Daniel 2d
The popular cherish their own
They bloom in a crowd
They love all that is all
Except those who contrast

If you don't have friends
You are a no life
You are a loser
You are a mistake
You are a fuck up
Or at least that's what they say

A day in a high school can cause a lifetime of pain
As the popular grow
The different rot away
fk highschool, worst place ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Justus 7d
I liked quirky women
It was easier to breathe around them
Their irregularities gave me something to watch, whether it was entertaining or simply odd
The ones that fully embraced that quality were the most radiant
Looking at the them was almost the same as looking into the sun
They gave me insight as to what I was lacking
Embracing their warmth gave me balance
I gladly take the backseat to them to this day
My place is observing from the side
I like for my vanity to be silent
The only issue with them—women in general—is that they have a need for constant communication and affirmation and affection
In the beginning, it’s more tolerable because everything is new and exciting
Then comes the inevitable: I get tired
Their quirks have become predictable, and their conversations dull
One week I’m deeply infatuated, then after the experiment becomes a process, the next couple weeks drag by with each day seeming to last years
That’s when I withdraw
Phasing out of a fifty year long commitment of love and charity, like the coward I am, then drifting back to the safety of solitude until the cycle repeats itself
I’m a dog
I’m a loner
One of these days I’ll have to pick one
But it won’t be today, and certainly not tomorrow

MrsP Aug 5
The inner workings of my mind,
I always try hard to be kind.
Smile at my haters,
chat to my friends.
A sense of anxiety that never ends.

Do the school run and then home to make,
see what items I can create.
The orders flood in thick and fast,
how long will this madness last.

Reality is, It's more a steady trickle,
but each time an order comes in
I feel my heckles prickle.

"But this is what you wanted"
I hear my mother say.
Yes, but not to be alone all day.

"To be your own boss and have time to make"
Yes Mum, but I feel like a fake,
Why would people want to buy the items that I create.
My first ever poem as an adult
Arcassin B Aug 2
By Arcassin Burnham

Glad to be saying I don't like it here,
problems come and problems go,
just to grow up in a town where they hang you and they laugh at you and leave to wither.
Pushing daisies over here ,
bordem strikes me everyday,
I want excitement in a life worth living to potray and away in a haze.
Nothing left for me here,
I need to get away from here,
because lies won't stop and the people want
vengeance in world where they just take and take.
My skin is always a problem,
Thats why I always stay at home,
I feel disgusted at a country that is built using slaves and its own propaganda.
Sick and tired of fake people,
And women that just want your money,
cause they will use and abuse and accuse you of anything they want it to be.
And I think love is joke,
I tell them what they wanna hear,
because I've been hurt so many times to the point where love is a unimaginable fear.
Theres no doubt in my mind,
That being a loner suits me,
it was all about me and no one else in the world full of Cruelty,
Thats why I Got a Hole in my heart.

Daniel Aug 1
You were there for me at my weakest state
To comfort me and my self-hate
Through our darkest hours and toughest times
We let go of our struggles and let time go by
Through jokes and games
we forgot about life
We could talk for hours without blinking an eye

As years went on we started to quarrel
We argued in hatred about our naive troubles
You called me a loner and I said "fine i’ll leave"
So I left you and cried until I could no longer weep

You made the best of me
I tried to make the best of you
I regret the day that I blocked you
I regret blocking my best friend, even through all the things he said.
Fxrz Ramirez Jul 26
Nobody calls to him, hardly anyone cares if he's friendly or not. Looked at like he's just another lost mutt probably quick to snap at you
Slightly skittish
Who wouldnt be after being chased away and kicked at
Its a shame
Such a friendly loyal companion but nobody gives him a chance
He's no show dog but he knows all the tricks
Looked at like a misfit amongst misfits
Not even thrown a bone
Keep your head up lone wolf continue to roam
I feel for the strays
Daniel Jul 23
Isolation and quietness are my two best friends
They never leave me
They don’t betray me
And they do not care
Isolation helps me think and comprehend reality
Isolation does not sleep and never decides to leave me
Isolation eliminates my pressures and anxieties
Isolation helps me relax and breathe
With isolation who needs real friends?
Quietness comes and goes but never decides to leave me
Quietness helps me sleep at night and stays with me till the morning
Quietness lets me focus and takes away my fears
Quietness is always trustworthy and is right around the corner
With quietness who needs real friends?
Isolation and quietness are always there for me
They never leave me
They don’t betray me
And they do not care
My two best friends never change and are always there for me
With isolation and quietness who needs real friends?
Second poem I wrote. Hope you guys liked :)
lotusflower5 Jul 22
He's a loner.

He can't depend
and he's not dependable.

He has friends
but he keeps secrets.

He has a family...
outside his bedroom door.

No pets,
just projects.

No plants,
just homework.

No tears,
just a water bottle.

He's just a loner,
a thoughtful loner, indeed.
Fxrz Ramirez Jul 1
I'm just another stranger that no one knows
Call me a drifter going with the flow
I'm just another one, just.. Another one
All remains the same when said and done
Just pass by
I'm another face in the crowd
Don't try to figure it out
I may be alone but free to roam
Its alright, no worries tonight
Im not lost but im hard to find just lookin for somthing more this time
Another gamble
Trying my luck
Off the beaten path
I won't give up
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