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Be unapologetically you
That's all you can do
To feel complete
On the inside.
J May 2
A night where one side of the world still sleeps,
You ask yourself "Is it still worth it?"
Taking a big leap?
When you already know the piece does not fit.

Not anymore, not this time,
You try to push. Like trying to make poems to rhyme,
And it gets lamer each line,
But remember it is okay; it will be fine.

Do not forget that there are other puzzles,
Waiting for the piece that they need,
The one who can make the picture complete.
Hi! It's been a while since the last poem that I posted.
I hope everyone's healthy and safe. :)
Namu Apr 24
It's like you found a missing piece
But really, you were never incomplete
I do not complete you dear
I remind you that you were whole all along
Maggie Apr 16
Yes darling,
You’re right.
You can’t be fixed
Because you
Were never broken
In the first place
You’re not parts of a whole, you’re a whole, so how can you be broken?
Pretty little thing
Light shines through your layers
Baseline glistens in the sun
The beat inside is strong
Perspective is resonating
Such colour with so many faces
who can do no wrong
Living in the present
with futures unknown
This moment resonates
Charcoal complete feeling that heat
inside of me
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Poetic T Feb 22
The best sight at a sunset is you,
     I'll never let the sun drop below us.

I'll hold up the day just to see you.
      Because observing your beauty is
the rising and falling of my life.

Your on the first rays of daylight
                    and I'd  never let it set on

you & me...
Amanda Feb 20
I feel you for a moment
Look so tired and so bent
Comes with a soft sigh
Kiss slow and sweet
Apart are broken
Together complete
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