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Eliza Prasai Sep 6
Retracing my way out where I belong,
Re road mapping the roads I walked,
Under the sun, beyond the clouds
Below the light, away from the dark
A piece of the soul,
An intensity of delight,
Stream of thoughts, forthcoming thoughts!
A puzzle solved. (Period)
Walking ways
Twisted, yet simple
Playing parts.  
A piece so small, an impact so big.
No words,
An umbrella covering the void,
Makes no sense, but can be felt
No completeness for the sake of the surrounding
Neither none or everything. ✨
There they were…
Lying on the bed, with her head resting below his shoulder. Listening to his heartbeat and praying it never stops. One leg draped over him, almost as if she was afraid he’d free from her embrace and leave. As though her leg were a seatbelt holding him in place, keeping him from leaving, and bracing him for the ride of their lives. Her arm resting on his body with her hand on his chest.
There they were…
The safest place in the world. Their love, shielding them from the chaos of the outside world.
This was the most comfortable place for her to lay.
This was her favorite place to be.
And he took it all away.
This is not about me and my boyfriend, just felt like writing something that might relate to others and express their suppressed emotions. My boyfriend and I are doing well. However, I know the pain I would feel if that was taken from me, so I wrote from fear not from fact.
if you had never fallen from heaven, i would not have loved those broken wings. if your blood did not trail into my house, you would not lay on my couch as i wrapped you up. i've heard heaven is lovely, free of pain and brokenness — but when you are whole, you do not need someone to complete you. no one looks after you, or asks you how you are. but there is only so long i can tend to your wounds. so why, after all these years, do you not spread your wings to fly? did you really fall from heaven, or did you jump?
seraph Sep 1
i am overzealous and underwhelming. i say somethings and i regret them. i say nothings and i wish i hadn't. i am weighted and unbalanced. i place value where i think it belongs. i lean heavy into things for too long. i am uncertain and so sure. i run out of thoughts before my heart runs out of feelings. my thoughts run over and overwhelm my heart. i am liminal and concrete. im incomplete but hoping i could be.
Neha Sharma Aug 9
I am in pain,
You are my relief.
You are amiable.
You are really sweet.
You are the reason of my Smile.
And the reason why my heart beat.
You are my life.

~your smiling queen :)
This is what you are for me, but I am Nothing for you.
You left me broken.
ashw Jul 10
I have nothing else -
Not one person close to me.
Only ever ostensibly known,
Via some overrated reality.
Truthfully, a manufactured facade-
Beneath, a much less pretty wasteland.
I want my real self to be known,
Have all my understandings understood.
So I must find the right words,
Though they always pale in comparison.
There’s no real description, it seems
Of our inner-most workings,
Even here I pause as my depiction stutters.
I wish I could just bequeath my mind
And have my soul be exposed;
For someone to retrieve my thoughts
And need no explanation.
If I can’t emit my true visage,
If only I can see color,
Then I have no hope for completion,
And the loss is overwhelming.
Dominique Jun 29
Physics acts on every one
Of the baffled little parts of me;
Gravity refuses to leave,
Drags my eyelids down to active sleep
(I chase after life in each scene)

And in the morning, right outside,
I fail to hide from the hands of the sun
Its filthy fingers pressed to my skin
Letting the heatrays in so easily
You'd think I was a plant.

(I need it as much as if I were green,
It turns my fears golden
And lights my eyes clean.)

Eager to grab control
From my little follower who rules it all
I pull muscles and harvest bruises-

Newton's third law, impact and force,
Of course:
Heads against shoulders,
Leather and walls,
Thighs against doors,
Lips on lips and disappointed synapses
That serotonin can't quite reach.

If I am blood,
Fresh experience is bleach.
(A dark little figure of speech)

But I light candles sometimes
Just to blow out the feathery flame
To feel temporary, precious
Like rosy musk enhanced by rain
And fill up the tightest corners in my mind.

Life, in the end, is stupidly kind.

And in the evening light, she and I remain,
The world entangled in my limbs,
Breathing in, and out

And in.
title translates to "not alone"
Why did things get worse?
The harder I try to get rid of it,
The more it gets stronger, not just a little bit.
I thought I won't have feelings for you anymore,
If I try to get to know with someone more.
Break time, I went to the ground floor,
Thinking if I'll like someone more.
I saw you again that made my heart flutter,
But you were with the girl you liked before.
When both of you saw me,
You guys went with me.
Even if there was a bit of jealousy,
You still made my day completely.
Bunny :((
Joanna Jun 19
The days of wine and roses have long passed, yet the woman, in me, has not given up on finding a relationship that will last.

No longer wanting to keep my head in the sand, I am looking to understand the meaning of this open door.

As the days of loss and too much pain disappear, like smog in the spring rain.

The days of listening seem obsolete, and if so, where is the fruit of resolve versus the constant competition? 

Leaving me to think, Leah has been the center of my day to day routine. And now the days of Rachel's promise must be conceived.
To read more of my writings go to:
Harsha ravi May 26
The moon was beautiful that night
I felt whole again just like the moon that night.
I have found a purpose I wasn’t going in circles not so much like the moon that night.
For once I had something to look forward to, a future so bright, just like the moon that night.
However, this feeling never stayed, it was never constant always faded away just like the moon the next night.
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