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luciana Aug 27
there's little imagination
for a girl and her mind
when there is no effort
in sight that she can find
what are your thoughts on this? reading back i'm not sure if it really flows
aisha Aug 28
I am only
as good as
my flirtatious remarks

beyond that
I am
Karly Codr Aug 5
Life is boring
People are stupid
I'm so boreddddd
Safana Jul 26
It's paining,
My heart is aching
Something is sadden
Because I am feeling,
a Joylessness and hurting,
If I see you,
I am boring
I am suffering
I am nagging
Feeling hatred
Fall in hatred
But is but, but but is better than but
Surkhab kaur Jul 20
She is sitting on the table...
Turning on the lamp and then switching it off





It's been 5 minutes and the lamp is still off
She can hear someone...
Oh! It's her heart screaming for an adventure...
Isabella Jul 9
my dearest
that the recent poems plaguing my page
are nearly as much of a disappointment
as myself
Need no *****, need no drug,
what I need is just a hug.

Boring routine, unexciting WFHs,
Sitting all day on computer,
just gaining weight and cursing China,
puzzled head coding and solving bug,
what l need is just a hug.

Missing the taste of Biryanis,
all those extra cheese pizzas,
above all that exotic street food and chai,
Even a simple bottle of beer.
**** this Virus is a real ****.
Need no fast food, need no *****,
Still, what I need is just a hug.

I need you close,
I need you here,
just beside me near,
spread your arms, cover me like a shrug,
I just need the warmth of your hug.
Sing Me your Poem,
on Love Divine.
As I raise U a Toast
and Sip on some Wine.
Our Nights have been,
on Beds of Red Roses.
With rooms that are filled,
with Fragrance of Posies.
Midnight Romance begins,
as We draw the Curtain.
When We are done,
Our Happiness is quite Certain.
Nights without Passion,
are simply Boring.
As I fall off to sleep,
in an Hour I'm Snoring.
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