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Smiling Queen Aug 2019
From talking about studies,
To late night romantic chats.
From exchanging notebooks,
To passing the love letters.
From making eye contacts,
To those sweet kisses.
This is our journey from
Classmates to SOULMATES!!!

~your smiling queen :)
Committed since 1 May 2019.
Two classmates, now true lovers, and will be together forever.
Abhishek May 2019
Like raindrops of cloudy monsoon
I keep wishing to meet you as soon.
God makes my desperation more complex until I see you
And I keep thinking about the dreams with u I want to pursue.
Valeria Witron Jan 2019
We both know it is very difficult to find love, so we stay.
And a thousand lifetimes, I tell you,
have always brought me to you.

I have become accustomed to looking for you.
As if you were a light in all of my darkness of misdirection.

It is the honest truth.
With seeing you and
being by your side I live very happy love.
Armand-DeamoJC Sep 2018
Our love was meant to be eternal,
But our love
Was wishéd upon the sun
Bound together as the sun shines
Unbound forever as the sun sets
Our love was meant to be eternal,
But our love
Was not wishéd upon the moon
Bound together as the moon shines
Bound forever, for the moon sets not
Why this girl haunts my mind, I do not know. They say it takes at most 8 months to move past a breakup. It's been 6 months, and the only thing that changed is I stopped reminiscing and sulking.
huda nabi Mar 2018
LiFe Is So Short....But there love story is too long...
Always listening to the Love song
boTh of them Are different
He is a North Pole.....She is a South Pole
He Is A Muslim....He is a Romeo
She is A Hindu....She is A Rosaline
He Says Salam...She says Hie
In This luv theme they both lie

She calls him chilli...He calls her cherry
Always they fight like Tom and Jerry
Calls eachother with luvable names
One says babu....Other says bae
He is her Star...She is his moon..
And with this their love stry. Was started in June...
Both are too different from eachother
He is as strong as a stone..N she is as light as a feather
The guy is A Fire....The girl is an ice
They Talk for hours......They Fights For Minutes....They forgive in Secndx
She Cares for him...Dats why is dear to him
He calls her Anu.....She calls him honey
They both look cute.....They both look funny....In this theme their luv is like the sun in Sunny....

She calls him on Imo...N He SAys to Her Te Amo
He Is always Angry...Like A tiger Hungry
She is Always Cutie....Like A Real Beauty
Their luv Story is Diffrent from evry1 at least
she is His Beauty and he is her beast
One is d crust n Other is d chocolate
Both are written in eachother faith
But still after all this hide n seek
They Luv,respect,tease Eachother ....dats why their love will remain forever..
Shannon Oct 2014
He sits on the carousel wheel,
her lover neglectful-
looks over the night as the neon illuminates the shiny people.
He sits on the carousel wheel
and loves to get stuck at the top
so he may contemplate jumping,
so to contemplate swinging with madness
from one
and then
to the
cart that
holds her. Hero, him.
He looks over the crowd as they swish around him-
sway around him
moving by him as if they were dancing to a song in his head
but he is not dancing.
He's looking for her.
He pops several balloons with a fiery dart
walks away from the girl with the silken stockings held to her
thigh by violet bow...a violent blow to his lustful ways, he looks firmly down
to the dirt on his boots, kicks rocks, kicks air.
Stops at the man who swallows fire from a stick,
"answer me, answer me"-
the man spits ember lies.
He's looking for her in each clown
pulling their make up down with his finger
and it looks like they're crying
so he can't really know
if it is her he has found?
Oh neglectful lover.
He busies himself by winning a prize
for his beloved, his lost
A prize- his reward for believing in true love.
He busies himself, knocks down milk bottles-
and punches the punching bags
insults the slow and disgusted carnie hags,
He moves from gate to gate
and it feels more like Hades
where he's lost her
so he's been lost.
When he's lost her he's scared
that she will not feel, lost but found.
And he will not feel found-
but destroyed.
Teacups to twirl around
the dance he will swirl her around to
the day that he marries her,
if he can find her,
nay- when he can find her...
he'll put her in the teacup ride and
never let the spinning stop.
He'll fill her life with lights and sounds
and cotton candy
and he'll marry her he will
right on the tiptop
of the ferris wheel
where he sits looking round.

sahn 10/19/14
I like to think of this poor man, looking for his true love. I like to think during the search he realized how much he misses her. As always, thank you for sharing my work. I'm honored and humbled.
Avant Aug 2014
You sit beside me on the train,
Your hand reaches for mine as I feel your soft touch against my pale rough skin,
I look into your mesmerizing eyes and tell you that you are beautiful,
You chuckle as your cheeks glow bright pink,
People stare at me,
But no one seems to notice you,

I hold your hand as we stroll through the park,
Your innocent smile sending me into a daze of emotions,
Lighting a fire in my heart that burns full of passion and love,
The warm touch of your skin against mine,
And yet,
I still feel the cool summer's breeze blowing against my fingers,

After dinner we wander aimlessly enjoying each others presence,
Joke after joke,
Laugh after laugh,
We soon find ourselves at the front of my door,
I love you I say as I move closer towards you,
Your tender lips touch mine,
But I don't feel anything,

I wake up to you gazing into my eyes,
Your silky brown hair flowing elegantly with the calm breeze,
I look deep into your eyes,
Entrapped in a everlasting trance,
A tear rolls down my cheek,
The alarm clock buzzes,
The tune ringing in my ears until finally snapping me out of it,

After getting dressed into my black suit,
I slowly trudge towards the door,
The sunlight shines onto my skin,
But not warming it,
Only making it colder,
I enter the car to find a picture of you and I at our wedding,

As I start up the car engine,
Tears uncontrollably escape my eyes,
I reverse the car out of the driveway,

With my soul filled with darkness,
My heart full of sadness,
My body aching of pain,

I drive off to

**Your Funeral
I would like to dedicate this poem to Elise Law. The idea came to me during a long shower, which became even longer as I came up with more ideas for the poem. I hope you guys can appreciate it.

— The End —