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Dominique May 26
You complained when the drinks ran out;
Alcohol's synonymous with fun, you said.
I rolled my eyes, presented the concept
Of conversation- you wouldn't give in
And, in exasperation,
I split the bottle on the bone in my leg, shard to shin,
Muttered snidly as I bled,
"Hope you like red".

(Better to be, than keep feeling dead)
and that's all on the topic of people who need to drink to be interesting x
I leaves you.
I passed you free.
Not interesting anymore.
So boring.
I gives you to her.
You are free.
No more attention for you.
Joy May 19
Hello, I am back,
I was bored when I left,
That's why I came back!
Thou shall finally be revered as that of commonality in the menace of living.

A staple of humanity's misdoings and a trademark of all we've done wrong.
Ed C May 8
we start the day again
as though sleep is just a memory,
the wheel keeps spinning
ka? ha
Yeah life’s been pretty boring without you
I won’t lie, it’s my own ******* fault
I’ve lost count of how many chances you gave
And I drowned my loneliness in salt

I don’t think I’m a terrible person anymore
But it doesn’t stop me from closing the door
YouTube videos teach me assertiveness
I hold the key to my loneliness

I’ve got the key in the lock
But I haven’t the strength left to turn it
I cried for help
But when you came I just told you to *******
I’ve got this
And the cycle repeats
And over
And over and
Over and over and
Over and over and over
And over and over and over
Ever wonder what it would be like,
If the world suddenly ceased to exist?
Like a flash of light, a snap of a finger,
Gone in an instant.

Everything we’ve ever done, seen, and thought,
All in vain, like it never even occurred.

For what purpose is life, if all of humanity becomes equal in that instant?
Perhaps it is true that the only guaranteed equality in life is that of death.
I’m 99% sure you aren’t reading this so bkdlepejfbf
Saint Audrey Mar 24
I'm feeling harmony, looking in your eyes
I always feel alright, when I'm with you
It's this sense of empathy I can't feel otherwise
I always feel alright when we're together

Emotional currency creating dependence
Once dissonant tones start weaving together on repeated listens
Love and joy, the heartache and pain
Harp on these notes till they all bleed together

It'll always be different, don't you
remember how you feel when you're alone?
Suffer from this static human conditioning
Blacking out whenever connections form

Memory doesn't appear to be part of this game
Disharmonious thoughts, that we refuse to explore

In defense of myself, there's nothing I won't explore
Identity flux cauldron, mixture of various inputs
and Impulses I might've felt as a kid or even earlier

That's how it is, but maybe not how it should be
But natural order will sort itself out, so I digress
One thing hardly taken into consideration
Our own aptitude for our self destruction

It's internal loathing, perhaps rightfully deserved
I can feel it too, every second glance in a mirror
Could we still strive for a better end?
Tomorrow is a new day, after all


Vanity in sacrifice, adorned in white
Polished posture, so significant it seems
Furrowed brow, heavy with self occupation
Empty vessel, paraded, held in no regard
But the construct of time will tell
Reveal true motivations

Self aggrandizing, should death be your value
Well groomed in your simple wooden box
But inlaid with ivory, paid for with suggestions
Carefully plotted, like paving stones

Considering bitter ends, a new pass time
In some attempt to add a bit of sweetness to the taste


I fear I'm deflecting again
You, the brunt of my dissatisfaction
Erroneously placed, if I err, stay with me
Or I might drift away while I sleep
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