I get a little-excited thinking
I'm a little crushing.
I feel a bit crazy thinking
I'm falling.
I feel chill thinking
I'm having fun.
I smile, thinking
It's real.
I feel delusional thinking
You are different.
I feel loss thinking
Everything is fine.
l feel alone thinking
I miss you.
I feel needy thinking
You're coming.
I feel good thinking
It's all reality.

Carly Dec 2017

If it were 2am,
I wouldn’t be here.

If it were 2am,
I’d be on my 5th beer.

If it were two AM,
You wouldn’t know I cried myself to sleep.

If it were 2am,
I’d try counting sheep.

If it were 2am,
I’d crave love and affection.

If it were two AM,
I wouldn’t ask,
for fear of rejection.

It’s 11:31 PM.
mslu Dec 2017

the Truth

its with kind regards
that you've been asked to avail yourself
excuse yourself
from our crying festivals and internal ridicules of should-have's,
to make an honest revelation of yourself.
i'd understand if you've gotten lost along the way
or forgotten the directions;
its been a while since your presence was requested
its just that right now
i’d really appreciate your attendance to the vulnerability.

i know you’ve noticed
i’ve conversed with tribes opposite to you long enough
i’ve testified against your whispers.
yes, its done nothing
but heighten my complexities and insecurities,
and disrupt my rhythm.
the rhythm I thought I could dance to on my own
without you taking the lead
or setting the record straight.
i’m sorry:
the times I stood you up
the unwanted plus one’s
the cancelled reservations,
but know that this one here
is just you and i
a table for two
and a serving of unseasoned confessions.

let me know when you can make it. . .

underestimating the presence of a guest . . a guest you thought would always be around
apiwe Dec 2017

I have been thinking
What do you think of me?
What do you see in me?
How do you see me?
I want us to talk
Express feeling...
Cliché, I know.
I want us to hold hands
Walk together
And have long talks...Plato...Aristotle
Not your thrill, I know.
I want to ask a-
You want to fuck?
I know.
But still
I've been thinking
How do you love, ellipsis

Eve Oct 2017

As I inhale for yet another breath,
I realize I haven't quite gotten some rest.
Maybe it's because all I kept stressing over last night was the fact of which, you weren't safe yesterday night.
I keep myself well aware of the situations you've been involved with,
I've been attempting to get some sort of attention from you,
But I guess I'm just fitting in like everyone else,
You're just not seeing me quite right,
Maybe you put me through this nerve racking test.
I'm exhausted,
I've been waiting in this same spot for this entire time, thinking maybe just maybe you would've called.
But the only person I hear from the other end is the person specifically telling me that you're unavailable  at this time.
I feel so drowned inside,
The way you ignored my sense of effort,
The only hope I have now is for someone, anyone to guide me to a light,
Or maybe even a simple sign,
I just need you to want me - like.
But I guess I'm just not your precise right.

Gabriel burnS Sep 2017

Friendly pokes
Dirty jokes
Someone has misheard:

-Are you some kinda perv?
-I struck some kinda nerve?

Awkward looks
into boots.

Who will be the first
to change the topic,
pitch of talking?
Can this be reversed?

It was just an impulse.
Yes, it is that simple
when it's not rehearsed.
Who's that good with words?

Smile and let's move on.
Let us not be dull.
Moods will come and go
so on the go we learn.

Lyn-Purcell Jul 2017

People are opinionated

but it's never fact

They're so quick to pick

at you and say what you lack

They'll say all sorts about you

Especially as you glow

But their words are wind

Take it and let it go

Success can say one thousand words. Ever had a moment of success in your life and some former friend, or someone you know and loathe say crap about you? We live in a world that judges no matter what the hell you do. Their opinions are invalid. All that matters is what you see and think of yourself.
A Jun 2017

We talked about life
And how to defeat it
And somehow be pretentious
She said, "You'll find your happiness soon!"
I wanted to say that I already did
And that I was talking to her
But life remains strong
"Yeah, soon."

from him
Debanjana Saha Apr 2017

Went for an evening walk
with many people walking around
a scheduled walk
everyday at the same time
it seems..
get to see & feel
more often than before.
An old man walking everyday
at his own pace
taking baby step at his old age..
Another man, unable to walk at all..
but still striving to make one more step..
so as to keep moving on the go...
Unexpectedly, out of all the thoughts
heard a dog's bark
that too behind the walls
and as I turned aside
only to find a caged dog..
May be jealous of all of us
as it may seem we are free
in this vast array of light..
...and all of a sudden met my friend..
a wholehearted smile...
she missed me it seems
as I was away for a while...
A sudden burst of laughter
with incomplete talks..
Good to meet people unknown
but somehow known
as we all are walking in the same lane
to find ourselves more often than others!

Walking around opens up so many aspects in life..
watching the smallest details of life makes our life
so much more meaningful with new findings each time..
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