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Johnny walker Apr 19
It was good to have
loved her It was good to hear her laughing so
good to see her
For when I looked In her eyes for the very first
time for I knew that I
loved her and she'd
be mine, oh those beautiful eyes so blue were her eyes that said so much more than words could ever
for I loved her from that very first day It was good to see her It was good
to hear her
It was good to be In love but I'm lost now she went no more to hear laughing no more to see her
and together never no more for Helen and I never saw our last
summer for she died In the winter of  2017 - 23rd
of December Helen
no more, but I'm glad that I knew her and years shared together for there will never be another she was one of a kind and It good
to have loved her but so sad
that she went but I just lay
here thinking of her brings a smile to my face
good to have loved her life will never be the same and I'm so glad that I met this called
once loved but never forgotten Helen she 
who turned me around
For truly loved Helen, and to have shared 20 years as ma and wife and to have fathered
our son
Johnny walker Mar 30
When going up to the child
abuse It seemed nobody took the time
even wanted to
ever know
I was the victim but made to feel more like
guilty It wasn't me for I was just a child who had no
against the
I had to suffer
for life with terrible
memories of abuse
a voice In my head kept me going till I grew
I found this girl who later became my wife she was the only girl I ever knew
In my life that I
could even
too and this girl the only one who gave me a chance to prove I could love and be loved not
because of child abuse this
the girl who sadly now gone but she gave
nobody but she could
do, Helen gave
life because before I never had one, God bless her
Helen gave what nobody could d give me that of life because before her I never had one
Johnny walker Mar 20
Something life doesn't always turn out the way you expect It to many things can go
just as they did with mine struggle most of my life
through each every day
then out of the
this pretty girl she came my way when I saw I knew
I loved her right there and then first time In my life I really
had something that was
right through all my struggles
In life, I finally had something In life to believe and really want so badly I would have died for
The first time In my life I had found something I so badly wanted the love of this pretty girl who had come my way
out of the blue my friend
Johnny walker Mar 11
My Hearing has got quite bad of late can't hear the clock tick anymore where once It seemed
loud I don't always hear what my son says It has become a bit embarrassing to have him repeat himself all the
Always told my hearing would get worse after my last hearing
they said, can't get on
with hearing aids, I've been given they're not very good
tinnitus is what It
they say caused by noisy environment think going deaf not being able
hear music just every day sounds I wouldn't deal with that, but going to get worse, so I'm going to have
to get used to going
Tinnitus Is to what It called gradually getting worse, you
when Its Is when keep asking people to repeat themselves all the time so embarrassing
I finally realized
that people are prisoners
of their phones.
That's why it's called a
"cell" phone.
Wow! I just realized this! And it actually makes sense! :)
I'm Truly Blessed
Where there was dark now there Is light I've been  blessed with you my friend from over the pond who watches over me from afar from your home In
You message me every day you always bring a smile
to my face, you've really has turned my life around and
saved me from
I know my wife would be grateful Terry that you're  looking after me keeping an eye from afar you who has stopped me from falling apart
And has comforted me so much through my grief for you've bought happiness back Into my life you are a wonderful lady who came Into my life
At a time I was desperate for someone to hear my cries, I shall always be  grateful to you Terry you who have truly made me want to live again In a life once so nearly
My friend from Texas who helps me so much I feel I'm  blessed
Johnny walker Feb 22
Times throughout my life
I walked the wrong of the street but never able to cross to the other side that was until the day I met Helen

The girl who walked the other of the street that took my hand and showed me another side of life to which I'd never seen to a life of love to which I never known

For was I abused as a kid and grew up lonely had never felt a kiss from my mothers lips or a hug a childhood spent In fear but this girl called Helen appearing out of nowhere almost like an

Into my life who took my hand and crossed me over to the other side of the street that I'd never walked before my Angel who taught me how live and love for the first time In my

I felt like somebody experiencing love for the first time laid there afterwards my Angel had taught to be a man and how to live the right side of the
Helen took me to a life I had never known before through child abuse I knew not how to love but Helen taught me she showed me another side of life I'd never known
Lexi Harwick Feb 2
I fear that time closes in;
It moves faster and faster.
A broken heart, a broken mind,
My life is a disaster.

I'd hoped that time wasn't done.
There's still much for me to do,
But the night bandit creeps up on me
As I wave goodbye to you.

I wonder what it will be like,
If eternal life exists;
All these questions cloud my thoughts
Like the spring's morning mist.

It pains me so that I must go,
But I know it's out of my hands.
There's something larger than I,
And it's all according to His plan.
In Loving Memory of Jeannie Dettman
Johnny walker Jan 28
Never forget the day
I was pushing Helen through town In her
Towards us came a
policeman speaking
Into his radio
Helen say out
allowed for all to
hear look a pig with
a stereo
well even the policeman
had to
He had no choice no
one messed with Helen that Is they had any
sense but Helen never called him a pig to be
she just
said what saw It was
so funny even my
son and I laugh even
today about It God bless
The day my wife Helen called a copper a pig was so funny but It was never said with malice she just said what she saw
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