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ren 5d
i am not talented
nor am i skilled
yet i have this dream i wish to fulfill.
i wish to be my own,
not wanting to be like someone else
even if they’re what i’ve always wanted to be–
my heart says to just be me.
with high hopes,
i will be my own
so the tears i’ve shed
and the feelings i’ve expressed
weren’t useless.
aiMaureen Jan 13
The sun reminds me of me
There was a time when i was just like her
Very vibrant and warm
Now i don't even know who i am anymore
I'm beginning to lose my luster
Like a pearl not worn for so long
Self medicating with material things
In hopes that i will become whole and happy
But i end up collapsing like a pack of poorly arranged cards

I'm whole I'm complete
But i still feel like half of me is out there
Cold and lonely
I don't even wanna think about it
It makes me shiver
Pyrrha Dec 2018
Who cares about empty spaces and long silences
When you fill up everything?
You make me complete
Completely Full

You take up all the space
Between Lonely and Me
You fill the void
With Laughter and Life
Jules DelPercio Dec 2018
Even when I reak of garlic,
you still kiss me.
And you hate garlic.
Jules DelPercio Dec 2018
I'd rather sit in a room with you
only allowed to look at you
no words
complete silence
for eternity
then have the choice
to go anywhere else
with my ability to speak
to everyone in that room
to able to be as loud as I choose
I would not choose any other place to be
only to be near you
and if I can only look at your
beautiful eyes
I'd choose that
Stephen Dec 2018
Blue and yellow both want to meet
Without ever turning green.
Each expects the other to defy nature's law.
Yellow wants more yellow,
Blue wants more blue.
When green is inevitably produced,
Both are disappointed.
Everyone wants someone to complete them,
Almost no one wants to complete someone else.
But nature's law cannot be broken:
You cannot take without giving.
The only way yellow and blue can complete each other
Is by embracing the green.
megan Nov 2018
and somehow i fell
but it wasn’t all at once.
it was slow and painful and beautiful,
and every time i closed my eyes i saw You.
Katelynn Nov 2018
You are the person,
That one would write poems about.
You are the person,
That would fill thoughts late at night.

The one who’s eyes light up,
Like a galaxy in the sky.
The one who’s laughter,
Would just make you want to fly.

You’re are the person,
Who’s smile so beautiful,
It’s enchanting.
You are the person,
That could warm the heart,
Of the coldest winter breeze.

But you don’t see this person.
You keep them locked in a cage,
Believing they’ve never existed.
But for me it’s not true.

You are my person,
That I would scream to the rooftops for.
You are my person,
That I would break any wall for.

You don’t understand,
How beautiful you are.
But one day you’ll see,
How I’ve always seen.

You are my person,
Who makes my world complete.
Everyone has a person that they hold very dear to their heart. This person doesn’t always see how wonderful that they are. All we can do is hope one day they’ll see how wonderful as we see them as.
lovelywildflower Nov 2018
a soulmate isn’t someone who completes you. a soulmate is someone who inspires you to complete yourself. and that's what you did. you inspired me to complete myself. and now i am whole.
lovelywildflower Nov 2018
i haven't felt so full in so long. darling, you complete me.
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