momentary muse
ephemeral excitement
cursory conversations

come and go
come and go
come and go
never stay

...or explain
the disdain
we feign
it's in vain

head hits the pillow
the dream is gone
hand grabs the pen
the ink has drawn
heart meets the sleeve
we've become a ****

searching for
the meeting
the needing
the retreating
the fleeting

come and go
come and go
come and go
they never stay.
Toni Dec 2018
Soft, knit sweaters
And piping-hot tea
Make for very toasty weathers
And cozy times for me.
It’s time to be snug as a bug, my friends. ❄️
Izzy Aghahowa Dec 2018
the scars of red
below my heartbeat
now stir in the warm decay of the air  
the wild eyed towers  
have fallen like waterfalls
into the roots they smouldered and burned  
they now tumble into waves of blinding light  
and i lie in melancholy fields

like cold yellow bathroom floors
and cold yellow flickering lights
i have found comfort in the frigid winds of November
and the ominous light of the crescent moon
for they steal the unwanted sounds
that break the day
and the mania of my soul’s dismay
This poem is about when unique spirits die, and is also about my love for the dark
To everyone I've ever met,
to everyone who once tried to get to know me.
To everyone who wanted to be my friend,
to everyone who had to deal with me.

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I'm stubborn.
I'm sorry I'm insecure.
I'm sorry I locked you out.

I'm working on becoming a better me,
I've realized I turned into a loner.

I. don't. wanna. be. a. loner.
I really didn't want to post this because I feel it's not worthy enough for this page, but on a serious note, this is me. This is my mind, my feels.
This is me when I can't sleep, when I've been lying for hours on my bed, thinking, and then look through my window and the sun's already out.
This is me being sorry for being myself, but also not sorry at all.
Me recognizing my demons and rising above them, without losing myself.
yes Nov 2018
I was born in the past and now I am molded by it
I am a loner with no rest
A rest with no sound
A sound with no depth of which will be put into an orchestra
Only to be overheard as the deep melodies play out into the air
And make the song play against the sky where we would pest the tide
Crow Nov 2018
A creature not of here or there
With parts that do not fit
Neither fish nor fowl, horse or bear
A bashed together kit

Too many heads, some with horns
Body furred and scaled
Eagles wings and spines like thorns
And as a peacock tailed

Some aspects might bring a smile
While others will repel
One small detail may beguile
Yet another breaks the spell

Each pack or flock it tries to join
Though they seemed akin
And in some facet quite adroit
Another portion can’t fit in

Every time it tries as best it may
To hide an offending section
Knowing that if seen in light of day
The result will be rejection

So the beast remains an alien
Cloaks what's best concealed
Strives to imitate the chameleon
That no misshape be revealed

All creatures hunger for a home
Chimera hungers too
But it wanders doomed to roam
A haven to pursue
All of us are Chimera to a degree. But some more than others.
I tried to help but made it worse
I cannot shake this lonley curse
Everything I touch I destroy  
But look to the future for the hope of some joy
Only for it to be snatched away
I don't deserve your time of day
A loner surrounded by people
One side of me is filled with love
And thoughts of being peaceful
The other side is tainted with thoughts of just pure evil
Daniel Oct 2018
Some people hang their heads in shame
Others hang their heads with rope
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