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Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
When thoughts of happiest memories drift into my mind I am momentarily at peace

Perfection the only word that comes close to what those memories feel like

We picture roses and dinner
For us it's also more than that

All images infused with laughter

Landmarks of relationship laid out before me like the wonders of the world
You are the wonder of MY world

No words ever mattered more or have ever cemented themselves so deeply in my heart as "I love you"

And of countless things about us I have questioned
Belief in that phrase was never one of them
Love is a powerful word and even stronger force
Leah Hilliges Dec 2020
I am perplexed
by those that speak of death
so lightly,
like it’s another item on their to-do list
or a tedious task that’s been performed countless times before.
Smiling Queen Jul 2019
Our lòve
Countless memorïes
Two BROĶEN Souls.

    ~your smiling queen :)
Broken heart
Alex Oct 2018
You can look up to the sky at night
Around the moon, the slate of tar
But never, within your sight
Will you see ten thousand stars.

You can look and look and look,
Stare and stare and stare,
They seem gone, stolen, took
You can glare and glare and glare.

You can look up to the sky at night
Around the moon, a slate of tar
But never, within your sight
Will you see a thousand stars.

Because there are more
So many more hiding
So many secrets in store
While for a glimmer you are fighting

The truth is
You can't see a thousand stars
Because you're blocking out
Ten billion.
This is my first poem in a while, so I'm sorry if it's a bit unclear.
nandhitha Nov 2017
My mind is like the "tides"!
Beneath the tides lie countless memories....
Drowning in emotion...
Beauteous Beast Nov 2015
you're the deadly kind
that when you make me feel so otherworldly alive,
it is a plus to the countless ropes left around my neck so tight
Pooja Shah May 2015
Down the memory lane of my forgetful mind,
I have forgotten almost all,
But you;
You are still a part of,
Countless flashbacks, that:
Bring tears to my eyes,
A smile to my lips,
And love to my soul.

Countless times,
I have tried,
To let go of you...
But you always hold on my to mind,
As if without each other,
We would remain incomplete.

Countless are the ways,
By which I have managed to,
Hate you hard,
And end up,
Loving you harder;
As if,
It’s easier for my being,
To die countless deaths for loving you,
Than to, without a thought of you,
Spend countless eternities.
Kennedy Taylor Dec 2014
Countless hours I've sat alone,
staring at the walls in a silent home.
The second hand swings like a headman's axe.
The candle flame laughs as he drowns in wax.
I can hear my blood inside my ears,
whispering lies and spreading fears.
They're coming now to my window pane,
and in all of my dreams, I go insane.

Countless hours I've laid awake,
Thinking things that make me shake.
I feel them laughing like cold black rain,
clawing at my thoughts to steal my brain.
Tick... Tick... Tick...
It makes me sick.
I want to dream and I want to sleep,
But I’m a shepherd who cannot count his sheep.

Countless hours burning inside my sheets,
trapped inside this prison of me.
My stomach churns, and I seek escape.
I see my demons filled with hate.
I give up. This fight, I have lost.
I will pay the Sandman's cost.
To sleep a sleep eternally,
I'll stop the madness
and cease to be me.

— The End —