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Mitch Prax Apr 14
She slithers in
underneath my door
in the dead of night.
I let my guard down
and she slides up my bed,
underneath the covers
and curls around my spine.
She whispers sweet terrors
and I find myself awake
and fighting this anxiety
that has me in her grip.
Mitch Prax Mar 31
Up until 4 am,
for no reason at all-
time just ran away,
And I wish you could
have stayed for
one more night.
Kennedy Roth Feb 23
Secured in his arms,
Reality fades into a dream,
One she hopes to never wake from.

Seduced by the feel of his skin,
like melatonin to an insomniac,
His touch being the only solution.

Threaded among the moonlight,
Constellations carefully etched across the sky,
Their destiny mapped out in front of their eyes.

She runs her hands down his back, entranced entirely by him.
His intentions, entranced entirely by her fragile physique.

Her urges take over,
Losing control again,
Distracted by warped illusions,
Failing to remember,
The future she’s been unable to escape.

Fooled by his caress,
The stars fall out of foucs,
Causing the drugs to lose effect.
Mitch Prax Feb 22
I am longing for the night-
wishing for nothing but sleep
but when the night comes,
I lay in bed,
awaiting a serenity that
isn’t so imminent.
A restlessness stirs within me,
not realizing its still hours
until dawn.
Mitch Prax Feb 21
Does anyone catch themselves
in between two realities?
Do you wake up in a cold sweat
from a dream your mind still believes
is real?
Obsessing over every little detail
until your mind collapses from exhaustion.
This isn't a poem,
this is a question-
or is it?
I can't decide.
Once lost in dreams,
Insomniac I became.

When red petals glittered,
Scattered color all around,
With eyes veiled under the dark night,
Colorless I became.

Then words sizzled,
Created storm,
Tore heart all around,
With uncried tears,
Voice choked,
Damp inside I became.

Ghastly winds stripped me *****,
Reality I became.
waking up with bruises and wounds
from battling these sleepless nights

Here we go again.
It is 6 AM
The morning has begun its rise to power
And I have yet to fall asleep
I'm ready to die now
Someone tear the brain out of my skull
Just your average i somniac over here... living life to its least
kiran goswami Dec 2018
" Short stories to make you fall asleep. " Typed the insomniac.
After 15 minutes ...
" Where are grandma's fairytales? "
The kid inside her wondered.
Nitin Bisht Nov 2018
In the midst of sleep,
Away from an iffy dream,
Through the aperture in the window,
I saw a shaft of light,
gleaming, dazzling,
killing the demons of the morn.
Though one pulverizing but smiling wryly,
reminds me of its return at night quietly.
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