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Beana Feb 2
You know your life is crazy
When getting eight hours of sleep is like
a daisy in a field of dandelions

You know your life is crazy
When you get eight hours of sleep and think
you must be forgetting something

You know your life is crazy
When you think getting eight hours of sleep
on a weekday is too much

You know your life is crazy
When you think getting the recommended amount of sleep
on a weekday means something is wrong
because it's just not normal

You think your life is crazy
When you walk around half dead from tiredness
But is it really crazy when everyone else around you is the same?
eve Jul 2018
When upset, it’s relieving to hear the voices in my head,
The whispers guide my deranged mind to the intentions of never fixing situations,
Instead, it takes me to the land of make believe,
Where I live and continue to repeat,
The cycle of excuses to conceal the history of reality.
Battle wounds and scars pierce right through me,
Viewing the ghost within,
I keep my distance from those attempting to come in.
Time and patience will help me heal from the internal pain they say,
However, I confide in ghosting, while disregarding the feeling of void in my heart.
I remain blind to the difference of things,
Self expression, communication and social integrity make it difficult for me to see,
The truth in where liars lie.
But still, I persist,
Despite the fact that in all forms of reality, I’m struggling.
I attempt to pretend like life is going good and my mentality is okay,
This guilt only allows my body to relapse yet again.
Unintentionally and subconsciously, I’m hurting,
The people who “care” for me.
Instantaneously, the late hours control my eyes to remain wide awake,
Oftentimes, I go numb enough to not speak,
I stray away from the support team behind me,
In order to, stay away from the demon externally taking a hold of me.
Soul is too open to close,
Bones and touch are too cold to take,
It’s true, our ends were never meant to mend,
Due to my expectations of plans never set in place.
Nancy Jul 2018

Tangled in the yarns of endless strife and lost in the labyrinth of incomprehensible and unsolved
emotions. My emotions are a puzzle and anyone who dares to solve them end up insane. They call
me crazy, they call me *****. I wish they’d just call me misunderstood because truly that is what I
am. I wish they would understand that I don’t understand myself and thus I cannot be understood.
They should have me how they find me for I am sweet and my after taste is long lasting. I know
myself yet I don’t understand myself. Nevertheless I hold light of what is important for I am a
philosopher at heart. I can understand you more than you can understand yourself. I can love you
more than you can love yourself because I care for everyone. Will you forego my care for
understanding of myself? Will you deny yourself my humour and life for the sake of my craziness?
Don’t try to do what others have failed at. Just have me for who I am and what I do. Most of what I
do is largely for the benefit of others. Let me be and you’d find that it isn’t so complicated after all.
Amanda Jul 2018
It hurts to hear you say I am crazy
Although I know it is true
Love brings out lunacy in me
I am only like this when im with you

Thoughts of touch drive me mad
When gone wonder who you hold
If you would answer your phone
Some sanity I could uphold

Instead leave me in our cold bed
Choosing friends and fun over affection
I stay loyal by your side
Conflicting emotions pull me every direction

Was not psychotic when we met
Never have been the jealous type
Your behavioir has proved you're a traitor
Evidenced by tears I cobtinue to wipe

After many lies and stories
I am not sure what to believe
I lost my mind, paranoid
Obessessed over the way you deceive

If I could I would vanquish the sickness
Each morning bad weather we find
Want to calm impending storms
Can't reach your marvelous mind

Dreams of delusional lands far from here
Thoughts and ideas cannot be contained
I do not care if you are sane or not
These issues can all be maintained

I understand I am too much to handle
Want to save you from insanity
Afraid craziness will consume you as well
If you want, I invite you to explore this madness with me
We're all mad here
The Devil himself

…..he read that online
mine poetry about poverty
that poverty was about
the grammar mistakes in many poems

the stupidity started chasing me
declared instantly me-moi as his enemy
his words, so absurd
a lunatic so terrific

I thought he could read poetry
but….I was mistaken....

my beloved one never knew
the alienating appearance of this blind male

I wrote about true poetry and its poverty
he associated with politics and its tactics

I thought he could read poetry
but….I was mistaken....

thought he ran the marathon
but....I was mistaken,

he was chasing me constantly,

God said to me: " Have never fear, Sylvia
I am with you all the time"

all my fears disappeared instantly

from far I heard the thunder
and I saw the brightest lightning
a man fell down shouting for help

on my way, I passed his burnt body
terrible smell of burnt blood
Hey! That was the one who was constantly chasing me
The devil himself with his poker face

Thank you, dear Lord,
you have helped me in Your Time....

that resonates with mine,
oh Lord, You are sublimest!

© Sylvia Frances Chan
Tuesday AD. The 20th February 2018-
@ 14.30 hrs P.M. West-European Time.

Sheer poetry 2018.  Hurray! © Sylvia Frances Chan
Copyright Protected. A parody poem.
Svode Oct 2017
Do you hear it?
It's the smell of colors,
The sight of sound,
The taste of light,
The warmth of the voices.

I follow them
They take me to my future
and make me forget my past.

Some might call me insane,
For following my heart,
But I swear that I hear them,
(Especially when I'm alone).

One day I listened,
and followed my soul.
What would it let me do tonight?
What does the future hold for me?
Where will I be when the skies are bright?
What mental state counts as "alright"?

The smell of colors,
The sight of sound,
The taste of light,
The warmth of voices.
Don't tell me your deaf and blind,
to what's obviously there,
maybe you too can adhere to these,
if you might dare to care.
Khayri RR Woulfe Aug 2017
Half living,
half dead
I hear voices
in my head

Half crazy,
half sane
Cryingly laughing
in vain

Half empty,
half full
Glass is broken
after all

Half super,
half not
Don't know
what I've got

Half glowing,
half dark
Keep on flashing
  that spark

Half satan,
half god
Half good
or half bad

Half yin,
half yang
Half old,
half young

Half nothing.
04 July 2016

© Khayri R.R. Woulfe. All rights reserved.
JS May 2017
You came to me so slow
giving me few kisses in row
We keeped us in brine
The summer carnival and rising sun
The smoke in our eyes
Thats our memories babe
Aren't they good enough?

Then we had BANG BANG
Outside was only sea tang
We excited ourselves and drunk a champagne
It was ***** dancing in the rain
You pushed me on the bed
I was ***** and little wet
Let me in and let me out
You whispered with no doubt
Was it only craziness because of *****?
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