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Nigdaw 4d
I have spent my life
looking through a window
at the colourful parade

my search for a door was futile
I really can't see a way in

no one notices me here
banging, shouting, waving

but I will make them look
I will make them stare
aghast in disbelief

I will cause a reverberation
around the world, steal screen time
in news reports and on tv
people will ask why, why
what went so wrong
how can we stop this
from ever happening again

Well there are all kinds of crazies in the world, sometimes you just have to let them in, but above all and most importantly, keep them away from guns.
I once knew a girl
who looked up at the sky
I asked everyone
but no one knew why

So I asked her "Why
is your gaze in the air?"
She paused for a moment,
then answered with care.

"I feel the answer's
up there in the stars.
Beyond busy streets
clogged up with cars."

"Not astrology or myths.
But our identity.
She left to gaze more,
Her eyes bright and free.
First version: I once knew a girl/Who always looked up in the sky/I talked to everyone/But no one knew why/So I asked her "Why/Is your gaze in the Air?"/"I feel the answer/Is hidden up there./I don't mean astrology,/Or fate as myths define it./I mean the exploration/Of the stars and planets."/She sent me a letter/Many years later./A few simple words/On a slip of paper./"I found my answer."
Neha Sharma Aug 18

    ­                B
   ­                 K
  ­                           E
                     ­                   O
  ­                                      E
                         ­               R
                                                ­      M

These are the words that define "ME".

             ~your smiling queen :)
This is ME.
Oneday I will have it
I will have everything I have ever dreamt of,
I will be surrounded by the right people,
From that day on my path will no longer be devoid of love, people, happiness or success,
I will no longer feel the heavy breeze that reminds me that I am alone.

Hopes every loner.
izzn Aug 10
Will this misery end,
like a four-leaf clover?

Will I get
my replenishment,
for all the times
I've been a loner?

Will there be green grass,
when I'm finally
become sober?

Will this storm pass,
or will it
remain forever?
There's no storm in this world that won't last.
Mine will, yours will,
even when the odds
are against our own will.
So, chin up,
and have faith,
'cause this storm,
it lasts,
it will pass.
(ps: my state had been struck with really bad and disastrous storm lately due to Typhoon Lekima, keep us in your prayers, thx)
Vivek Gupta Aug 4
How does it feel?
To have a  real friend!
How does it feel?
When it doesn't end!
How does it feel?
when they stick around!
How does it feel?
Being lifted when you're down!
How does it feel?
To share you talks!
How does it feel?
On the long walks!
Yeah I know that I have grown!
But the feeling I've never known!
Emmanuella Jun 28
"Peek and retreat
is the term for it.
Is the term for what I do."

"Treating the world to a prime game,
a fine game of classic peek-a-boo."
A loner without loneliness
She's walking around through the darkness
Reaching every soul that coldly madness
Hearing silence across emptiness
Heavy ***** soul asking for forgiveness
I'm just a loner
A loner without loneliness
Jason Adriel May 19
I am a narrow stairwell
Waiting for the morning bells
To ring, for the early birds to sail
Watch all the cabs be hailed

Waiting for her to come
Will she come today?
Doubts, I have some
Should I kneel and pray?

But to whom?
Who would to listen to a narrow stairwell
Maybe God would
Will I look like a fool?

My claustrophobic natures will intervene
When was the last time I had a nice dream?
It's always the same, redundant scene
The scene is always that same redundant one

I am a narrow stairwell
Waiting for the morning bells
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