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Angel Aug 31
Emergency Rooms
Plastic ID Bands
Slicing And Dicing
Neha Sharma Aug 20
Before you arrived in my life,
I rarely used to talk.
But now, I talk a lot.
And I talk only about you.

Before you arrived in my life,
I rarely used to share.
But now I share everything.
And I share it only with you.

Before you arrived in my life,
I rarely used to smile.
But now, I smile every second
And I smile just coz of you. ❤

~your smiling queen :)
I can't think of anything else except him. ❤❤
Donna Jun 8
Tomorrow I shall
cook a roast for family
Together we eat

Having my all my fambo over for dinner tomorrow it’s going to be a lovely day **
GulRukh May 31
My Lion!
You are so perfect so perfect that It scares me
I am sacred that you'll hate me when we'll meet
I am scared of rejection
I love you so much, so much
That's why I Left
I dunno what would I do if you reject me seeing my face
I am not beautiful; I am not a  perfect girl
I am just an ordinary stupid girl that loves you like carzy lil kid
I just don't fit with you, cause I am so indulge in my insecurities and my ugliness
I can cry alone forever rather feel rejected by the love of my life
I hate leaving you, it's like I stabbed myself with thousands knives straight into the heart
I sometimes can't breath
My each breath moan your name
My Lion!
I just don't wanna breath
If I can't synchronize it to your heart beat
Love! There will be no one after you I can assure you that...
Liz Alvarez May 31
Our trembling lips touched for the first time
It was a euphoric feeling
We had each other
Though it lasted for a minute, felt infinite.
Our fingers entwined and stuck
Our hips practically meshed
And my hair tangled all over your face.
After so many years forbidden
We had a moment.

We meet from a mutual friend
I admired your humor and you were amazed at my honesty.
You had eyes for her while I yearned her to give you a chance.
You both fell for each other in the track and field area.
You two were twins.
The way you two dressed, to same taste of music seemed perfect.
But the stories you told me were much opposite of this perfect picture painted.
In our hangouts, she never seemed to acknowledge, but only scold you.
She complained constantly and would only embrace you when others looked.
You on the other hand, would constantly praise her.
You loved her very much and would only want you.

A fight happened suddenly.
You wanted company and I played Halo with you.
I can tell you were aching while we both knew she was out, not having a care of the world.
As she told me, she wanted to be free and wanted you no more.
Religiously checking your phone, a heavy breath left your lungs every second slipped out.
I bombarded you with consistent jokes and gossip to calm your throbbing mind.
Slowly but surely, a hint of a smirk appeared.
Though you were suffering, a bit of joy climbed out.

Months go by, our friendship was getting tougher.
If I had to go do laundry, you would help me fold.
If you were hungry and didn't know what to cook, I go over to cook you the only thing I knew how to make.
Out of nowhere, she comes back, wanting forgiveness.
Hesitation and worry is written all over you.
Both ask for advice, my only answer is "Go with your gut".
This time around, both of you are walking on thin ice.
I see less of you now and she her more.
She's anxious he will never forgive her.
In our talks together, I worry this once perfect couple will be no more.
Ultimatums ****.

Another year passes and I have yet to find someone.
At war once again, together yet apart, you seek me again.
The one day of the year, Valentine's day rolls up.
She calls me as I come home from errands how she will be no more with him.
She's done.
My heart breaks as I know this will inflame his love for her.
As I head home, I receive a text from you.
"Are you home yet?"
Thinking he's received the news and wants to hang out,
"What should I bring over?"
He laughs, "Check your mailbox"
A big red hearted box with a red rose.
"Aw that's so sweet, thank you."
"It means more", is what you said.

Weeks go by.
Upcoming trips and video games occupy our daily tasks.
On one occasion, we gather for a party at the beach at night.
I fell badly playing volleyball and I couldn't walk.
You straight up SWOOP me like I'm a **** Disney princess.
You carry me to your car, teasing my way of belittling how heavy and chubby I am.
"I don't care for any of that"
As you carry me, I grapple your thin shirt and feel your arms pulsing.
"Not a wince of pain carrying a elephant" I thought.
I never noticed how much we had changed through out our years of knowing each other.
I am blushing so hard I believed the heat from my face would catch my hair on fire.
One day, things changed.
We're on the couch watching Iron Man
My house is filled with thunderous laughing.
I tease you for being so charming to everyone you meet.
A flush of red bares all over and suddenly you swoop me up and carry me to my bedroom.
My legs hanging off my bed and ask what's wrong.
Your delicate hands firming and dancing around your trembling face and hair.
"How do you...Don't you know..."
Why is my face flushing, my lips shaking and my legs weakening.
"It's always been you" falls out of your lips.
Till this day, I know you meant to say it in your mind.
Grappling the bed frame, I stand up.
We grow closer and you grab my waist.
I stop you from pursuing anymore than we truly want to.
The setback in your eyes come.
You leave without saying a word.

Years go by, fights enabled.
She accuses me of trying to break you two.
Our friendship is fully turned to ash.
He's not fully into her anymore, even with years behind them.
Distant is not even close to what we are now.
You go off to the army, while I try to grow my life without you.
Relationships come and go.
From a distance, you seemed happy again, with her again.
At least so it seems.
I later find out you've gotten married.
And now she's expecting.
How life has been different to both of us.
Out of the blue, you came to me in a dream.
It was like the old days, but without anyone to shadow us.
It was just us two.
Just as I had a wistful dream about you one night,
I check my phone to see you want to add me on IG.
The crazy coincidence.
I wonder what you thought of when you saw my profile.
Do you want to see how our lives differ?
Do you wonder if I have someone?
Do you ever think of that day?
Do you miss me?
But I wonder do you ever think of me?
I just wonder if you ever think what could of been.
All I know is, we both longed for each other, truly and deeply.
In this universe
At this time
We were meant for each other but was painfully
the wrong time....
Although you've done wrong, I cant help but ponder what could have.
Do you have regrets or were you just hungry?
I will never will forget.
Spiralling around.

I keep you safe,
But lose my sound

Judgements collide,
Reality becomes a lie

When would be the last time I die?
Spiralling around.

You kept me safe,
I’ve lost my sound

Our worlds collide,
My existence becomes a lie

Inhale and exhale one last time,
You never know which one will be your last breath
(But mine never seem to have reached,
Existential crisis poem for breakfast, anyone?
William Lewis Apr 21
I'm writing to the
1,000 and 33
who don't have a voice anymore
who don't walk anymore
To those who will never celebrate
there 16th birthday
or take their exams
To those born on the same day
as me
who could have been me
who I could have been
I'm writing to the
1,000 and 33
families who cry
while I celebrate
1,000 and 33
Mothers who grieve there child
or the fathers who cry into there pillow at night
I'm writing to say thank you
for being alive
I'm writing to say sorry
that your not
I'm writing because
1,000 and 33
could have been me.
Autumn Noire Apr 14
You were my best friend
Why did it all have to end
Was it because I'm a girl
And when Dad left it made you think
You were a man
I wish I could turn back time
And we could play again
Come to think of it
Growing up with you
You were my only friend
There were times when it felt nostalgic
We would do things that for miss
Was like committing a crime
But to us we were just having a good time like any siblings we'd fight
And at the end of the day
It didn't matter who was right
Although as we got older
You got new lanes in crime
And so did i and that was fine
Yet when I got trapped in my head
I could have used my big brother
But I guess, you couldn't be bothered
I miss how we were
Autumn Noire Apr 14
I loved you before I ever loved myself
Being with you made me feel like I didn't need help
You so quickly turned into my home
But you just as quick you left me alone
Trapped inside my mind
I'm not even sure how I survived
I have you two years and you left me
High and dry
I was so tightly wrapped around your finger
Because you were my guy
And all the **** you put me through
Made me want to cry
I gave you myall
and you just watched me fall
And when u tried to move on
Sure enough you'd give me a call
But not I know to you
I was just a *** doll
At one point I truly loved you
But time proved you were a *******
After all
Cheating lying *******
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