Music is the only thing
that makes sense anymore
its the only way
I can describe to you
the darkest parts of me
the texture of broken glass
encasing my heart
its the only way
you can feel the wires wrapped
around my lungs
feel the fire burning through my veins
its been the only way
I can feel anything at all

AD Fox Spirit Mar 13

My body is pale and chilled to the bone,
Everything I once was is long gone,
The light in my eyes have dulled slowly.

I no longer feel like the lively boy I once was,
Expressions of emotions seem so foreign.

Everything feels so hopeless,
I am unable to feel anything,
I am to far gone, to hollow inside to care.

I am a scum living inside the little boy they all once knew,
A criminal taking away all the things that allowed me to feel,
Now only the feeling of numb runs through my veins.

This is the outcome; all I have done to get better has just left me numb.

I can hear the drums still,
Understanding when to react and play the 'act',
Another day starting but I don't even notice.

I wonder sometimes if I'll every get better,
Maybe then everyone will return back to me?
But I silence those thoughts, and just through my sweater back on,
Its knitted with all the emotions I once was able to freely feel.

All there is left is this numb little boy,
In replace of the once brightest little star that was filled with such innocents.

V Feb 21

No, stop
Please don’t talk
No, more
I am so bored
No, emotion
Don’t even try
No, tears
My eyes are dry
No, worry
I will not feel
No, smoothness
I will not heal
No, perfection
My skin impaired
No, sounds
Everything is clear

Yes, blade
Red drops flow down
With each bloody raindrop
This darkness shall drown

Im okay, Im okay, Im okay
V Jan 30

A boy who can't feel and a girl who refuses.
Her heart is just lost while his is plain useless.

Like a vacuum, it sucks,
Pressure, produced by people,
Who'v'nt given two fucks.

Under pressure

They expect this, and ask for that.
Unknowing, undying in nature,
I sit around, treated like a domestic cat.

Under pressure

No time to think, no time to act.
People, poignant, persistently pushing.
Why does this all, feel like an attack?

Under pressure

"I've been feeling under pressure" - Logic
V Jan 11

Heart was once a flame
Roaring fire turned to ash
No embers remain

Alison Latres Dec 2016

There was a brief moment of happiness.
There was a time when she would laugh.

Her soul is dead, she is  broken, her body is numbed to pain,
She shan't feel her emotion, her tears shan't hold meaning, she's insane.

With lackluster tones, her voice is heard of as a horror.
People who get to know her are disgusted over time.

She can barely maintain herself, she can't hold herself for long.
Her eyes are hollowed out as she remembers all she'd done wrong.

There was a brief moment of happiness.
There was a time when she would laugh.

Now she misbehaves with her occasional smiles of half.

Your fingers were digging for gold
Right between my legs
My eyes were looking for a feeling
Right upon your face
But I didn't need your to tell me
I knew I was already a gold mine
And you an emotionless digger

V Dec 2016

Tiny wool mittens
Roughly sculpted my frame
From a flat land of snow
To a girl with no name
2 frosty green peas
Became blurry eyes
Then 10 little craisins
Made a smile so wide
My arms were uneven
One thin and one thick
Many shades of brown
But of the same stick
A mildewed blue hat was
Placed right on my head
Plus a scarf round my neck
That was cardinal red
All my wonderful features
Yet I don't think I'm real
'Cause I'm a girl with no name
Who can not seem to feel

Finley in Despair Nov 2016

Living with a numbing
lack of feeling has me wondering
where the sensations have gone
what door I left the feelings behind
and what key in my mind
could possibly unlock it

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