I could hear a pin drop.

No, a ball of cotton lightly float and touch down.
Upon a silk sheet.

A speck of dust land on another speck of dust thousands of light years away,
where the colours are inverted negative,
and creatures communicate in a way that doesn’t require poorly worded drunken blurbs
converted into electrons
travelling from one annoyingly loud metal chip to another.

I can hear the electrons converting
and I can hear them laughing at me.

I am a speck of dust upon a speck of dust.
Ungracefully, heavily falling onto my creased sheets.

Jester Andre Jul 10
Of all the billion people in the world
It truly is such an
That I got to meet you;
Falling so deeply in love
like falling on the deepest
abyss where I could no longer
escape alive;
I can't help but think
it's the universe's fault;
As time and space themselves
and all the star dust conspired altogether
just for our story to exist
and for our
to connect
for all
First poem to publish (/≧ω≦)/
Korina Jun 18
There’s an emptiness
That lies between
The lines
Of my lies
You know that famous
“You ok?”
And i lie and say
“I’m fine”
I’m forcing myself
To live without love
But I can see
Myself fading
From the lack there of
I’m fine
‘Nah I’m not depressed
Nah I’m not crying every night
Nah I don’t need the support
From friends to fuel my light
Nah I don’t need prayers
Or a man to hold my hand’
As I lie some more
I die some more
Watching my own shit
Hit the fan
I’m fine
I don’t drown my liver
In alcoholic narcolepsy
I don’t pray for
Death to
Come and set me free
I don’t question God
On why I’m here
I’m as chipper as can be’
I’m fine
I am fine

- Prima Poetess
Korina Jun 18
I have always felt alone
In a sense where
I can’t really depend on
Another human to catch me
I can’t really say
I have a life line
I can’t really pull that parachute
Two times
I can only tell my secrets
In parts and Intervals
I can only share
What anyone is willing to hear
I can only feel
What makes sense to everyone’s ears
I can only heal...
The parts of me that
Are not real...
I am deprived of self expression
To make others around me
More comfortable
To be around
I am surrounded by
More talk of death
Than life
I am reminded of
My failings and strife
I am only loved
When the time is right
Note that loved is
Past tense
As I write
I am easily forgotten
Till I pop up in the k section
Of a phone book
But before you dial
You have to see
“how good she looks”
I have to think more with my brain
And less with my heart
I guess to be less humane
As a human
Is the perfect way to start...

-Prima Poetess
Hg Jun 10
it might not mean
that much to you

but darlin if
you only knew

this red mark on
my arm you drew

is something i
would get tattooed
Gray Jun 7
Patter! Patter! Squish!  
Oops! Oops! Swish!

Watch out! Oh no! Don't step there!
We are not going to have enough to share!

I wish i had enough personal expertise,
To be able to successfully walk around all these spilled peas.
Miira Jun 3
When love's not returned
Souls shattered into pieces
Trust no one, no more.
Miira Jun 1
Why do I have to go through this?
When will the chattering ever stop?
Am I capable enough to follow my dreams?
I wonder as I turn the doorknob.

Every cell in my body was hated
by every cell in yours
I was only a child
Would you rather suffocate me in drawers?

What do you even benefit from it?
Being happy in front of others
But spit hateful words without people knowing
Oh what a hypocritical pretender

It’s like being
Chained up
Whipped up
Getting all messed up

Or like the cool cyan water
Being ferociously consumed by
the swift fiery orange
Rushing through like the high tide Seine delta

But Plushies,
Blankies and
Radiate through every inch of my body,
Experiencing tranquillity

Faintly hearing...
“Are you alright love?”
“I was afraid you would.”
“I’m glad that you’re okay!”
Semicolon May 29
It's one of those nights,
When I take off from Netflix,
Dump all those excuses,
Give a break to my life,
And sit down to write
Those little daisies
Tenderly flickering in the air,
Those specks of dust
Warmly mingling with the sunlight in my room,
That last particle of confetti
From the party popper to land on the earth,
That hushed tick tock
Of a forgotten clock on the wall,
That breathy crackle
Sung by a fire under the moon,
The stardust
Enveloping all of us,
It's one of those nights again.
Breathe every little fragment of the entirety that surrounds you, and let it drip through your fingertips on the paper.
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