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Juverine Wan Jan 27
Creativity cannot be conjured,
Without a little madness.
It is in the crazy that we find,
the beauty beyond us.

Strokes of paint mean nothing,
without a story or emotion.
In our medium we find ourselves,
Creation and Destruction.

The world here calls me a lunatic,
An amateur, a monstrosity.
But today you label me 'crazy',
Tomorrow you label me 'visionary'.
hello everyone! this inspired by my idea of being a little crazy as an artist.
I hope you like it!
Man Nov 2020
clarity is costly
and people seem to pay
tending to their mind
they lose it!
Gwendelyn Acosta Jul 2020
One years old I’m a baby in a crib laughing and crying
My skin is clear no cuts or scrapes
I’m perfectly happy

A few years pass and I’m only 5
My life turns into a mess
I fall a lot and I am being yelled at for things I didn’t do

More years pass of screaming and yelling
I’m like 8 years old
I have scratches and scrapes and bruises and scars
I even needed stitches

Im 10 years old
I’ve been bullied and jumped and tortured and harassed
But no one notices it

I’m 15 years old now and life is horrible
I’m thinking about the bad in life
And am hurt mentally and physically
I have all the scars from my past years

I just wanna give up
My life has been a waste although I’m still young
I mean I have good friends that care about me
but idk anymore...
...Idk what to do about myself...
Lately I've been losing myself from
his smile
his laugh
his humor
his dreams
his passion
his craziness
his personality

Everything about him drives me insane
a simple notification from him brightens up my day
a tease that makes me blush
a wink that makes my heart skip a beat
a smile that makes my blood rush

Uncertainty is inevitable
but one thing's for sure
I'm more than happy to lose myself to him

It's only been one month and sixteen days since I met you
but believe me when I say you already mean so much to me
Bhill Aug 2019
Is there no understanding of history today
Are we going into a real Clockwork Orange
Why do we as people, have to repeat and believe
We repeat the worst historical times; blaming them on cycles
Cycles that we create in the name of anything, but the truth
We believe whatever feels right to our own personal thoughts
Beliefs, that are created out of misunderstood words and actions
Why, oh why, can't we ever learn
Why can't we do the right and truthful thing...?

Nobody was injured during this BRAIN RANT!!!
Agree or not...  I don't give a sh}¥
Not really true because this made me cry
Well not cry.  I just laughed so hard I cried
Just can't take the craziness without a little BRAIN RANT!
Sorry....  No, I'm not.  Felt good!

“It's funny how the colors of the real world only seem really real when you watch them on a screen.”
― anthony burgess, A Clockwork Orange

Brian Hill - 2019 # 200
Is today's actions a cycle because we can't lean from our own tragic history?
Just a question for you all...
Smiling Queen Aug 2019
My smile,
My craziness,
My attitude.

Will never let you know the
Solitude of my soul,
Until you read
My eyes.

~your smiling queen :)
My fake smile won't let you know the real me.
Caien Musharraf Jul 2019
Smoke filled has wings that you can't see,
Inside it are things which one can't be.
Sin eyed are those rings which made those kings,
Though lark sings, his feathers are tin dyed strings.
An aspirin down the throat but body is about to float,
On the life's offshore boat how many souls are gonna float,
I don't wear this high collar coat to stay in the rain and see a lightning bolt.
Those graveyards I visit, strange graves say please sit,
I didn't eat a bit or took a bite after I say that ****** site.
That fight between the thoughts of same brain,
It gave me some sort of migraine.
Does hope has to refrain it must be high on *******.
No lithium in my blood I think I might make a mistake,
As long as people believe in Noah and the flood,
There is gonna be more blood.
Fate has burned me on top of a tesla coil, wrapped inside a tin foil,
And you tell me why does my blood boil.
My hope is no longer a seed spilt on soil.
Lexi Snow Jun 2019
Walking in the dark night can be terrifying
Unless you have a friend by your side
Or if you know where you’re going
Night can be scary sometimes, not because it’s dark
It’s because you don’t know what is ahead of you
You could be walking on a path but even that path isn’t lite
This path is your life.
Now I am not saying that you don’t know where your life is leading you
You could be one of those people that have had your life planned since you were 10
Then there are the people that just go with the flow
Not going to lie...I envy those people
I personally am in between both types of people
I plan maybe a year in advance…
If things change then I am quick to just say “Oh well, that’s okay”
But that’s me
I’ve seen people go crazy about planning before
I’m good...I don’t need that craziness in my life
My craziness comes from the night
The night has made my brain confused
In a good way, don’t get me wrong I love the night
The night has given me new adventures
New stories
New friends
Everything about the night for me is good
I was told that the night could be the best thing in the world
Watching the sun fall on a bad day
Seeing the moon of a new night
Feeling the sun rise for a better day
Last time I broke night was for a college class
The entire time…I was in a lab with no windows in it
I walked out of lab to see the sun shining between the buildings
Working thru that night was tough because even if I couldn’t see the moon
I knew it was high in the sky waiting for me to walk around my campus
Waiting for me to walk around singing all my songs
Talking about my day as the wind blows through my body
Wishing that some people were different
Hoping that everyone could be happy in their lives just like me
The night can be terrifying though
One of my best friends told me to write about anything that comes to my mind about the night. I am giving him a better response.
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