting some kind of physical or mental pain for the wrong done. Will true forgiveness ever do it? Some say punishment helps forgiveness. Every wrong cannot be subjected to judicial process. You may decide to punish and do justice at your own level. Wouldn't it be revenge helping forgiveness!
Kris Balubar Jun 21
Every day with you is promising,
Your beautiful soul caught my attention
I sure need your lovely heart
You give me this unconditional love
****, I may be falling harder than I thought

I promise to love you,
Every day that will last forever
This beautiful world lead us to each other
I sure want this for a lifetime
****, I better marry you
I hope this could be it, haha
FunSlower May 22
Don’t hold your breath, little lady.
You’ve stolen mine away, and I need you to fill these lungs like you’ve filled my heart, pretty baby. As you breathe new life into me, all I see is

Sunflowers and you in that field.
You’re the only one in my field.
Visions of future, past healed.
I just wanna watch you as you blink
And my whole world bursts into yellow & pink.

King’s precious queen, drive me crazy.
You stole all time away, and I need you to feel these arms that’ll hold you up, pretty lady. As your heart beats in time with mine, all I see is

Mischievous eyes that you yield.
Lips that aren’t meant to be sealed,
Hiding the heart that you shield.
I just wanna know what you think.
Watching me fall into you as I sink.

Nothing’s got a hold on me like you.
Touching sentiment I never knew. You’re
Clutching onto me, something so true.
Hold me close you’ve turned my black into blue.
Brightest flowers. Lightest showers.
Endless comfort through the hours.
Fancy those infantile powers.
Kitty Apr 16
It's in the way he smiled at me when we first met
Nothing special about his smile but the chipped tooth
The way those eyes tell a million stories and yet are so kind
He listens
I’ve never had that before
And calls me out on my *******
Because he knows I like to lie

He doesn't put people down for things they enjoy
I’ve never had that before
He respects my passion and lifts me
He treats me like I want to be treated
Because i'm sick of being treated like an ignorant little girl

He's nice to everyone and
I’ve never had that before
Even if he dislikes them he's compassionate and kind
And sees good within the worst

And although his hairs to long
And although his brothers a *****
And although I still feel judged by him sometimes
I’ve never had someone like him before


I’m not afraid to call him whenever
And I was already friends with his friends
He notices things, even before, that no one else does
And is genuinely happy for me

And i've never had that before
Never had the kindness
Never had the unconditional
Never had the best friend
But I guess thats because i've never had him before.
"...God's name in creatures,
hid in wonder mystery
that spelt inversely..."
Freddie and Max
Payton Feb 24
You look in the mirror and see nothing but remorse, I look at you
and see bones and stardust.
This isn't really a poem. It's more like a pretty thought and was written in 2016.
Roxana Feb 16
I stared at your eyes as you poured into mine, together we were alone and alive, so full of love and all that is good but, yes there’s a but in every love story.

You stared at my eyes as I poured into yours, giving myself to you with no choice because I wanted to become one with you but, yes there’s a but in every love story.

Let’s recapitulate, recalculate, put it on pause and really meditate upon the events that transpired, because at first we were so wired, secretly in love at the wrong **** time, fire was burning and we were just learning, really understanding what was happening, but the thing is the moment wasn’t right, we tried to make it fit but it really didn’t sit well with the universe’s plan... whatever that is.

This is for you, to understand my truth. To understand and comprehend that I owe you my truth. I can’t stop thinking about you, and that’s the truth. I’m hoping the universe delivers on our love story, because you’re the only one I love unconditionally and truthfully, it’s kind of scary. Time is going on and I’m waiting for you, but truth is I’m getting worried it might not be you. Maybe I’m fantasizing about something untrue, but I’ll always keep a place for you in my heart, in case you come back and decide which path is the one for us because I trust you with my soul, and that’s the unconditional truth.

I am in love with the pain in your eyes, it has me regretting all these lies that were enmeshed all over, entangled with power struggles and manipulation, when all I really wanted was honesty and your affection. I know I didn’t show it and my actions weren’t always what I wanted to portray, but it is what I displayed and I’m left alone licking my own wounds until they scar while you’re somewhere far, it’s so bizarre, how we collided once upon a time and now you’re out there while I’m taking lime with my tequila to mask the pain...

I believed for so long that we were meant to be, but I can’t go on thinking it will be, for this hope has me holding onto you and I can’t cope knowing, and not knowing, what you are thinking. Sometimes I reminisce and think about our kiss, fireworks around us while I was your miss, full of love and passionate, you were definitely my favourite. My inspiration and the reason for my poems and ideas, can I get a subpoena and get you to come see me? Is that a possibility? Would you promise me the world like you did before or would you run away to even the score from when you once loved me and I did not, a regret I will not forget...

Through the ups and downs, the happiness, the sadness and the madness, we have failed to make it work. I used to go berserk when things didn’t work in my favour, for I would lurk just to feel close to you... but the time for endings has arrived and deep inside it feels like suicide but I will let it slide for I won’t be defeated or succumb to negativity, and at last go on with my life blissfully, for there is so much to live for and I believe in my core of cores that beautiful things await. For you, for me, and for all; just know I would give my all for one more talk with you, oh the things I would say, I always pray it happens and maybe one day we shall cross paths again, but this pain doesn’t make me want to gain another rendezvous with you, so I’ll just leave it be. You will always be in my heart but this is the part where I say, goodbye.
tanglaw Feb 6
I am always there when needed,
Always found when searched,
I give everything I could to people I love,
To people closest to my heart,
I can be a clown,
a fighter,
an entertainer,
a super-friend.
I'm there when somebody needs me,
I'm there when you want a shoulder to cry on.
I save others,
But who saves me?
Iz Feb 5
There’s strangers I’ve loved unconditionally,
In train stations and subways their eyes have met mine,
In checkout lines and park trails their words have left me comforted
In the ugliness of it all strangers have shown me beauty
For it’s not about the time you’ve known someone
But the relentless respect and adoration they’ve shown you
In this angry world I’ve found happiness I carry with me through all of my days
There’s smiles engrained so deeply in my heart I can’t help but feel their warmth
theres strangers in this world that I have
loved, and there are strangers who have loved me
Tell somebody something nice today <3
Man Jan 31
all the people i know
have stained my brain
with their misery and their woe,
don't they know?
i have them too
but i would never shovel them on you
it doesn't seem the right thing to do
when i could give you all love
and give woe the shove
i work it out myself
though there's still pain on the shelf
it's below me, not above
i have pain
because all i give is love
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