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I will always smile
When my thoughts run to you
Your soft touch
Your honey filled smile
Those handsome blue eyes
Your gentle laugh
Your hopeful eyes
The way you protect me
I'm glad our paths crossed
You make my heart flutter
You kiss me
In a way
I will always
remember this ad me when you feel down i will miss you most of all
How could I forget that accident,
Which made us feel like we are meant,
We both underestimated each other,
This paved the way for us to walk together,
After that everyday was full of confessions,
Every hug, Every cuddle, Every moment was mixed with passions,
Your smile was what I wanted to see everyday,
For that I always had to find a way,
Those small wounds would make you worry,
And then I would be in your arms for you to carry,

But how could I forget that accident,
Where you forget me and went,
I alone got tortured living those memories,
Remembering every of your chivalry,
It is pain to see you too close but too far,
Like fighting alone a war,
In your eyes I am now a stranger,
In your path and life I've become a hinder,
Now I realize how your love was no less than a poison,
For that how you chose me to be the one,
It is pain that I wear behind this smile,
But you wouldn't stop to look at it for a while,
Now everything has changed including you,
Wish I had never met you.
Long after I have given up,
my heart searches for you without my permission.
-Rudy Francisco
Euphrosyne Feb 2020
Smile, a simple curve in your face
That sets everything into place
It's a gesture in your lips
That makes me forget how to sleep

Smiling will cost you nothing
But for me it means everything
It always happen in just a flash
Yet the memory stored in me will last

With a glimpse of that sweet smirk
And this whole world of mine change
With a glance of your sparkling smile
I can say that this life is a brand new game

Why would I bother gazing up in the sky
If the shiniest star is in front of my eye
It would be a waste of time diving looking for a pearl
It's an obvious fact, with your smile nothing can be compare

Your smile is like a contagious virus
Affecting my heart, and mind and make me smile too
damaging my brain cells and can't do a thing
hanged, frozen, just looking straight to you

It's amazing how it can make me vulnerable
Your smile is very lovable
I'll do anything to make that smile last for eternity
Because it defines the name "diane" for me
I gave this poem for diane.
Smiling Queen Aug 2019
Your smile is what I love.
Your arms is where I wish to live.
Your sweet voice is what I long to listen.
Just about you and us that's all I have always written.

~your smiling queen :)
I can't think of anything else except you my love.
Feliz G Sep 2017
Your song,

Can you hear it?

Your eyes,

A sparkle.

The melody of a twinkling star.

Your smile,

A shine.

The lyric of a moonlit river.

Your hair,

A softness.

The whisper in the wind.

Your song,

Can you hear it?
Oh Chelsea, dear Chelsea, will I be able to make you mine? A rebirth of a heartbreak, is what this is.
Nacreous Views Jul 2017
Going out with thy ecstatic rile,
Sun soaked cherubic smile,
You impale my ziel senile,
I slay a thousand miles
To meet ya' at Zion's isles....
Your smile.
my heart  searched
for a vibe on another
heart with which to
resonate and found none.
finding none, it  wandered endlessly like
Infra-red rays seeking a
suitable tempo upon which
to strike an interference.
i  wandered in search of a fertile
land in a heart upon
which to grow seeds of
love, my head burrowed
deep in a shell of
but on that fateful day,
too-good-to-be-true was
your smile--- it caused
my eyes to twitch,
borrowed a beat from my heart, transforming my
thoughts to an ode-- a
prelude to better days
i still see that smile,
lucid--- your lips opening
like windows of love,
revealing shiny white
louvres of beauty (teeth)
which opened to your
tongue-- a valley flowing
with sweetness as it
goes down your palate
like a parting curtain
welcoming love... then
you said "hi".
this friendship began with a smile,
it deepened with the " hi"
i have tapped from the
happiness let out from
the windows of your heart--
your smile..
my heart no longer wanders, in your smile,
it found rest
my greatest wish is
to make this smile mine
plant a kiss on your lips,
the happiness that
dwells in there becoming
a remedy to my malady.
Chukwudera Michael

— The End —