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Umang Oct 11
How can i put an ocean in jar
If its meant to be deep and stretched as the sky!

How can i stop her from doing anything
Coz she is the ocean more blue than real one
And can be stormy too.

Drown me into your memories
Like oceans depths
Drown me untill
All the voices in my head go silent
All the anxitey pools get out and float up like a bubble into the salty waters.

I m dark moon
From far aaway i m pulling you up
Trying to lift you up and pull close to me
I want you to spread on my whole body to my whole depths
Leave these earth
Empty every drop
Turn into a tornado
Tearing sky layers
Come to me

Leave all that land
Dry out and just leave
Why you sell yourself to cloud ?
Why burn yourself over there !!!?
Why ? For whom ? You should bare all the doomed pain!!
Just come to me
And we will live happily
You wont have to cut yourself to pieces ,
Why should earth let you caged in gravity chains !!!
Just fly to me.
Hafza Awan Sep 23
The heart would never know, why we love them

We love them so they seem us beautiful
they are beautiful that's why we love them


the mind would never decipher, why we miss them

we miss them and they come to our mind
they come to our mind then we miss them
love is unreasonable.
marrion Sep 15
Mahal ko ang Pilipinas
pero hindi ng walang kapintasan
Mahal ko sya kahit
traffic ay di nababawasan
Mahal ko sya kahit
talamak pa rin ang kahirapan
At patuloy kong mamahalin
Pagkat siya ang bayan ko
na sinilangan

Kahit problema nya sa droga
ay hindi nalulunasan
Kahit mga teritoryo pa nya
ay unti-unti nang nababawasan
Kahit mas marami pa sa tama
ang mali sa aking bayan
Mahal pa rin kita, Pilipinas
Hinding-hindi kita iiwan
Acina Joy Sep 9
I'm a quiet woman.
A dangerous one at that.
Give me love, and it's dangerous
for a woman like me.

I don't burn men;
I don't provoke women.
I don't mount weights on my shoulders,
I don't move castles just for myself.

I'm a quiet woman.
A dangerous one,
that once you give me love,
I will swallow lit matches
into my gas-filled lungs
and breathe fire
to my terrible world
to burn, burn, burn
and rub ash on my skin,
hoping it will fix my aching heart.

Hope peace for a dangerous woman like me.
Hope nothing else will fall apart.
hope you enjoyed your day today
Eloisa Aug 27
You calmed my heart with your words that sound like angelic hymns
Your unconditional love took me out of my own labyrinth
Thank you for your miracle of love
You have healed my broken wings
Sean Rosalez Aug 15
I loved you once
I hurt you twice
I am so sorry I never said anything nice
In my heart I truly know
I will always love you
as long as the stars still show
I can't help it but the way you make me feel is love
I hope this week I can deeply show
you the real man in me
And sorry
I ran out of rhyme
Neha Sharma Aug 9

मेरे दिल में तुम्हारे लिए
बेशुमार इश्क है,  
पर तुम्हारे दिल के हाल से
अब तक अंजान हूँ ।

~your smiling queen :)
My first ever hindi shayari.
I'll be your loudest cheerleader
Even when the stands are empty
Be it with or without merit
I love you unconditionally

My life, I would gladly lay to rest
If doing so would preserve your own
To pull you from the depths of Hell
Without regret, I would sell my soul

Yet as my armour begins to rust
Exposing my open wounds
I realize I'm no longer strong enough
To carry us both through

Have courage to climb higher each day
Than you did the day before
Remember how to use your wings
When you're finally ready to soar

Your feet will never leave the ground
If you haven't the faith to leap
But you can bounce from star to star
If you're not afraid to dream

Be not defeated by trials you'll face
Silence the rhetoric of loathing and grief
Realize that through the ugliest of pain
We become our greatest masterpiece

I pray you find your way back home
With the map I made for you
My only wish for you, sweet child
Is that you find joy in all you do
A poem for my children
gabrielle Jul 11
a glimpse of you
the eyes
wanders far from me

a look
and the stars within you
they glimmer too much

it sounded
as if your gaze
screams, "who are you"

yet the fool
believed you knew me
and it shatters me fully

an eye
for my heart
does overdue

i still love you
give me answers
I never thought that I would see the world in your eyes.
You filled the vast space of my world with your bright spectrum.
Your smile creeps into my heart, your laughter echoes repeatedly into every nerve of my body.
You've poisoned my very soul with so much happiness, happiness that not even in my wildest dream will warm my frozen heart.
Happiness that calms my chaos.
Happiness that I'm very willing to take under whatever circumstances.
Happiness that I found and will always find in you.
My constant you.
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