there is strength in unity
but all who were sane have fled the pack
Tears of a sad man,
How i sit here crying, never ending in my pain.
Always wondering why?
Why am i so different.
Why cant i be normal.
Normal such a strong word,
In the eyes of a simple person,
Such a death sentence in the eyes of an

How i try so hard to be normal.
How hard i try to see past my faulths.

To see pass my inability to change, this wrecked form.

How i cry here wondering, again,

God give me strength to pass this pain,
This broken piece of soul,
Mend it back.

Tears of a sad man is forever lost...

How they fall down this wreched face,
Displaced and never seen.

How my soul bleeds, craving for a want, craving for a need.

When will my soul be free...

Its about me, how i strugle with everyday life
Lemonade Jun 6
I have seen it coming.
I have felt me drowning,
slowly, and then all at once,
I don't like it here, you know.
It's different,
maybe I knew it was gonna be.

I talked to them.
No, it doesn't get better.
Every time I try, it gets worse.
Maybe I don't talk like them,
maybe I don't want to.
I don't like it here.

They don't get me.
Well, no one tries to.
And it's utterly fine,
I like it that way.
I'm that socially awkward damsel, who is mostly seen under the covers of her John Green-book.
They do talk to me about those notes from class
and once it's arranged,
they are nowhere to be seen around me.
But, remember?
I don't like it here.

I have seen it coming.
I have seen me losing myself,
piece by piece, word by word.
I have been trying to reach the bright smoke of expectations that hovers around my head.
And for the hating love of reading,
I still manage to slip through the pages of that fiction novel,
at least once a day.
I don't like it here.

I have seen it coming.
I have seen old mark sheets of the dead,
I have seen those good grades fade.
I have seen me,
I haven't risen up from the dead,
I am trying to.
I don't like it here.
Last1 Jun 2
Time apart
Makes time together
Even better.

But if i never see ya,
Even better.
julianna May 4
no friends
no foes
no one to hear my woes
a drama queen at best
i tuck myself in and rest
i wake up the next day
i feel exactly the same way
a loner is what i am
so i press 'autopilot'
and try not to fight it
because it will all happen again
It will all happen again.
Fxrz Ramirez Apr 30
I built a wall, a fortress, a prison
I've been caught in the duldrums i need a tidal wave and wisdom
I need the noise to drown out the world crashing down around me
Lost in the ruins that found me
I dont like to feel  like a soulless machine
That wont dare approach another human being
I need to break out of prison and over the wall
What do we offer? Anything at all?
Institutionalized in this prison of my mind
I hardly function outside of it. Lost in thought, doing time
Pure Bliss Apr 18
The darkness surrounds my sole,
Like how night fills the air when the sun goes down,
It feels as if I’ve drowned,
Drowned in the murky black waters of life,
I’ve been fighting for so long,
Trying to stay strong,
But it’s useless,
Why should I stay so strong of all that is going to happen is life is going to get in the way,
My days of fear and rejection are over,
I now stand alone,
Forever ….. alone!
This fire inside,
Burns deep within my soul.
It leaves ashes behind,
Of the love we once knew.
The memories that once were,
Fade like a dream..
As if it had never happened...
Just like you never existed.

But you were once here.
I laid in your arms,
Kissed those lips,
And fell for your heart.
What is left is not enough,
I'll keep begging for more.

I know there's no use,
You'll never return.
My soul will keep searching,
Missing the other half that was you.
Wishing you'd have stayed,
Or loved me once more.

I can't remember you're face,
Can't picture your smile.
Imagine your kisses,
Or remember your laughter.

You walked away much sooner
Than you came,
I don't blame you at all.
Next time I think of you,
I'll just see stars.

Your face is fading,
Your hold on my heart too,
However, my love for you burns on,
Even as ash hits the floor.
The ash eventually piles up,
Comes together as one.
Builds itself up, and return once more.

I loved you once,
And still continue to do.
But I'll continue to burn,
If I get to close to you.
The fire will live,
Like a somber candlelight.
As long as I don't feel or touch
Everything will be alright.
GuiseOfALoner Mar 16
Dear life,

My simple rudimentary existence
Is ready to be

If I’m gone,
How much pain will there be,
To equate the joyful memories?

If the world’s
an open letter,
I’m unread.

A bad ink,

I’m an empty piece
Of a shell
Living life’s own accord.

Stuck in mediocrity
Whose ambition is neutered
by self-doubt.

When I’m gone,
I’ll accept nothingness
With tacit acquiescence.

Would society remember
The chasm
of my bipolarity.

Their sardonic humors,
Smother me
to death.

Their greatness
Makes me
So small

When I’m gone,
Let them be aroused,
about my idiocy.

And thereafter,
Let them forget,
about my early demise.

Let this mortal coil,
be unwashed,
From a colossal of insecurities.

When I’m gone.
Faith Mar 16
I am a flower blooming,
From a crack in the sidewalk.
You do not discover the beauty,
Until you suddenly glance,
Into that crack.
Your eye doesn’t fall upon it,
Too easily.

Why would anyone purposefully glance,
Into that small, dark imperfection,
In the sidewalk anyway?
They are much too busy,
Worrying about where they are planning to place each foot,

Besides, they would rather gaze ahead,
To the perfectly placed,
Well grown, nurtured flowers.

They glow in the sunlight,
And catch your eye when you pass;
The rays causing their gorgeous colors to dance, and radiate.
The breeze blows a cool wind to pull them closer together.
You see: happiness.

As I sit in the crack,
Waiting, wishing, wondering,
Sometimes I blossom,
Sometimes I wilt.

Once in awhile,
One or two people
May be kind, or perceptive, or understanding,
Enough to give me a chance: an opportunity.

They stare fixedly,
And instead of anger,
They see potential.
Rather than hurt,
They see love.
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