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Char Blackmon Mar 11
I heard my heart beat
Felt yours beat too
Our hearts beats as one
No distance can tear that apart
Not one
Xgaizer Mar 6
you told me  to sing
cause its what  i love
you told me to write
cause i love the tale
you told me to dance
to our un-choreography move
you told me to draw
cause i love to scratch
you told me to play
cause i just love the game
you told me to dress
because i love to show
you told me to smile
cause it just makes me shine
you told me to trust
cause you say you won't break it for sure
you told me to love
cause i deserve it all
you ask me to be yours
are you even sure?
and if its a yes
then is a yes.
to girl that can always make me feel like everything
Even if you don't return my affections
I will always love you
first sight
my mind
playing games
going wild

was it all in my head
i regret that it wasn't real
when we met

so now
everynight i lay there
in my bed
without you by my side
but only you on my mind
kissing my hand
to be your lips i kiss
Madison Feb 15
Every one has barbed wire.
It pulls away but you only grip it tighter.
It cuts into your hands.
But you refuse to let it go.
No matter the pain.
No matter the cost.
Comment your barbed wire. Mine is not being alone
Em MacKenzie Feb 14
I can no longer paint pictures
my hands are trembling and broken,
even though I arranged directions in the fixtures,
you know there’s much I’ve never truly spoken.
I created a simple scavenger hunt
and drew out a map to my only treasure,
my clues are obvious but clearly not blunt,
but what I have cannot be weighed nor can it be measured.

You should know me well enough
to know there’s nothing you can’t say,
go on and call my bluff,
I’ll remain feeling this way.
Kiss me gently or slap my face
give me breath or finish me,
stay connected or disappear without a trace,
I’ll still love you unconditionally.

I’ve never been one to give a speech;
words have weight and I hate my voice,
but with time and support it’s not impossible to teach
where there’s a will, there’s a way and a choice.
It feels like I’ve made it easy to see
I can’t help it, it’s plain as day,
‘cause even as I’m locked; you’ve got the key,
and your lips can read mine for what I don’t say.

I’ll never forget the smile on your face
when our lips slowly first met,
the skin that my fingers ache to trace,
a face that even death could not make me forget.
Burn my skin and scrub me raw,
or lovingly bathe me in the sea,
you can part the rules and break each law,
but I’ll still love you unconditionally.

I believe you can pull the stars
straight down from the skies,
cause I see past all your scars
and see them twinkle in your eyes.
I know everyone has their role
and everything is a two way street,
but Darling if I’m going to bare my soul,
it’s only fair that you show your feet.
Hours later I go back on my vow not to write a love poem on Valentines Day. I lose.
Free as a bird when I'm on my bike that's how I feel.
One wheel in the air no feeling dispair, no emotions or care. Just that feeling right there... Yeah...
Live to ride. Ride to live!!
Tanya Feb 5
It is a furry dog
that makes love
bark in another language,
that makes my heart
run wild on four

Oscar the labradoodle.
I know you hate it when I sleep
Because your anger is rarely more intense
Than when I shut my eyes
Comfortable on the couch
Wedged between the cushion and the back
Eyes heavy
Trying desperately to stay awake for you.

I don't ever want to hear "I don't care"
Come from your mouth again.
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