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Lyn-Purcell Jul 2018
I just overheard
Koi fish do not have *******
In my sister's mind
Yeah, you read that correctly! And right now, I'm howling.
My sister apparently wanted to say 'koi fish don't have teeth' but said '*******' instead.
I'm dying loooool
Lyn ***
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018
Rosy mists breaks skies
Dawn is painting the new day
Periwinkles sway

Smooth, glassy ponds
Sunrise flares sweet spokes of light
Noble groves of trees

Koi fish glide smoothly
Glimmer through seaweed like pearls
Their eyes shine with joy

A tree dew drop falls
Kiss the pool and forms dimples
Near to far rose shades
Had a trip to a park today. For once, the sun was shining, the sky was clear and the breeze was perfect. I sat at the top of the hill, closed my eyes and just imagined a quiet place in mind. So here it is!

Been a while since I wrote a classic haiku.
This was so lucid, it's kinda scary. Man, I really AM getting better at this! ^-^
*Lyn pats herself on the back*
Thank God for zen music!
Hope you like it and feel as tranquil as I did.

Be back soon!
Lyn ***
Daniel Magner Jan 2018
Your lips hang,
pulled by the murk, the grime,
smothering your face.
Separated from your kind, your kin.
Have you haunted these putrid waters,
patient for your time?
Or do you plot, terrible dreams of revenge,
to take the light?
Daniel Magner
ConnectHook Nov 2017
Nippon carp pool scene
media feeding frenzy
fake news: foul sushi

Great orange savior
magnanimous provider
feeds outside the box.

Eastern harmony
while fake news carps at Donald . . .
Media: go to  *hell.
Let Eastern dawn illuminate harmonious meeting of brilliant minds. Dear Leader, Orange Savior of Mankind, makes great deals yet also is kind to gentle fish.  From his all-providing hand the sacred Koi enjoy a portion of benificence. Great leader and fellow-citizen Trump strides boldly into enemies' flashbulbs, like vanguard of populist nationalism confronting weak running dogs and reactionary landlords of globalist tyranny. Fish who refuse his generosity must hide in cold deep, risking hunger and loneliness, condemned by the People's glorious movement toward revolutionary rebirth.
Traitors and false journalists: you are FISH-FOOD.
Jack Jenkins Jul 2016
Love is rarely ever found, (I found you)
Love is built. (We've built so much)
Built with a solid foundation,
Built with a design in mind,
Built with strong materials,
Love is built with hard work. (Sweat and sacrifice)
with willingness to sacrifice,
to be hurt.
Upholding one another
at our worsts. (Our hearts are strong enough)

Love isn't taken, but grown, (We've grown together)
Starting as a seed.
Nurtured in the rains
and sunlight
of life.
Roots strong enough not
to be uprooted by fiends. (I'll never leave you)
Delicate and tenderly, slow and steady.
Flourishing branches (We have flourished)
upholding the weight of grown love. (We've grown together)
//On her//
If you know the meaning of the title, hat tip to you. ;)
SøułSurvivør Mar 2015

water bubbles
reflecting there are
golden koi

depth of feathers
ancient moonlight
is the buoy

around the
blue-grey stone's
sand is raked
in perfect poise

has its
crickets make
a creaking noise


within the
island garden
small and jewel-like
in the grove

kimono and the obi
there's a peace
the Nippon know

muted colors
placid faces
the paper lanterns
sway and glow

the lords and ladies
sit for hours
Q Jul 2014
Mein kya karoon?
Kisne usse meri zindagi meh ahne ki ijazath di?
Kisne usse muje itna darde, aur itna pyaar dekhane ki ijazath di thi?

Kehte hai ke zindagi tab moor lathi hai jab banda sooch bhi nah sakhe,
Aihse raang dekhthe hai joh banda bhool hi nah sakhe
Oonshi gherahi, khamooshi, thunhaee

In num aakhoon ko kisi ne nahi poonchna
Iis khamoosh pal ki khamooshi koi shabd kese bhol paye?
Dil ghabraey
Hai, hai

Muje jungali bulao,
Bas, aake mujme doob jao.
"Share like I share with you
It's called reciprocation."

Gladys P Jun 2014
Upon a bright spring morning,
In the warmth of the ember sun,
Adorable chromatic koi's pose,
Graciously leaping in a distinctive pond.

Casually stroking their fins,
In a flattering array,
On this delightful,
And cheerful beautiful day.

As they glide smoothly,
Hiding underneath huge stones,
Preciously playing peekaboo,
Each in a beauty of their own.

Near a tall brick wall .... beneath the purities of cascading waters,
Portraying a lively show,
As the zephyr gently embrace,
And the waterfall plays a soothing percussion, as it flows.

— The End —