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Flower C Sep 11
As a soul I am restless,
For every passing hour my heart cries for it to end,
That may this vessel can rest to sleep,
But my head often in thoughts,
Voicing to oneself as if there's two,
Hauling in pain such of life and living,
Reaping each serenity that lingers,
Leaving this space in me pitch black,
Only to know the definition of ultramarine,
Where everything you see left a blue,
And 'till dusk this cycle of agony,
Mounting the sleepless nights within me.
Lilly F Aug 13
I tried to stay in reality
while the sight of you rested upon my eyelids
the thought of you running through my mind
and the feeling of you sends chills up my arms
as I tried to sleep at night

fantasies make it harder to sleep at night, thinking of all the things you wish you had
adlibitum Jul 29
it’s 12 minutes to 6 as I write this
12 minutes to 6 on what day?
I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to say
All I know for certain is of this state of bliss
That arises with the sun when the darkness
That plagues my consciousness
Has finally passed

When the rats who’ve made their nest
Deep inside my mind, eating away
At my last grasp of sanity
Cease their feast for a few hours to digest

When the fear of tomorrow is no longer holds reasoning
As tomorrow is the present and somehow
I’m still breathing

It’s now 7 minutes to six as i consider the theory
of time and it’s relevance
As I question it’s importance in my diary
And whether I need to know the date or time
In which I am writing this nonsense
Whether I should be concerned about my disconnect from society
When all that matters is that my worries disappear in the morning
Another bad poem
Alexis Jul 10
you asked me why
I never sleep .

what I didn't tell you,
was that it was the only time
the voices weren't awake too .
Mitch Prax Jul 7
The dreams won't answer-
the night is getting colder
as the shadows dance

2:33 AM
Mitch Prax Jul 2
it's all about who
you eat pizza with at
two in the morning

10:49 PM
Alexis Jun 19
the way I repel the morning
and make love to the night,
I may just be becoming an
insomniac .
My roommate snores so loud the entire room trembles. For I am left to stay awake the rest of the night instead of tasting the sweet paradise of forbidden dreams. Its the casualty of brotherhood I guess...
I cant sleep and i kid you not
My roommate sounds like a train crashing into a wall every 3 seconds... sos
Mitch Prax Apr 14
She slithers in
underneath my door
in the dead of night.
I let my guard down
and she slides up my bed,
underneath the covers
and curls around my spine.
She whispers sweet terrors
and I find myself awake
and fighting this anxiety
that has me in her grip.
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