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"He's either a madman or a poet."

"Can't I be both?"

"You already are."
Late night conversations are weird yee yee
annh Feb 23
Ah - the weekend!
Time to open my emotional closet,
Have a good rummage around,
And find something we both can wear.
‘Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.’
- Robert Frost
Shutterr Aug 31
When can I feel like the victim
And only the victim
I can't be a victim and victimzer
At the same time
It sends me into a spiral
Of only accepting what you say
Is the truth
Neha Sharma Jul 16
Both of us were silent,
But our eyes were still speaking.
Lovers talk through their eyes.
Poetic T Jun 16
Woeful of the memories,
              was I to blame!

Could I have changed that moment?

When he walked out of our timeline.

Altered futures of what would have been
                 happy moments.

   But he was vacant like a parked car paying
                         for a spot never ever filled.
Still we waited on the clock before the pennies
                           ran out and then...

Tickets of denial, that he was there for us..
    he threw pennies at the lap of our mother.

She cried inside ever strong...

We were young of innocence, thinking he was
      there for us. But she was the guild that
                   caressed every fall,
                          every awkward question.

Denial was a strong venture for boys,
     that  thought the sun shone brightly.

In reality it was like the northern hemisphere
                   frozen for a time then thawed.

In reality, there was an absence of reconciliation.
        daydreaming of perfection.  
                                                   ­  never realising...
That one took the personification of both.
             And we gazed upon her as a not worthy.

But she brought us up in the wordless motion,
         of abandonment, not wanting us to see the reality..

That our Dad was as worthless as the pennies he
         threw in discord,
                                                 thinking that the copper
stepping stones were of worth to feed  and put cloth on us.

She was the one that played the part of both.
      gone is her words of wisdom..

But still her learning lives on..

                   We love you mother & Dad..

But realistically   she was both, and when she passed..

          She wasn't  a loss of a singular person but
                   one that filled the footsteps of both..

Mum we miss you... every one that wasn't filled
      not one footstep,
                           but one that filled both.
Johnny walker May 26
Never thought that I could
love again never would I have thought It
to want to love again for she and I we love from a distance
for we are so far apart there are so many miles and ocean between
but through technologies and the Internet we keep In contact each and every day
but I love her as my dear friend she feels same about me so we
each other as friends nothing more because neither want a relationship which we've both already
In our lives true friends that we are she helped me so much In my struggles with grief the loss
my wife but sadly I'll never get to meet her In person for my ever Increasing disability
which will prevent me from ever traveling but we'll continue to
from far away because there are no boundary that can stop true love for love does last forever but
been so lucky In the way I have loved twice In my life and Helen and Terry I love equally
I have a friend who Is helping me now I'm so lucky I've this friend from afar and neither of us want a relationship other than of being friends that suits us both so be forever friends
Off the rails and
Into the water

The black
Those depths
Known too well
For such young lungs
Sinking to swim

Brought to the surface
By a balloon
You never saw that before

Red and love
Don't rise too high
You aren't a bird
You're a trainwreck
Dying to live
Based very loosely on a conversation I had. I guess I'm just feeling edgy today.
Johnny walker Apr 21
Oh Helen never thought you'd leave certainly not
In winter and not
see the last summer through together as In all the years before
Today Easter Sunday
laid flowers on Helens grave them I sat and
talked to her a while and all
the birds were singing there
oh so beautiful
I thought it as If they were singing for my sweet
heart, and for
who lay there with her Its was so peaceful just sitting
So many wonderful memories flooding my mind of days gone by
so as I got to leave
spoke to little birds singing their lovely songs of summer
keep singing your beautiful songs for my sweetheart and to all
those who lay with
and keep her company
till I get there when all
the birds will
their beautiful songs for
Helen and myself and all who will keep us company there
Happy Easter my Darling you who are forever In my
Easter Sunday I'll be laying flowers on Helen my sweet hearts grave beautiful day
the birds will be singing
their beautiful songs of summer and all who lay with her and keep her company till I get there
Johnny walker Apr 18
I never thought to love again but two ladies In one lifetime  both equally
I never
have thought to be Terry In this life, and Helen now In the next, but It true, Oh yes It's
For Terry had a calling she said didn't know just why but needed after
a tribute poem written by me to wife, she felt her the need to look out for
But I think now I have the answer Helen sent a message to Terry from somewhere out afar
saying I can no longer look after my
Oh Terry please look out him cause I love him so, Oh yes I love him, Terry and I have become
such good
so naturally, It seems as If friends we were meant to be until we both go
Oh yes until Terry and I we both go home, forever friends that what we shall forever be, until
we both go
This Is actually more like
a song a tribute two very special ladies In my life
both have saved me from a sad and what have been a very lonely life
Johnny walker Apr 12
I drove out In my car yesterday oh such a glorious sunny day It
made me glad to be
My darkest days they
have now passed to
much brighter days that
now lay
And I'm no longer afraid
to move on with my life
but never forgetting my
She has helped me with the inspiration she gave me but
can rest In peace for my friend as taken to looking after me and Helen will
know that I'm
The Inspiration Helen's given me has got me thus far she can now rest In peace knowing my
friend Terry Is keeping an eye on me
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