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I want to have reasons for my emotions
Please stir my pot to put a face on my feelings
I'm upset when I have no reason and angry when I'm at peace
Give me an answer for this fire flaming in my stomach
Evan 5d
I numbed my brain while trying to numb the pain;
I felt it all until all I knew was shame.
Now I feel nothing... it all feels the same.
The sensation was fleeting; I have nothing to gain..
red Aug 21
a vast orange fissure opens in the face of the earth.
the sky—a mirage of blue and orange—portends darkness.
the canyon, in its grandeur, is nothing more than
a tessellation of orange and black from shadows of unknown.

a measly being stands alone, right by a hungry cliff.
clueless, you are accompanied by aimless tumbleweeds.
they seem to be running away from something.
shouldn't you run away from whatever it is, too?

the wind sweeps the barren landscape, devoid of life.
the sun kisses vivid orange rocks and dirt one last time.
you shout to the seemingly-endless expanse of orange,
but you only hear the burning souls shouting in return.

the darkness slowly envelops your field of vision.
whatever is chasing you is now inching by, bit by bit.
the dusk is fast approaching, but you have nowhere to hide
                             ...and so you run, but the cliff is a dead end.
So close to it,
Yet so far.

Heart beating too fast,
While I want it to stop.

Eyes blinking away the tears,
While I want them to rest forever.

So close to it,
Yet so far.

When will it come,
And sweep me away,
Right into oblivion,
Away from the obligations.
ShortBiscuit Jun 25
My brain shuts down but my eyes are still open
Giving the illusion that I'm alive
and human
But I am not
I am a robot
With human hair
I may still blink
But lack the capacity to care.
Stoic. Everyday in every way, that is how this graveyard feels to me.
Not creepy, nor freaky, nor scary, but emotionless is how I see.
It's weird some days, it gets to me, I feel as though I don't feel at all.
The sunshine doesn't warm me, the wind isn't cool, and my emotions seem to stall.
It's days like this when the tombstones seem to speak.
but not in a manner that makes me sound like a freak.
So I wonder about death in everyway imaginable, but today I wonder about my stone.
When my lights are out and i'm tucked four feet deep, how will I be known.
Will just a name and date be fine? Maybe on the back i'll have etched a poem of mine.
Have it flashy and adorned like a shrine or have it hidden by a bush and covered in a vine.
The more I think about it, the less I care, because no matter what, my soul won't reside there.
Just my body, just a shell, surely my soul will dwell in Heaven or Hell.
When i'm laid to rest in my dirt bed and grass tucked all around me.
Please forget the reefs, don't by me flowers, and things I cannot see.
Real flowers die and it looks depressing, dead flowers on my grave.
Fake flowers fade, just like our memories, their's nothing left to save.
The beautys gone in death, let my grave be just an ugly hunk of rock.
Something for someone to mow around and a reminder that no ones beats deaths clock.
If you really miss me, and you want to tell me so. Send God up a prayer.
Cause Heaven is where i'll be and i'll be waiting for you there.
Listen up and remember what you've just been shown.
Don't come visit my grave. It's crazy to think that you'd talk to a stone
hxrvld May 8
Two bodies intertwine to be one soul. You and she explore every curve that hasn’t been carved. Both of you are the sculptors, sculpting on each other flaws. Physical acceptance is what you both tame from the beginning. It flows well. Yet, the conversation of those eyes is out of intonation. Leads to perform old war. That tender hand begins to abuse God’s magnum opus, the sculpture. More aesthetic flaws divine it. Scratches and bruises. After one whole day as it feels like one decade of hell, you both doubt that love can bring infinite elation. Silent moment fills the room. Wisdom whispers in melodically rhymes. Suddenly, the man cracks the moment.

He asks “How are you? (I know you’re thinking of something. Tell me)”

She answers “I’m fine. (I wonder if this is love or lust.)”
Olivia May 3
Ever since I was young,
I couldn't feel anything
When I try to be happy it just doesn't work

When I try to cry,
The only thing that ever came out was an exhausted sigh

As I grew older I learned
How to act, how to act as if everything is okay

I try to act as energetic so that my parents won't worry,
It was working!

My parents treated me as if I was finally normal
And I was "happy"

And I would like to keep it like that
Nylee Apr 19
In depth
there's only fear and disbelief
deeper you will find nothing else
just void

the courage
is only the drop on the surface
wearing it like my favourite dress
not many times

there is rage
it intensifies how I feel
using every other emotions as fuel
it burns them

After the fire
Tired enough not to think much
and in a bad situation as such
I fall asleep

Waking the regret
funnily it keeps on returning
the cycle ongoing
bury it within

I am emotionless
with too many emotions dancing
improved a lot in masking
happy with my newfound skill.
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