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Sueño 7d
Swear I’ll try
Don’t go away
Make my mind
Feel okay
Be my girl
For the night

A foreign flow
Don’t be afraid
Don’t be so scared
I’ll be your John
you’ll be my doe
Alibis, no one will know
Be a friend
Take my soul

To have a kiss
That breaks my heart
To be in bliss
One more start
A loner that kills pain,
physical pain and for some
a drug for joy, for calmness.
Magical, as a single strike eliminates all the pain.

The loner once struck me into a deep sleep,
where I was floating, like a dream
calmness or a silent blissfulness
I don’t know what this loner made me feel
I just know that it was beautiful.
Silence, silence all over
and then a sudden interruption,
my friend’s panic stricken voice
calling me, waking me up.
Looking up I found her scared eyes,
scared, as in whether I was dead.

A fear outspread that day,
people who loved me feared the loner,
there was solidarity in their fear,
fear of losing me.
The loner was banished, once and for all.

Days passed, years passed,
pain was calmed using wrapped pills.
It never gave the calmness,
the blissfulness like the loner.
He is gone for so long now.

Today, as my body starts to quiver with pain,
I heard his voice,
a soothing voice, asking me
asking me to open the cellar
“Take me and I’ll put you out of your misery”

As I opened, I saw the loner
beautiful in blue.
I took him and all of a sudden
I found contentment in this strike after so long.
Calmness flooded in me once again,
I found happiness in this silent blissfulness.
Silence, silence all over.
But this time my sleep didn’t get interrupted,
for this time it was now and forever.

Dolo, the loner,
now I’m yours….forever.
I'm okay
Don't worry about me
I'm just sitting in the hallway like the loner I am
Hoping someone will notice me
But not you
You won't help
Please don't come and try to save me
It's not worth the pain
I know you really don't want me
Everyone just looks at me like I'm nothing
But at least that guy that just walked past made me laugh
I'm okay
Please don't try to save me
Seemingly alive, in perpetual longing time, burden with emotions, joy stops, pain is felt. Thinking mind relentless, I’m an entire generation as singular individual. Heat rises, sounds amplified, rooms seem smaller when I step in, life dares me to forlorn not to live. It has no remorse. Morals and ethics, human. Beauty? No love found. No love lost. The burdens of living, twisted. Soundless, slow, precise and shafts of hope that is really false. Complete poetry and thinking philosophy. I am alive. Despite of everything.
Anya Sep 22
Push it in
Keep it out

In other words...
Others, fill their heart
Keep mine tightly locked



Though we both came from the same place, perhaps it’s our desires & reality in mismatching that got us changing places, who’s to say I’m right or wrong, through hard times got my heart turn hard & my anxiety got my character stupor. Real friends make effort to be apart & make us feel good. It’s been a while since a flashed a smile. I hope it won’t stay until the end of time. I am able to let go, another poem out, it’s less than what I’m about, there is more, but the only thing I’ve done good is writing poetry. Now I’m peeked behind the curtain & willing be selling my soul. Now I’m in forever.
Nooraay Sep 16
introverts are not unique
they just take more time to heal
they'll let you know all about them
but still not that deep..

Breaking their shell
for them
isn't easy.

isn't easy
The collective is here to justify the individual, I don’t bother to resist,
too swept up in my own world, it’s something beautiful and something
free. When self-validation creeps in, all ego is lost, a wanting attention
is more and it’s a waste of time. Snatching hearts and marking marks.
Right now I have my mind made up. The wisdom belongs to me. To each
breathe in each new moment, I part from my own past, while it teaches
me, I drop into the present and I angst never over the future. My own
life undeniable, because I have to live it, when it comes to others, I’m
free. Secret is charming and I am to myself.
Khrome Aug 25
Loner, Weird and Timid that's how people address me. If not in the upper left corner sit in our school auditorium where nobody can notice, you can find me behind the farthest shelf in the library. It's not because I'm hiding or something. It's just for me, being alone is convenient.

Loneliness is my Sanctuary, my Haven, my Paradise, or so I think. I don't really mind. I'm happy with the presence of every character in the stories that I read. I'm already preoccupied with enough drama, excitement and adventure that I get in the different worlds that I've been in the comfort of this bench in the bleachers or the behind of this shelf.

If the cosmos requires me to interact with my fellow **** sapiens, I often do nothing to caught their attention. The last time i was in this realm I'm in the middle of name calling by those so called "Alphas" that think that they're so great. I even got bruises when one of them pushed me. I don't mind. I won't be in this realm for long anyway. Once this is all done I will be again in the comfort of my Sanctuary, fighting alongside the allied force for the safety of the Galaxy.

Endure it, endure it, don't fight back, use your brain rather than brawns, you can't defeat them in brawl just endure this until they got bored. Whew, this is harder than the ambush that  the alliance experience when they were in the asteroid belt. But I can do this. I'm just a little bit dizzy and a bit hurt mostly in my head, wait what's this? Blood? That ****** alpha gotten too far. I must evacuate. I must..

Where am I? Where is this?
"So you're awake now cadet." Who's that? "You've fallen unconscious on the ambush in the asteroid belt but now you're awake" what? The last thing I remember is that I'm in the middle of the bloodthristy alpha in our school ground. I guess I'm a cadet of the alliance now. I don't get it but at least I'm in the happy place now.
Bullying. More of a short story rather than poem.
Justus Aug 9
I liked quirky women
It was easier to breathe around them
Their irregularities gave me something to watch, whether it was entertaining or simply odd
The ones that fully embraced that quality were the most radiant
Looking at the them was almost the same as looking into the sun
They gave me insight as to what I was lacking
Embracing their warmth gave me balance
I gladly take the backseat to them to this day
My place is observing from the side
I like for my vanity to be silent
The only issue with them—women in general—is that they have a need for constant communication and affirmation and affection
In the beginning, it’s more tolerable because everything is new and exciting
Then comes the inevitable: I get tired
Their quirks have become predictable, and their conversations dull
One week I’m deeply infatuated, then after the experiment becomes a process, the next couple weeks drag by with each day seeming to last years
That’s when I withdraw
Phasing out of a fifty year long commitment of love and charity, like the coward I am, then drifting back to the safety of solitude until the cycle repeats itself
I’m a dog
I’m a loner
One of these days I’ll have to pick one
But it won’t be today, and certainly not tomorrow

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