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All I wanted
before I die
was to leave something behind
a thought
a word
just a little piece of my mind
when it’s all said and done
I hope
you remember me
once I’m gone
Frowning in my sleep,
Eyes too numb to know.
Can’t contain the empty,
Demons start to show.

Happy run on hatred,
Smiles fuels by air.
How do I stop this?
No one is there.

Screams get louder and sharper,
I try to bite my tongue.
But it’s not my own mouth,
Empty fills my lungs.

‘Everyone has a purpose’,
But what am I to them?
Trying to breathe with no air,
Empty on empty again.
My life is running on nothing, empty on empty, again...
I'm brOKen Jan 14
They keep laughing at me
Their noise flow forth from the DEPTHs of their throats
On their thrones they point their fingers
I see their diaphragms trembling in glee

So what if you don't like the real me?
I don't CARE
These aren' the colours I should see


They're not there.

I see the colours, the pictures
The words never come
Plot twist! (Actual scene): Just did bad on a test I give my all in and the teacher calls out my score in front of all the class. They stare in surprise at me since I'm one of 'those guys' that's perfection as I try not to fall apart in public.
Why does when I get tense, my vision loses colour?
I'm brOKen Jan 12
I don't want to be the chains
I just want to make and see a change
With whatever good judement's left
As priorities rearrange.
I'm brOKen Jan 12
You ever had a feeling
That you wanted to die?
And acted on this feeling
And you survived
And questioned why
You're still alive?

You ever had a, ever had a,
Ever had a feeling?
That made you wanna, made you wanna,
And acted on this feeling.
You ever had a feeling
That rids you of all reason?
And makes you hate your very being?
You are blind
And I'm searching for a feeling

Can't find a feel,
Because none of it is real
I'm traumatized
You say that it's not real

You are blind
And searching for a feeling,
Nothing like waking up after another failed suicide. Again.
I don’t want to be a tween,
I don’t want to be a teen,
I don’t want to be anything,
I just want to be gone,
It’s bad enough people have their own issues and feelings,
I don’t want to burden beings with mine,
I’ll just be dead,
Walking dead,
Phase out my emotions,
Whenever they arrive,
So when they see me I’ll be alive,
But dead inside.
I don’t have rights to anger, depression, fear,anxiety;
Nor hurt,
One slip of emotion has an other meaning,
Can lead to more than just meaning.
I don’t want to hurt,
I don’t want to panic,
I don’t want to be in distress,
I don’t want to cry,
I don’t want to be exasperated,
And I don’t want to die.
I don`t want to die but I do. Does that make sense?
I'm brOKen Jan 6
"Why don't you just use a filter?"
Because I don't like being fake
"Come one, it'll make you look better!"
All the unnecasary effort for unknown people's sake?
My cousin was asking me to take a selfie with her using snapchat, and this was our conversation.
I hope I'm not the only one that have a deep probably unjustified hate for filters and photoshop etc.
I'm brOKen Jan 6
Sometimes they're many
Sometimes they're few
Unpractically pretty
But they will do

Flowers in my garden
The only things certain
The only faces I know
Who'd remain true as they grow

They may blossom like my growing fear
The may wither like my sanity
They are stifled by the thorns
Like the skin I'm in, well-worn
They are suppressed by the weeds
Like the guilt in me

Flowers in my garden
I am quite certain
We're the same
But I'm embodied in flesh

Flowers in my garden
I beg your pardon?
What do you mean that you don't exist?

If you leave, what'll happen to me?
Tried to write a positive poem, but I'm not one to lie in my poems.
Every time I try writing something funny,
I boomerang back to the subject of my life.
My life, a joke - same thing in different spellings.
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