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toleomato 48m
The flower blooms
Without thought of whom
Is watching.
She will continue to exist
With or
Without me.
Alexander Oct 10
I may not know you,
And I might never meet you,
But I wish I did.
I may not be able to be your friend,
But I'd like to be.
Whether or not you know me,
or I know you,
I want you to read this.

I know it's hard.
I know you feel alone,
or afraid.
I know you've been tired of being tired.
And I know you've been to hurt to feel anymore.

But your still you,
and all I want today is to tell you,
That I appreciate you.
I appreciate all you do,
even if I never see your actions,
with my own eyes.
I appreciate every effort you've made.
And I thank you for every detail of what you do.

I want you to know your not alone,
If my voice is able to reach you,
Know its because I'm here,
And I know.

Your loved and cared for,
Your life has more meaning then you know.

Don't give up,
No matter what,
You will always have me here.
I may not know you,
but want you to know,
If your reading this,

I love you.
And your going to be okay.
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Rox90 Oct 2
In your eyes,
I see the sky in gleaming blue

In your heart,
Never thought it would be true

In your walk and in your pace,
I don’t wanna go no other place

Without you.

When you smile,
My thoughts just flutter all around

When you talk,
Music spark so clear and loud

And when you laugh and when you dance,
I never thought I had a chance

Without you.
Wrote this poem from sudden inspiration, hope you enjoy.
Mark Parker Sep 21
Georges Seurat paints my vision,
my eyes see through his art,
but that's the nice way of saying
you are closer if I shut my right eye
and farther if I shut my left.

Somedays, I read "O" as "Q",
and occasionally, you aren't you.
You are that person whose face,
hair, and build are similar
to that other person I know.
Your voice will give it away,
unless you walk close
on a cloudless sunny day.
Nylee Sep 2
I see you, looking with, without
a shine, you don't define, in confine
You won't share, what you made of
Like a little bit of, what I can't think of
Some details you won't care,
What won't you engage
I am in your head, and you have conquered mine
You try to dust of my shine
Listening to my words, you nod off
I've been trying to connect, intersect
but it is maybe that something I lack,
You think I am waste of a chance
a nobody to spare your glance
In track of things that won't happen
You drew a fine line
I am stuck on my side, You've gone beyond.
Robert L Sep 1
Inspection leads some men
to brief resurrection,
But that course can also
lead to a defection.

There’s often some needing,
for a frenzy of feeding,
When we seek to feast,
on an ego that’s bleeding.

Is it real or some mirage,
lost in forest or garage?
So many casualties of truth,
how can we triage?

And this is that place
too well we all know,
that if you disagree
well that’s just your ego.

And right or wrong
you must submit,
Or be tossed from the circle
a dishonorable ****.

How is it we can be so blind,
to not see we are of a kind.
Who run about with desperate shouts,
without a mindful mind.

In the dark I see a wraith
Perhaps a remnant of our faith,
Ephemeral and tinged with rust
Forgotten father of our trust.

I’m not speaking here to thee,
what’s this paradox I see
But you said that, no I did not,
Oh, what a travesty!

Walk a mile in my shoes,
see for yourself what you may lose,
Perhaps you’ll find the fit so right
that it awakes you in the night.

And there you’ll lie and toss and turn,
amidst the loss amidst the burn
Oh, sad child who would not learn
Please say a prayer for me.
The Bronx in the rain:
Slick city stones'         somber gloom

Oh late afternoon
so overcast with blues,
     Navy : leaves in tinsel sheen,
     Midnight : music and
Jazz         becomes a dancing shadow
beneath light-post misty

Outside the bricks are just bricks
but down there
lo lovers' tight embrace
in the fallow light showers
catching all eyes keen
to their PDA
as well as mine wide
Peliculas and tall stories
From a brown stone perch
while traffic whirls
           sleep now hurries
the city slow as thunder rolls
On blacktop oil slick roads,
heavy as gutter water to
asphalt streets’ cold bones

This town’s prehistorics;
When Time stands still
In lovers hallmark corners
**** shacks
All wet in the gills,
fish kisses taught kids
how honey smacks
now that the audience is frozen
With anticipation,
Wide binocular eyes
                      View snapshots
It’s a real Banksy / life

Monet meadows of skies
raindrop brush strokes
chaos maelstrom
Wet dreams rivulet

All the while I am
Dry inside
With humid anticipations,
At a pause / intently / intensely
               neighbors in hooded moods.
This reminds me
how it must of felt / now
in this commotion
by mere emotions
so reminiscent
of the artists’ weeping dreams

wordless scripts
scenes not heard
inside I'm still dry and
In need
Or is it wish that spurns?

Still, in this stone        dwelling
I am dry inside
    Trying to hide not
                     looking down
oh those two
      love birds
In their gossamer glow
how I drown
when they finally kiss…
It’s not envy

But a sort of empty
Myself without,
Yet feeling
Their kiss so loud.
Such is my empathy,
Drowning without...
Dora Semsott Jul 2
Where are you, my Victory?
I'm such a loser without you.

A beautiful moment without you is a moment wasted.
A sunset without you is a twilight wasted.

I went on a date and all I could think about was how wrong it felt. You not being there with me sitting on the sand with an ombre blue sky above us. You not sitting close to me while we talk deeply about the things we care for. How wrong it felt being with someone who is not you. So wrong of you not being there.

at least you are present in my heart & mind
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