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Tatiana Oct 2022
This is Me

I have been knocked down and passed over so many times
It's hard to figure out if I should keep fighting, or ignore it all and more on
People have told me that I'm not good enough
That I will never be enough
That I will fail
That I will never achieve my dreams

But they are wrong

I'm not going to give up
I'm not going to give in
I'm not going to let them win
I'm not going to let them tell me that I'm not good enough

I'm going to decide that
NOT Them

I'm not going to let them tell me my dreams will fail
Maybe they feel that way because they don't dream big enough

This is MY life
I will live it by MY rule
And with every breath I take, I will fight

I will fight for a better tomorrow
I will fight for a better today
I will fight for who I am
I will fight for my dreams
I will fight to keep going

Just because I have been knocked down countless times, doesn't mean I have given up
It means I will have the strength to get up again and move on

My failure does not define me
My past does not define me
The only person who can define me, is me

Only I can make the choices that I make
Only I can learn from my past so I can make a better future for myself
Only I can decide whether or not I'm worthy
Only I can decide whether or not my dreams will fail
Only I can decide whether or not this is all worth it

After all
This is MY life
And I REFUSE to let any other people live it for me
Vishesh Singh Jul 2021
I wish everything becomes well as it was before,
I used to think that it will be evermore
You can't even imagine what we're going through,
We're living fake but it all looked so true
They'll regret what they did,
I saw everything, I wasn't a kid
Near me, there's a girl, she's feeling painful,
I just want you to be careful
With me, with us; It's just not our luck,
Teach me to be like you so I cannot give a ****
Don't you know what you're doing?
Whose feelings that you're hurting and bruising
Be careful with me
Always said that you'd be there for me
Why the hell are you doing?
Is it worth the boy that you're losing?
Care for me, care for me
When I want ya why aren't you here for me?
Be careful what you're saying!
'Cause karma is here, you'll be paying
Someone told me that I'm already cursed,
It's gonna hurt me to hate you but loving you is worse
I just hope after this life we'll never meet again,
'Cause the only thing you gave was pain.
'Be Careful', a poem by Vishesh Singh.
It's kinda my life, hope you'll like this as much as I do.
Chaos Kidd Dec 2020
My life has become more than I can handle too. It just feels like I'm stuck in a room full of mirrors, not knowing which direction to go but at this point I'm so stuck I lose either way.

At first I was upset with myself for losing the kids and getting back into ****, and the only way to not feel that was to feel nothing but the drugs ya know?

Then with everyone else upset too, I started to believe everything they said. That I'd never be able to crawl out of this fuxkin hole. My head got twisted and I turned it on everyone else. Like I saw it as you guys all gave up on me because I was being a pos, not because I was destroying myself and you guys couldn't watch it take place anymore.

I thought all my "friends" were actually my friends, ya know? I thought they were sticking around because they cared about me, regardless of if I was an addict or not. I didn't think they were only around because of the drugs, so my loyalty went to them because I thought they were loyal to me. If that all makes sense.

Regardless of how much I wanted to change and get better, I couldn't bring myself to walk away from the very ones I should have. Which in turn, has me sitting there watching everyone around me getting high, and I couldn't leave because I thought that they were all I had left. And I couldn't abandon them like I thought I had been abandoned.

But I also can't watch someone stick a needle in their vein, and get high while I just sit there sober. I didn't think I could do it all on my own, ya know? When I got out of jail this last time, as soon as I got home I got to watch two people shoot up in front of me. I didn't want to call anyone to get me out of there, because I didn't want to make my "friends" feel like an ***, and I expected whomever I would've called to bitxh at me for getting myself into that situation.

Dad died, and we could've said goodbye. You had it all figured out, and I said no because they said he was gonna be okay and I thought it would be best if the kids didn’t go. Not even twenty four hours later we lost him. Not only did I lose my chance to say goodbye to my birth father, I also took yours away too. I could've just kept my mouth shut and ******  it up, but instead I ruined it. A month before dad passed, CYS took the kids from their dad and placed the kids in foster care. Life just became way too much.

I got booked, and two days after I got out of jail M* got arrested for DUI vehicular manslaughter. He told me a day before that, that one of the reasons he did the stuff was so he could stay awake to keep an eye on me and make sure I was okay. At the time it felt like I couldn't handle all of that. I am the reason M had drugs in his system at the time of the accident, to which two people lost their life's. The man who passed away due to the accident, and then M. The man that will spend the next ten to twenty years in prison because he had drugs in his system. All so he could look after his careless, reckless, selfish girlfriend.

Regardless of what I do now, I'm in too deep. Its inevitable that I will be going to jail, yet again. I'm angry because I was actually checking in with probation and stuff this time. I was putting in effort to do the right thing, but clearly it wasn't enough. I can go to rehab and get treatment for my substance abuse, my mental health and all that as well. But after I'm released, I will still go to jail. I'll more than likely still officially lose my children and whatever I have left. Which means whenever I would be released I would still be in this hole.

Or I can run, with **** near the same outcome. I will still officially lose my kids, end up getting arrested, lose whatever I have left. So why not fake it ya know? Why not act like I'm not lost, like the people i surround myself with actually care about me? Attempt to feel alive, even if only for a brief moment before I reach the inevitable outcome that I have set up for myself?
This is not a poem, in fact it is a message I sent to my little sister but I felt like I needed to share this.
Norbert Tasev Nov 2020
selfish listening is even bigger and more murderous today than if I could share it with me! A larger, uninhabited continent is at war with me than anyone could understand! Curiously, however, I threw myself thirsty at hyena landscapes; they would have been called by the conciliatory smiles that sent me, the promises that could be kept — I would have put my trembling child's soul, trembling in my innocent tears, in the palm of My Beloved!
If he looks into the mirror of another seer - he offers him a teasing shadow! When someone sees me “on the other side” he only senses my chubby fur-crust: an emotional Marsian! My loneliness is also a rich relative of the waterfall of my falling Star Tears shining at night! What would I find and get to know? I'm autumn: my falling letters, if they don't pay attention, the wind often sweeps away…
I will be a limp bee on the silk veils of my sweetheart's heartbreaking petals. He will take care of my
pistils, I will close my eyes and I will know Dormant! His tired roe deer danced flirtatiously in star-glitter even with the yellow-glowing Moonbeam; I could feel its crater weight, even though it was millions of light-years away and it was curling over our heads at the frowning midnight! The redeeming Universe burned my skin like a flaming black flame: our common body trembled at a beat like a stretched bow and immortalized al
I wrote my vulnerable footprint in my heart and can I hope it takes care of it? - In the double darkness around us grows the rampant uncertain! We are both standing on the shore: Who can leave first ?!
Kimmy Oct 2020
I should be happy and not so lonesome.
   I am engaged not to many friends .,
            Yet I feel so alone 24/7.

                            You see,
                I'm constantly trapped
                     in my thoughts
                   I have a hard time
               interacting with others
                 That are not like me,
                     which in my life
                   have been 1 person .
          I try to see the good in people
,              but can only spot flaws,
                  and though I'm far
                        from perfect
                    I seek perfection.
                   Why is perfection
                       or perfection
                   to my perception
                    so hard to find?
              And why do we have
                    to be lonely
                   in a world full
                      of people
                 and possibilities?
                 It seems so hard
                To find anything
                That brings us
        Everything is a mess 🤍
Living like this has got to be the hardest thing I have done. Whats worse is no one understands, I mean really understand...
Hang me
Like a Dali painting.
Oil on canvas,
Blood on skin.
No one understands me

Drape me
Like foreign fabric.
Silk on bedsheets,
Clothing to vessel.
No one feels my softness

Fold me
Like intricate origami.
Paper to paper,
Chest to chest.
No one feels the heartbeat
Peter Tanner Nov 2019
What do you do when the world is upon you?
When you are assaulted on all fronts.
How do you react?
Why does this happen to me?, you ask.
Who, if anyone, will help me?
Then, there's nobody.
It seems to happen just because.
Tears and Loneliness just come with the territory
It happens time and time again.
I sit and I wish I could cry.
Dashalynn Oct 2019
Mind in tune with harmonies of the dark
A moonless night
Stars shining bright beside velvet black sky
Gleaming in jealousy
How her beauty out shone their light
A sky full of stars
I’m only looking at her
Loving and longing to be loved
I fell for her
I haven’t gotten up since
For the girl I love, on a night where we watched meteors fly through the sky <3
Smiling Queen Aug 2019
Before you arrived in my life,
I rarely used to talk.
But now, I talk a lot.
And I talk only about you.

Before you arrived in my life,
I rarely used to share.
But now I share everything.
And I share it only with you.

Before you arrived in my life,
I rarely used to smile.
But now, I smile every second
And I smile just coz of you. ❤

~your smiling queen :)
I can't think of anything else except him. ❤❤
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