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Limem ALi Apr 10
It's been a long, long time
I'm not sure if you remember me!
However, the signs your eyes telling you do! .. but don't dare to stare!

Yet, I see anxiety as it may seem, more worse the last time! Surprised you didn't get any better!
We've talked about it all!
What's left to talk about!
I tried to help over and over but you don't listen don't you
We've talked about it all!
What's left to talk about

You have it all in your hands
Instead! You stood helpless and watched your end and still..

Once again you are holding the same thing over and over again. The same thing that kept you up until the dawn each night and left you sleepless. Shame! Looks heavy on you. You didn't get any better!

I cannot believe you are not trying!
Instead you're making it feel more worse up to now! Your fears! Each time, you cannot step any further believing your past will reappear. You let those dark energies dig into your soul's doors and chains you with its powers.

You are trapped by the monster you made.
The monster thay kept winning!
flamingogirl Mar 27
Those I love the most
but are psychically distant
know the least about me.
I miss our deep talks and constant life updates. ******* corona virus.
There were  low level talks
A boy and a girl in love affair
In festivals and fairs together
It was a talk of the town
Matter reached the high commands
There were high level talks
Followed by a Memorandum of Understanding
Boy and girl not to talk
End their love affair
Separate forever
Honouring the decision
There were low level talks
Followed by a joint declaration
" Had they known it before
Love ends in misery
They would have proclaimed far and wide
On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
No one should Nourish Love"
Palpebra Dec 2020
Something weird happened today,

with my body talking all the way.

I heard a creak here

and then a squeak there-

my backbone said

nodding its head

"Keep me straight and clever.

For men may come and men may go

but I'll be there for you forever"

Then there was a sound so deep,

my gut roared in his sleep-

"Trust me, lady,  

I'm your well wisher.

I know plots when they turn shady"

Confused I wondered why

all of a sudden I

heard noises from within

only to feel my skin-

say out loud and clear,

"Oh woman! Now you see

don't let anyone get under me"

This made my heart

pump so **** fast,

that I had to press my palm

in order to keep it calm.

Yet he lubdubbed-

"Keep me safe,

but don't place me in a cage

I'm sure,

I can keep up with a little estrange"

Then to my utter surprise

as I closed my eyes,


only to start blinking

when I heard an unusual call,

my brain whispered,

"Dear Palpebra, I may not be the smartest of all!
; )
Spadille Oct 2020
Past one in the morning
Talking about our dreams
About how we wanted to go on a trip
Midnight driving with the windows down
Feeling the cold air hitting our skins
Loud music blasting from the stereo
Us enjoying our youth
As we go to unfamiliar places
Wandering and getting lost
Forgetting our sorrows
And experience never ending gaeity
Looking up to the stars
Wishing for this friendship to last forever
Or maybe just a lifetime
Cherishing the moments
Before it turns into memories
Memories that will tattoed on our souls
The dreams we've talked about
I badly want it to happen
Us four, on a spectacular road trip
Living our best lives.
To live or to die?
Naveen Malhotra Sep 2020
For healthy heart
Morning walks for 40 minutes
Evening talks for 30 minutes
Morning has no legs
How it walks
I wonder
Evening has no tongue
How it talks
I wonder
Where are their hearts
I wonder
Howsoever hard I think
I don't understand
It's all nonsensical
Thinking differently
Viewing things from different angles
Make things difficult
Try to be metaphorical
Things may become beautiful
Emulate the morning
Emulate the evening
To keep your heart healthy
Tsunami Sep 2020
Our talks of the sunset
Were poems themselves
i still think of us
Anshika Jain Jul 2020
Yet , it look so beautiful
but making me ugly inside.
The bridges created by us
were unsurely doubting us
lacking the sense of being loved
we ended up being stifling
beneath our own bridges.
It's basically about the choked friendship or relationship in which we get to personal and possesive , thereby leading to hurt each other by buliding those bridges .
gabby Jul 2020
i've heard you
talking to the stars.
do your scars
heal with their light?
do they feel,
compassionate and kind,
your sorrow,
and understand
your blue life?

i've talked to them once
cold as iced ice,
they wasted my time.

i like talking to the
grass, the flowers
they aren't dead,
immortal or fire-red.
they aren't wise,
they just empathise.
the trees, the green
sometimes talk back
and i listen like a child;
the rustling leaves,
the broken twigs.

but you look up!
bored of the ground,
you need their coldness,
their empty shiny eyes.
i like nature more than people sometimes
Echo Jul 2020
I killed the light
so I could hear you talk
about death
within the life of journeys

How come, say,
that this is the most real I've felt in weeks?
As a ghost through the glass in the night
mute and almost blinded
by the light of the moon
Unseen, unacknowledged
and yet - and yet
It's as if you looked at me
for the first time
Met my gaze
and still decided to speak
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