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Lee Mar 20
This house I live in is not my home.
Truly, I’ve never had a home.
What does it feel like to have a home?
VerySadLibra Dec 2020
I want to sink into myself
Deep into my veins
Be held by this warm blood
Turn myself inside out
And never see light again

And while I walk
Skin reverted
I will cross paths with
Faces of horror
And I will be happy
Because finally
I will know why
They elude me
Delyla Nunez Dec 2020
I’m truly alone.
No one to be my rock.
My shoulder to cry on.

Nothing but an endless stream of tears,
Constantly running down my face.
The people I need the most can’t be there.

One is busy with family things.
The other is hung up on their bestfriend.
I cried myself to sleep last night.

No one was there to hold me; no one there to wipe my tears.
Truly I am alone
You probably won’t relate. But if you do then I’m sorry..
adriana Dec 2020
In a universe where nothing could be everything
and everything could be nothing
I wake up blinded by the sun and my weak eyes struggle to conform
but her power desires me

In a universe where silence can ring ears
and actual sirens can calm them
My engine rustles with promise as I drive down the unpaved road
I am cement, and spill out of my windows into the potholes as I pass
Shadows of trees fold over behind me as outlines of roofs emerge
one day I’ll drive and count them all

In a universe where we worship time
but it repays by pilfering our youth
I make out silhouettes through the strands of my ***** hair
Your tie taunts me, perched confidently on the base of your neck
My fears in the flesh, enveloped in dark eyes and strong posture
one day I’ll face him eye to eye  

In a universe where we long for love
but company deludes us
I eat dinner alone at a table for six
and stare longingly through one of my three big windows
My mom probably called but my phone’s been on silent
one day I’ll get free time and call her back

In a universe where nothing could be everything
and everything could be nothing
My pillow steals my thoughts for the closing hours of the night
and I ponder on how much of me it’ll return when I wake up in the morning

Poetic interpretation of the views of George Berkeley intertwined with mentions of other philosophers such as Hume.
Amy Nov 2020
I did not

Nothing ever made sense to me
Why would they do that
Why would they say that

I never felt like they felt
I never spoke as they spoke

It felt unfitting, unwanted
There was always a wall between us
Nothing I tried to built
Just something which appeared

Scars always seemed to tell a story
A story I was interested in
Until I carried them on my own

Suddenly they felt heavy
Heavier then they looked on others

I thought they would make you strong
They do
But they are also a burden
And always will be

Nothing will ever let them disappear
You can just learn to live with them

That´s just part of life, I guess

Still, I wonder why me
Chelsey Bricker Sep 2020
A wildflower
growing on outskirts
Standing tall in
thick warm air
soaking in sunshine
so completely unaware
A lone stoke
ripping through canvas
unnoticed &
Void Aug 2020
Being Kind

Being Assertive

Being Harsh

There are fine lines

When you're kind, you get used- abused

When you're assertive
You're an *******

When you're harsh
It pushes others away

But no matter what you are...
No one ever wants you in their lives
So now what?
Pseudonymous S Jul 2020
I'm trying to learn that it's alright for people to find me

So often I am met with remarks of:

"I wish I could be as confident as you."
"I can't believe you're not scared to wear that."
"You didn't really say that to him...right?"

I don't feel confident.
I am scared.
I did say it.

I've regretted it since.

Oddities are a novelty until they surpass an acceptable monthly quota.


I've found that habitual marijuana usage and
pretty white lines
can be a valid excuse for
strange behavior.

Each joint shared
Each liquor bottle opened
Increases the monthly quota by one.

You're allowed to be:


If you're a substance abuser.

It's actually
at times.

If I act too normal, I'll get
such as:

"Wow, I forgot you do drugs."
"Do you not need your meds anymore?"
"Have you thought your mania is just from all the ***?"

I didn't forget.
I do need them. I often don't take them.
And, sometimes.

But then I'll soberly proclaim to be the next Van Gogh and that my **** are nicer than
Mia Khalifa's.

(They're not.)

you can write off absurd behavior
if it occurs while

I learned that younger
than I

It's harder to refute the confused glances
whispered jokes
when your head is
but your
is foggy.

"Let us know if [  ] scares you in the group chat;
you'll get used to her eventually."

"I hope we don't have to have this conversation again."

"She's hot, but she's kind of

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.
DM me so I can get the powerful thrill of top-dog dominance from ignoring you.
Skyler Ruen Jul 2020
i’m no outcast in these woods,
where the people who belong
are shunned,
permitted no entrance to what
is sacred
and preserved only to those
who understand what it
feels like to be
dismembered at the waist
Antino Art Jun 2020
Words become the wind
We say Bye and Hi in waves
Strangers share a drink
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