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Maria Etre Sep 25
I played with all the tenses
but that also never changed what
could have been
will be
Ash C Apr 9
Sometimes I can't pick apart why
Why I choke on the bitterness of my own hurtful words
I want not to see you, but I can't imagine life without you
Why when you enter, my being goes rigid
Like a wooden board that won't snap, but will hurt when tempted
Both you and the board
Tony Tweedy Apr 1
The air lays still and lifeless giving no leaf a need to care,
No sound of passing traffic or kids laughter in the air.
Everywhere seems silent as if the world has lost its voice,
Even birds seem silent, bereft of song as if without a choice.

So eerie and pervasive is the silence right there outside my door,
Shouting aloud in its hush change to all things that went before.
Long periods of empty air, devoid of usual sounds I once ignored.
Leaving silence etched in mind where fear has seared and scored.
It says all I need it to.
Daniel Magner Jan 20
It moves things,
pulls them back
with only the slightest change.
All it takes, "is" to "was",
to curve the timeline,
subtly, but definitively,
turning great things,
great people,
to memories.
Daniel Magner 2020
Erin Esterberg Mar 2019
Today is tomorrow,
For now does not exist.
It passes way too quickly
For anyone to catch a hold of it,
So now is then,
And then is in the past.
Time passes too quietly;
Words are no longer sufficient
To appease the gods that control it.
They decide when time stops
And when it runs away.
Smiling Queen Jul 2019
Yes your absence hurts me,
But your presence comforts me more.
Yes your smile makes me happy,
But your tears tense me more.
Yes your dreams excites me,
But having you in reality makes me blush more.
Yes I know you love me,
But you don't know that I love you more.
I really love you more my shivam..
So our soul is-

Another usage in perfect usage,
An emotional usage using a physical body,
Is it a living context, living in a functionality,
Hard-Drive experiencing myths of an era
Today, tomorrow and maybe our future.

©Feelings Coated
When Siri Questions Alexa- From the book Feelings Coated
Masha Yurkevich Mar 2019
I was
from the start.
Inside my chest was
a fast beating heart. I was
worried that you wouldn't like
me, even though I arrived ten minutes
early. I was thinking about the best way to
greet you, and then suddenly began to think if
it was a bad idea to wear blue. I didn't even notice
when you appeared, and you must have thought I was
so weird! I stuttered on my first sentence that I had planned for
so long, and I instantly felt as if I did everything wrong. "I'm
sorry." I whispered. "You're doing great!" Did he really
say those words? "Sorry, I'm just a little nervous."
"Don't worry about it." he said as he put his
hand on my shoulder. "You'll do great, I
know you will." he said. "And I know
this because you're
If you're curious about the format, usually when I'm nervous, I think about stairs. I know it doesn't look like stair too much, but here it is! Please tell me what you think, is it too much rhyming, do you like it? I love hearing from others, whether through comments or messages! :)
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