I try to cry but reality shows my fears,
As though i try i can find no tears.

Elliot Nov 2017

I promised myself
That I would never feel this way
That those emotions dear to me
I would never let decay
That all I held close
I would never lead astray
That those who I cared for
Would never lose their place
in my heart
In my life

I can’t remember

I don’t know what I did
I don’t know what they did
When did this become normal, again?

What did I feel like?

My heart beats for no purpose
Only for brighter days
That once were
That I can never return to
No future

Smiles for a while
Tears for a year

But no smiles spread across my face
No tears roll down my cheeks
Only a furrowed brow
And something missing
I don’t remember what

I knew I was happy once
How did I let it get like this?

I knew I was sad once
But my feelings never overflow
They barely even show

All these promises I’ve made to myself
All those years ago
Are broken
I can barely even remember them anymore
Why can’t I remember

I’m sorry
I’ve let you down
My better past
My shattered dreams
Their youthful eyes shone
Now blaring through me
I’ve failed you

Yet I feel nothing
Only a yearning

Will those feelings
Those memories
Come back?
I miss them

This is how it is now
colzzmacdonald Nov 2017

Love, by design, is miraculous
It's purpose is to remove
Any sudden paroxysm of rage
Drawn from the tangled web of emotion
Spun from fear, resentment and despair

Making the pledge of a heart
For a lifetime of loyal dedication
Seems futile, when somewhere down that road
You lose everything you long for
Destroying the fortified souls of angels

It seems so easy for you to walk away
Hide behind your languid affection
While apathetic to my spiritual desire
Completely oblivious to the damage
The black heart you own is doing

Turn back the clock to a time
Before I can remember you
Perhaps, take me in a different direction
Our worlds will not collide
If I never even know you

If all that’s open to me
Is the fear of being exploited
I shall revert to the disconsolate
Bewildered state I'm comfortable with
At least, if it were possible, I could

It's ironic that through these crestfallen years
Cruelly, no one but you can dry my tears

~**~ Little is achieved by setting yourself up as a pawn in someone's game every now and then ~**~
Max Watt Nov 2017

Now think of what you´ve done
And all that´s occurred
Stew in unstable chemistry
And the shit that you´ve stirred
Boredom burnt to ashes
Morals and values blurred
Now look to the mirror at your cold unmoving face
Your lips don´t frown at memories fraught with fuck-ups
Your brow doesn´t furrow with fear of the future
Your eyes aren´t inflected with sadness or affection
Despite the big mouths doing their damnedest to dispute you
Heartless bastard in a cold reflecting glass. Expressionless.

Anomaly Oct 2017

Today I laid in bed a total of 7 more minutes than I should have
before rushing to get ready for work.
I let that sinking feeling pull me under.
Drowning in my own bed,
No thoughts actually running through my head,
Just a mind numbing realisation that I’ll have to get up at some point.  
But I just laid there.
No emotion on my face.
Eyes glued to the ceiling
Blinking every 4 seconds,
Before letting out a long sigh
as if my soul had been sent back to me.
Then i caried on with the day as normal.

This is just a small section of what it’s like waking up for a person with depression. There are many people in the world who suffer with such an extreme depression that they can’t actually gather the mental strength to get out of bed. I believe that this issue should be recognised world wide. Thank you for reading x
Annie Cynthia Sep 2017

There is a silence
So calm, so peaceful, so numb..

There is a silence
Emanating from my body, succumb..

There is a silence
Voices and noises blur around me..

There is a silence
Now I don't even feel my knee..

There is a silence
I created it, so proud..

There is a silence
You are listening to my mind which cannot talk aloud..

To me, from me.
n Aug 2017

Your hands around my waist,
heart synchronised to mine

Your fingers run through my hair,
radiating sunbeams of smiles

You watch sunbeams dance in my curls,
body still as a winter's day

You stare straight into my eyes,
your soul connects - to mine

I turn my callous back, then
turn my face to you

I cant  think of a title or get this to fit into a nice little rhythmic scheme
amisi Jun 2017

I am still walking.
It feels like a miracle.
I am still walking.
There is someone sitting on the street and I walk right past.
There is someone sleeping in the snow and I walk right past.
There is a love I cannot explain and I still walk past.
I remain a machine because that I was raised to be.
But what I was created to be was human.

Alison Latres Jun 2017

My life folds to the confines of black and white
No color is meant to be seen
My heart is jaded, eyes are faded
Grayed hazel rather than green

The color seems to have slipped
Red, yellow, blue
From every fragile fingertip
We're missing our hues

My life is black, or white, or gray
With every passing day, it grows darker
Every 'color', every shade
Spotting the difference becomes harder

Bring color back into my life
Bring color back into my eyes
Bring a rainbow
Destroy my endless life of black and white

Kee May 2017

It's stupid.
I'm this sad over love.
Why am I so caught up?
I'm supposed to be emotionless.
Free of my ties from you.
But I still see your face everywhere I go.
Haunting me in my dreams.
It's not necessarily your fault but I'm going to blame you anyways.
You made me this way.
Why'd you have to pretend to care?
Say all those sweet words...
The lies leaping off of your tongue and diving into my heart,
making me believe you were really the one.

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