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Lost In sweet thoughts of Helen today swept away
to beautiful summer days
blown away on a breeze
of beautiful
To walk again those fields lanes that I also walked as a child but now a pretty wife by my side those eyes  I've never got over her eyes of blue a love so
Oh so proud I was to be walking with a pretty lady at my side that of my wife
on fantastic days of summer to be kissing and cuddling under the warming eye of the bright yellow sun silently watching my lover
and I
It's so generous warmth kissing our bodies with a beautiful glow oh those days of summer thought never to end but sadly end they did, but shall never forget those beautiful days and to the very first summer we both became
Sweet thought today of Helen and the summer we became lovers days thought never to end
Bohemian Feb 14
Both of those two
That day brawled
Sworn about the tolls
We both shall be boys next life!"
For then they could combat
And he,finally could hit 'she'
Who then be he
Pleased ,said she: I shall reciprocate thee
Laughed at it
Both rolled giggling arms in arms
Or heads on the beseated knees
When you came into
this world,
you were
instantly given
two things;
a life,
and choices.
Use both wisely.
Use your brain and don't make ****** decisions.
Johnny walker Feb 12
What do I do from here when the home I lived with Helen doesn't seem like home no
Just an empty shell of what once was our home a place where one could feel the love when walking through the
and to now my life that has changed and I've lost the one I loved but I'll try to carry on and keep her memory
And what do I do now when the house I live dosen't seem like mine no more once one could  feel the love just walking through the
A house where Helen and I both did live but now alone dosen't seem like home no more
Poetic T Feb 4
When I breath your moment,
                       a reflection wonders on
the pools of my sight...

And I drown beautifully within you..

And as I sink,
                      I see every moment we
                      we have swam together..

And even though I hold no breath,

I hold every second of us and

as I sink,  I live a lifetime beneath the
creat of a wave

                 and we wash up on the shores of each other...
Sunshine Jan 22
his arms around my waist
his face fuzzy because I can't keep focus
everything about this was perfect
everything about the broken glass was perfect
his hands in my hair
my fingers running over his shoulder
I know I'm sad inside
I know he's struggling to figure this out
we held embrace with my back against the wall
I can feel his breath on my neck
but we both drank too much
and we both dreamt of better worlds
my body is so high right now
my mind is soaring
I never want him to let go
he doesn't want to let go
once our touch is gone it's only us
in our destructions and faded lies
even after this is all gone
even after everything is lost in my mind
I'll still feel his fingers through my hair
and the way he smiled
both drunk in love
a rendition of my life.
episode one.
stay tuned.
Johnny walker Dec 2018
I'm yours till we both go
home, forever hope that
will be true for so much happiness I found since
Emailing you
You message me at the start of my day that give
a lift put new Perspective
on my day
And then I go wandering  through my thoughts of the day and think of Terry how Is your day going so for did you have enough time to get done all you needed to do before darkening skies
descended on
A poem for a special friend thinking of her though out the day
I think myself what Is my friend doing right now
I ask my self:
Was I the only one
to ever love you?
Between us two?
No, no, you loved
Yourself too, all the while
leaving me unloved
Both by you and
As it happens, by me too -
All this would not have
Changed had you not left
And now I slowly
After  breaking saw too
That I can love my self so.
Even after you after all.
Elizabeth Zenk Sep 2018
.scared so am I
?it is wrong isn’t It
.home as horrible as is Fearing
.myself as backwards as Fear
One is an ape clothed in illusionary gold,
the other, apes with the pretensions of angels-
floating in the citadel of muses.

Both burn in the end,
both smother each other in the finality
of themselves.
You **** ***** apes!
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