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Nina Sep 29
I knew
That i would fall for him
When i first saw him
And at that moment
I knew
I would get hurt
But i didn't mind the pain
I didn't  mind
Killing myself
For him
He was like a poison to me
Something so dangerous
Yet I'd risk my life for
Step by step
We strode
Hand in hand
We held close
Into the clearing
We gracefully leaped
We stared
At one another
And began dancing slowly
The sun started rising
Lighting the night's dew
So the light glared
As if it were a spotlight
We danced
The best we could
The woodland creatures
Came and watched
The two of us ignite
The birds landed
And sang a cheerful song
We danced until
We could no more
As the creatures applauded
This night was left branded
On us two
We laid on
The clearing's floor
Looking at the sky
We were meant for each other
This we knew
Johnny walker Aug 29
Helen was left with no cure for her pain but the last chance was Injections I took to local Hospital
our last
It the first I have
ever seen a doctor show tears when he had to
tell Helen they couldn't her give the
because It would affect her breathing her last chance had gone and she'd
left with unbearable
as she looked at me with tears In her eyes I knew the pain for her to much to bear and I'd eventually lose her to  
Nina Aug 15
If i knew it would be our last goodbye
I would've end it in a nice way
If i knew it was the last time i could call you,
I would've let you talk the entire time
If i knew all of our text messages will be ignored,
I wouldn't have ended it with something rude
I would've said how much i loved you
How much i care
How much i need you
If i knew it was going to be the end
I would've prepared for a better ending
acacia Aug 14
What two* lucky days for me:
so star-crossed, lacrosse on the TV, and you both smiling

Every moving planet watches you sing light melodies into the air and they echo back
Every rotating star watches me dance to heavy beats on the balcony and they send another one

In the morning, the Sun shone on my mated mansion, preparing me:
Jupiter blessed you with an opportunity to blend our harmony:
Venus saw your Heart and gave you to me

Only fifteen minutes ‘til your birth, Venus wanted you to come see me:
Jupiter drove into your lot, ringing your seventh-door bell:
the Moon saw our hands in the Future

I misplace my gratitude for you men
Please, forgive me for nothing feels better than your touch,
nothing sounds better than your voice: I want nothing else
Please, forgive me for nothing feels better than holding you,
nothing sounds better than your laugh: I want nothing else
i'm happy
I didn't knew that you are fragile.
I didn't knew that you are soft, shy and sensitive.
I didn't knew you.
You was behind a mask.
Sorry, I confused you with someone.
Neha Sharma Jul 21
What is love ?
I never knew.
Until I fell for you....

~your smiling queen :)
You made me understand the meaning of love.
Johnny walker Jun 13
Oh If Helen could see me now I who once thought
I'd never to be alone again and I know It would hurt her so to see how I've fallen from
If she could see me and how I've let myself go almost ashamed to admit It so but It Is true now I'm  left thinking what do I do now
There have been
thought I was doing fine even thought I was moving on but It's seems In reality
I'm the same as the day I
lost her soon be two years ago
Johnny walker May 27
Blinded by such beauty In her eyes I was experiencing   love for the first time In my life and It felt so
I'd known Helen from a little girl but she woman was now and  I couldn't take my eyes of
I was mesmerised by the
beauty In her eyes fell under the spell that she cast upon me for Helen I would lay down my
She was my only one In life I ever needed for I had
fallen to the magic of  her charms and mesmerised by such beauty In her
Johnny walker Aug 27
There were times In my life when younger I thought I knew
about life but looking back much later In years realising I really knew nothing at
Although had youth on my side I lacked the exsprience and the
true meaning of life
would many years later before I'd take responsibility stand up become a man no longer a
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