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Yashashvi Sep 2020
When did u meet her?

I don't remember the month nor date neither the year

How did it start ?

It was when I was twelve with her smile.

How long it lasted?

It never ended ,began with smile continued to talks of chaotic drama filled with laughter  of adults fighting with eachother for silly reason soon apologizing ,its never gonna end it will last until I die

Friendship doesn't breakdown
        that easily, trust in eachother
                                         in  difficulties
how many of you have childhood friends still now? and would be with you in future too
Smiling Queen Aug 2019
Tears come out from my eyes,
But you don't let them fall down.
Every time I feel lonely or cry for help,
You are the one who's always around.
I look at you, I wonder.
Your presence I adore.
You are my life now,
Without whom I can't live anymore.
Your friendship is my treasure,
Your voice is my song to soothe.
I love you the most,
And that's the Truth.
You are a precious gift to me.
You are my only secret keeper.
Thanks for everything you do.
Thanks for being mine forever.

~your smiling queen :)
My friend, my love, my life, my luck, my everything...

— The End —