Nylee 2d
In depth
there's only fear and disbelief
deeper you will find nothing else
just void

the courage
is only the drop on the surface
wearing it like my favourite dress
not many times

there is rage
it intensifies how I feel
using every other emotions as fuel
it burns them

After the fire
Tired enough not to think much
and in a bad situation as such
I fall asleep

Waking the regret
funnily it keeps on returning
the cycle ongoing
bury it within

I am emotionless
with too many emotions dancing
improved a lot in masking
happy with my newfound skill.
anita 3d
i hate
a little bit
knowing that
you love me so
i feel absolutely
and i am so sorry
Alex 5d
how, I ask
do I care so deeply
so intensely
and yet, am incapable
of the simple act
we call

falling in love.
A bit from a larger poem. I can't seem to work the poem out to a place I'm satisfied. But I kind of like this bit by itself? At least for now
Umi 7d
What I am,
Is not what you are,
Because unlike you, I never was human.
Never was able to really feel emotions, which you all adore,
Been called a demon for that reason, a monster which was deserted,
Emptiness, calm and drenched in the sorrow of never fitting in is what embellishes me, an ornament of true, cruel sadness, undetected.
And yes, I don't understand you, perhaps I don't even want to, knowing what humans are like, I accepted my fate of being alone,
I let my fingernails grow long and sharp to at least fit into the picture of a monster you have put me, because what else do I have left ?
A heart, perhaps which desires to take those under its wing whom suffered the same tragity, orphans with no place or rejected, abused.
And a body, carrying a thousand marks done by a knife, or these nails, in a cold desperate wishing to be normal at least for a day, to not be alone and deserted, with no one left to talk but a silly pen, a pocket watch which is about to stop ticking calmly, gently very soon.
An ember of light, triggers some emotions at rare occasions, which fade into nothingness as the day begins to face it's end, ah, phantoms
So, what I am,
Is not what you are,
Because I am...
A demon.

~ Umi
Living with the asperger syndrome is sure a pain, at least for me.
nicoarty Mar 30

Death is something I want
          But can’t bring myself to take
          Is something I lost
             But can’t seem to let go of
And time

         Time is where I drift, lost
                Not knowing any way or
                               place I see

     Forever stuck in between
Azrapse Nov 2017
I used to live
I’m dead inside
I have no feelings
People find it hard to swallow
That I can’t express my emotions
They always assume
I’m just rude
Have no sense of humor
Don’t care about shit
It’s not my fault I’m broken
I wish I could feel like they feel.
Tristan Brown Mar 23
Keep it together
That's all you ever do
Say you have a breaking point
But you know that isn't true

Fake emotions all the time
That's why you never really cry

Pretend that you can assoicate
Last time you could was when you were eight

Now you are an outsider
And you're better off because you are
Vacuous Mar 13
Maybe I'm meant to be on my own
I don't really want family, friends, or even a home.
I feel so content yet more so alone
My mood takes it's swings using various tones.
This life I've been living
feels faker than real.
Sometimes the end is all Ive ever wanted to feel.
Im not made of a man
I've been made of a demon.
Because I fake all emotions
with no rhyme and no reason.
I pretend that I care,
but the truth it is not.
I can fake force a cry,
make my eyes all bloodshot.
I'm contrived when I speak,
and I lie through my teeth.
There's more to my persona,
than your eyes ever meet.
I'm a "shit being" at core,
but nice words come out oral.
The matter of fact,
I'm missing most morals.
So take this to mind,
and take this to heart.
I lie through my teeth,
and I see it as art.
Moni Man Feb 21
Romance is a nice thought.

To drag anyone down into the depths beside myself
would be cruel.
That I cannot do.
Love a person and let them fall with me as I drown in the deep end.

Watch as they choke on tendrils of sadness and shadows
which creep in from the edge of sanity
travelling down in spiraling motions,
through their body

To stab their heart.

Watch as their blood blackens and pours out,
leaving behind,
the vampire we all see, pale and sick.

Kill off their brain and stop their emotions,
till the love once felt,
is naught but a lie and a thought that once existed.

A nice thought.

But highly unrealistic.

I cannot drag someone into the depths with me,
pretending I love them,
as I ruin them,
feeding from the sadness and desperation within.

I cannot love someone.

So I shall drown alone.
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