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How could I forget that accident,
Which made us feel like we are meant,
We both underestimated each other,
This paved the way for us to walk together,
After that everyday was full of confessions,
Every hug, Every cuddle, Every moment was mixed with passions,
Your smile was what I wanted to see everyday,
For that I always had to find a way,
Those small wounds would make you worry,
And then I would be in your arms for you to carry,

But how could I forget that accident,
Where you forget me and went,
I alone got tortured living those memories,
Remembering every of your chivalry,
It is pain to see you too close but too far,
Like fighting alone a war,
In your eyes I am now a stranger,
In your path and life I've become a hinder,
Now I realize how your love was no less than a poison,
For that how you chose me to be the one,
It is pain that I wear behind this smile,
But you wouldn't stop to look at it for a while,
Now everything has changed including you,
Wish I had never met you.
Long after I have given up,
my heart searches for you without my permission.
-Rudy Francisco
Smiling Queen Jul 2019
Every morning,
I wake up with a hope,
A hope of happiness.
A hope that all my pains will end.
But at the end I am left alone with my BROKEN SOUL..
I AM BR---OK----EN
Smiling Queen Jul 2019
I know this loneliness
Will forever be around.
Giving me pains,
And hurting my wounds.
I know this loneliness
Will never leave me.
It will torture my soul
And will break me.
Broken soul.
Lonely girl.
Smiling Queen Jul 2019
That girl, who hides her true self behind those lies.

That girl, who is criticized everytime she tries to rise.


That girl, who calls herself smiling queen but never truly smiled.

That girl, who loves to enjoy but never enjoyed.


That girl, whose feelings are still unspoken.

That girl, who is completely broken.


That girl, who hurts herself when she gets frustrated.

That girl, who was betrayed by the one whom she trusted.


That girl, who shares her happiness but never showed that she is in pain.

That girl, who is a little stupid and insane.


That girl, who wants to shout but tries to control.

That girl, who is a 15 year old broken soul.


That girl, who always shows that she is happy.

That girl, is none other than ME....
A broken soul.
Cai Mar 2018
She is keeping her secrets untold,
For she waits for others to unfold,
What she is hiding beneath her heart,
That is little by little breaking her apart.
Hope you all like this! *** Cai
Nida Mahmoed May 2017
I want moon,
and patience in my soul,
it's been a while since
they were last together in me!

By: Nida Mahmoed.
Nida Mahmoed May 2017
I am sewing a dress
with the thread of strength,
And knots of ambitions,
And when it’s ready,
Then will iron it
with the remission,
I am sewing my broken soul!

By: Nida Mahmoed.
Tiffany Scicluna Jan 2017
A connection
Between two,
That lifts your soul,
Like a feather,
Flowing upwards slowly,
And as if that feather,
Was blown your way,
To find your lips
Merely touching them,
Leaving you with its soft touch,
Like a sweet gentle caress...
That takes away
All life's weight,
As tears go down your face,
Each one relieving you
From your own pain,
From the guilt
Of your own creation.
Just to be left falling,
Into someone's arms
Hoping for that, to mend your heart.
Inspired by:
Pauline Morris Aug 2016
Cascading waterfalls
Over cold stone walls

Take a look beyond, to what is so unknown
On the surface it's strong, made of stone

But as delicate as a wilting flower, with it's peddles about to drop
Won't take much, for this bleeding heart to stop

Standing in the salty waves and mist
Of all the tears my eyes, have dismissed

Watching the pages of my life turn
As my story goes up in flames and burns

I've crossed that bridge of sorrow to many times to count
Praying my feet next time, would take a different route

But it seems, I must pay that toll
For on and on, the agony continues to roll

I can hear the demons laughing,  as they're tallying up the score
Full in the knowledge, my years will soon be no more
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