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Neha Sharma Jul 14
I don't write poetry,
I just portray my love for you through these words.
Every word dedicated to him. Him---the love of my life.
Amanda Jun 14
If you peer into my heart
Completely you'd understand
How I care about your soul
I truly miss your hand

I you borrow my irrational brain
The one obsessing over you
You would discover your presence is my escape
The past haunts all I do

There is burning through my veins
Too much you and your essence
Wish you owned the same skeleton
You would feel I'm not happy in your absence

Nothing what it appears to you
I have made sure of that
Going through familiar motions
Stability only an act

I cannot be as strong as I want to
Not allowed to show real dismay
I force a smile to portray a happy face
Can't live this charade one more day
Wooo I am tired af. Started a new job and I forgot how hard it is being on my feet. Anyways I might not post as much because so much love to you all!
Even a single rose can
Portray a beautiful picture
As you do.
Arcassin B Jul 2017
By Arcassin Burnham

Beauty in the mist,
lights are sparkling,
And on earth your little dreams come crashing down like
project apartments,
while they let us lay in fear,
they make money off black inmates,
then the public sees that **** and think
that's all we're good for is crime and hate,
what did the president say?
say hes gonna make america great?
Man you ain't **** a good job,
Are you even trying anyway?
thats another display of hate?
bet you people regret it,
and there no resets,
gonna have to take it in and embed it,
we might be heading for a  fake world war,
don't hear it cause I said just research it,

Guess that's why I wanna float on to another world,
I honestly think that they make God to have these strict
rules when in reality he really wants all of you up there,
aka high chair,
aka ladder,
aka stairwells express,
aka the life after.
Chloe Chapman Mar 2017
How can you know me,
    When you've only seen my skin
There is not way
    I could possibly portray
    More than a distorted fragment
        Of the twisted universe
            That resides inside my head.

I try  my dear,
    Oh how hard I try!
But it is futile you see,
    For how can I form words
        To convey who I am
When I myself
Do not even understand
Who I Have Become.
Arcassin B Dec 2016
By Arcassin Burnham

Sweet embrace choosing like the holy Grail,
Let the rain fall , my soul is not for sale,
Not really fun when you burn in hell,
Demons talking to you like fresh meat in jail,
Citrus feeling minds with all things not from earth,
Drawn to a love no certain than a common worth,
Even since you been a mistake on the day of your birth,
Suicide is something you don't really wanna blurt,
Nearing to the end like do you see a vision?
It was pleasant all before , don't bring any tension,
Envisioning a utopia, when they buried ya,
Riding in a silver Toyota, in a frozen tundra,
If the kitchen knives don't drop,
Dreamt of this your whole life, now you can't stop,
Don't know how I missed this part of agony , it was a tragedy,
It's your face they'll crop,
Red doors open when you see the error of your ways dying like
Obese guy laughing at athletes,
It'll take you two whole lifetimes just to get under my skin and walk
Over me,
But you are below me , I'm more of a man than any ignorant demon would
Ever Portray,
The taste of these and the taste of those will leave me immortal,
I won't die today.
SøułSurvivør Apr 2016
I sketch a face
strong of bone
'tis my love
'tis my own

planes of cheek
line of jaw
insistent flesh
sinews raw

something female
in your long curls
but it's plain
that you like girls

I consider
as I mix the paint
I wish to render,

your sweet fleshtones
rich and warm
The tan quality
of arm

mixing pink
burnt umber, gold
I use brushstrokes
deft and bold

a touch of green
'round your eye's fire
black pupils swollen
with desire

chestnut hair
and eyes of blue
I have finally
captured you

won't put this painting
on my wall
'nor place it in
an attic small

I'll place it in
my heart's museum
a room where
I will always see him

he'll be near
I'll bring him hence
always in remembrance

in him life
I will embue
he is the imagery of


(C) 4/10/2016
For my love

I'm sorry I haven't been reading!
Life is hectic for me these days
I want to rectify this today!
Alice R-P Jun 2015
When put to words
They do not feel the same.
When said out loud,
Come across as burned out flames-
They seem as somewhat distorted,
Not what You see inside,
Rather concealed and tamed,
The intensity not quite portrayed,
On the equivalent high tide.
Joseph Hart Aug 2014
Age, a concept, we're doomed to portray,
to judge our virtues, which year is best,
We'll hang it and proclaim each doorway,
and **** it to hell, when the soul has to rest.

— The End —