Afiqah 1d
it’s okay if all their almosts
made you naively fall unquestionably
fall anyway,
just remember
to repeat this mantra to yourself,

lucky or not,
your innocence with love
is a soul-changing gift that some might fear
let it lead you
let it unveil your worth
let the stars create their little mayhem
while you do you

Afiqah 2d
notice how quick
these assumptions fall
slipping right through their tongues
and then suddenly
everyone starts talking
as if they have been held with such
superiority over cheap, miserly
wild cards at life
as if they are the Gods

Afiqah 3d
keep walking, darling

don’t keep threading yourself
around such luckless romance
you deserve so much
so much more than the ones
they narcotically
try to color you in with

Afiqah 4d
I never had it in me
I’m not always clever with the words I use
and I’d never thought
meeting his poetic heart
would make me finally settle
to write about beginnings
over and over again like this

Afiqah 5d
there will be times
where we undeniably all
end up
itching for the human
inside of us
to play the devil instead

Afiqah 7d
all these things,
these souls
we usually call home and love
is somehow only lent
to each of us for a while
and it’s all up to us
to make the rest of the magic happen
while we have it

Afiqah 7d
some days are okay
while some days just simply
gets enchantingly too good-looking
especially when you’re around
and somehow,
with you,
I finally noticed why
it hadn’t been love with anyone else

Afiqah Mar 7
many moons later,
I still recognize today
so much so
that I somehow,
still privily have you here
with me and my weather
where love once finely met me
until eventually
you became my heart’s darling

Afiqah Mar 2
the smell of coffee beans still
has its warmly ways of spilling
the setting air with those
cinematic, sentimental
little tender thrills
we’d share
like how our eyes
then our hands would easily
meet the other
and made love all finally seem worthy

Afiqah Mar 1
it’s all intricately chaotic
in its literal ways
some days
they are like this or like that
we get soaked to the bone with needless doubts
questioning even the littlest truth
yet eventually,
every day ends, somehow
and we’re just mere breaths
still learning to exist flowingly and
beat about with the stars

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