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Today is tomorrow,
For now does not exist.
It passes way too quickly
For anyone to catch a hold of it,
So now is then,
And then is in the past.
Time passes too quietly;
Words are no longer sufficient
To appease the gods that control it.
They decide when time stops
And when it runs away.
Neha Sharma Jul 16
Yes your absence hurts me,
But your presence comforts me more.
Yes your smile makes me happy,
But your tears tense me more.
Yes your dreams excites me,
But having you in reality makes me blush more.
Yes I know you love me,
But you don't know that I love you more.
I really love you more my shivam..
MindMooring Jul 13
So our soul is-

Another usage in perfect usage,
An emotional usage using a physical body,
Is it a living context, living in a functionality,
Hard-Drive experiencing myths of an era
Today, tomorrow and maybe our future.
When Siri Questions Alexa- From the book Feelings Coated
I was
from the start.
Inside my chest was
a fast beating heart. I was
worried that you wouldn't like
me, even though I arrived ten minutes
early. I was thinking about the best way to
greet you, and then suddenly began to think if
it was a bad idea to wear blue. I didn't even notice
when you appeared, and you must have thought I was
so weird! I stuttered on my first sentence that I had planned for
so long, and I instantly felt as if I did everything wrong. "I'm
sorry." I whispered. "You're doing great!" Did he really
say those words? "Sorry, I'm just a little nervous."
"Don't worry about it." he said as he put his
hand on my shoulder. "You'll do great, I
know you will." he said. "And I know
this because you're
If you're curious about the format, usually when I'm nervous, I think about stairs. I know it doesn't look like stair too much, but here it is! Please tell me what you think, is it too much rhyming, do you like it? I love hearing from others, whether through comments or messages! :)
cupid Nov 2018
drapetomania is the intense desire to run away from home
i have always been a wanderer
a drifting spirit
i like places i shouldn’t be
and to parallel that i dislike places i need to be
i despise my classes and i love empty hallways and alcoves
i am captivated by the feeling of walking away from my house
bewitched by abandoned houses and grimy alleyways
ensnared by groves of trees and creeks
sadly my “home” is the house i grew up in
i say it is my home only because i am confined to it, because it is where i need to run from
home for me is not where my heart is but where i have been trapped
my place was predetermined
my psyche was chained to the foundation of this place
a ragged person tethered to a crumbling house
my need to be somewhere else is insatiable
i’m not aloud to leave
i feel restrained
i can feel the serpents of my manic tendencies
rolling beneath my skin
a fever enveloping my coherence
my wanderlust, my drapetomania is getting to me
i can’t sleep
my drawings have morphed into scribbles and pen sketches
and my mirror is covered in expo-marker words of disgrace
i look at my reflection and i’m told i imprisoned myself
i can see only that i am a monster
a monster with an obsessive, excessive, and exaggerated wanderlust
i cant wait to leave this gods forsaken place
Lyn-Purcell Oct 2018

I cannot pretend to be something
I already am...

There's enough hatred in the world...
Lyn ***
Isabella Rose Sep 2018
There’s a little girl sitting alone,
there's a war in her family,
there’s a war with her friends,
and there is a war in her head.
she wants peace
because all of the wars in her life are on and off
and everything is falling to what she never wanted
what she never wanted was a war
but there is a war that is making her fall to the ground and the ground is only what has kept her standing.
but even at times floors can break and people can fall through.
Because there is a little girl sitting alone,
and there is a war in her family,
a war with her friends,
and there only ever was a war in her head.
And she doesn’t know what to do.
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