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I hate your ****** face
Those squinty eyes, them closed lips
Your expression so emotionless
Flat and stagnant is what it drips

Those masculine eyebrows, your expansive hair
That skin void of blemishes and scars
Complexion of espresso dancing with milk
Leaving the beholder seeing stars

Empty of smiles and feelings
Your visage the definition of dry
I go seeking for some semblance of life
Through your dark mysterious eyes

So I hate your ****** face
For it is the one that leaves me breathless
Casting the root on my heart
Rendering me into a state of restless
Anya Nov 29
Have you ever felt like
you're walking through
a cloud?

The noise surrounds
but doesn't
you'r enclosed
but separate figure

but out

The colors,
within your vision
but               a blur
Once again,

Her gaze
naturally passes
By, his voice
Some where else

But not to
But more like

CL Fjell Nov 29
Why is it that the days with you are the greatest I've had?
No emotions of fear, anger, or sad;
Yet when I look in your eyes, I can only feel bad.

Love has evaded me for years, and years yet to come.
No butterflies, nor tingles, nor tears;
None shed for the hugs from that special some... one.

Why is it my happiest days are paired with the loneliest of nights?
Filled with want, need, even prying;
For a love that's just right.

Falling out of feeling is the hardest feeling to fall in.
As love evades your mind, when you feel you can never try again.
Identity crisis 1
Erica Girone Nov 26
When we touch
Not a single feeling
Not even ****

When we speak
Nothing between us
That’s worth to keep

For the very first time
Empty, Deadweight
As you kiss inbetween my thighs

But I wish I loved you
Unfortunately though darling
That won’t ever be true
JDL Nov 8
Logic in gear

  Expressionless emotion

I am here

  Logic in motion

It appears

  Drank it’s seductive potion

Always here
  Disregarding all other notions

I fear

  Poetry and *** the antidote

I’ll be fine

  My firey passion I must stoke

I’ll figure this out in time

  Emotional expression with every
  pen ******

I’ll just come up with better rhymes

  This logical loop broke

It didnt work like other times

  Through the poetry I wrote

I need to go back and read between the lines
Kelsey Oct 21
I want to be a supernova
An explosion of stars so big
So magnificent
That no one dare look away

But I am not that special
I am less than ordinary
I am a blackhole
A void in space
Empty of stars
Empty of emotions
Empty of words
Jaxey Oct 12
Hot coco tastes like chocolate
Popcorn tastes like butter and salt
Cats feel soft
Dogs bark too loud
I'm hungry so I will eat
I'm thirsty so I will drink
I'm tired so I will sleep
My brain is working
My heart is pumping
But I am not living
And I feel nothing
People tell me about love
It sounds nice
People tell me to fight for it
So I do
Too bad I can't feel
What I'm fighting for
What are emotions again?
Maggie Lyles Sep 25
I want to have reasons for my emotions
Please stir my *** to put a face on my feelings
I'm upset when I have no reason and angry when I'm at peace
Give me an answer for this fire flaming in my stomach
Evan Sep 21
I numbed my brain while trying to numb the pain;
I felt it all until all I knew was shame.
Now I feel nothing... it all feels the same.
The sensation was fleeting; I have nothing to gain..
red Aug 21
a vast orange fissure opens in the face of the earth.
the sky—a mirage of blue and orange—portends darkness.
the canyon, in its grandeur, is nothing more than
a tessellation of orange and black from shadows of unknown.

a measly being stands alone, right by a hungry cliff.
clueless, you are accompanied by aimless tumbleweeds.
they seem to be running away from something.
shouldn't you run away from whatever it is, too?

the wind sweeps the barren landscape, devoid of life.
the sun kisses vivid orange rocks and dirt one last time.
you shout to the seemingly-endless expanse of orange,
but you only hear the burning souls shouting in return.

the darkness slowly envelops your field of vision.
whatever is chasing you is now inching by, bit by bit.
the dusk is fast approaching, but you have nowhere to hide
                             ...and so you run, but the cliff is a dead end.
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