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Neha Sharma Aug 9

अब तक तो तुम ही इस दिल की तमन्ना थे,
पर अब जब तुम मेरे नहीं हो सकते,
तो फिर इस ज़िन्दगी से मुझे और कोई
ख्वाइश नहीं ।

~your smiling queen :)
Till now you were my desire, but if you can't be mine, then I don't have any expectations from my life.
AditiBoo Jun 19
"Let bygones be bygones" - they said
Unwilling to let this silent hurt spread
Dreading the rise of anger they had thought dead
Pre-empting a revelation of frustration hidden under the bed

"Turn the other cheek! Be the bigger person!!"
Urging, cajoling, pleading, frantically looking for a reason
"What's the point? Let it all be forgiven and forgotten!"
Picking up the pieces of a relationship beyond broken

But when you are burnt, the pain remains
Much longer than the life of the fire's flames
When you are stung, the bitterness ingrains
Spreads under your skin and trickles in your veins

Nothing appeases the flow of pent up tears
As sadness steps in putting self-love in arrears
Nothing pacifies unspoken harms stacked up throughout the years
As freely, they course out of the cracks of one's own fears

"Let bygones be bygones" - they said
Unwilling to let this silent hurt spread
Dreading the rise of anger they had thought dead
Pre-empting a revelation of frustration hidden under the bed
AditiBoo Jun 16
A breath of fresh air
For once, the pace is slow
A friend, more than a partner, will care
As trust and feelings, in time, grow

No hands held walking down the street
No tongues dancing hiding in a backseat
No beds undone needing a set of new sheets
No broken hearts within the next 100 heartbeats

I forgot what it was to 'get to know'
Speak and hear when another wants to share
I am, for once, going with the flow
A current, as soothing as a floating rocking chair

There is no need for any greeting
When the conversation, over days, has been ongoing
First thing you look forward to in the morning
Last thing that makes you smile in the evening
AditiBoo Jun 16
I will not let another pen
Script the dialogues of my life
Muse me into its version of Mary Magdalene
Turn me into my biography's silent wife

So let it be said
Black on white
Rumours are not to be fed
Gossip will be rooted before its flight

Take your actions, make your bed
And sleep with whomever you want in it
Live by the rulebook you have written and  read
None will breach this intimacy to headline it

In times of solace, you stand alone
Comfort comes from your sense of self
So many unattended messages on your phone
When you decide to prioritise your mental health

They say stories are forgotten in time
But those are also the birthplace of legends
Say enough catchy verses that slyly rhyme
Create an ageless story from fraudulent confessions

Slowly, surely, steadily
The story is shared far and wide
Bored ears latch on hungrily
Passing it on with twitchy lips now preoccupied

Like an ill-fated game of telephone
Corrupt facts easily replaced by others
Listeners adorn themselves as judges and condone
Forgetting that fiction disguises the reality of another

Laptop screens populate with invasions of privacy
As public debates forget to respect any sense of secrecy
But let the story make you its main character
And feel how suddenly your own life becomes a disaster
M-E Apr 1
A tear
Weights thousand woe
On the verge
Hanging by a thread
Swinging, singing her sorrows
And let go
At the sight of You
AditiBoo Jan 24
She came to stand next to me
Discreetly slid her hand in mine
Sensing that I  had been uneasy
A frozen expression pretending to be fine

She never said a single word
She silently gave me her full support
The glares focussed on her and she never stirred
She squeezed my hand and became my fort

Insults unleashed on me
Now redirected to her
Fingers all around pointed at me viciously
Tongues unleashed calling her a traitor

Still, she remained rooted at my side
She walked in my worn out shoes and persevered
She faced my downfall with grace and pride
The woman I would never be and so revered

Her silence was contagious
All around, the jeers overused and saturated
Now no longer inspired to be loquacious
All standing, querying the one who had quietly dominated

Still without a word, she ushered me out
Still, the opposition did not comment the walk out
And in the room where I had gone to hide
She had left my enemies to unwittingly subside
AditiBoo Nov 2018
“Let it rain!” - They said!!
The pouring of every tear that should never have been shed
”Let that thunder roar!!”
Of all the cries that are stifled, never to be heard anymore

The lands will flood
The lungs will cough up blood
Children will be left to waddle in mud
Men will fall from pedestals with a thud

Strings of water, escaping from the heavens
Seeking refuge closer to the pits of hell
Confused winds rushing to whoever beckons
In the middle - Man dazed under his earthly spell

The eyes tell all
As the curtains will fall
Every destination leads to a wall
Staring at a phone with no one to call

“Let it rain!” - They said!!
Th pouring of every tear that should never have been shed
”Let that thunder roar!!”
Of all the cries that are stifled, never to be heard anymore
AditiBoo Nov 2018
It took tears, tantrums and acceptance
Letting go of habit with reluctance
Learning to hear and not just listen
Understanding what words meant when they were written

It took patience in a world of urgency
Confidence in an atmosphere of dejectedness
Positivity in a crowd of hostility
Hope splattered across the cloud of darkness

To come out damaged, but not broken
To be whole despite the cracks and dent
To know who you are when others are mistaken
To stand up straight even when your will is bent
AditiBoo Sep 2018
I’m a lamb destined for slaughter
I’m the black sheep of an impeccable family
I’m a poor excuse for a sister and daughter
I'm that glitch in the system - that anomaly

My principles diverge from those around me
My ambitions deviate far from what is expected
My perspectives tend to make some quite unhappy
My motivations, to those who raised me, are disconnected

I am neither traditional nor modern
Too hot-tempered or too mild-mannered
Too easily forgettable for your concern
But when trouble arises - too easily remembered

I am that scar misplaced on a pretty face
I am a case gone cold without a trace
I am that deleted space on your database
I am out of place within the human race

And only when I leave
Will my presence begin to deceive
The comfort of a familiar stranger
The unease of a prejudiced danger

I am out of place, overcrowding my birthplace
I am out of phase, synced out and out of pace
I am a pixelated interface that you cannot erase
I am a cat in a rat race and laughter is my pokerface
AditiBoo Sep 2018
One by one, the petals fell
As, in its time, the flower wilted
Once denuded, broken was the spell
The lone stem, shuddered... jilted

Who would want it now -
Without its colourful crown
Its 'oompf' factor or its pow-wow?
Desolate, it too gave up and turned brown

It crumpled upon itself gracefully
Embraced the welcoming soil
Curling back to its roots longingly
Ending its journey in a perfect coil

With time, earth and flower merge
Disintegrated and dissolved into one
Nature's nocturnal music made up its dirge
As a new flower sprouted under the sun
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