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yuyu Jun 2022
The pink rose that you gave,
Has always been alive,
Never wilted from my heart,
Because it has always been you

My comfort has always been you,
Because you would always knew,
Even without any words,
You would always be there,
Even when I was not

The pink rose that you gave,
Blooms a garden of joy,  
Rushes the bees to work,
Wakes the butterflies
in my stomach

Do you remember
When we were in the pink rose fields?
You were my best view,
I want you to know,
That you will always be

Your eyes greet me with a smile,
Everytime and every while
Our eyes meet,
I can feel the love
Deep inside your brown eyes.

My love,
Thank you,
For the pink rose
cheerful love that we both experience, the comfort and love that I received from you was the best experience ever
Sindi Jun 2021
Like a constellation of stars
They walk upon the stage
Smiling and dazzling
In their best dress up

This small event was successful
But if only there were more people
To watch this spectacular happening

The individuals who participated
Proved that they are not fish in the school
But more like a bouquet of daisies
All glittering by
© Sindi Kalumba
Cara Anne May 2021
As I walk around the hospital, I hear chatter and laughter.
I am constantly surrounded by friendly faces and warm smiles.
I meet their warm smile with a cheerful hello, and I grace them with the twinkle hidden within my eyes.

But deep inside, I feel hollow.
I feel empty as if my soul contains nothing.
I feel like I am just a shell of a person taking up unwarranted space.

Every day I ask myself
Does my life have a purpose?
Do I make a difference?  
Will anyone miss me if I am gone, or will they notice I'm not around?

As I come back from my  recent travels, everything seems to be the same.
Not an item is out of place besides for me.
No one has noticed the empty desk for the last four days.
No one has noticed that there is a missing friendly face.

One does not realize how insignificant they are until they come back and realize that no one has noticed their absence.
Until one realizes that everyone failed to care.
To them, one is just another working body.
One is just another body filling another simple empty desk.
Disposable, nonetheless
Why won't you answer my calls?
Does the phone ring off the wall
Are you thinking of him
Why do you rock my world...

I know love's a word away
You just need to say you love me
In a letter posted to the heavens
You shake my earth...

Do you think of me with each season
They'll keep changing
And we won't meet
But, I know we will have changed.

So, move on.
A poem on being single and alone.
Dharatal Sep 2020
An hour passed by reading a book,
And I entered a new world,
World full of peace
Where everyone is busy in his own world, nobody here means anything to anyone.
full of happiness , where no one is abash.
People are neither beautiful nor ugly everyone is equal in eye of human.
Where I can sing, dance and do anything with rapture ,without any hesitation.
I am lost in this immensity,
Their is no logic only magic ,
Though it was just a world of book,but I wish,I could really get lost in this type of immensity
Books are not only bundles of pages they also have their own world full of happiness,I find a new world in books ,read a book with full attention and once you will also get lost in the world of book
Daniserena Jul 2020
If only I wasn't such a freak then I could explore the world every day of the week.
being constantly stuck in this place I call home, I just sit and watch the other freaks roam.
all the normal people have someone to love, and I'm stuck here talking to the angels above.
maybe if I looked different I would get treated better, or pretty and famous then my fans would write me letters.
but normal is not absolutely in my inside, and I don't wanna act like something I don't define.
but it's okay to be different because different is better, whether it's pretty or not like an ugly sweater.
being a freak doesn't make you weak, being the same will always make you lame.
realize this cause this is who you are, and finding the truth isn't so far.
anon Jul 2020
When my heart is full
It feels overwhelming
But cozy
At the same time.

It strikes suddenly.
As irrational laugher that causes fat droplets to squeeze out of your eyes,
Or appreciation for relationships
Probably pushed to the forefront of your mind
Through the slight tipsy haze of alcohol.

And I try to grasp that feeling
Try to clench my own heart, bursting, in my fist.
And when it inevitably takes flight,
I realise I do not mind at all.
A first on the more positive side of things. Although writing darker emotions comes more easily to me, I do like to intentionally write happier pieces in order to not lose perspective.
Raul M Murray Jul 2020
Happiness in an electromagnetic energy
Which flows from person to person in a liturgy
We say hallelujah in harmonious synergy
The joy spreads like ripples of the sea of Sicily
The spirit is contagious
Shining bold and religious
That smile expressed is prodigious
Mirrored from me to you which is unpretentious
The feeling is a supernatural high
Like the sun rays which pervade the sky
Expressing our soul's chi
A revelation of our energy that can electrify
noura Jun 2020
In my little kingdom of wishes
sleepy visions of an excellent dream I once had
in which the future was beautiful and certain and bright
frolic in their silk night clothes
through eggplant skies,
and scraps of
happy endings
perfect romances
resolved tragedies
good and brave protagonists
rejoice in broad and eternal moonlight.

They skip merrily,
hand in hand with the heavenly souls of
pearly and pure memories
and nostalgic happy days
sparkling and rosy as diamond studded clouds.
Materialistic desires
are seldom seen.
In fact they are quite nearly banned
greedy and unsatisfied *******, they are.

And aloft this delightful spectacle
dwell raised spirits and high hopes
and blessings
that twinkle kindly and pour down
upon all the inhabitants of
my little kingdom of wishes.
Kairosclere May 2020
I know you’ll just be okay
When you work
Till your whole being shivers
With exhaustion
And your eyes cloud
With salty perspiration
And you push yourself
Into that one last lap
And keep pushing for another-
And yet another.
I know you won’t fall;
That much faith is essential.
And, wherever you trip,
You don’t tread on again.
With all those lessons
You’ve learned on your way,
You know you’ll just be okay.
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