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You bide my time, and cleanse your mind, and board in damped corners of mine.
You fall asleep at the wrong time to rouse when gongs resound inside.
None be so scarred to sleep as he; let him emerge for me to see.
Here I am; I've won already. On my God, how are you doing?

~ A.M, F.H.
Edited & Published 21st of October 2020.
Written 20th of October 2020.
Mitch Prax Aug 21
Death has made
one too many
in my dreams.
I forgot how long it's been
since he first woke me up or
how long it's been since
I feared my own
Mitch Prax Aug 19
I have nothing
left to say to you
I now know what you have done
and who you really are.
You have shown your
true colours and now
I'm wide awake.
Knut Kalmund Jul 23
tedious tardy sleeps are the latest commodity
my advisor‘s eulogized,
though I have dealt with it
for as long as ever.

since I do that exceedingly well.
just once I’d wish to sink into bed,
shut my eyes for a shielded moment,
and find myself revived afterwards.

perhaps my life is
too cluttered with uncertainties,
so my bedlam body unlearned to be happy.

instead, a high demand of despondency
is expected to be appeased by
the insomniac stakeholders of my remains.
Thanks for reading.
Viji Suresh Jul 19
The sleepless nights I had then,
I had something to dream about,
Hope waiting at the end of the tunnel,
The life I loved, waiting out there to live.

I had known, it won't last,
It cannot be forever,
Yet, I hoped my hope won't desert,
Now that it did, I stopped to think.

The sleepless nights I have now,
I have nothing to dream about,
Hope forlorn, no light in vicinity,
My life I lead, hollow and ridden of life.
Mitch Prax Jul 15
We can
into the night,
hand in hand,
with nothing but
our dreams
to guide us home,
wherever home
may be...
Mitch Prax Jul 14
I am forever
jealous of the nights not spent
by your side, my dear

7:44 PM
Mitch Prax May 25
Please understand
that if I call
out your name
in the middle of
the night,
it is because you
kept a piece of
my soul
buried beneath your
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