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Smiling Queen Aug 2019
From talking about studies,
To late night romantic chats.
From exchanging notebooks,
To passing the love letters.
From making eye contacts,
To those sweet kisses.
This is our journey from
Classmates to SOULMATES!!!

~your smiling queen :)
Committed since 1 May 2019.
Two classmates, now true lovers, and will be together forever.
Colleen Mary May 2015
The sun will shine and set. I toss this idea over and over in my mind. Summer is finally in the air. I sit on my front porch sipping my sweet tea on this mid-June evening and just think, think, think.

Your troubles are small in the just of it all. I’m wondering if you forgot about me. The thought of not existing in your mind troubles me. However, I’m aware my troubles no longer trouble you.

My anxiety has kicked in as of late making my troubles feel bigger than ever. The sunset helps put things into perspective that this world has more to offer than the small one I swear I’ve met my living hell in.

The sweet tea lingers on my lips, as do the kisses you gave me last summer. I swear I sat with you and watched this same sunset I am now watching by myself. Even though the sunsets appear the same, there is something distinctly different about each one.

The same is true of our days; from day-to-day everything seems the same, yet when you look back- everything has changed. I wonder what change tomorrow will bring.

— The End —