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Johnny walker Mar 15
No more could I have done
for you Helen, so loyal
and very true I stayed
to her for all of the
I spent with her she
made all my dreams
come true In all that
she did for
All the kind thing she
said to me, always
made feel loved by
her no one could
have asked more
of her
So loving and very
true faithful right the
end, she was to
wife, mother, lover
and the best friend I ever
had she stayed true to me
right to the very
Helen wonderful wife mother lover and best friend no one could have asked for
moon shows
the way without asking
for anything in return.
It is a great
With some help from the stars...
Johnny walker Mar 15
My curtains remain closed just as they were when my sweetheart passed on never ever to be opened again
I remember the first  morning I woke without Helen here at my side not
hearing her voice total silence
I snuggled back up Into my bed covers closed eyes and tried to go back to sleep drifting from one memory to another
Laid there for weeks only coming out at dead night
and returning to bed like a vampire before dawns early morning
But I've made It thus far surviving on my memories of those wonderful days spent with
Helen although I still shed tears I'm strong enough now to know I can make
It's been a long struggle but I'm stronger now and no I'm going to make It
gabrielle Mar 14
Moon have always glowed
this color
Sun have always shone
this bright

Moon have always shown
no love
Sun had always gave
all it's love

No matter what.

No matter if Moon
doesn't give any
No matter if Sun
hurts everybody

Sun had always gave
love in it's fullest
Moon had gave
nothing at it's best

No matter how
no matter how painful to us.... sun has to show it's love
so sun shined and shined forevermore.
I did
not know
what special
I owned.
All until I lost you,
then I truly saw your value.
All of your words
came true,
and without you,
my life
became blue.
Johnny walker Mar 11
Helen believed In me trusted me In her time
of need when first met
her she wasn't
Helen almost scared of
me because of the way
her ex had treated her
But she learned to trust
I stayed with when
she poorly even when she got better, but never laid
a hand upon her even though she was so attractive
I look after her cooked meals made her pots of tea
because she was struggling
with health but I was there for her never asking anything of
but that of her company I just loved being with her first time In my
I wanted to be with someone but so different
to other so kind and so caring she
Just wanted be with her all the time I remember sitting talking to
her suddenly I just
stood up and said
It Is my Intention to marry you If you'll have me, I fully expected her to say I'll have to think about
but she didn't she jump up from the settee through arms around kissed
and said yes I was amazed she wanted to be my wife Wow
I was over the moon happiest man In the world
from that day on I never left her side In the twenty years we were
Never apart Helen and I In twenty years we spent together from the day I first met her till the day she died
Before I met my wife
I could move through
life like a ghost on a painted landscape not
seen by anyone, nobody
or didn't want to know
me, but I didn't care me
was me and all that mattered when met
Helen all of sudden I
was known
couldn't walk down
the street without
being notice someone would recognise Helen
we would stop-start
all the time talking
who didn't know me Helen's her friends suddenly became mine but when sadly Helen passed on
slowly people have moved away from
I'm starting to become
Invisible again to the world, very rarely stopped
In the street now I don't have Helen I'm now
I can walk the street like ghost In a landscape
painting you would have to look very closely to see me to
I'm no longer there free to roam the streets to shop never really being noticed and the best I don't really mind that
Before my wife nobody knew me it perhaps didn't want to
then with Helen suddenly known by all but now she
gone the friends all gone but
In a way can't say I mind
And to all those days to
all those nights I've been without her
The days pass quite easily I'm always  finding things to help pass the time of
But oh so lonely are my nights laid In bed without her warming body next to
But better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all but never the less miss her
To all those lonely days and nights that spent without me laid
snuggled Into
But I'll  keep all my dreams and memories for I'm not leaving her, forever In my heart she'll
To dreams Is to where I see her now whenever I fall to sleep for she's forever left In my thoughts you
Together forever that to what we thought we'd be
together with each other, this was always said together forever and
For that was the way It was supposed to be but life doesn't always work out as we would like It
For all those days and all those nights spent alone
but doesn't ever seem right to me
Always felt she was stolen from me unjustly that how I see It be, but I can't change that now far too late but miss her
All those Nights laid awake without her can't sleep somehow will never seem right to me
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