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amuba Oct 11
The state of smoothness and rhythmic flow
The vibe of calmness and dimly glow
The sight of pleasantness and majestic show
The terrifying sound and unfinished piece
Is what it is, the feeling, the unsatisfaction
Even in poetry without no understanding of rhyme and flow
Is when I realized
It is life and how it is
That I will never be understood
That I have to live, me and my own mood
Trying to make some senses
From my own little lenses
Where I try to create paradise
Making the unfinished terrifying piece
A melodic heavenly harmony
Soothing to my only ear for my own understanding
That I live this life without any compromises.
We should live life in our own terms. It is impossible to make people understand us entirely. There are no such people in this world. Stop looking start living.
Anastasia Sep 19
thinking about the way we used to be
and then looking at your face
its like
shoving cotton into an open wound
it's soft
but it hurts
you're so happy
without me
and i don't know why i act like it's my fault
i know it's not
i can't help but feel
that i wasn't good enough for you
i miss you
i really do

It left.

Too fast.

Just enough for us to feel the heat,

but not enough.

The fragrant aroma of
daisies and roses,

and the warm ocean water in which
we dipped
our toes

Nights under the starry sky.

on the gentle grass,

But now the days are getting shorter,
and winter is just
around the corner.

And without the sun,
the earth doesn't grow.

Just like without you,

my heart is cold.
Johnny walker Aug 31
I survive this life purely
In hope one day I'll see
my sweetheart once again
trying to live without her now
has been harder than I'd evet thought It possibley would
To love and then then loss even
harder so I spend all my days trying to Imagine how our live would be If she was still here with me still brings tears to
Tears that have never fully dried countless times I've cried but having loved and now having to return a life
before knew my
So much harder now to do for when you've loved and lost Is
harder than to have never loved at all trying to live a life without my beautiful wife Is really no life at
Kay-Rosa Aug 21
please don't leave me
the constant nagging in the back of my mind
this pessimistic fate
those fake tears
i can't stand it

please stop crying
i never meant to hurt you
only to love you
but i love to deep
i can't stand it

please be safe
don't get lost in the big bad world
i'll be your flashlight
i'll be your guard dog
cause i can't stand it

without you
Hello Poetry! I'm back
Neha Sharma Aug 9
You got irritated with my boring talks,
Okay fine!
You got bored being in relationship with me,
Okay fine!
You want to live alone,
Okay fine!
You want to break up,
Okay fine!
But don't expect that I'll break up with you and live without you.
Yes I'll break up,
But I'll breakup with myself and
Die alone.

~your smiling queen :)
My journey from a lover to a loser...
Michael Solc Aug 2014
Flames dance
over the bones
of an unfinished
now half-remembered
and strewn about
the ashes
of a love
in the cold.
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