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Cledentine May 2022
Isn't it fascinating?
Telling you they're down
Telling you they're suffering

Isn't it amusing?
Telling you they give up
Telling you they want the end

Pessimism fills their statement
Dejected faces
Inconsolable souls
Shells impossible to move

Yet it amuses me more
Their smiles
Their laughter
Their permanent changing masks

Their tears
They wipe off
As if it's a raindrop
Just happened to come down

How does it feel?
To be in pain
To hurt
To be happy

How does their life go?
Having more marks
More than in my system?

It must be really amusing
birdy Apr 2022
You are the moose on the wall.
Hollow of all liveliness,
barren of all thought.
David J Oct 2021
I used to fear what I could be some day
How I was always locking emotions away
My world view turning darker than gray

Yet, while my heart was encaged
My soul was enraged

Revolted by the world I seen
My spirit raged, fierce and mean
Deserving of judgement, we the unclean

I took everything I had not to Intervene
A dangerous combo. Im glad I was more cold than bold. But honestly I try not to let myself think about us humans I get very upset. I hate the way it feels. That mournful anger
Void Mar 2021
All this hate, and the regret
Even the anger and torment
All of these feelings I don't get, because I bury them deep inside

All of the times
I should have lashed out
All of the pain and tears have dried out
All of these feelings I don't get, they haunt me

While all of this time-
On the inside
I'm screaming
To be let out
Kelsey McIntyre Jan 2021
Sticking up for yourself
Does not make you mean or rude

It just shows that you have been through

Therefore, don’t call me mean or rude
I just decided to stick up for myself
When everyone else wanted to watch me
Strying Nov 2020
You ever just sitting there
Wondering how you are able
to keep it all down

I put it all into a dot
On the wall
I stared and poured it all out

No more emotions
I stare
Thoughts in my head,
but my face blank

And I wonder if I'm the only one
Who has kept so much down
In the face of all whom I love

Who don't love me enough
Sorry just have a lot in my head rn
Sarah Synk Nov 2020
I spent days in my room,
Attached to the television screen, wanting to cry an endless cry.
I ate comfort food: Ramen noodles, and chocolate for dessert.
Emotions became stronger and stronger and stronger, overwhelming.
I do not get out of my room ever, and even the holidays,
I just love the comfort of shelter,
I don't know what I'd do without my room.
Sometimes, in my room,
I want to scream.
I pace around my room,
From time to time,
In proper fashion.
The stomping of my feet became louder and louder,
But my voice remained silent.
I soon felt emotionless, and all the emotions that I ever had was crying.
I watched documentaries about space in my room,
Knowledge zooming in at me.
I spent days in my room,
Voice becoming silent.
-Is your voice silent?-
Sarah Synk Nov 2020
Smiling seems so right,
But sometimes,
Smiling seems so wrong.
Sadness seems so right to get rid of, if we could,
But it's impossible to get rid of all the sadness we have...
Seeping through our brains,
It makes us go insane.
Smiling seems so right,
Sometimes smiling seems so wrong,
And sometimes we want to remain emotionless.
~What do you see about someone's smile?~
Emotionless, in pain it's not mundane
It's insane, where is all the shame
I'm not to blame, so where's my fame
I came into this world full of life and wonder
Just to have it all torn asunder
To be dragged under with the roar of thunder
Buried up to my neck, to be kept in check
All but broken, I remained outspoken
Weeks gone by the toll of a token, I remained unbroken
Walked on, spat on, ****** and shat on
Slowly, sanity left as if taken by theft
Dying inside and out looking worse than a trout
Suddenly, a speck of rust, breaks away all of the dust
Surely this must be a chance to get a glance of a new freedom
So I stand without a demand, not giving a ****
Few words go through what remains of my own brain
Emotionless, in pain, not mundane, just insane there is no blame for not having shame in any sort of fame
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