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Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
Cannot escape from this prison named Time

Determined outcomes mock me from other side of the bars

I cannot live chained to my unmatched expectations
The sound of the clock ticking is like a countdown to the moment it all blows up in my face
Miles Graves Jun 2020
Sinking in a stifling room, sunken eyes
Staring at sights that were never seen,
I torture this being that was once me.

With tarnished skin taunting, innocence
Inflamed, I lose myself to that madness
And in this demise, I dwell, desperately.

No more energy can I embrace, no more
Can people force forgiveness on my failings -
In this worthless state, so weak, I plead that the breath begone.
Burdened with a sack of heavy load,
walking the rigid path of a worn road;
in faith and a moment to spare,
and hope for a new day to share.

For the way is bleak and narrow,
spurted with challenges and sorrow;
dreary as the darkened night,
the day slipped with each passer-by.

Doomed with a longing to swear,
at everything, when life is not fair;
helpless and in need of comfort,
no-one dared to give it a thought.

Life seemed too much to bear,
and discontentment was too close at the rear.
Never fear for the light is drawing nigh,
in the morrow when darkness will sigh.

Sometimes, a shadow dark and cold,
lay like a mist across the road,
but be encouraged by the sight,
where there's a shadow, there's a light.
Mark Wanless Mar 2020
the wing beats
of the butterfly

tell me what to do
i disagree, but cannot sleep

i anger at the signals
all around me all the time
i drift to sleep on *****

called to something
outside myself
it said you are it

no effect without cause
i am it
Colm Dec 2019
Your mind — Full of itself
Your heart — Lying
With all ambition but a distraction
Don't try of you will lose yourself
On such small things
This blasted verse. This ****** thought. Has been in my head for weeks on end. Because one of my problems is that I value my own thought and forethought too much. Eventually traveling the same paths over and over again just to see if I can be, at peace there. When God alone is the purveyor of peace of mind. Not me. He.

End. Hopefully.
Demicci Oct 2019
If I would whisper you
I could melt your soul
The words that I can see
Are connected through feelings
And if we stare for to long
More of south than north
But, I will dream about you
Dress with full lust
As equal as we are
420 as flowers
Lets stalk about the sun, while we watch it under
a blanket.
Smiling Queen Aug 2019
People called me
Actually they mispronounced

~your smiling queen :)
Motivating myself to become an achiever.
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