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don't expect me to be easy
theres a fire in my gut
and i wont put it out
for the likes of

Esther L. Krenzin
i know you
better than you know yourself
i have been here since the beginning
when you first entered the world
fresh from your mothers womb
i was with you
when you threw yourself at my feet
and beat the ground with your fists
i have been with you
all the times you wept on cool tile floors
wondering so desperately what went wrong
Esther L. Krenzin
I'm on the edge of love
Where sunflowers no longer bloom
Willows no longer sing
And roses are dead in spring

I'm on the edge of love
Where fingers no longer touch
Where passion is forgotten waft
And the salty tears on my cheek are the only thing that drift

I'm on the edge of love
Where my heart no longer flutters
his words are missed and their memory is a constant reminder.

I'm on the edge of love
Where the days are dull, nights are ominously silent
Sun shines ever so coldly
And the stars twinkle with sadness
A ocean,
an urge
A waterfall all ready to pour out.
But not a single drop trickles down.

It's all in
and swimming;
and breathing ;
and impulsive.

I am crying words,
but there are no tears.
My tears are becoming the sea within. My tears are words that I shed.
Alison Jun 28
I ripped my skin open
Spilling my secrets and blood on the floor.
But it made you uncomfortable
I was too open
Too raw
Too much.
I apologized
As I covered up my insides
And sewed myself back together.
Cotton Candy Jun 19
i am the shoreline

i face storms

and sunny days

and i don’t break

slowly my sands

are stolen

washed away

and yet i remain

i am fiercely determined

to succeed

and all these things

will simply help define me
Cotton Candy Jun 19
swim like a mermaid

through the ocean

to me

swim through

rough waters

until you reach

the calm

under moonlight  —

surface my soul

entwined with yours
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