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Darkness was all around me,
And I like a castle on a quicksand;
Forced summon all my chi
To pull myself together on a firm land.

I lead my life to avoid regrets
With my spirits high as a kite.
But life has its way to clear it's debts
told me I'm worth less than a spite.

Grateful to my mate
Who showed me a way out;
Snuck through a rusty gate
Beyond the mansion of self doubt.

Held on to a wee bit of hope
And showing no sign of standing still.
I rode on as a mechanism to cope
Like a variegated flower of squill.

Didn't take long to learn,
Past is not a ghost haunting my present;
It made my belief stern.
It was time well spent.
Rose Diamond Dec 2019
They told me you were dangerous
The baddest of our kind
That with only a single look
You’d get all girls to sigh

You were quite the charmer
Of that i was quite sure
But what I didn’t really expect
Was to fall myself much more

I thought that i was different
That you’d also fall for me
For my attributes and laughter
For my smile on every eve

But that didn’t really happen
I got a wake up call
And while i was expecting a miracle
You didn’t notice at all

But its ok, i learned a lesson
And to you i bid goodbye
Because i realized I didn’t need your love
To make myself fly high
Miss 'happy' Sep 2019
Love is a feeling
Not a thing
Love is an emotion
That cannot be hate
Love is true
So do not lie to
Be true to yourself
And love you
For you
Litzytczt Sep 2019
She sits there
With flaws on her body
She sits there
Hair on her legs making a little garden of roses
She sits there
Volcanoes on her face
Looking like they are about to erupt
Yet she manages to maintain balance and equality inside
Well sometimes
She sits there
Yet still with care for the world and everyone, everything, in it
She sits there
With a tornado spinning the thoughts in her head
Making her deal with it because clicking ruby red heals doesn't make the problems go away
She sits there
Clutching the cross around her neck
Mumbling prayers
A cloud releasing small raindrops
She sits there
Being an ally,
A friend,
The person that listens when no one else does,
She waits for you to tie your shoe while everyone else walks away.
But she is also the one left behind on the sidewalk
She still sits there
Knowing how others treat her
But not letting that reflect negatively on how she treats others
She sits there
And look at that,
With a smile on her face,
She continues to grow,
Nothing prohibits her from moving forward,
She is unstoppable,
She is beautiful,
She is grace,
She is laughter,
She is sunshine,
She is light,
The light that awakens the dark,
The light that makes the moon shine,
She is everything and more.
She sits there
Being radiant
Being herself
She sits there
Knowing who she wants to be and what it takes to get there
She sits there
She sits there
Being me
I am
Sitting there
Emm Aug 2019
wee bit of innocence,
left upon the rampant
running blindly with an open shield
to find self confidence
some shred of assurance of guidance
praying you'll prey in place of the prey
in this world, this world,
this cruel, cruel, wild, world...
Alyssa Brianne Jul 2019
I am made of stardust—
every inch of my body was once a part
of the galaxy
and I need to start to remember that

How could I possibly hate the skin I’m in
when at one point people would look up at the stars
and marvel at my beauty

I am more than just bones
and muscle
and skin—
my lungs were plucked from the Milky Way
my hands once touched Saturn
and the love in my heart was a gift from the moon

If I continue to hate my body
then I am hating the universe that crafted me
with her own two hands—
how cruel to look at an artist
and scoff at the beauty they have created
Smiling Queen Jul 2019
One day, Smiles will replace these Tears.

One day, Self Confidence will replace these Fears.

One day, Praisings will be more than Complains.

One day, Happiness will be more than Pains.

One day, Dreams will become Reality.

And on that One Day, you'll surely Remember ME...
One day things will get changed and pains will end..
mars May 2019
Move into the morning light
let me see you in the way god designed.
All of this time you’ve spent trying to
make yourself perfect
but you were perfect all along
here in this light
& beautiful.
Alok Kumar Apr 2019
Today I met my true self,
When I looked in the mirror.
'I' was not looking happy,
Nor was I sad..

I was in a dilemma
If I was supposed
To be happy or amazed
As 'he' was talking to me
Through the illusioned face.

I asked him;
Why was he looking so pale?
He gave me a straight answer
Which ruin my entire day.

I asked him;
'What can I do
To make you happy?'

He said to me;
'Live the life you're supposed to
And not to follow others.'

He made a wide smile
And then he disappeared
After thinking a while
All things were
You don't need others to motivate you.
You are enough if you believe in yourself.
Igor Goldkind Mar 2019
Paper Bag

I am a paper bag, I am.
I’m not the smart one,
I’m not the successful one
I’m not the tall one who always won and 
Then died. 
I am a paper bag.
I’m only as good as what I can carry.

I am a paper bag, 
I’m not plastic, not I.
I am paper: rough, brown and thin
I’m not waterproof, you know.
And I can’t hold any liquids or gases within.
I only have room for the stuff that matters.
I’m a paper bag.
I’m only as good as what I can carry.

I am a paper bag.
Wrinkled and used and often abused
Thrown on the floor.
Buried deep inside your drawers.
I am a paper bag. 
That sometimes falls apart
I’m only as good as what I can carry.

©IgorGoldkind 2018
First published on the cover of the San Diego Free Press for Poetry Month, 2018
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